These are the announced births for Calvert Memorial Hospital from Jan. 31 and Feb. 4.

Jan. 31

A daughter, Leah Johnston Carroll, was born to Jennifer Carroll and John Johnston of St. Inigoes.

Feb. 4

A daughter, Jaron Eboni, was born to Jada and Ronald Scott of Huntingtown.

These are the announced births for Civista Medical Center from Feb. 18 to March 24.

Feb. 18

A daughter, Jordan Ashley, was born to Angela and Donald Kabala of La Plata.

Feb. 19

A daughter, Brooke Marie, was born to Sandy and Barry Underwood of Indian Head.

Feb. 20

A daughter, Kayla Marie Ashford, was born to Carole Goodnow and Michael Ashford of Hughesville.

A daughter, Lucy Rose, was born to Erin and Tom Nelson of Port Tobacco.

A daughter, Brooke Lauren, was born to Brandy and Michael Walko of Indian Head.

Feb. 21

A son, Dezmond Anthony Rosier, was born to Tina West and Raymond D. Rosier Jr. of Mechanicsville.

A daughter, Kristen Nichole, was born to Terri and Earl Ging of Waldorf.

Feb. 24

A son, Steven Allen, was born to Casey and Steven Houchin of Hughesville.

A son, Tristan Dasean, was born to Lakesha Cole of Waldorf.

A son, Tristin Finley Smith, was born to Ginger Short and Adam Smith of Indian Head.

Feb. 25

A daughter, Aubrey Blake, was born to Julie and Christopher Yowell of Pomfret.

A daughter, Haley Elise, was born to Vida and Warren Randall of Waldorf.

A daughter, Meghan Gabrielle, was born to Sharron and Daniel LeSage of La Plata.

Feb. 26

A son, Joseph Victor, was born to Andrea and Victor Papagno of Hughesville.

A son, Jacob Robert Herd, was born to Endie Thornton and Benjamin Herd of Waldorf.

Feb. 27

A daughter, Mackenzie Lynn, was born to Jessica and Coby Treadway of Port Tobacco.

A daughter, Ryann Lea, was born to Ginger and Steve Brown of Waldorf.

A daughter, Trinity Nicole, was born to Nicole and Patrick Absher of La Plata.

March 3

A son, Trevor Douglas, was born to Erin and Kerm Nored of Waldorf.

A daughter, Haleigh Elizabeth, was born to Christine and Rich Adams of Waldorf.

A daughter, Ryan Chanelle, was born to Anissa and Michael Hargrove of Waldorf.

March 4

A son, David Francis, was born to Astrid and Jeffrey Schuyler of Waldorf.

A daughter, Jordan Elizabeth, was born to Heidi Dudderar of California.

A daughter, Jenna MacKenzie, was born to Dawn and Roy Williams of Loveville.

March 5

A daughter, Alyssa Nicole, was born to Deanna Gerhart of Waldorf.

A son, Alexander Steven, was born to Amy and Joseph Guy of Loveville.

A son, Cameron Jason Rudolph, was born to Jennifer Snell and Daniel Rudolph of Mechanicsville.

March 6

A daughter, Kayla Jordan, was born to Kathleen and Richard Brown Jr. of Waldorf.

March 10

A daughter, Natalie Denise, was born to Jeanne and Aaron Hill of Great Mills.

A son, Tevin JaVannia, was born to Shanabria and Tabrese Venson of Waldorf.

March 11

A daughter, Madelyn Shay, was born to Kelley and Matt Nicholl of Waldorf.

March 13

A son, Eli Everett, was born to Amy and Darren Guzzone of Indian Head.

March 14

A son, Carson Philip, was born to Danielle and Keith Welch of Mechanicsville.

A daughter, Kailah Marshae, was born to LaJuan and Gerald Beveridge of Waldorf.

March 17

Triplets -- two daughters and a son -- Shelby Nicole, Savannah Marie and Jeremy Ryan, were born to Eileen and John McBain of Pomfret.

March 18

A son, Colin Anthony, was born to Tina and Jason Chlosta of Waldorf.

A son, Ryan Scott, was born to Lisa and Jamie Thomas of Leonardtown.

A daughter, Vanessa Clare, was born to Laurie and William Wathen of Mechanicsville.

March 19

A daughter, Sarah Catherine, was born to Crissy and Tom LaBille of Charlotte Hall.

A daughter, Madison Lynn, was born to Dorothy and Michael Roche of Waldorf.

A son, Benjamin Louis Vermillion IV, was born to Kara Thompson and Benjamin L. Vermillion III of Waldorf.

March 21

A daughter, Jalyn Denee, was born to Dana Smoot of La Plata.

A son, Andrew Dominic Arangorin, was born to Alily and Danilo Puzon of Waldorf.

A son, Nathan Ryan Hatch, was born to Amanda Forbes and Ryan Hatch of Waldorf.

A son, Armari Lathun Johnson, was born to Monica McIntosh and Marqui Johnson of Waldorf.

March 22

A son, Wyatt Alexander, was born to Amanda and Sean Magargle of Indian Head.

A son, Treyvon Justin Green, was born to Wendy Watson and Jerry Green in Pomfret.

March 23

A daughter, Destiny Renee, was born to Schniene and Antonio Flournoy of Waldorf.

March 24

A son, Garrett Edward, was born to Kim and George Buckler Jr. of Charlotte Hall.

