The following were among home sales were recently recorded in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office.


ARCADIA CT., 21288-Connie D. and Dennis J. Williams to Prudential Relocation Inc., $413,500.

BEECHWOOD TER., 20271, No. 302-Theresa Helena Devita to Stephanie Palmer, $130,000.

BEECHWOOD TER., 20273, No. 302-Karen A. and Thomas J. Oravetz to Karen Yang, $164,900.

BOWFONDS ST., 20340-Miller Smith at Belmont Greene to Michael J. Vazzana, $267,310.

BOWFONDS ST., 20371-Miller and Smith at Belmont Greene to Martha and Detlev Geuss, $339,800.

BOWFONDS ST., 20373-Miller and Smith at Belmont Greene to Jeffrey T. Dyson, $331,700.

BUTTERMERE TER., 43187-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Bahareh Kianpourian, $245,000.

CEDARPOST SQ., 20920, No. 102-Mildred L. and Philip V. Jaquith to Matthew C. Conlan, $179,000.

CHADWICK TER., 43849-Pulte Home Corp. to J.G. Coonfield and Scott Bennett, $324,290.

CHICKACOAN TRAIL DR., 21500-Kerry Magee and Eric Brian Cole to Margaret E.M. and Douglas S. Mentz, $419,900.

CLEMENS TER., 43732-Elizabeth A. and James V. Sisti to Evelyn E. Luma, $269,990.

FULLERTON ST., 43359-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Phal Soeung and Samnang Sun, $365,450.

FULLERTON ST., 43370-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Barbara Beckner and Geffrard Bourke, $334,875.

GLEEDSVILLE MANOR DR., 22609-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Raja R. and Dinakar Kudum, $443,171.

HANSBERRY TER., 21371-Brenda K. Sharp to Frederick Michael Solarczyk, $314,000.

INMAN PARK PL., 21524-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Marsha and Francis Asencio, $337,985.

INMAN PARK PL., 21540-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Beth A. and Brad R. Patterson, $317,160.

MARKHAM PL., 43333-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Melanie A. Fones, $382,844.

MARKHAM PL., 43368-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Susan J. Giguere, $390,979.

MONMOUTH TER., 21608-Brenda L. and Brian J. Ruf to J. and William Treadwell, $255,000.

NOTTINGHAM SQ., 43436-Cendant Mobility Services Corp. to Bradley S. Lester, $227,000.

POTTER TER., 44470-NVR Inc. to Zenaida and Fernando Cantuba, $236,665.

POTTER TER., 44486-NVR Inc. to Dianna F. and Samuel A. McGaughey, $214,490.

POTTER TER., 44492-NVR Inc. to Julie K. and Christopher L. Elliott, $198,865.

POTTER TER., 44494-NVR Inc. to Steven W. Turner, $216,165.

SARATOGA CT., 20579-Melissa L. and Stephen C. Smith to Shabahang Sharif, $289,000.

SARATOGA SPRINGS PL., 19634-Belmont Land Partnership to Elaine and John L. Bloxsome, $650,350.

SARATOGA SPRINGS PL., 19647-Belmont Land Partnership to Barbara H. and Dale F. Burkett, $604,989.

STILL CREEK DR., 42824-Winchester Homes to Tanya and David Bret Gaskins, $620,563.

SUSCON SQ., 44268-Washington Homes to Laura M. and William P. Sacher, $262,385.

SUSCON SQ., 44276-Washington Homes to Sally Fan Yu, $271,910.

SUSCON SQ., 44291-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Robin E. and Ryan G. Cox, $275,000.

TILBERG ST., 20415-Belmont Greene Residential Corp. to Kelly and James Tanler, $392,830.

TYLER TOO TER., 21079-Amy J. and Michael J. Neitzel to American Escrow and Closing Co., $264,000.

WINDOVER DR., 21878-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Gretchen S. and Robert M. Lord, $330,050.

WINDOVER DR., 21902-Van Metre Homes at Broadlands Corp. to Lisa A. and John H. Falconer Jr., $417,490.


BLUERIDGE MOUNTAIN RD., 19788-Perla B. and Gregory Shaekel to Lenore S. and Sholom H. Friedman, $499,987.


IVANDALE RD., 16886-Interactive Builders to Carla J. and James F. Houchens, $715,000.

MADISON AVE., 17460-Patricia Ann Jenkins to James M. Nagy, $357,000.


ADAMS DR., 113-Marvat and Johnnie Farren to Elias Abuelazam, $93,000.

ADAMS DR., 122-Polly C. and William H. Harrison to Bernadette A. Light, $72,000.

ARTILLERY TER., 1530-Brookfield Edwards Landing Corp. to Gretchen Smith and David A. Shivik, $288,340.

ARTILLERY TER., 1532-Brookfield Edwards Landing Corp. to Christopher J. Lane, $261,215.

ARTILLERY TER., 1538-Brookfield Edwards Landing Corp. to Vicki M. and Andrew J. Warburton, $268,115.

ARTILLERY TER., 1540-Brookfield Edwards Landing Corp. to Jennifer and Stephen Pociask, $296,590.

BONNIE RIDGE DR., 755-Engle Homes Virginia to Mary Beth and Justin L. Chretien, $467,655.

CHANNEL RIDGE CT., 18283-Northlake Homes to Gisele M. and Karl J. Philip, $496,656.

