The following home sales were recently recorded in Stafford County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Stafford County Commissioner of the Revenue.

ADMIRAL DR., 2000-Michael P. and Jill K. Neuhard to Christine Hardell and Joseph Bender, $177,500.

ARROWHEAD DR., 63-Kathy A. and Benjamin C. Marks Jr. to Matthew A. Johnson, $171,500.

BACKRIDGE CT., 415-Anne B. and James V. Firth to Christopher S. Kusmierczyk, $144,800.

BLUERIDGE CT., 211-Steven J. Stratton to Terrance D. Slemmons, $147,500.

BOONDOCKS LANE, 8-Angela M. Maness to Muriel Anderson Ryan, $199,900.

BOYD DR., 27-Daniel T. and Kathryn E. Forgas to Mary and Thomas A. Cronquist, $219,500.

CALVARY CT., 107-Lawrence E. and Tammy P. Kinard Jr. to Denise and Charles D. Bowen, $145,900.

CHRISTOPHER WAY, 48-Eric W. and S. Danette Jennings to Susan D. and Dennis E. Rupert, $330,000.

CONSTITUTION DR., 3000-Michel Michelsen Lee to Sannie D. and Stephen D. Anstey, $230,000.

FAIR OAKS AVE., 302-David Lee Gilliam to Heather A. and Kenneth T. Reed III, $159,900.

FARRAGUT DR., 2055-Frederic Lewis Conway III to Arlene and Doug Weidler, $314,900.

GREENLEAF TER., 31-Steve James and Susan A. Finsterle to Robin R. and Robert R. Underwood, $288,000.

IVYWOOD DR., 122-Karen A. and Kimberly D. Maye to Clipper Investments Corp., $155,000.

JADE DR., 30-Douglas Dennis Richardson to Derek Hutson, $239,900.

JAMES MADISON CIR., 1149-David O. Phelps II to Rafael E. Perez, $86,900.

KING DANIELS WAY, 155-Kevin Wirth and Angela Joye Jannell to Lori A. and William S. Hall, $455,500.

LANCASTER ST., 629-Arthur F. and Betty B. Inman to Tamara L. and Kenneth R. Shipley, $217,500.

LITTLE OAK RD., 58-Brian L. and Michelle L. Patrick to Blanca A. and Jorge Diaz, $174,900.

LITTLE ROCKY RUN LANE, 8-Vincent and Robin Ingersall to Ceridwen J. and Mark E. Unroe, $329,900.

LOVELACE LANE, 15-Cathy L. and Darren M. Boyd to Jason R. Clark, $149,500.

MAYFAIR PL., 211-Kevin L. Garver to Dania D. and Gregory M. Billman, $115,000.

NEWBURY DR., 63-Kenneth Eugene Michon to Dennis L. Baker, $329,900.

OAK DR., 134-Theresa Smith to Michael A. Elliott, $79,000.

PINNACLE DR., 710-Kathy S. and James David Calender Jr. to Crystal D. Jones, $143,000.

PORTUGAL DR., 1035-Janet A. and Edward M. Pacich to Louis Yang, $285,000.

QUIET BROOK CT., 5-David Lawrence and Dorothy M. Mulcahy to Ashley and Mark Nocera, $239,900.

RAMOTH CHURCH RD., 962-Beulah Lee Lawrence to William Howard Lawrence, $100,000.

REGENCY DR., 18-Hyon Suk and Richard A. Clowers to Charles R. Pugsley, $219,000.

RIDGECREST CT., 500-Joseph G. Dennison to Roger L. Nichols and Gary L. Weisenborn, $139,900.

RIDGEMORE ST., 451-Tiffany B. Burchell to Gregory D. Williamson, $118,000.

SCOTLAND CIR., 55-Shirley A. Hinton to Diane M. and Philip A. Celestini, $339,900.

SMITH ST., 406-Teddy Eugene and Sandra Waters to Jodi Lynn and D. Eric Tucker, $167,800.

TINDER CT., 2-R. Scott Decker to Jacqueline and Donald J. Torres, $387,000.

TORBERT LOOP, 500-Victoria J. O'Brien to Rosa Gonzalez, $155,000.

WAKEFIELD AVE., 10-Linda B. Clark to Kevin E. McHugh, $175,000.

WATERS COVE CT., 509-Betty J. Poulin to Rachel L. and Michael R. Luciania, $155,900.

WESTVIEW DR., 1302-Sandra L. MacFarlane to Peggy and Hunter Scott, $114,900.

WHITSONS RUN, 113-Danielle B. and Michael D. Brown to Marshall L. Collins, $185,000.

WIND RIDGE DR., 908-Ray Alvria Eley to Sheri J. Belanger, $109,999.

YORKSHIRE CT., 8-Nathaniel J. Rogers Jr. to Terry D. Thornton, $264,900.