This is the announced birth for Shady Grove Adventist Hospital for Feb. 16.

Feb. 16

A daughter, Ashlee Christine, was born to Kimberly and Keith Miles of Sunderland.

These are the announced births for St. Mary's Hospital from Feb. 11 to March 23.

Feb. 11

A son, Connor James, was born to Mehganand Mark Fedler of Hughesville.

Feb. 17

A son, Charles Eugene III, was born to Julia and Charles E. Castle II of Leonardtown.

Feb. 19

A son, Christopher Ross, was born to Anne Marie and Christopher Karnbach of Lexington Park.

A daughter, Adanya Marshay, was born to Bernadette and Alvin Day of Great Mills.

A daughter, Alexis Nicole, was born to Mary and Charles Kemp of Loveville.

Feb. 20

A son, Shawn Patrick Lynn, was born to Eugenia and James Hall of Lexington Park.

Feb. 21

A son, David Max III, was born to Jeanne and David M. Crouch Jr. of Great Mills.

A daughter, Jamiya Marie Gladden, was born to Sonja Hebb and Jerome Gladden of Hollywood.

A son, John Grant IV, was born to Denise and John G. Chapman III of Hollywood.

A son, Raymond Edward, was born to Carolyn and Raymond Nahrgang of Hollywood.

Feb. 22

A son, Ralph Gabriel, was born to Avril and Simon Neal of Lexington Park.

Feb. 26

A son, Tre'von Joseph Young, was born to Tiffany Green and Joseph Young of Great Mills.

A daughter, Lilian Micheal Walker, was born to Nicole Hayden and Steven Walker of Great Mills.

Feb. 27

A daughter, Samantha Elizabeth, was born to Joan and Brent Guy of Mechanicsville.

A son, Benjamin Christopher, was born to Lucretia and Harper Swan of Lexington Park.

A daughter, Lyndsay Rae Koehl, was born to Kristine Mattingly and James Koel of Dameron.

Feb. 28

A son, Andrew Christian, was born to Mary and James Bell of Lexington Park.

March 5

A son, Elijah Jeffrey, was born to Sarah and Jeffrey Mead of Leonardtown.

A son, Geremey Alan, was born to Susan and Bryant Freeman of Lusby.

March 7

A son, Gregory Allen Jr., was born to Suzanne and Gregory A. Henderson Sr. of Lexington Park.

March 9

A daughter, Gurneet Kaur, was born to Navneet and Gurpreet Gill of Great Mills.

March 10

A daughter, McKenna Nicole, was born to Beth and Stacey Farrell of Lexington Park.

March 11

A son, Jackson Lee, was born to Paula and Arnold Goldsborough of Leonardtown.

A daughter, Madison Brooke, was born to Marla and Thomas Pyles of Hollywood.

March 13

A daughter, Madison Ann Dean, was born to Mandy Southard and Danny Dean II of Lexington Park.

March 15

A son, Vann Wesley, was born to Morrie and Wesley Senn of Lexington Park.

March 17

A son, Jacob Christopher, was born to Sara and Christopher Galloway of Patuxent.

March 18

A daughter, Iman Janay Curtis, was born to Cortina Bell and Wayne Curtis of Callaway.

March 20

A daughter, Alexzia Marie, was born to Shirley and Gary Davis of Hollywood.

A daughter, Ashley Taylor, was born to Sandra and Chad Bias of Lexington Park.

A son, Clifford Bradley Jr., was born to Catherine and Clifford B. Weddington Sr. of Tall Timbers.

March 22

A daughter, Kassidy Lynn Wallace, was born to Nancy Hill and Ricky Wallace of California.

March 23

Twin sons, Aiden Lee and Kyle Heath, were born to Beth and Brandon Ferry of Patuxent River.

A daughter, Kylie Jean, was born to Sunny and Cliff Wallace of Leonardtown.

These are the announced births for Southern Maryland Hospital Center from Jan. 23 to March 16.

Jan. 23

A son, Kobe Caleb, was born to Linda and Jason Kiley of Mechanicsville.

Jan. 30

A daughter, Camille Rose-Marie, was born to Suzanne and Roosevelt Dickerson of White Plains.

Feb. 7

A son, Jackson Matthew, was born to Jennifer and Matthew McClean of Mechanicsville.

Feb. 12

A son, Jared Andrew, was born to Melissa and Andre Rivers of Waldorf.

Feb. 23

A son, Cody Lee Walden, was born to Laurie Jameson and Travis Walden of Marbury.

Feb. 25

A daughter, Nia Amerie, was born to Dawn and John Jenkins Jr. of Waldorf.

Feb. 27

A daughter, Chloe Michelle, was born to Elaine and Troy Peterson of Indian Head.

March 9

A son, Patrick Jacob, was born to Kate and Warren Boyer of White Plains.

March 12

A son, Jevon Andre, was born to Tabetha and Tron Hart of Waldorf.

A son, Cody James Scott, was born to Jenny Williams and Aaron Scott of Indian Head.

March 13

A son, Joseph Christopher, was born to Melissa and Christopher Stellman of White Plains.

A son, Kenneth Edward Alan Jr., was born to Julie and Kenneth E.A. Crim Sr. of Bryans Road.

March 16

A son, Christopher Nicholas II, was born to Erica and Christopher N. Karl Sr. of Lusby.