CORALBELLS PL., 42947-NVR Inc. to John E. and Anh Thu Chau Lear, $496,365.

ELK RUN CT., 16644-V.M.K. Associates Joint Venture to Margaret Adams and John J. Joback, $665,310.

GULICK MILL RD., 21000-Mary Scheetz and William H.G. Hunt to B. Elwell and James T. Carmichael, $549,900.

HARDY CT., 755-The Drees Co. to Sherilee Long and Andrew Gode, $484,247.

HUNTFIELD CT., 413-Sherri A. and Robert W. Rindfleisch to Relocation Resources International, $296,000.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1108, No. 201-Gary L. Dorman Jr. to Angela L. Martin, $114,950.

HUNTON PL., 703-Arcadia Potomac Crossing Corp. to Christina M. and Jeffrey M. Kaplan, $338,000.

MOORE PL., 1425-Jeanette L. and Joseph Wolff Jr. to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $515,000.

PEPPERMILL TER., 520-Clare Ann and Wai Tuen Wong to Catherine W. Barrett, $192,000.

ROSEMEADE PL., 202-Cynthia J. and Robert G. Feddes to Tammy R.S. and Nelson Carter, $385,000.

SIERRA SPRINGS SQ., 18474-Washington Homes to Prakash Sinha, $246,196.

SPENCER TER., 130-Mary A. Hannon to Charlotte and Harvey Hodges, $237,500.

SPENCER TER., 160-Kincaid Virginia Corp. to Lisa J. and Brian Joseph Feldmann, $295,141


REHOBETH CHURCH RD., 14270-Nancy and Fred Armstrong to Bruce K. Dibert, $390,000.

SEDGEWAY LANE, 12314-Eliza F. and Stephen S. Weitz to Melissa and Brian Smith, $435,000.


WASHINGTON ST. W., 500-Elaine B. and Otto R. Crouch to Lynne and Andrew Galbreath, $420,000.

WAVERLY HEIGHTS LANE, 22080-Eddie Whetzel to Melissa D. and Kevin L. Stone, $318,193.


OLIVER CT., 110-Susan K. and Mark W. Phaneuf to Lark D. Mason, $175,000.

SUTTON DR., 37764-Rachelle A. Stewart to Wendy and Waldemar A. Rodriguez Jr., $285,000.

WORDSWORTH CIR., 509-Britt Development to Meadows Development Corp., $40,000.


ELK PL., 42995-NVR Inc. to Linda L. and Dung Nguyen, $624,305.

FREEDOM ST., 42723-Jennifer S. and Michael L. Hyman to Cheryl A. and George T. Nordstrom, $485,000.

HOWERTON DR., 25713-South Riding Partnership to Carla Bailey and Hiroko Bailey, $618,581.

HYLAND HILLS ST., 43396-Maria A. and Terence B. Cawley to Jennifer L. and Paul A. King, $384,000.


BEECH RD. W., 617-Kathleen E. Toal McMaster to Doris Torres and Fidel T. Guzman, $214,900.

BRETHOUR CT., 513-Huong Thi Trang and Phan Nguyen to Scott V. Kennedy, $154,000.

BUSHWOOD CT., 46911-Merritt H. and David Spier to V. and C. Wacharakorn, $435,000.

DERRYDALE SQ., 20869-Lisa G. Weidner to Theresa D. and John L. Chellman, $255,000.

DOCKSIDE TER., 20782-Hong Suk Kim and Young Soo Lim to Manu and Rishi Malhotra, $256,000.

FILLMORE AVE. N., 141, No. 11-Michael A. Nunn Jr. to Celestino Morales, $94,900.

FILLMORE AVE. N., 221, No. 6-Santos T. Benitez to Sonia B. Gregersen, $85,000.

GABLE SQ., 45314-Elizabeth A. and David E. Tate to Sonia L. and Alexander L. David, $214,900.

GABLE SQ., 45442-Sudha Chopra to Monica T. and Mokoto B. Haverlick, $204,900.

GREAT TRAIL TER., 22336-Mary Ann Gatty to Diane Satterly, $250,000.

HOLLOW MOUNTAIN PL., 46753-Gennadiy I. Darakhovskiy to Helen Gharabajhi and Alhan Aayadi, $461,500.

MONARCH DR., 39-Cathy Jo Ballenger to Vilma M. Parada and Jose M. Cruz, $169,000.

MORNINGSIDE TER., 20518-Matthew J. Cooke to John J. Riggs, $271,990.

PINE TRAIL TER., 45489-Maryland J. Toler to Tuyet Van T. Huynh, $250,000.

PRIMULA CT., 46495-Cheryl D. and Dennis W. Bonner to Stacey and Christopher Brewster, $399,950.

RIVER CREST ST., 47437-A. Rajewski and Nicholas Azzarita to Suzette Mitchell, $505,000.

SILVERLEAF DR., 226-Andrew Warholak Jr. to Neerja and Raj Jacob, $255,000.

SOUTHALL CT., 36-Mamoun M. Nazif and Gary L. Williams to Ann M. and Kent G. Wilson, $155,000.

TRINITY SQ., 20854-K. Carter and Charles Johnson III to Jerry Thompson, $320,000.

WARWICK CT., 1058-Candace L. Jennings to Jeffrey Michael Osborn, $89,000.