Adams Green Lane, Middleburg

On March 18, Loudoun Hospital Center reported that a man was being treated for a squirrel bite. The man said he had been bitten while trying to rescue an injured squirrel. An animal control officer retrieved the squirrel, which had died from its injuries, from the man's home and took it to the health department for a rabies test, which was negative.

Alexandras Grove Drive, Ashburn

On March 18, a resident said an injured skunk had bitten his Labrador retriever. The skunk had wandered away by the time the animal control officer arrived but was caught in a trap later and taken to the animal shelter. It was euthanized and submitted to the health department for a rabies test, which was positive.

Federal Street, Middleburg

On March 18, an animal control officer picked up a wild tabby cat dragging its rear legs and bleeding from its mouth and ears near the Back Street Cafe. The officer took the cat to the animal hospital where it was euthanized because of the severity of its injuries.

Ruble Mill Court, Ashburn

On March 19, an animal control officer responded to a report that a German shepherd had attacked a neighbor's dog. The officer found the German shepherd confined in its residence. Its owner said the dog slipped out the front door as she was coming in and went straight across the street after the neighbor's dog. The neighbor's dog was not injured. The officer told the German shepherd's owner about the laws regarding dangerous dogs and the consequences if her dog bit someone or injured another animal.

Jackson Hole Circle, Leesburg

On March 19, a resident requested help rescuing her cat from a storm drain. An animal control officer could not coax the cat out of the drain, but a trap was set and the cat was caught that night.

Frazer Drive, Purcellville

On March 19, a resident said a stray cat was sitting on her porch and would not leave and had chased her daughter while she was walking their dog. An animal control officer found and confined a brown tabby cat and discovered that it belonged to the next-door neighbor who had just moved in and thought that the cat was confused about where it lived.

Longbank Court, Sterling

On March 21, an animal control officer picked up a stray dog that had jumped into a resident's back yard. The German shepherd, wearing an ID tag, appeared thin, as if it had been roaming for a while. The officer took the dog to the animal shelter and called the telephone number on the ID tag. The owner, who lived in Great Falls, said that the dog had been missing since Feb. 6 and that he had been worried about it, especially because of the snowstorms. The dog was returned to its owner and immediately examined by a veterinarian because of weight loss.

Lenah Road, Aldie

On March 21, a resident said two dogs were eating a dead deer on his property. The dogs were a black and tan German shepherd type and a black Labrador retriever type with long hair. An animal control officer could not find them. The resident called later to say he thought he knew where the dogs lived. The officer visited the address, where she found a German shepherd and a black chow-type dog. She issued their owner a warning for allowing them to run loose.