The following home sales were recently recorded in Montgomery County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


ASPEN HILL RD., 4816-Marvin V. Jones to Sunthara Honswang and Chalerm Somnasri, $230,000.

BAUER DR., 14624-Homayoun Nikmorad to Farimah Fleschute, $57,000.

INDEPENDENCE ST., 4304-Y.T. and Jing Z. Yuan to Maria D. Hernandez, $235,000.

PARKVALE RD., 14412, No. 3-S. and David Marshall to Monica B. Janossy, $121,200.

PARKVALE RD., 14426, No. 2-J.B. and Richard H. McGarrity to Paul Piccioli, $127,500.


ARIZONA CIR., 10261, No. 80-Eugene L. Garner to Laila Gharib, $130,000.

BATTERY PL., 8907, No. 33-David C. Reed to Jennifer B. Carter, $290,000.

CAMROSE TER., 6420-Russell W. and C.A. Rachel to Elizabeth D. Crane and Dean M. Crane II, $312,000.

DEMOCRACY BLVD., 7505-A-Rajinder K. Boveja, trustee, to Subha Chandar, $132,500.

HILLMEAD RD., 6406-Barry S. and S.E. Katz to Rebecca Z. and Marc Hertzman, $982,000.

JENSEN PL., 7911-Melissa L. St. Louis to Kyung A. Choe, $399,900.

JOHNSON AVE., 6014-N. and Faye H. Seltzer to Melanie Daub, $415,000.

KING CHARLES WAY, 5102-S.G. and Monty N. Yolles to Mohammad Khonsari, $330,000.

RISING RIDGE WAY, 8314-Michael A. and M.A. Carlo to Sasha Mason and David Berman, $564,500.

SPRING LAKE DR., 7527, No. C-1-Perla Aizenman to Cathy M. Conn, $125,000.

TULSA LANE, 6304-Diana C. Fitzgerald to Marlen P. Ayodele and Morakinyo O. Ayodele, $441,000.

WESTLAKE TER., 7420-Theadora Weinert to Seyed H. Sahiholnasab, $225,000.

WHITLEY PARK TER., 5409, No. 48-Ralph D. Renzi to Stacey R. and Mathew A. Eisenstein, $482,000.

WHITLEY PARK TER., 5450, No. 307-S.F. and Bernard J. Moore to Carol M. Gehringer, $340,000.


BARNESVILLE RD., 15405-Joseph F. Ryba to Gray S. and John C. Miller, $338,265.

OVERVIEW LANE, 22220-Duy L. and D.H.D. Nguyen to Haengnan and Gon Yun, $460,000.


GOLD MINE RD., 3116-J.L. and John D. Burtt to Edward J. Cummings, $325,000.


ALMANAC CT., 10-Alexander and D. Williams to Julienne and Leroy Hayford Winful, $192,000.

BERLEIGH HILL CT., 3722-Robert F. and J.E. Dymowski to Archana and Sandeep Gupta, $265,000.

CROSS RIVER CT., 14822-John D. Culverhouse to Chandrakant S. Suthar, $245,000.

RED MAPLE CT., 4200-V.L. and Rodger W. Touw to Dionysios Bouzis, $180,000.

SUGAR PINE CT., 4201-Steven Schrenk to Patricia L. Sallee and Percy J. Sallee Sr., $307,500.


AQUAMARINE TER., 2026-Debra Y. Carter to John W. Kirschner Jr., $179,000.

AVONSHIRE CT., 6-Rigoberto Z. Cruz to Patricia Harrison, $147,000.

CARRIAGE HOUSE TER., 1619-C-Jennifer R. Hare to Fredric Harllee, $99,200.

CASTLE CLIFF WAY, 13816-Arnold N. and G.S. Brodsky to Trang T. Nguyen and Hung V. Ngo, $338,000.

CLIFTON RD., 13100-Nilkanth H. and J.N. Patel to Margretha M. and Donald K. Bentz, $350,000.

HUNTERS GATE CT., 16-Cassandra C. Nesmith to Sandra W. and Johnny Dunlap, $210,000.

IVYSTONE CT., 1529-Jennifer S. Geiger to Pamela C. Boyer, $265,000.

