A D.C. police officer shot and killed a man in Northeast Washington yesterday morning after the man turned toward him with a gun during a foot chase, police said.

Police said the man, Odell D. Smith, 23, was struck in the neck and died at the scene, in the 1600 block of Bladensburg Road. The officer who shot him, Craig Mack of the 5th Police District, who has been on the force for four years, was placed on administrative leave with pay while the shooting is investigated.

Police were called to the 1600 block of Bladensburg Road, on the northeast edge of the Trinidad neighborhood, at 3:30 a.m. after someone reported hearing gunshots. While canvassing the area, police saw Smith in the 1600 block of Meigs Place NE, wearing a shirt that appeared to be stained with blood. When officers tried to question Smith, he ran, police said.

As he fled, Smith dropped a handgun, then picked it up and kept running. Mack repeatedly ordered Smith to drop the gun, officials said, but he did not. In the 1600 block of Bladensburg Road, police said, Smith reportedly turned toward Mack with the gun in his hand, and Mack shot him with his Glock 9mm service weapon.

Police did not say how many shots were fired. They said it was possible that Smith was hit more than once.

Mack, 28, had never fired at a suspect, police said. It was the fifth time that a D.C. officer had fired at a suspect this year and the first fatality.

Police said it appeared that Smith, of the 800 block of K Street NE, had been in an argument and that shots were fired at him and a companion. Police found the other man at a hospital with gunshot wounds to the leg and hand, but Smith was not wounded in that incident.

Two cars, belonging to Smith and the other victim, were found with bullet holes near 16th and Holbrook streets NE.