The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington metropolitan area, visit The Post's Internet site at


CYPRESS POINT RD., 6581-Mary R. Clifford to Christopher L. Glista, $274,900.

INDIAN RUN PKWY., 6317-James G. Weaver to Alice A. Brown, $269,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3701-Ali Zamani to Michelle M. Hudson, $137,500.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3701-Sujata Ghosh to Lawanda Swope, $90,800.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705-Mable L. Fink to William F. Torruellas, $218,000.


SWAN TER., 2010-Robert J. Rider and Karin J. Weichlein to Jason Voyles, $454,000.

SWARTHMORE DR., 6713-Margaret F. and Timothy B. Holliday to Benjamin F. and Jennifer C. Folsom, $249,900.

SWEETBRIAR DR., 2267-Theresa A. and Thomas J. Pleimling to Marcos Zelaya and Jesus A. Sierra, $185,900.

TEMPLE CT., 2439-Jose L.E. and Magdalena A. Lozano to Felix A. and Maria O. Morales, $187,000.

VANDERBILT DR., 7011-Frank J. Maguire to Mary K. Schmidt, $230,000.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6621, No. 305-Melvin Fresquez to Joan E. Miller, $112,000.

WESTHAMPTON DR., 6911-Sarah E. Howell to Chad B. Artz, $164,000.


ALEXANDER AVE., 6058-Felix E. and Maria M. Litterio to Chanda L. Tunstall, $290,000.

ASHLEIGH MANOR CT., 7031-James A. and Barbara A. Torre to Osama M. Jaradeh and Ghadeer A. Alawi, $350,000.

BALLYCASTLE CIR., 5255-Kristin E. Butterfield and Stuart C. Vickery to Christopher B. Thomas, $329,500.

BENTLEY MILL PL., 7029-Phan H. and Thomas P. Coty to Nancy C. Miller, $320,000.

COACHLEIGH WAY, 6505-Karola H. Szovati to Aashir Sanaullah, Tanzeela Ahmad and Aatif Sanaullah, $247,000.

CURTIER DR., 6031, No. A-Martin Ridgeway to John Koget, $133,000.

DOROTHY GILES CT., 6712-Lawrence V. and Nam I. Hopkins to Abraham Bahta and Sara Degen, $295,000.

EFFINGHAM SQ., 7720-Sandra S. and Scott E. Genberg to Bradley W. Brothers, $310,000.

ELLESMERE CT., 6003, No. 19A-Beeren and Barry Corp. to Amy K. Tubbs, $145,000.

ERICKA AVE., 6824-D.E. and Jerry B. Warden to Hendrianto Stephanu and Debora Inawati, $259,000.

ERICKA AVE., 6845-Citicapital Relocation Inc. and Prudential Relocation Inc. to Mark A. and Aida G. Samara, $260,000.

GENTLE LANE, 6257-Catherine M. and Steven J. Durham to Annemarie K. and Joseph E. Anderson, $340,500.

HEATHERWOOD DR., 6043-Ana M. and Jerry L.R. Mowery to Sheryl G. Atkins, $260,000.

HILLVIEW AVE., 6500-Vernon R. Mills Jr. to David P. and Jennifer E. Ballon, $250,000.

HYDRANGEA DR., 6042-Ernesto and Marta Kanashiro to Hao Nguyen and Maria Salome Anulacion, $268,000.

KATELYN CT., 6021-Ahmad Ali Arabshahi to Michael W. Hightower, $343,000.

KATELYN MARY PL., 5800-Lisa S. Procter to James Vant, $225,000.

KIMBERLY ANNE WAY, 5984-Reynaldo J. Garcia to Michael A. and Marsha Franco, $196,000.

KNIGHTS RIDGE WAY, 6056-Juan Bao, trustee, and Hoang Thanh Phan, trustee, to Diane K. Dannelly, $283,000.

KNIGHTS RIDGE WAY, 6073-Maia H. Jourgensen and Stephen C. Saunders to Alberto Ramirez, $295,000.

LAROCHELLE CT., 5319-Frances M. and Timothy H. Breeden to Jennifer L. Lyons, $210,000.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6953-Chanda Tunstall to John S. and Barbara E.S. Breckenridge, $170,000.

OLD STRATFORD CT., 6023-Bryan D. and Heather D. Keith to Danette Skraastad, $240,000.

PARSLEY DR., 6145-Gregory and Lisa W. Bernini to Nezha L. Alaoui, $529,000.

PAULONIA RD., 6207-Glenn D. and Sandra R. Davis to Mauricio and Marta Romero, $270,000.