KARA LANE, 13104-Diane Tran Pham to Hanh T.M. Tran, $210,000.

RANDOLPH RD., 240-Harriett McDaniel to Elba and Francisco Argueta, $550,000.

RED LION LANE, 2801-Jose M. and S.M. Romero to Maria I. and Orlando I. Flores, $255,000.

SWEET CLOVER CT., 2719-Haydee B. Docasar to Gloria Ukaegbu, $227,000.

TWO FARM DR., 12807-Joseph B. Okon to Roxanne Ando and Eugene Katzman, $432,000.


BRADLEY LANE, 3712-Marcia R. Kunen Mindlin, trustee, to Rebecca C. Senhauser and William B. Senhauser, $1.35 million.

COLSTON DR., 2722-J. Thomas and K.A. Illingworth to Joan A. and Michael D. Shane, $438,600.

LONGFELLOW PL., 8507-Charles E. Frazier, trustee, to Janene and Tom Mitchell, $610,000.

SHEPHERD ST., 3414-Thomas O. Mills to Yasmina N. Mudarres Lien and Ronald Andrew Lien, $655,000.

WISCONSIN AVE., 5600, No. 12A-Stanley S. Xenakis to Kathleen and Abdallah El Maaroufi, $779,000.


CANTRELL RD., 14225-Calvin A. and D.P.A. McDonald to Donald L. and Annie S. Hedd, $339,000.

FAIRDALE CT., 13-Gon and H.N. Yun to Delma and Edgar Ballesteros, $369,000.

SANDY HOLLOW CT., 1109-Lynda M. Snell to Leah A. Evans, $124,000.

TWIG TER., 1226-Terris P. Jackson to S. Komsatayapongvudhi, $167,000.

WINDMILL LANE, 1121-Gordon M. and A.A. Cathey to Arnzell R. Ramsey Outlaw and Charles M. Outlaw, $320,000.


CUTSAIL DR., 24737-S.S. and Michael A. Kahl to Carolyn S. Harrison, $285,000.

DURANGO DR., 10017-E.E. and David E. Labarge to Douglas C. Meier, $245,000.


JOUSTING TER., 16304-Ronald W. Bidwell to Ralph D. Renzi, $620,000.

MUNCASTER RD., 19200-Robert E. and Lisa D. Misner to Irene and Carlos Rivera, $470,000.

REDLAND RD., 17412-William A. and K.A. Young to Sandra and Albino N. Quintana, $280,000.


WASCHE RD., 18815-Bennett and K.E. McPhatter to Anne M.P. and Gilbert Rocha, $290,000.

WHITES FERRY RD., 22500-Arya Khoshkhou to Jose B. Rodriguez, $176,000.


BADENLOCH WAY, 7909, No. 101-Yvonne Mai to Angela H. Ofwono, $107,000.

BEACON SQUARE CT., 931, No. 26-Mohammad E. Homaitabar to Sara White, $210,500.

BLUEBIRD TER., 9227-Mary R. Smith to Baiyina A. and Gerald W. Sharif, $120,000.

BONNIE DALE DR., 13412-William D. and M.V. McLaren to Ming Chen and Jie Rong, $614,250.

BRENISH DR., 7516-G. and Julio Riquelme to Ravin S. James, $215,000.

CHELABERRY CT., 8103-Jose I. Quintanilla to Danielle and Peter Tellier, $230,900.

CHESLEY KNOLL CT., 9145-Danny J. Emmett to Chavdar P. Chuknyisky, $122,000.

CLUB HOUSE RD., 19315, No. 304-Karen S. Kephart to Eladia P. Miyares, $94,500.

COPPER RIDGE RD., 13302-Alberto and M.J. Moscoso to Kala and Sundar Shankar, $446,500.

CORAL REEF DR., 511-Mohammad Sarfarazi to Yen G. Thach and The T. Ho, $214,888.

CORAL REEF DR., 603-Karnel R. Walker to Sergio Ariel Schuchner and Cecillia Noemi Arighi, $205,000.

COVE LEDGE CT., 10227-Maria Fernanda Mariel to Juan Alfredo Izurieta and Maria Fernanda Mariel, $198,000.

DUFFER WAY, 9718-R. and Keith L. Barnes to Joseph M. Stratton Jr., $220,000.

