The following home sales were recently recorded in Howard County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


BARCHINK PL., 6477-Tracy Alterman Standafer to Hien Huynh and Thanh Tang, $209,000.

FLAGFLOWER PL., 5755-Robert L. Sharpe to Craig and Kristin Hummer, $144,000.

FOUNTAIN ROCK WAY, 7131-Lee Cheng Liu to Alexander and Teresa Kurtz, $312,500.

GAYHEART CT., 6556-Arturo Parra to Todd and Shari Schober, $215,000.

GOLD SUNSET WAY SE, 8455-Sherry Angwafo to Steven A. Marr and Stacey L. Martin, $205,500.

GREEN MOUNTAIN CIR., 5001-Donna Walton to Mary L. Jellison, $76,000.

LASTING LIGHT WAY, 7124-Heather M. Clarke to Mohamed Peer and Nishath Saleha, $176,500.

LIGHT POINT PL., 6264-Stephen Hak Kim to Peter H. Fischer, $295,000.

LITTLE PATUXENT PKWY. W., 11520-Bradley M. Andrrus to Dawn A. Murrin, $98,000.

MOSSY BRINK CT., 7352-Samira Salmassi to Victor B. and Josephine A. Yerokun, $150,426.

OFFSHORE GREEN, 6012-Eric Randolph Baugh to Art M. and Nikolle V. Henry, $430,000.

OPEN SKY NE, 5615-Harry B. Sutliff, trustee, to Shazelle A. Cephas and Chance K. Kelly, $170,000.

RED HAVEN RD., 6321-Mabel A. Quinto to Bernard A. Pottere, $175,000.

RIPPLESTIR PL., 9336-Ann E. Jones to John W. and Francine M. Hoffman, $224,000.

SIXPENCE CIR., 10346-Mary Lynn Fitzgerald to Tony Russell Harrison, $220,000.

SPINNING SEED, 6910-John K. Woodson to Michael H. Rahim and Babita A. Rahim, $250,000.

SPIRAL CUT, 8850-Nancy L. Fieghenne to Sarah Bell, $57,500.

SWAN POINT WAY, 7311-James R. Defrancesco to Pamela S. Malamphy, $190,000.

TWO SHIPS CT., 11022-Michael Adams to Duane R. Degler and Lisa H. Battle, $359,900.

WEATHER WORN WAY, 7533-Suzanne C. Ross to Jennifer Marie Petering, $93,000.

WILD SWAN WAY, 6209-Anthony J. Quizon to Jeffrey D. Witmer, $175,000.

WILD SWAN WAY, 6247-Jocelyn W. Palmer to Casey and Jamie Davis, $169,000.

WOODENHAWK CIR., 5477-Stephen G. Kelly to Debra A. Nesbitt, $109,000.

SECOND MORNING CT., 6718-Julie Town to Katherine Overton, $136,850.


TEN OAKS RD., 4511-Michael F. Kelly to Donald E. and Diane Crane, $525,000.


BAYBERRY CT., 6300-Nicole M. Dunn to Jonathan P. Jones, $100,000.

FOX GLEN CT. SW, 5914-Thomas H. Carr to Ross A. and James W. Hannon, $300,000.

GREENFIELD RD., 6450-James S. Karastamatis Jr. to Theodore M. Zingman, $86,900.

MEADOWRIDGE RD. NE, 6463-Lanh Dang Ha to Concetta J. Walker and Robert L. Pearson Jr., $290,000.

MERRYMAKER WAY NW, 7576-Walter F. Smith III to Walter F. Paidao III, $225,900.

NIGHTWIND CT., 8023-Leslie Stewart Wilson III to Stephen R. Murray, $259,900.

OODVALE PL., 6424-Gary J.O'Neil to John A. and Robyn E. Spitz, $277,000.

ROCK GLEN DR., 6015-Sally M. Otto to Kristen L. Bailey, $88,000.

SANDY RIDGE, 5908-Cathal Mahon to James E. and Lynette A. Calkins, $352,500.


BONNYBRIDGE PL. E., 3744-David K. Solomon to Quang Trinh and Diem Luu, $185,000.

COLLEGE AVE., 3999-Elisa Anne Krupa to Richard C. and Alexandra S. Gonzalez, $255,000.

COLLEGE AVE. W., 3738-Stan Zimmerman to Jane Navarria, $250,000.

DORSEY HALL DR., 4800-Helene Marie Fitzgerald to Susan D. Thompson, $149,900.