RACEPOINT WAY, 7211-Carol A. and Terry D. Nickoloff to Jeffrey F. Willis and Laura A. McKlveen, $300,000.

RIDGE VIEW DR., 6021-Ellen C. Bell and Doris P. Tackett to Janet and Charles B. Freitag, $295,000.

SIGNATURE CIR., 6821-Catherine M. and Robert J. Kealey to William P. McGowan, $274,500.

VICTORIA DR., 6903-Cynthia L. Gillen to Margaret M. Bergeron, $175,000.

VICTORIA DR., 6923-Kathleen M. and Michael F. Manley to Ergene Lee and Moonjung Choi, $165,000.

WILD VALLEY CT., 6183-Lillian Lowery to Joseph E. Friedel, $189,900.


BENNETT DR., 4110-Margaret R. and Paul D. Glenn to Karen E. and Alphonse L. Kouagou, $485,000.

BRIARWOOD CT, 4415, No. 15-Shervin Nakhjavan to Deborah Thompson, $122,000.

BYRDS NEST PASS, 7815-Mei F. and Richard O. Garnes to Teresa A. Lauziere, $275,000.

CONWELL DR., 4624, No. 144-Dante F. and Sonia M. Salvatierra to Lien M. Nguyen and Duy T. Tran, $165,000.

DASSETT CT., 7809-Robab Zand to Arash M. Sadighi, $115,000.

DENPAT CT., 4635-Kristi A. and Roger D. Tomhave to Kevin R. and Tracy Clements, $390,000.

DUNCAN DR., 4109-Robert B. Hunter to Tamela and Christopher R. Southan, $425,000.

IVYMOUNT CT., 4345, No. 2-Amir Motlagh to Anh T. and Binh T. Tran, $122,000.

IVYMOUNT CT., 4355, No. 47-Kari L. Ross to Helen A. Turner, $101,500.

LOGSDON DR., 4521, No. 238-Wayne G. Sowell to Eric Zegarra and Jorge Umana, $162,000.

LOGSDON DR., 4543, No. 251-Gaby Martinez to Antoine Y. Manlan, $162,000.

PARKMAN CT., 4737-Vincent F. and Donna J. Bonzagni and Bonzagni Living Trust to Eric A. Richardson, $190,000.

PENCE CT., 3498-Son H. and Hoan D. Ngo to Thach Luu, $430,000.

RANDOLPH CT., 4700-Bae S. Kim to Sang H. Kim, $375,000.

SANDHURST CT., 4202-Charles E. and Paulette M. Bailey to Charles and Theresa Hoyt, $439,900.

TOWERBELL CT., 7914-Satish M. Amin to Mitesh Amin, $270,000.

VERMILLION PL., 7116-Van T. and Thuy T. Tran to Gaby Martinez, $269,995.

WINTER LANE, 6914-Anne M. Gulyassy to Clausen J. and Rebecca M. Krzywicki, $624,500.


GLEN FOREST DR., 5852-Amy and Joseph W. Nazar to Mario and Romualda Ovando, $375,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705, No. 717S-Jenifer A. Kubitz to Michael A. Malone, $169,900.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 2205S-Leah B. Biller to Anthony I. Wonkovich, $245,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 1303N-Craig B. Knight to Peter W. Hubber, $154,500.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 203N-Song H. and Sun K. Yom to Belkys Rondon, $152,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5563, No. 402-Dana H. and Arthur W. Bloom to Salvatore A. and Andrew L. Lobello, $145,000.


BRIDGETOWN PL., 10327, No. 82-Thanh M. Hong and Nham C. Tran to Augusto Delgado, $213,000.

BURKE MANOR CT., 5812-Ravinder and Renu Thakral to Latifa Anajar, $170,000.

CHERRY OAK CT., 9522-Andrew and Shari Schug to Janina and Joseph Dombrowski and Adam J. Dombrowski, $225,000.

CROWNLEIGH CT., 5710-Kil Y. and Ho K. Yi to Hwa Y. Jung, $245,000.

DRAYCOTT CT., 9512-John P. Mihoch to William Koransky, $238,000.

DUNLEER LANE, 5306-Leonard J. and Lynda H. Stevenson to Jennifer C. and Stephen S. Warner, $350,000.

DUNLEIGH DR., 5264-Judith A. and Ross P. Vartian to John D. and Kimberly A. Berlin, $405,000.

GLENWAY CT., 9706-Carolyn L. and Jeffrey L. Hmara to Osman and Selma Ozturk, $375,000.