EDGEWOOD DR., 8936-Nabeeh Mourad, trustee, to Seung Baik, $400,000.

ELIOAK TER., 7636-J.L. and Richard K. London to Montgomery County Maryland, $150,228.

GOLDEN MEADOW DR., 19227-Michael I. and S.J. Fedor to Katherine D. and Robert A. Mone, $369,000.

GUILDBERRY DR., 18409, No. 302-William F. Sage to Mallik S. Kalyandyrg, $96,900.

HERITAGE FARM DR., 7738-Larry R. Barber to Angela C. Bennett, $254,900.

KENT OAKS WAY, 513-Gary W. and A.N. Depreta to Cara D. and Shaun F. O'Connor, $435,000.

KENT OAKS WAY, 726-Herbert Gerstenzang to Paula Garzon, $385,000.

KILDONAN DR., 19703-R.B. and Udo S. Abia to Fresh H. Fessuh, $215,000.

MIDSUMMER DR., 308-Thi Sau Migone to Xiaohui Yu and Zhong Y. Tong, $504,388.

MUSTANG HILL LANE, 13924-Feng Liang to Wanda Kit Ching Hung and Chris Siu Cheong Chow, $351,500.

OAK SHADE RD., 41-Sharon L. Rose to Lisa A. and Bobby Bishop, $203,000.

OUTPOST DR., 10826-Srinivas and J. Iyengar to Lisa C. and Jiann C. Yang, $479,900.

PONTIAC WAY, 109-Hassan S. Ali to Rana Saad, $182,000.

QUILL PL., 9406-Gina M. Dolin to Joan G. and Arnold L. Sarasky, $220,000.

QUINCE ORCHARD BLVD., 750, No. P-2-George W. Jarrell II to Elizabeth A. Jenkins, $88,000.

RANCH CT., 13-Stuart H. and D.J. Anolik to Hye A. and Kwang J. Choi, $370,000.

RIDGELINE DR., 10149-Julie M. Statland to Luis A. Carranza, $107,000.

RIDGEPOINT PL., 404-Jason B. Clawson, trustee, to Keith C. Brown, $235,000.

SANDERS LANE, 420-Myron and P.N. Miller to Toshi K. Krietz and Michael F. Krietz, $319,000.

SEDLEY TER., 19025-Nicola Radonic to Pamela J. Easson, $290,000.

SLOOP CT., 123-Deborah A. Luyo to Hoa Thi Nguyen and Ha Xuan Ma, $180,500.

SUFFOLK TER., 12132-Robert O. and J.M. Green to Natalia and Larry Barber, $292,000.

SWEETBOUGH CT., 12346-Aldo A. and P.G.I. Ferri to Alicia and Felipe Newlands, $305,000.

TIMBER ROCK RD., 44-Gary Quittschreiber to Klever S. Pilaluisa, $179,000.

TYGART CT., 39-Alan L. Miller to Melissa L. Dubois, $244,900.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18736, No. 6-Richard D. Shilby to Jacqueline M. Frustace and Richard P. Nyren II, $98,500.

WATCH HILL PL., 5-Harry F. Baker to Roman Vladimirsky, $330,000.

WELBECK WAY, 8827-Garefo Mourtoupalas to Freda and Daniel Cuneo, $130,000.


AMETHYST LANE, 20535-Derek R. and Michelle A. Raynesford to Beth E. Mayhew, $173,500.

APPLEDOWRE WAY, 11303, No. 119-Robin S. Miller to Ibrahima Diallo and Fatima Sock, $137,000.

BERRYVILLE RD., 13801-Pauline Brandt to Francis T. Hardesty Jr., $184,000.

BOGGY TRAIL WAY, 12944, No. 69-Rahul Khanna to Clara Torres Knight and W. Gregory Knight, $256,000.

BRIARCLIFF TER., 13112, No. 5-101-Helen G. Devine to Linda D. and John G. Markle, $130,000.

CHERRY BEND CT., 42-K.M. and Richard M. Roldan to Paula W. Phillips, $200,000.

CHERRY BEND DR., 19054-Kasandra R. Green to Alkinoe Theodorou, $190,000.

