The following home sales were recently recorded in the District and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc. and the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue. To find sale and assessment records for homes across the Washington area, visit The Post's Internet site at


ADAMS ST., 222-222 Associates and Adams Street NE Trust to Minnie L. Donaldon, $100,000.

BLAINE ST., 5219-Susan Hargrove and Bernadette M. Mahoney to Chad M. and Cory M. Parker, $130,000.

E ST., 417-Alxandra M. Evans and Lindsay E. Williams to Christian Ramey and Andrea Salinas, $381,000.

F ST., 1737-Dwayne Downtin to Crosstown Properties Corp., $90,000.

F ST., 335-Tina L. Snapp to Gavin F. Burdge, $395,000.

FLORIDA AVE., 1218-Betty J. and John L. Bowser to David J. Easter, $139,000.

FRANKLIN ST., 1723-Alfred J. and Alysa Edwards Jenkins to Matthew S. Martin, $207,500.

G ST., 1238-Michael C. Griffin to Waldo Harshberger, $330,000.

HUNT PL., 4313-Lincoln Family Trust to James Mensah, $128,000.

MARYLAND AVE., 1347-Gary M. Forde to Mark and Sarah Moser, $490,000.

PEABODY ST., 412-Pearl Jones Smith to Edythe C. and Oscar Barton, $128,000.

PENN ST., 1243-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Emmanuel C. Igbo, $82,500.

SIMMS PL., 1278-Ernest Banks to Brian Agard, $128,500.

T ST., 225-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Alpha Beth Asseta, $165,000.

U ST., 27-Bank of New York to Gloria J. Benjamin, $174,900.

SECOND ST., 117, No. 3-James J. Ferguson and Barbara Harrell to Men for Nations Inc., $205,000.

SIXTH ST., 120-Christine L. and David M. Smith to Anne N. and Roger K. Crouch, $715,000.

SEVENTH ST., 104-Cynthia L. Brazzel to Amanda Fuchs, $414,400.

EIGHTH ST., 28-Gary M. Rahl to Michalene H. Tomczyk, $359,000.

EIGHTH ST., 33-Christine K. Chung to Giovanni A. Bonita, $299,500.

10TH ST., 3507-Marla Jo Bonuccelli to Lisa M. Baumgartner and Aaron Bonds, $211,000.

10TH ST., 435-Christian Noell and Erica Brotzman Pinkston to Diane L. and Rodney A. Morgan, $479,000.

14TH PL., 220-Ida Batchelor and Myrna Fawcett to Rainbow Properties Corp., $142,000.

14TH ST., 629-Ross J. Pfile to Nicole Hamam, $259,000.

22ND ST., 3619-Williette Gooding to Michael C. Biddle, $99,990.

48TH PL., 1131-Alice C. Yeager to Jack Merwin, $55,000.


ALBEMARLE ST., 4533-Amanda S. and Philippe Carlier to Jose L. Guerrero and Brian D. Kane, $654,000.

ALLISON ST., 815-Bank of America N.A. to Rashard Gayle, $125,000.

ASBURY PL., 4612-Ketaki Bhagwati and Sanjay Puri to Teo S. Furtado and Barbara Paulsen, $695,000.

BLAIR RD., 7480-Rudolph R. Jones to Annie Huynh and John W. Templeman, $234,000.

CALIFORNIA ST., 1831, No. 8-Ann E. Looper to Betty Jo and Lisa J. Schievelbein and Thomas C. Schievelbein, $352,000.

CALVERT ST., 2501, No. 502-Robert Flynn to Steven R. Pedersen, $229,000.

CATHEDRAL AVE., 4201, No. 119W-Ceferino Obcemea and Graziella Saccon to Asiha E. Henry and Kenyon O. Rogers, $153,500.

CONNECTICUT AVE., 5305-Marian A. and Stephen J. McCarthy to Connie K.N. Chang and Nathaniel Pearlman, $350,000.

EUCLID ST., 1004-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Michelle Renee Thamer and Osman Turan, $249,350.

EUCLID ST., 1728-Richard M. and Willert P. Klass to Joanne and Jose Espanol, $459,000.

FESSENDEN ST., 3628-David E. Wiley to Rebecca J. Kopriva, $172,031.

FLORAL ST., 1210-Ida A. Powell and Rebecca C. Woodson to Tareq W. Al Moualem and Asimina N. Papapanou, $305,000.

HOBART PL., 538-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mercile V. Banks, $89,000.

IRVING ST., 1640-Ernst P. Hall to Joshua S. Meyer, $535,000.

KENYON ST., 634-John K. Jolley and Jena O. York Jolley to Jeffrey G. Jennings, $205,000.

KILBOURNE PL., 1749-Karin Hoppman and Samuel J. Salario to David J. and Melissa Radin Goldstone, $716,000.

LONGFELLOW ST., 421-Florence E. Edelin to Mattie M. and Omar Clarke, $135,000.