HEMLOCK WOODS LANE, 9974-Jay and Jill Voetsch to Craig A. and Cindy A. Dockery, $255,000.

HOME GUARD DR., 8976-Jody G. and Russell K. Applegate to Asa J. and Christie E. Herald, $547,500.

KARA PL., 5844-F. Kay Fronk to Douglas W. and Po L.W. Konn, $247,500.

KINGS GROVE CT., 5116-Abdul Khan and Zabiullah Abbasi to Mirwais Abbasi, $338,000.

KITE ST., 9314-Khawaja S.I. Vohra to Terrence R. Crowe, $345,000.

LAKE MEADOW DR., 6475-Nancy L. and Ronald A. Johnson to Bruce A. and Tanya D. Tyburski, $800,000.

MINSTEAD CT., 9607-Carol A. and Richard F. Sears to Richard and Rebecca Abizaid, $266,000.

NORDEEN OAK CT., 5707-Gregory Doyle to Germaine C. Palangdao, $181,000.

OLD LANDING WAY, 6050, No. 36-Lily Hendra to Keith S. Clark, $133,500.


ASHER VIEW, 14069-Rey Z. and Wilhelmina N. Mendoza to Robert M. and Mary M. Garland, $165,000.

BARROS DR., 6133-Luis E. and Melba N. Flores to Xifan Sun, $295,000.

BASINGSTOKE LOOP, 14672, No. 216-Emad A. Khezam to Grace Pepito and Maria C.D. Balmores, $195,000.

CALVARY PL., 14700-Melissa M. and Michael A. Sharpe to Kenneth L. and Margot H. Gurne, $404,999.

EDMAN CIR., 14836-Daemon Morrell to Serkan Sut, $247,000.

FLOWER HILL DR., 14726-Jonathan Y. Choi to Kyung H. Cho, $245,000.

FROSTY WINTER CT., 6215-Abadam Esposo, Juong N. Luu and Huong L. Esposo to David M. and Nancy P. Miska, $295,000.

GLEN MEADOW DR., 5122-Brian F. and Sheryl Wooddell to Brian S. and Heather N. Silman, $247,650.

GOTHIC DR., 13912-Dae C. and Chunghae Kim to Ok K. Lee and Wang Y. Yoo, $273,000.

KERRYWOOD CIR., 6814-Earl C. and Tracey L. McCuller to Arnold P. Crisologo and Whitney B. Keller, $257,000.

LA PETITE PL., 6474-Monica and Steven A. Sepulveda to Paul C. Jun, $437,500.

MEADOW GLADE LANE, 6309-Philip P. and Stacy M. Hopkins to Bharat B. and Kumud B. Bagaria, $259,900.

ROYAL OAK LANE, 14175-Amy L. Schimpf to Christina Rudyj and Erik Grow, $215,000.

RUSTLING LEAVES LANE, 14515-Hun S. Jang to S. Mandy Evanson, $130,500.

STONE MAPLE TER., 6841-Timothy T. and Christian N. Freeman to Stefanie A. Damiani, $239,000.

STONEPATH CIR., 6197-Timothy J. Vannorman to Kanar Sarraj and Dler Snawy, $185,000.

WEALDSTONE CT., 6011-Alan R. and Joan F. Christensen to Martin A. Moronta, $162,500.

WEALDSTONE CT., 6015-Daniel D. and Linda M. Hough to Man K. Choe, $155,000.


BEECH DOWN DR., 3828-Linda A. and Richard E. Witmer to Renae and Alexander Pilipowskyj, $325,000.

BROOKFIELD CT., 13377-Jeffrey L. Wogan to Jonathan D. Patrick, $350,000.

POINT PLEASANT DR., 13504-Faye G. and Robert W. Siegert to Steven S. and Marsha J. Manley, $380,000.

POPLAR WOODS CT., 13409-Thu Tran and Kimphung Phan to H.M. Marzano and Julie Lee, $375,000.

SUMMER HOLLOW CT., 4051, No. 156A-Kuang H. Wang to Anne M. Clepper, $177,000.


CLIFTON RD., 7011-John V. Buffington Jr. to Peter G. Masood, $492,200.

GOSLING DR., 5609-Adrianna M. Peri to Michael P. Keenan and Tracy K. Laughlin, $254,900.

WHITE DOVE LANE, 5662-Susan V. Lee and Khanh Y. Van to Troy Mathie, $160,000.


BANTING DR., 9718-Hillard B. and Jane D. Holbrook to Douglas L. and Melissa M. Vigen, $400,000.