CROSS RIDGE CT., 37-Gary and Pamela K. Papich to Carrie Y. and Tony L. Farnham, $192,000.

DAIRYMAID DR., 13145, No. 75-P.A. and James M. Stark to Gena Barbieri, $105,000.

DEERWATER DR., 13608, No. 2-E-Colin J. Suser to Linda L. and Daniel W. Gore, $139,000.

DUNBAR TER., 13759-Robert A. Pitta to Diane and Mark E. Friedman, $273,000.

EAGLES ROOST DR., 18530-Lance Hodahkwen to Victor D. Lopez, $178,000.

ETON MANOR DR., 11812, No. 102-Cheryl A. Yuen to Sonia J. Jordan, $162,000.

FOUNTAIN CLUB DR., 13431, No. 15/302-Melissa A. Law to Sean C. Hawkins, $180,050.

GATESHEAD CIR., 20023, No. 136-David W. Osborne to Patrick E. Carr, $148,000.

HARTSBOURNE DR., 13608-Stella S. Roland to Shawn C. and Chantee M. Dancik, $372,000.

HARTSBOURNE WAY, 20616-James A. and B.Y. Compton to Marla Lourdes Padama and Arthur Padama, $380,000.

LAUREL GROVE PL., 12543-Brian C. and E.P. Ross to Giancarla L. Macias and Jamil I. Ergueta, $185,000.

LOCUSTDALE DR., 20117, No. 306-Shawn M. Vass to Jacob Azhdam, $132,000.

MILLHAVEN PL., 13100, No. 10-G-Mark S. Johnson to Allison C. Stanford, $163,000.

RED ROBIN TER., 19003-Kenneth M. and B.S. Cohen to Linda N. and Aloy O. Ibuzor, $184,500.

SHADYSIDE LANE, 13011, No. 12-201-Patrice R. Boyle to Hermine M. Stewart, $85,000.

SHIPLEY TER., 20204, No. 7-B-102-J. Nicholas Marchetti to Andrew A. Werner Jr., $100,000.

STEEPLE PL., 19031-Diane G. and Alan J. Dorfman to Beverly M. Parks, $250,000.

SUMMER SWEET TER., 20719-James F. and Jennifer Garner to Chi Truong and Loi Nguyen, $335,000.

SUMMERSONG LANE, 20527-L.L. and John L. Hudak to Neva R. Wentworth, $195,000.

TARRAGON WAY, 18637-Andrew S. Kerestine to Maria A. Castilla De Chicas and Jose V. Chicas, $155,500.

TEAKWOOD CIR., 19743, No. 89-Bruce L. Allen to Craig W. Staton, $133,000.

WHITECHURCH CIR., 13309-M.K. and William Zook to Rosa M. Orellana, $148,000.

WHITECHURCH CT., 13-A. and Mark W. Garton to Eric A. Myers, $139,900.

WHITECHURCH CT., 48-Robert L. Costolo to Michael B. Wright, $128,000.


MOFFET RD., 1602-Harry R. Keiser, trustee, to Rene H. Vasquez, $225,000.

OAKLAWN CT., 1609-M.L. and Rayford G. Mays Jr. to Cecilia C. Reyes, $295,000.


FERNDALE ST., 3003-Christopher E. Barnes to Gabrielle Grenz and Elie Marcuse, $310,000.

HAMPDEN ST., 3918-A.D. and Lloyd N. James to Celbin Diaz, $205,000.

MCCOMAS AVE., 3404-Lawrence E. Rockwell to Luke R. Tullberg, $215,000.

OLD SPRING RD., 9808-Hazel V. Wisman to Romero R. and Sandra E. Van Bochove, $590,000.


NEWBURY RD., 24121-Kraig and C.N. Walsleben to Janora R. and James A. Parker, $250,000.

SUNDOWN RD., 4920-Harry D. and P.M. Omeara to Tanya N. and Ricky L. Cottle, $405,000.


CAMBRIDGE CT., 10565-T. and Laura M. Perry to Maureen A. Wood, $199,500.

ISLANDSIDE DR., 9818-Byron L. and D.M. Siegel to Jeannie F. and Joseph F. Pizzonia, $160,000.