DORSEY HALL DR., 4920-Cynthia E. Conroy to Elaine G. Willis, $145,000.

DORSEY HALL DR., 5006-Susan L. Daniel to Sara M. Jones, $136,500.

DORSEY HALL DR. N., 4998-Olafur K. Olafsson to Michael W. Altman, $144,000.

DORSEY HALL DR. NE, 4920-James R. Mackin to Vin and Rakhee Kirplani, $149,900.

FALLS RUN RD., 8605-Jane L. Swigert to Daniel Sobus, $100,000.

FALLS RUN RD. NE, 8489-Venkat Ramakrishnan to Jeffrey J. Drude, $126,400.

FALLS RUN RD. NE, 8601-Alec M. Asch to Janann E. Tallent, $117,000.

FONT HILL DR., 3729-Franklyn F. Durilla to Susan and John Fetcho, $343,000.

GARNETT LANE, 9458-Joseph J. Mazzaferro to Jeffrey G. and Sloan F. Kinstler, $395,000.

GAWAIN PL., 4722-Lisa H. Flexner to Joseph E. and Janet P. Hofmann, $299,000.

LEYDEN WAY, 4731-Dharam V. Suri to Paul Bucchioni and Amanda Brackins, $207,200.

MAPLEWOOD DR., 10202-Henry W. Underwood to Robert L. and Mary Jane Lewis, $268,500.

MARTIN MEADOWS CT., 3004-John D. Laing to Gregory A. and Susan E. Stepke, $450,000.

MAYFAIR CIR. SE, 7868-Kenneth Charles Roberge II to Mary Anne and G. Benjamin Esposito, $130,000.

MESA CT., 3715-Edward Saulius Armanas to Gary P. and Margaret A. Martinek, $430,500.

MONTGOMERY RUN RD. N., 8332-Tina M. Morgan to Thomas M. and Beverly L. Kincaid, $126,000.

ORCHARD AVE., 2605-Joseph U. Guntner to Robert A. and Carolyn L. Cougnet, $300,000.

SPRING SHOWERS WAY SW, 8483-Steven J. Bogdalek to Umesh and Uma Murthy, $525,000.

VALLEY MEDE CT., 9534-Karen L. McAdams to Michael M. and Anita T. Boin, $388,000.

VFW LANE, 4202-John B. Cleaver to Suthida Vidhyaphum, $300,000.


ROSCOMMON DR., 3318-Edith H. Brothers, trustee, to Sandra J. Michaels and Jerry H. Harman, $300,000.

SHARP RD., 4081-Michael L. Rolfs to James T. and Marianne M. Pontius, $430,000.


SADDLE HORSE CT., 3315-Addison Leroy Willie, trustee, to Mark E. and Teresa B. Springmann, $250,000.


FAIRBOURNE CT., 6241-Miguel A. Feliu to Thomas A. and Kristen L. Blount, $245,000.


ASPENWOOD WAY, 8101-Mark T. Jones to Ricci T. Hain, $177,900.

SHAREWOOD DR., 7717-Catherine Dorsey to Alfredo E. and Sarah R. Argumedo, $173,500.

WILLOWWOOD WAY, 8812-Richard G. Johnson to Carl Lawrence Frydrych, $180,000.


FREDERICK RD., 16510-Colleen H. Ellenwood to Michael K. Roach, $259,900.


ALL SAINTS RD., 9308-Angela Brown to William J. Wilson III, $185,000.

CANTERBURY RIDING, 9190-Michael A. McDaniel to William T. Greeson Jr., $132,900.

CASTLEROCK CT., 8737-David D. Webb to Thomas H. Leister Jr., $175,000.

CASTLEROCK CT., 8738-Jane L. Hanfman, trustee, to John and Linda Gilman, $160,000.

GRAELOCH RD., 10493-Howell Harvey Jr. to Kenneth W. Robertson and Debra L. Stanley, $400,000.

JENNIFER CT., 8632-David W. Shatrowsky to Tammy Martin and Mark Ferris, $255,000.

MAYFLOWER CT., 9449-Mark Perdue to James E. Reese Jr., $145,000.

ROYAL PATH COVE, 9408-Robert K. Brown to Etienne R. Bastin, $167,200.

SEVENTH ST., 9405-Henry L. Michael to Joseph W. Dustin, $130,000.


LANDCASTER CT. S., 3208-Christopher E. Plassman to Robert A. Suritis and Liga B. Suritis, $420,000.


FOLKESTONE WAY SE, 10714-Paragon Decision Resources Inc. to Henry Sirolo, $305,000.