BOHICKET CT., 3053-Anita J. and John W. Gauck to Elizabeth W. and Nicholas A. Piantanida, $385,000.

BRAEBURN DR., 4210-Choong Hyo and Kil Y. Yoon to In K. Kim, $350,000.

BURKE STATION RD., 4306-Charles W. Jr. and Katherine F. Bethany and Bethany Family Living Trust to Philip P. and Jane M. Donnelly, $390,000.

CAMBORNE TER., 12199-Hassan Hamdan to Hyung J. and Esther S.M. Cho, $305,000.

CARRIAGEPARK RD., 4929-David L. Trauger and Alice L. Faith Trauger to Yu Chang and Zhiqun Tang, $280,000.

CAVALIER LAND CT., 11628, No. A-Sangki Yeom to Michele E. Tutem, $227,000.

FAIR CREST CT., 12617, No. 109-Kevin and Youn Y. Yi to David M. Gibson, $210,000.

FAIRLEE DR., 3001-Donna J. Williams to CRC Acquisitions Fairlee Corp., $551,607.

FOX HUNTER PL., 12202-Arthur R. and Beverly J. Stuart to John and Elizabeth Wingate, $500,000.

GREEN LEDGE CT., 12105, No. 302-Farhang Adabi to Gina Constantino, $205,000.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9708-Elaine F. Bubel to Jeffrey Sutherland, $111,500.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9800-Clinton R. Peach, Sonia V. Drummond and Robin Peach to Edward J. Biggar, $150,000.

LACROSS CT., 5508-Michael G. Neathery to Mark T. Devlin, $229,900.

LINDENBROOK ST., 9618-Carolyn G. Bowden to Yaunhe Yao, $221,750.

MADONNA LANE, 13129-Anastasia M. and Nejat K. Egilmez to Janet A. McFadden, $325,000.

MAJESTIC LANE, 4431-Kevin and Deborah Corcoran to Russell Magadan, $310,000.

MAPLE DR., 3012-Loretta C. Sutler to CRC Acquisitions Fairlee Corp., $651,778.

MONUMENT CT., 4100, No. B-Natalie R. Goad to Tammy Crawford, $200,000.

NASH DR., 4828-Joan H. Powers to Haisam and Raghda N. Chikalard, $209,500.

PAXFORD CT., 5516-Diane C. Littlejohn to Raul B. and Regina S. Magalong, $248,000.

PINEFIELD CT., 4212-Divya and Vipul Mehta to Shailaja Mehta and Dharmesh Desal, $321,000.

POPES HEAD RD., 11600-Catherine E. and Donald C. Lee Sr. to Roger M. Velez, trustee, and Fausto Mena, trustee, and Pentecostal Church of God La Biblia, $365,000.

QUALITY ST., 4543-Alexandre K. and Luna L. Deparis to Fair Chase Development Corp., $459,300.

RIDGE KNOLL DR., 12012, No. 7-Daniel N. and Kathleen McLaughlin to Sung O. and Chang J. Chang, $190,000.

ROSEBAY CT., 3971-Diana F. and Wilbur L. Smith to Margery M. Arrivillaga, $261,000.

SKYVIEW LANE, 3830-Daniel B. and Mary A. Dick to Isadore J. and Roberta S. Schoen, $540,000.

STONINGTON DR., 5200-Joann B. and Larry A. Deem to Cara P. and Christopher K. Lajewski, $351,500.

TEABERRY CT., 13370-Gregory D. and Ronda A. Strumfeld to James T. Minor and Carolyn Norbury, $442,000.

THOMAS BRIGADE LANE, 4340-Bing Wang and Guoming Wei to Jason T. and Gloria L. Chia, $295,000.

WESTBROOK DR., 12814-Michael and Jill Pierce to Monica C. and Eric R. Hernandez, $730,000.


FLORA LEE DR., 11107-Linda L. and Richard E. Burton to John F. and Susan G. Owens, $575,000.

FOXHALL TER., 8742-Judith A. and Mario A. Principe to Michael J. and Hyeson K. Baier, $539,000.

INNISVALE DR., 5933-Harley K. Branson to Steve and Pam Atkinson, $430,000.

QUIET BROOK RD., 5716-Joyce E. Green and John W. Gural to Billie J. and Robert P. Warhurst, $500,000.

SOUTH VALLEY DR., 7832-Gloria S. and James F. Abramovitz to Bethany H. and David T. Drum, $700,000.


BRANDY CT., 3250-Aubrey L. Downs Jr. and Linda M. Brenner to Edwin M. Clarke and Tina M. Kinney, $325,000.

