. . . reflected in Rock Creek Cemetery. There is quite a story to the Adams Memorial in Northeast Washington, but nothing here hints at it: no epitaph, no dates, not even a name. Even the statue, commissioned by Henry Adams after his wife's suicide in 1885, is inscrutable: Its soft features hint at femininity, but Adams was quick to correct anyone who referred to it as "she." Encircled by yews, the figure is easy to find -- a ring of life in a garden of stones. And inside, an owl-winged bench faces the statue protected enough from the hum of nearby traffic to attract the occasional deer and allow you to ponder its meaning for yourself.


Adams Memorial

The monument is in Section E of Rock Creek Cemetery. Don't be confused by the cemetery's name; it is near the northern end of North Capitol Street at Rock Creek Church Road and Webster Street NW. The cemetery closes at dusk.


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Sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens created the hooded funerary piece.