1. St. Mary of Sorrows Catholic Church, Fairfax. Site plan for a church on 16 acres zoned R-1 (residential, one unit an acre) at 11254 Waples Mill Rd. (SP 2643-02-1)

2. Landmark Property Development LLC, Alexandria. Application to rezone 2.89 acres from R-1 (residential, one unit an acre) to R-3 (residential, three units an acre) at Chantilly Road and Lee Jackson Memorial Highway. (RZ 2002-SU-029)

3. J & C Enterprises, Fairfax. Application to rezone 7.12 acres from R-1 (residential, one unit an acre) to I-5 (industrial, general) to permit office development on the east side of Cinder Bed Road, about 1,000 feet north of Hill Park Drive. (RZ 2003-LE-010)

4. BBV Building Cos. Inc., Fairfax. Application to rezone 7.7 acres from R-1 (residential, one unit an acre) to R-2 (residential, two units an acre) at 2346 Gallows Rd. (RZ 1999-PR-035)

5. Lincoln Property Co. Southwest Inc., Herndon. Application to rezone 20.47 acres from I-3 (industrial, light intensity) to PDH-30 (planned development housing, 30 units an acre) for multifamily residential development at 7990 Boeing Ct. (RZ 2003-0PR-008)

6. Uniwest Group LLC, Falls Church. Application to rezone 15.52 acres from I-5 (industrial, general) to PDC (planned development housing, community) for mixed-use development at 8211 Lee Highway and 2900 Gallows Rd. (RZ 2003-PR-009)

7. Potomac School, McLean. Special exception application to permit building additions, change in development conditions and site modifications on 82.95 acres zoned R-1 (residential, one unit an acre) at 1301 Potomac School Rd. (SEA 85-D-097-04)


8. Aldersgate United Methodist Church, Alexandria. Site plan for a 31,381-square-foot addition to the church at 1301 Collingwood Rd. (SP 6959-02-2)

9. RWG Corp., Falls Church. Site plan for a 782-square-foot car wash on 0.32 acres zoned C-8 (commercial district) at 6309 Leesburg Pike. (SP 1146-01-2)

10. Capital Kids Inc., Washington. Application to permit a child care center within an existing building on 28,022 square feet zoned C-6 (community retail), 8758 Richmond Highway in the Woodlawn Shopping Center. (SE 2002-MV-038)

11. Eastwood Properties Inc., Fairfax. Application to rezone 17.25 acres from R-1 (residential, one unit an acre) to PDH-3 (planned development housing, three units an acre) to permit 41 single-family homes on the north side of Zion Drive, about 200 feet east of Roberts Road. (RZ 2002-BR-017)

12. McDonald's Corp., Oak Brook, Ill. Proffer condition amendment and special exception applications to permit construction of a fast food restaurant with a drive-through window, a 4,053-square-foot building on 1.13 acres zoned I-5 (industrial general) on the east side of West Ox Road, about 200 feet north of Piney Branch Road. (PCA 74-2-112-03 and SE 01-S-055)

13. John H. Thillman, Alexandria. Application to rezone 4.21 acres from C-8 (highway commercial) and R-3 (residential, three units an acre) to PDH-12 (planned development housing,12 units an acre) to permit development of 49 townhouses on Columbia Pike at Powell Lane. (RZ 2000-MA-055)


14. Paul Craven, Fairfax. Permit to build a $35,000 greenhouse at 9023 Arlington Blvd.

15. Target Corp., Minneapolis. Permit to build a $3 million department store at 14391 Chantilly Crossing Lane.

16. Accor Economy Lodging, Dallas. Permit for $580,000 in interior alterations to guest rooms, hotel lobby at 6868 Springfield Blvd.

17. Chipotle Mexican Grill, Denver. Permit for a $187,960 tenant layout at 11939 Grand Commons Ave.

18. So Ho Americana, Fairfax. Permit for a $30,000 tenant layout for a restaurant at 11730 Plaza America in Reston.

19. Inova Health Care, Falls Church. Permit for a $1 million vertical expansion of hospital at 3600 Joseph Siewick Dr.

20. Fairfax County School Board. Permit to build a $12 million recreation center at 4630 Stonecroft Blvd.