CARROLL PL., 3114-Paul W. and Lynn O'Toole and Jennifer A. Vinston to Jonathan P. Azar and Tamara C. Morse, $272,500.

FOWLER ST., 2507-James L. and Patti L. Koutoulakos to Armando R. Borja and Norma A. Medina Borja, $285,000.

GREAT OAK CT., 2860-Keith G. Bissonnette and Stephen J. Howie to Christopher A. and Stephanie G. Mirabello, $243,000.

HALLWOOD AVE., 6706-Russell D. Moore to Chun W. Rhee, trustee, $400,000.

KERNS RD., 6718-George V., Jean L., Travis and Richard Oke to Sridevi and Gangadharan N. Suku, $265,000.

KINGS CHAPEL RD., 2902, No. 7-Dinah R. Buenaventura and Romell C. Vales to Nabil Ahmed, $129,900.

SURREY LANE, 3421-Julia S. and Thomas R. McKnight to Stephen and Gretchen Lawler, $385,000.

YARLING CT., 2809-Scarlett R. Bates to Nancy Brattain, $143,100.


FALLS REACH DR., 7030-Sandra K. Bernhardt to Murtazain and Mehreen Nasser, $292,500.

HOLLY MANOR DR., 2554-Joseph L. and Mary E. Hitt to Andrew Laine and Suzanne Lawrence, $525,000.

KILGORE RD., 2020-Mavourneen E. Cox to Stephen K. Bryce, $275,000.

PIMMIT DR., 2300, No. 505-Klaus and Olga Helmin to Luca and Ariungerel O. Demarchis, $165,000.

VAN TUYL PL., 2065-John K. Forst to Jill E. and Winston J. Leavell, $469,950.

WESTMORELAND ST., 2035-Elizabeth D. and William P. Steponkus to Robert W. and Elizabeth E. Owen, $675,000.


CANDLEWOOD DR., 2407-Susan G. and Marshall F. Baker to Mark D. and Crystal R. Bowers, $370,000.

CHADWICK AVE., 1100-Joseph D. and Pauline B. Himm to Benjamin W. Moody, $475,000.

CROSSLEY PL., 8401-Ira M. Polikoff to Diane L. Migliori, $356,900.

MACADAMS PL., 1809-Stephen G. McGeown to Joel J. Lind and Cassandra D. Clark, $301,000.

STIRRUP LANE, 2421-Fayez A. and Zein H. Elhini to James A. and Gayle E. Alexander, $385,000.

VERNON VIEW DR., 9025-Janice F. and Timothy P. McHale and Victoria H. Binkley to Frederick N. and Susan A. Smith, $476,000.


CHALLEDON RD., 1109-Harry E. and Yolanda W. Morris to Nathan Y. and Laura N. Richter, $540,000.

ELLSWORTH AVE., 767-Betty A. and George H. Slaton to Shahnaz Javid, $480,000.

GEORGETOWN PIKE, 10917-Spiering Custom Homes Inc. to Lynnford S. Wilson and Cathleen Doane Wilson, $1,100,000.

MURPHY DR., 1024-Donald and Joan Lawson to Ashok and Rima Banerjee and Ash Banerjee, $1,075,000.

MYRA DR., 9408-Hui Jung Wang and A. Lan Chen to Chui W. Chan and Fu Long Yan, $500,000.


AMY WAY, 13400-Mark A. Stephenson to Michael J. and Nancy C. Degnan, $450,000.

BAYSHIRE LANE, 1303-Richard W. Hamilton Jr. and Bene M. Svitavsky and Evan M. McLeese to Nasreen Gill, $300,000.

BECKINGHAM DR., 13593-Walter P. Rankin and Christopher T. Mancill to Karen S. Holloway, $292,900.

BIG BOULDER RD., 13595-Kelly S. Utton to Eyad M. Alaeddin, $300,000.

BOND ST., 1235-Terence P. Crochetiere to Victor H. Pineros and Martha L. Mendoza, $222,000.

BOND ST., 1270-Sandra L. Patterson to David A. Zijerdi, $228,000.

CAVENDISH ST., 416-Romayne B. Kelly to Mark A. Johnson, $337,500.

COPPER CREEK RD., 2712-Paula A. Gomolka and Karl J. Weidner Jr. to Peter J. and Regina V. Stavrakis, $444,900.

HILL HAVEN CT., 3314-Anni S. and Timothy J. Hevener to Brandt L. and Denise A. Mackey, $232,750.

