Setting Things Straight

I wish to clarify an issue with regard to Robert D. Anderson's reelection campaign for commonwealth's attorney for Loudoun County. Anderson is a Republican.

Anderson is not a candidate sponsored by the Loudoun County Republican Committee. The divisiveness of the present committee is not compatible with assuring justice to every Loudoun County citizen. Criminal justice cannot and will not be held hostage by partisan politics as long as he is the commonwealth's attorney.

Ann Jacobson


Bob Anderson campaign

Empty Words

No compassionate citizen could argue with the Board of Supervisors' resolution expressing support for the men and women sent into harm's way in Iraq by the Bush administration. We all want them to arrive home safely.

What I do hope will be addressed and soundly condemned is the House Budget Committee's vote, under the cover of darkness, to cut the Department of Veterans Affairs' budget by $25 billion over the next 10 years. As if that weren't enough of an assault on our brave defenders of democracy, this same committee also voted to cut impact aid by $204 million.

This vital program supports schools on military bases so the children of servicemen and women are afforded decent educational opportunities. These cuts come as the wealthiest Americans are reaping record windfalls in President Bush's latest tax giveaway.

I would suggest to Eugene A. Delgaudio (R-Sterling) that he step off his soapbox for a moment, put down his flag and speak out for real and tangible support for our troops. The empty lip service of a resolution just won't cut it.

Patricia Razeghi


Unite for Waterford's Sake

The National Historic Landmark District of Waterford, a 270-year-old village that has survived fire, flood, epidemic and war, confronts today the critical challenge to its integrity as a uniquely preserved example of an early American farming community.

Over the years, Waterford has been under intense development pressure. In each case, the volunteers of the Waterford Foundation have been able to purchase the farmland and preserve it for posterity.

That pressure was ratcheted up several notches with the sale of the historic Phillips Farm. The 144-acre farm embraces the village along its entire western length. Its loss will be like losing Waterford's historic grain mill perched beside the Catoctin Creek.

When I learned of this potentially devastating news, I immediately called meetings with our county administrators and our school superintendent, and I am very grateful for their response. The loss of this national historic landmark cannot, and will not, be for lack of our greater public interest engaged in saving it.

Now, I ask all citizens across Loudoun County, all communities -- Sterling Park, Broad Run, Cascades, Countryside, Ashburn, South Riding, Broadlands, Leesburg, Purcellville, Potomac Station, Lovettsville, Middleburg, Balls Bluff to Neersville -- to step up to the plate with your part to help the Waterford Foundation save this important part of the nation's history. This time, the foundation cannot do it without Loudoun as a whole.

Buy a Waterford Landmark Preservation Bond, offer your time and assistance, visit Call the Waterford Foundation at 540-882-3018.

Call your supervisor, your state and federal representatives and let him or her know that your commitment to our past and future will not allow both to be taken. As responsible citizens, we all recognize that there are places that must be developed and those that must be saved for generations to come.

Saving the Waterford National Historic Landmark depends on our resolve.

Sally R. Kurtz (D)

Board of Supervisors

Catoctin District