M ST., 471-Bernardino L. Reani to Susanne Siemonsen, $350,000.

MACOMB ST., 5035-Matthew G. McGarvey and Joseph T. Stack to Lisa McHenry and Richard G. White, $982,250.

MASSACHUSETTS AVE., 4301, No. 8009-R. David and Rae Lynn Prengaman to Elizabeth Safatti, $259,000.

MERIDIAN PL., 1343-Elaine Carpenter and Emerson H. Miller and Philip Miller to Renate Kloppinger Todd and Rainer Kurzel, $240,000.

MERIDIAN PL., 1438, No. 403-Mark W. Smith to Hsing Yen John Fu, $165,000.

NEW HAMPSHIRE AVE., 1740, No. B-Edward M. Reardon to Raymond D'Souza, $276,250.

NEW MEXICO AVE., 3101, No. 501-Susan T. Elbert to Antanas Suziedelis, $276,000.

OGLETHORPE ST., 1423-Roy Phinise Kay and Karen J. Miller to Susan A. White, $330,000.

ORDWAY ST., 2755, No. 104-Julie Christine Rosenbaum to Cathrin M. Stickney, $111,000.

P ST., 2900-Hildegard H. Behrens to Clarisa V. Ringlien and James B. Wilcox, $1,500,000.

Q ST., 1700-Hurst Kohler and Marilyn Woislaw Groves to Babak Movahedi, $1,200,000.

R ST., 1423, No. G1-Gladstone Group Corp. to Christopher Landis and Shawn Malarcher, $186,500.

S ST., 1001-Sterling Richardson to Alka Kothari, $505,500.

S ST., 1919-Hilary E. Ball and Samuel H. Heldman to Paul Aanonsen, $1,010,000.

SCOTT CIR., 1, No. 501-Richard T. Talley to Shanmugavelayutham Muthukrishnan and Rebecca C. Stack, $189,900.

SEATON ST., 1758-David Battorff to Nicolas and Sarah Bohn, $350,000.

THOMAS ST., 119-Valetine C. Nwakibu and Catena Offurum to Builders and Brokers Guarantee Program Inc., $210,000.

TUCKERMAN ST., 14-Claudia F. Barnes to Luz and Milton H. Raymundo, $160,000.

UPSHUR ST., 1935-Alvin E. Gross to James A. and Renee A. Diggs Wheeler, $869,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 2111, No. 512-George W. Hutchens to Seda Atam, $150,000.

WYOMING AVE., 2012, No. P19-Ashmeade Associates to B. William Basheer, $30,000.

WYOMING AVE., 2206-Thomas D. Catlin and Dale C. Turza to Erika Brown, $1,350,000.

17TH ST., 1401, No. 206-Gayle S. Boesky and Shelley Simpson to Lauri J. Fitz Pegado, $350,000.

18TH ST., 1325, No. 1-Carol L. and George Donald Calomiris and James G. Calomiris to Urban Growth Property Partnership, $2,750,000.

21ST ST., 1260, No. 403-Toussaint Tyson to Brett Conner, $145,000.

25TH ST., 824-Hal E. and Patricia A. Cole to Willa B. Perlmutter, $548,000.

31ST PL., 6606-Judy L. Hickey to Brian R. and Tobie A. Midkiff, $525,000.

33RD ST., 1015, No. 404-David M. and Kathleen B. McCormack to Gerald D. Schultz, $412,000.

33RD ST., 6005-Luanne King to Norman Christopher Hardee and Heather Ann Wydra, $875,000.

39TH ST., 3450, No. 690-Bernice C. Wuethrich to Diane L. Minor, $315,000.

40TH PL., 2232-Paul A. Nalty to John T. Taylor, $595,500.


A ST., 4609-Gwendolyn J. Moten to Karen A. Lacey, $105,000.

B ST., 5440-Jacqueline L. and William D. Hughey to Reggie Carr, $95,000.

HALLEY TER., 4337-Gloria D. Shropshire to Anthony O. Ogbuokiri, $115,000.

HARTFORD ST., 2816-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Juanita Gray, $89,500.

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. AVE., 3341-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Andrew Cho, $101,000.

O ST., 3116-Ernest L. Shade to Rhonda Smith, $272,000.

TALBERT TER., 1346-Federal National Mortgage Association to One Piney Grove Investment Corp., $52,000.

TEXAS AVE., 4429-Fred D. and Gwynette D. Morris to Makisha J. Wiley, $119,350.

10TH ST., 225-Cathy Cay Nelson and Cynthia Diane Yeast to Jason and Lindy Kearns, $620,000.

16TH ST., 325-Cheron D. Cooper to Edward R. Reed, $249,900.

38TH ST., 2059, No. 202-Wilma V. Clanton to Eric Ylitalo, $54,000.


CAPITOL SQUARE PL., 803-Samy Abaza to Lisa Carol Smith, $425,000.

CARROLLSBURG PL., 1226-61 Enterprises Inc. to Tho Vinh Pham, $95,000.