JARRETT CT., 9320-Alexander Johns to Robert A. Liebman, $136,500.

RIDGELINE DR., 10022-Yu Yang to Hsinyu Ho, $120,000.

RIDGELINE DR., 10057-Christina A. Lowry to Salvador Maldonado and Sandra Cachay, $112,000.

WALKERS CHOICE RD., 18810, No. 4-L. and Neil Alderoty to Timothy D. Dunmore, $117,000.

WHETSTONE DR., 9533-Perry S. Plexico, trustee, to Adrienne and Martin Kane, $350,000.


BAILEYS CT., 43-Kenneth B. Riley to Miriam C. Grajeda, $175,000.

BEAVERWOOD LANE, 3209-Daniel C. Diggs to Ejigayehu Demissie and Assefa Mekonnen, $230,000.

BEL PRE RD., 3732, No. 12-Saul Berrios to Rose E. Carranza and Oscar A. Reyes, $81,500.

CASINO CIR., 1420-Anne M. Elliott to Mary Dann, $260,000.

CHERRY LEAF TER., 14705-D.M. and Gary E. Marino to Cheryl L. Johnson, $346,000.

CHERRY LEAF TER., 14804-Alexander and L.I. Kronemer to Adrienne C. Ishida and James N. Ishida, $325,000.

COPPER MOUNTAIN TER., 2421-Michael K. Rosner to U. Ryeong Ko, $270,000.

FERRARA DR., 3734, No. 12-Lavinia Maddox to Ke H. Ling, $185,000.

GREENLY ST., 3816-Buu Linh Tran to Trung La and Vivian Lee, $225,000.

HEWITT AVE., 2901-Paul J. Fields to Carrie A. and William N. Glasgow, $312,500.

HEWITT AVE., 3477, No. 102-Laura A. Smith to Doo H. and Han C. Kim, $135,000.

ISBELL ST., 4201-Vincent J. and M.K. McManus to Andrea R. and John R. Purdy III, $245,000.

KELMSCOT DR., 14620, No. 199-A-G.C. and Edward Frisch to Dorothy H. Black, $240,000.

LEISURE WORLD BLVD. N., 2921, No. 1-424-Barbara J. Kurz to Norma R. and Eugene D. Rosen, $96,000.

MERRIFIELDS DR., 2052-Mohamed A. and F.B. Khan to Lucia S. and Ryan M. Shercliffe, $380,000.

PARKER FARM WAY, 14124-Michael J. Barr to Mohini and Dharam P. Juneja, $282,000.

SADDLEBROOK CT., 6-Donald B. Personette to Leslie and Christopher Downie, $300,000.

ST. HELEN CIR., 2902-Krikor O. Partamian to Eunju and Hyung J. Gong, $325,000.


BUEHLER RD., 17822, No. 3-Leon E. Partridge to Matthew R. Davis, $100,000.

DELLABROOK ST., 3609-Lawrence and M.L. Judge to Beth O.R. and James F. Renz, $424,000.

DUMFRIES CIR., 17937-E.S. and Brian D. Campbell to Anne M. Weiss, $307,000.

DUMFRIES TER., 2110-Donald W. Lewis, trustee, to Young J. Min, $302,000.

OHARA CT., 13-Rose M. Mathews to Thomas M. Marley, $145,000.

PALADIN DR., 18242-Martin L. Johnson to Rita M. Reardon, $230,000.

RIPLEY MANOR TER., 4624-A.I. and Willis D. Buchanan to Kathleen M. Sherman, $294,900.

SUTCLIFF TER., 2549-William Miller Jr. to Lisa N. Abell Krell, $295,000.


BRENT RD., 11021-R. and Badrul Haque to Steven M. Abramson, $849,000.

BURBANK DR., 10908-Garfield A. and M. Chelec to Michele M. Wales and Kevin K. Wales, $1.36 million.

CARMELITA DR., 9928-L. Kathleen Stephenson to Julie T. and Robert M. Pflieger, $885,000.

COACH ST., 7912-John C. and S.D. Wright to Stephen and Sarah Burns, $950,000.

CRIMSON LEAF TER., 9309-Jae H. and H.S. Kim to James M. and Catherine K. Ronis, $1.26 million.