LONGLEAF LANE, 12806-Maureen S. and Timothy M. Kidd to Brett S. and Dawn M. Detrick, $315,000.

MEADOW HALL DR., 2629-Darryl S. and Janet J. Bierly to Timothy D. and Heidi S. Carney, $495,000.

MOUNTAIN MILL PL., 2452-Juan C. and Silvia C. Guzman to Melissa and Jon Kemmerer, $295,000.

MUIRKIRK LANE, 13430-Vincent and Melinda Dye to Eric G. and Amy M. Klopfenstein, $355,000.

MUIRKIRK LANE, 13462-Victor J. and Karen M. Damato to Jothishankar Radhakrishnan and Brindha Jothishankar, $360,000.

PARKSTREAM TER., 12201-Craig N. and Valerie C. Andersen to Allen H. and Jennifer E. McEwen, $319,000.

STUART POINTE LANE, 1743-Judith L. Leitz to Neeraj and Parna Moodra, $338,000.

TAYLOE CT., 3220-Juan F. and Marina L. Escobar to Mustaq and Armeen Ahmad, $210,000.


FARMINGTON DR., 2635-Milan C. and Elizabeth R. Seth to Brian J. and Benjamin D. Allen, $197,000.

FORT FARNSWORTH RD., 2614, No. 254-Nora M. Rowny to Christopher and Amy Scinta, $105,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5904, No. 1205-Anna M. and Arthur W. Hughes to Robert and Deborah Roman, $280,500.


BRICK HEARTH CT., 6480-Richard W. and Sue S. Laplant to Patrick S. Pollard, $212,000.

BRICK HEARTH CT., 6517-Alfredo Y. Funes and Alberto G. Portillo to Lorena Hernandez and Oscar R. Zelaya, $214,900.

CALDERON CT., 7502, No. 276-Saha Dhritiman to Jennifer A. Marksteiner, $164,500.

CARTER FARM CT., 2781-Bonita L. and Evan R. Gaddis to Daniel and Carolyn S. Scarfo, $240,000.

FAIRVIEW DR., 2413-Jean L. Hight to Jack L. Scott, $216,000.

GROVETON ST., 2911-Heriberto and Claudia L. Rivera to Blanca C. Menjivar, Juan A. Cornejo and Maria T. Ramirez, $200,000.

TOLLIVER ST., 7120-Curtis H., Michael, Monica and Dianna L. Taylor to Naresa N. and Tracy L. Thomas, $175,500.


ASPENPARK RD., 7562-Mahmood Haider to John D. Slack, $198,000.

BENHAM ST., 8819-Davis R. and Mary L. Hall to Andrew W. and Jacqueline N. Fluet, $255,000.

DOGUE INDIAN CIR., 7812-Stacey and Jason R. Roske to Donna Davis, $269,900.

EATON WOODS PL., 9627-Charles A. and Andrew W. Fluet to Mohamed I. Elbulok and Abdelrahman Abdellatif, $263,900.

FRANKLIN WOOD PL., 9609-Marilyn R. Nangle to Tsehaye and Eden S. Haile and Yebralem Haile, $265,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9722, No. A-John W. and Shirley A. Rathgeber to Nilto and Lusimar Tavares, $94,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9816-Maria Lacey to Givi Gorgadze, $150,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9871-Verda L. Sullivan to Vanessa R. Jones, $149,900.

LAGRANGE ST., 8724-John R. and Marsha A. Freed to Tariq S. and Sajida T. Hussain, $274,900.

LAMBKIN CT., 7807-Jennifer L. Lyons to Hiriti B. Gebru and Kibrom A. Sengal, $216,000.

LINDEN OAKS CT., 8309-Anne M. Proctor and Peter P. Palko to Darlene M. Hampton, $249,900.


BELLVIEW PL., 1040-Martha S. and Matthew A. Reese to Keswick Homes Corp., $1,500,000.

BRENTFIELD DR., 1102-Thanh H. and William Bach to Cheryl W. Baker, $437,000.

DEAN DR., 6714-Suporn Krisanathevin to Donald A. Brasek, $395,000.

ENOLA ST., 7841, No. 207-Deborah Moses to James A. Moore, $150,000.

ESPEY LANE, 6925-Janet W. and William F. Kochert to Jeanne K. Anthony,


GREENSBORO DR., 8370, No. 714-Sedigheh Atarodian and Mohammad R. Zar to Djaouida Siaci, $267,000.

INTERNATIONAL DR., 1645, No. 326-Ibrahima and Joanna B. Diallo to Kevin Afshar, $285,000.

