The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


PEACH ORCHARD LANE, 1035-Sandra L. Middlekauff to Chad Alan McKinnon, $100,000.

F ST. E., 10-Tamara S. Zimmerman to Jeffrey B. Long, $169,400.


ANDOVER LANE, 1534-Stephen J. and Angela M. Wego to Cherine and Lawrence Chester, $177,500.

APPLE AVE., 602-William and Linda K. Gray III to Joaquin Chavez Aparicio and Tomas Aparicio, $176,000.

ASHBURN TER., 5628-Alan L. and Frances E. Plyler to Daniel Sharpe and Kerry Woodford, $164,900.

ASHBURY PL., 9510-David C. and Jacqueline Capobianco to Diane and Ben Stefanick, $352,000.

BALLENGER CREEK PIKE, 5300-Claude R. and Lela S. Page, trustees, to Joyce K. and Michael W. Page, $175,000.

BEAR DEN RD., 2223-Mary Beth and Joseph B. Ferary III to Beverley Noddin, $254,500.

BRADFORD WAY, 8912-Paul and Tranny Hong to Kim Y. Oldham and John T. Mitchell, $419,900.

CAMERON WAY, 2669-Michael J. and Maria M. Asbill to Jennifer D. and Simon C. Rundlett, $189,000.

CARROLLTON DR., 519, No. 24-Margaret E. Fox to Margrit E. Offutt, $61,850.

CAULFIELD CT., 2617-Rosemary Chamblin to Peggy L. and Phillip W. Baker, $193,000.

CLIFFSIDE TER., 6206-Todd D. and Tracy E. Flower to Pamela and Earl Engelhart, $145,000.

COLLEGE AVE., 14-Julia Ann Minner to Nancy S. and Wayne L. Gillmer, $229,800.

DENTON CT., 5627-Christopher S. and Brett L. Nichols to Jill S. Latterner, $153,000.

FREE TER., 1813-Mark and Hillary Lohn to Lisa Teach, $179,000.

GILTSPUR RD., 493-Timothy L. and Patricia A. Woodford to R. Margaret and Thomas F. Restivo, $195,000.

GUERTIN CT., 8511-Ralph M. and Karen C. Cole to Colleen Smyth Cogan and Michael R. Cogan, $499,900.

HEATHER RIDGE DR. E., 999-E-David C. Forrester II to Virginia A. Robertson, $73,000.

HIMES AVE., 605, No. III-109-Pamela Christian to Fae E. and Ralph D. Brown, $98,900.

IVERSON TER. N., 6311-Annette and Edward Bruno to Thomas Edward Miller II, $279,900.

JEFFERSON BLVD., 6649-Joseph B. Glover III to Amy L. Porter, $209,000.

JOLLIE RD., 5599-Mary D. and William P. Forbes to R. Keith Frymyer, $495,000.

KATSURA CT., 5794-Byron R. Jr. and Jennifer S. Maghan to Monica M. and Bryan R. Veilleux, $146,000.

MERCER PL., 1008-Mary D. Gove to Letitia Anne Klackner, $295,000.

NOBLEWOOD CT., 1800-Mitchell J. and Faythe C. Small to Tomas Adilio Barahona and William A. Gutierrez, $182,000.

NORTH PL., 48-Gail T. Cerasoli to Janice R. and Charles L. Dimarco, $245,000.

PALACE GREEN TER. W., 2214-Peter J. and Leia Morales to Elahe T. and Andrew I. Dayton, $167,990.

RIPPLING BROOK RD., 2449-Berge Hampar to Natalie J. Feit, $287,000.

ROCKYGLEN DR., 1821-Carl V. and Mary E. Demarco to Jeri and Terry W. Osborne, $170,500.

SHADY BROOK DR., 9002-Patrick J. and Susan J. McConnell to Leslie and Ed Brickner, $370,000.

SPRINGWATER PL., 6117, No. 1731-Rachel B. Kapust to Sunsoon Eunshook Cho, $103,900.

SUMNER DR., 2015-Sandra K. Kinder to Tracy and Christian Ward, $160,000.

SUNSET VIEW LANE, 5792-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Thomas H. Fryer II, $116,300.

WEATHERBY CT., 6408-E-Kirsten R. and Jamie A. Rose to Kathryn D. McCune, $90,000.

WESTCOTT CIR., 5513-John P. and Lori A. Montgomery to Ann B. and David S. Pause, $212,900.

WHITE HALL RD., 2112, No. 2B-John Daniel Griffis to Karlys L. Kline, $95,000.

WHITLEY CT., 1204-George A. Corbi III to Peggy and Devin Lenfesty, $199,000.

WYNGATE DR., 250-Wayne and Teresa Radi to Tammy L. Hawk and Brent A. Jackson, $239,900.

SEVENTH ST. E., 38-Douglas L. and Wanda Lee Runkles to Molly A. and Damon E. Barbour, $96,000.

EIGHTH ST. W., 1502-Joseph P. Lutz to Constance A. and Robert Carreon, $133,000.

SECOND ST. W., 505-Philip W. Hammond to John and Roberta J. McNamara, $305,000.


PHEASANT RUN, 3122-Deyve C. Martinez to Thomas P. Flood, $215,000.


BROCKTON DR., 3318-Mark J. and Deborah P. Patwin to Julie R. and Richard H. Davis, $299,900.


SOUTH MOUNTAIN RD., 618-Evelyn Y. and Floyd L. Pearson Jr. to Donna A. Shelton and Guy V. Lewis III, $274,900.

TRITAPOE DR., 606-Patricia J. and Michael J. Duffy to Dennis C. Hopkins, $139,900.


FAIRMONT PL., 11659-Robert S. and Diane L. Creel to Jennifer F. and Alan S. McKenney, $373,750.


COUNTRY CLUB RD., 11318-Joseph E. and Bridget M. Michael to Sarah H. and Stephen M. Sykes, $403,000.

HIGHBEACH CT. E., 6624-Brenda B. and Kenneth E. Hoyle to Teresa L. Huzzy, $118,500.

LAKERIDGE RD. E., 6645-Lori A. and Michael S. Blake to Glen A. Feltner, $223,209.

NORTH SHORE SQ., 6502-Karyn M. and Michael James Gilligan to Norma L. Evans, $200,000.

WESTRIDGE CIR., 303-Bennett and Phyllis Hutt to Heidi L. Dearo Hutt and Barry M. Hutt, $230,000.


WOODLAND WAY RD., 11813-Diane E. and Danny L. Harne to Clair Lee Leatherman, $280,000.



QUEEN ANNE CT., 5608-Brenda J. Brightwell to Dallas White Selby Jr., $138,900.

WICOMICO CT., 159-Melinda S. and Martin N. Matulia to Gameel Kamal Gabrey, $176,900.


ALBANY AVE., 208-Anthony M. Evans to Kimberly D. and William J. Fogle, $214,000.

ALBANY AVE., 210-Clem M. and Mary F. Beck to Sherley P. and Lenwood C. Moss, $192,000.

SANDALWOOD CT., 104-David M. and Barbara K. Blank to Jodie L. and Sam W. Bollinger, $108,000.