DAHLIA TER., 11504-David Wellborn to Melissa and David Siegel, $1.63 million.

FROST VALLEY WAY, 11918-Johnny Hsiung to Yunkum H. and Henry H. Shin, $410,000.

GATEWATER DR., 12115-John G. and N.F. Walsh to Alisa and Adam Weinstein, $495,000.

GLEN MILL RD., 12305-Mary C. and W.C. Haney to Mary Beth and Tracy D. Vargo, $962,500.

GOYA DR., 11920-Jean S. Diepenbrock to Andrew and Lisa Mainz, $566,500.

HAYWORTH DR., 13633-Teresa Chen to Mary R. Burness, $388,000.

INVERNESS RIDGE RD., 8018-Orlando L. and M.G. Lorie to Rajani S. and Robert G. Laprade, $369,900.

MUIRFIELD CT., 7839-Doloras J. Hamady to Doron Pearl, $310,000.

STONEHENGE PL., 6118, No. 12-Scott M. Dancy to Kaenan Hertz, $502,500.

SUNNYFIELD CT., 9447-Vicente P. and V.J. Vehemente to Dara A. and Richard D. Koller, $755,000.

TILDENCREST CT., 11206-Joyce F. and J.G. Kerridge to Sun Young Paik and Chei C. Paik, $680,000.

TURNBERRY DR., 9400-K.E. and John P. Mathis to Richard B. Perry, $920,000.


AZALEA DR., 546, No. 43-546-C-Margaret and Kevin P. Dunn to John Eckard, $210,888.

AZALEA DR., 690, No. 6-690-Betty S. McVearry, trustee, to Laura R. and Richard M. Moorer, $140,000.

AZALEA DR., 730, No. 11-730-C-Urminder S. Aulakh to Sithy F. and Mohamed V. Muhsin, $205,000.

AZALEA DR., 806, No. 16-806-C-Gracie M. Allen to Kathy S. Franke, $205,500.

BALTIMORE RD., 708-N.M.N. and Lenardo Mangum to Nicholas Pinder, $205,900.

BRICE RD., 815-Nancy M. Olivieri to Cynthia B. Aloot, $289,000.

CHAPMAN MILL DR., 5708, No. 1905-Michael D. Trahmassebi to Evan M. Camps, $187,250.

CHAPMAN MILL DR., 5708, No. 1916-Mary L. Thompson to Dana B. Edwards, $204,000.

COMMONWEALTH DR., 11401, No. 002-Margaret K.L. Cheung to Roby Fields, $275,000.

COURTHOUSE SQ., 24, No. 203-Thomas V. Orr to Alice S. and Alex W. Chiu, $188,000.

FREDERICK AVE., 300-Stanley T. to Miguel E. Ventura, $130,000.

GERARD ST., 1404-P.R. and Robert M. Barton to Hongshan Liang, $350,000.

GRAND OAK WAY, 1035-K. and Robert Hagendorf to Laszlo Vincze, $499,000.

GRAND OAK WAY, 1076-L.S. and Lawrence M. Prosen to Eric A. Pollack, $478,000.

KINGS RIDING WAY, 10715, No. T-1-Samuel Boyd III to Mark R. Kimmel and Deborah Pain Kimmel, $302,500.

LAKESIDE OVERLOOK, 5-Robert A. Forsburg, trustee, to Olga Perlmutter and Eugene Zagoskin, $440,000.

NEILWOOD DR., 6010-Sheila G. Birnbach trust to Tiyun Wu and Hua Xiao, $649,000.

PARKLAWN DR., 11903, No. 102-Garabed G. and Juliette A. Ozbenian to Andrew N. and Rachel E. Deas, $99,900.

PARKLAWN DR., 11907, No. 301-Cheryl L. Wong to Guifang Chen and Jun Zhang, $161,000.

ROCKVILLE PIKE, 11801, No. 410-Judith A. Perkins to Raisa Scriabine, $150,000.

STRUTTMANN LANE, 6625-Ali E.E. and K.Z. Atia to Catherine J. Hammaker and Michael J. Hammaker, $750,000.

SULKY LANE, 6609-K.F. and James A. Burnett to Laura C. Cope, $457,000.