OLD MAPLE SQ., 7432-L. and R. Easley to Arun K. and Anjali M. Gupta,


OLD MEADOW RD., 1808, No. 1010-Charles R. Biro to Gholam Reza Fahimi, $165,000.

ORLO DR., 1175-Associated Builders Inc. to AB Lot 26 Corp., $2,000,000.

PROVINCIAL DR., 7630-Nancy A. Everly to Robert B. Hunter, $205,000.


ALAMEDA CT., 8421, No. 71-Jawwad A. Shirazi to Hanif Ahmed, $112,000.

BEEKMAN PL., 8611, No. B-Andreas S. and Shau Kwan Eichler to Curtis Cowan, $68,250.

BEEKMAN PL., 8641, No. D-C. Scott Broughton to Adnan Gereli, $93,500.

EL CAMINO PL., 3907-Patricia D. Alexander to Suzie M. Clinton, $73,000.

FRYE RD., 8100-Cesario Flores and Rigoberto Pacheco to Saima A. Khan, $267,000.

GROOMBRIDGE WAY, 4420, No. E-Teresa M. Pierce to Joel E. Duarte, $96,000.

JAKE PL., 8296-Michael R. Sandberg to Elizabeth A. Guevara, $285,000.

LARAMIE PL., 3808, No. B-Julio A. and Maria S. Leon to Eleazar Leon Castro, $80,000.

REMINGTON DR., 5116-Simon Altz, trustee, and Bugbee Family Trust to Peter C. Piraneo, $380,000.


KEPLER LANE, 5226-Jacqueline Romero and Jose A. Duran to Lien T. Dao and Chien H. Tang, $259,900.

KINGS PARK DR., 5220-John D. and Kimberly A. Berlin to Gordon and Carol Currey, $330,000.


OAKMONT CT., 2408-Franz H. Szymanski to Jolaula Sterbenz, $940,000.

TREVOR HOUSE DR., 3050, No. D-Fawaz Sawaf to Heather L. Petrie, $200,000.

VALLEY RD., 11400-Efthalia T. Triarhos and Jack L. Wuerker to Kustom Kastles Corp., $490,000.


FEDERAL HILL DR., 3004-Irene N. Richwine to Timothy M. and Susan W. Engley, $330,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3163-Juan A. and Lauren E. Mencia to James C. and Mary J. Nettles, $360,000.


BACKLICK RD., 7114-Sewan Enterprises Corp. to Duc L. Nguyen and Lisa N. Lieu, $475,090.

BELINGER CT., 7225-Khalida and Muhammad Saleem to Wilfredo F. and Jose M.F. Mendez, $255,000.

BETHELEN WOOD LANE, 8024-Soon C. and Jessica K. Seo to Brian J. O'Hare, $250,000.

BURNING FOREST CT., 8227-Elaine C. and Tony R. Hardin to Jose Hernandez and Gabriel Alvarado and Ana R. Quiroz, $203,000.

CHESTER GROVE CT., 8570-Alvin L. and Linda R. Davis to Elzbieta J. Nowak, $215,500.

CRYSTAL CREEK CT., 8151-Carmen C. and Pablo A. Martinel to Helen and Hirut Wolde and Kelemwork Wolde, $228,000.

GOLDEN ASPEN CT., 8403-Andrew T. Smoyer and Judith L. Ward to Bobby W. and Virginia L. Reed, $340,000.

GOLDEN LEAF CT., 9040-Nance Ceccarelli and Paul F. McCawley to Pedro L. and Luzimar L. Castro, $238,000.

MOLINE PL., 8353-Catherine J. Miller to Cari V. Deuterman, $216,050.

POHICK FOREST CT., 8662-Donald D. and Navenka J. Gabrielson to Ko and Parita Moukdarath, $370,000.

POWDERBROOK LANE, 8062-Scott W. Buschbacher to Herman H. and Mario Morales, $248,000.

POWDERBROOK LANE, 8064-Brandon L. and Dominika D. Spencer to William D. and Erin E. Ward, $258,000.

RAINBOW BRIDGE LANE, 8474-David P. and Wendy A. Williams to Mark T. and Kendall N. Holbrook, $319,000.

RUSHING CREEK CT., 8441-Klaus G. and Brigette B. Pluntke and Pluntke Family Trust to Leslie G. and Robert G. Meserve, $408,600.

SPRING GARDEN DR., 7089, No. 103-A. Hadi and Fawzia S. Azizi to Sikandar Hayat, $117,000.