TILDEN LANE, 6513-Zvi Levgoren to Karen S. Gilbert and Keith A. Dunsmore, $775,000.

TILDENWOOD DR., 12252-William H. Gillespie to Wei H. and Wen R. Chen, $328,000.

VANDERBILT CIR., 10003, No. 1-1-S.F. and Howard B. Frost to Linnie Hughey, $187,700.

WATKINS POND BLVD., 111, No. 3-201-Hanna S.H. Chang to Kaiyan Huang, $257,900.


BONAIRE CT., 8104-Paul F. Offenbacher to Stella D. Ejiofoh, $270,000.

BRADFORD RD., 9107-David F. and S.D. Stafford to Mary E. Downs and Martin M. Medina, $398,628.

COLESVILLE RD., 9520-Gregory J. and R. Osband to Deedra R. and Kurt Liestenfeltz, $260,000.

DALE DR., 106-Maclovia S. Rodriguez to Chaula G. and Leslie S. Butterworth, $330,000.

DALE DR., 717-Andrew B. Weiss to Christopher T. Reese, $402,500.

DALLAS AVE., 10113-L.H. and Thomas P. Liddiard Jr. to Rasha Khaffagi, $255,000.

HARTFORD AVE., 8146-Carla M. Dancy to Stephanie Santos and Scott Songer, $245,000.

LOMBARDY RD., 10814-John B. and H.M. Desouza to Anna and Vladimir Boikov, $266,000.

MANCHESTER RD., 8516, No. 12-4-Joy E. Hanley to Miriam P. Liepold, $165,000.

OAK LEAF DR., 11140, No. 97-Sylvia S. Miller to Esther Burgos, $122,500.

WASHINGTON AVE., 2206, No. W-303-Naomi R. Perry to Theresa P. and Robert J. Sartori, $180,000.


GLENSIDE DR., 7312-John M. Jr. and A.N. Hill to Scott Kelly and We Phe C. Chang, $520,000.

JACKSON AVE., 1108-Bethany L. Porter to Terence S. and Kristine B. Sillett, $263,000.

JACKSON AVE., 1110-Patrick D. Hebblethwaite to Amanda H. and Jonathan N. Mueller, $257,500.

SPRING AVE., 211-Edward Janney to Julia M. MacLaren, $338,300.


HALPINE RD., 5934-Gary M. Rothfeld to Jean M. Chidiac, $440,000.

LEWIS AVE., 1101-You Xia He to Jian Yang, $230,000.

MCAULIFFE DR., 1802-Esther L. Tang to Jacinto J. De Jesus, $225,000.

MCINTYRE RD., 616-Laurice W. and J.R. Mercer to Omaria E. and Edgar O. Coyoy, $265,000.

THORNDEN RD., 1202-Brian J. Christianson to Esmady and Freddy Martinez, $240,000.

VEIRS MILL RD., 912-J.L. and Bruce V. Bolcik to Rafael Vallecillo, $210,000.

WOODBURN RD., 801-A.R. and W. Frank Harward Jr. to Elisa Talento, $260,000.


BOND ST., 12204-Thomas B. Kennedy to Walter R. Rivas, $189,900.

DAWSON AVE., 2503-Hoo George N. Soo, trustee, to Hung T. Phuong, $232,900.

ELMONT ST., 2611-S.A. and Charles F. Wedlock to Moira K. Kenyon, $185,000.

HEMLEY LANE, 10418-Kelly M. Swann to Patricia A. Oliver, $249,900.

HIGBY ST., 11505-Dean Smith to Shelley C. Ogata Romm and Vitaly Romm, $217,000.

JULEP AVE., 10417-G.I. and W.T. Meiklejohn to Mark Acton, $200,000.

NICHOLAS DR., 11002-M. and Irving Schwartz to Puthyda Sin, $240,000.

RANDOLPH RD., 3704-Albert and R. Lebensbaum to Thu N. and G. Phan, $220,000.

REMINGTON DR., 12312-G.L. and J. Marlin Smith to George Flors, $345,000.

TILTON DR., 1812-Robert L. Clark Jr. to Alfonso E. Erestain, $265,000.

WOODMAN AVE., 1513-H.P. and Abraham H. Balak to Christine G. Erskine, $300,000.