SUPREME CT., 6823-Evelyn W. Picket to Asia Mudaser and Madaser A. Jaura, $205,000.

SUPREME CT., 6841-Reyes W. Avila, Ramon Mazanares and Jamileth C. Espinoza to Angel A. Flores and Herminia Moreno, $215,900.

SWEET PINE CT., 8416-Jennifer R. and William M. Causey to Anders B. and Sandra K. Aadland, $430,000.


COURTHOUSE RD, 385-Susie M. Owens to Rehana and Ahmed C. Ajaz, $311,000.

ELM ST. SW, 116-Kathy Zimmerman to Patrick L. Dominick, $310,000.

MOORE PL. SW, 1002-Jamieson Family Trust and Donald W. Jamieson, trustee, and Cristina M. Jamieson, trustee, to Wanda G. Wiser Trust, $349,900.

NORTHERN NECK DR., 1475-Paul B. Kidd to Claudia Diamond, $478,000.

NORTHERN NECK DR., 1540, No. 102-Seyed R. Aghvami to Ossama A. Jawhar, $282,500.

OAK BRANCH DR., 9903-Emily J. and Robert J. Bernard to Mary A. and Douglas C. Fitzgerald, $544,000.

OAKTON CREST PL., 2905-Teresa G. Caviness to Michael G. Calahan, $405,000.

WOODFORD RD., 2217-Devon C. Park to Ali M. and Rebeka S. Khorrami, $710,000.


BARNACK DR., 7006-Karen P. and Robert J. Corcoran to Deborah A. McKay, $324,950.

EDMONTON CT., 8144-Rebecca Bradeen to Jason S. and Viktoria A. Greanya, $299,000.

ENGLISH IVY WAY, 6352-Lloyd P. and Veronica R. Brown to Maryam Rahimi and Aseem Akram, $293,000.

FIELD MASTER DR., 6511-Jessica L. Chestnut and Paul D. Miller to Kinnaird R. McKee, $239,000.

GREELEY BLVD., 7834-Judith L. Morgan to Dennis J. and Wendy E. Moynihan, $378,000.

LEE-BROOKE PL., 6122-Frederick M. and Mary K. Knox to Heyjung Lim, $310,000.

QUEENSTON ST., 5967-Andrea L. and Francisco A. Cruz to Karin B. Marty and Albert A. Marsh, $287,500.

SHERBROOKE CT., 8101-Carolyn S. and Geoffrey F. Lawrence to Miguel A. Santos and Carmen D. Lara, $305,000.

TIVERTON DR., 7721-Visnja and Zdenko Novacki to Roszenia L. Sutton, $195,100.

WILLOW FORGE RD., 8423-Robert S. Hopkins and Frankie M. Woodley to Albert G. Allen, $285,500.

Falls Church

The following were among home sales recorded recently in Falls Church and supplied to The Washington Post by the city of Falls Church.

BISHOP CT., 302-A. Mokhtar and Linda Kamel to Martha B. Martin, $516,000.

BROAD ST. W., 403, No. 2- Stephanie E. Reimann to Kay M. Karim, $187,000.

GUNDRY DR., 267-Gerard and Barbara Anne Belanger to Yolanda E. Gawlik, $322,000.

JAMES CT., 423-Brian Michael Stash to Deborah P. Holland, $215,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 425-Ann K. and John Vincent Von Dohlen to Jeffrey P. Weaver and Barbara E. Butterworth, $404,650.

REES PL., 120-Jay R. Messenger to Darcy and Kathleen Williamson, $724,900.

ROOSEVELT BLVD., 600, No. 308-Daniel B. Schmickel to Peggy A. Peters, $135,000.

ROOSEVELT BLVD., 600, No. 117-Billy Harold and Margaret Grace Spillers to Meryem Rahmoune, $190,000.

TIMBER LANE, 402-John N. Younts to Paul W. and Rosette L. Farello, $324,500.

UNDERWOOD ST. N., 201-James B. and Kathleen S. Gray to Malcolm M. and M. Atkeson, $837,500.

VAN BUREN ST. N., 216-James M. Lepore to Jonathan F. and Tracey H. Thompson, $620,000.

VIRGINIA AVE. S., 422, No. 98-Lynda T. Coppage to Stephanie D. Powell, $200,000.

VIRGINIA AVE. S., 408-Robert W. and Bonnie Y. Voll to David J. and Alane R. O'Neill, $320,000.

WEST ST. S., 211-Robert W. and Linda J. Goggin to William W. and Pamela J. Freeman Jr, $200,000.