* Estimated Project Cost: $393.6 million.

* Location: Southern Arlington County. It is an 11.8-acre site defined by Army Navy Drive, Fern Street, Eads Street and 12th Street South. With the exception of a Marriott Residence Inn on the northwestern corner, the site is undeveloped. The site has views of the Washington Monument and the monumental core.

* Details: The site is one block from the Pentagon City Metro station, with the Crystal City and Pentagon stations nearby. Virginia Baseball Stadium Authority projections estimate that 35 percent to 40 percent of fans arriving to games at the Pentagon City site would come by Metro.

* Parking: Parking at the Pentagon City site would be provided by a 2,000-car garage partially under the Great Lawn and partially under a potential Arlington County conference center (for premium ticket-holders). An additional 5,000 spaces may be accommodated by three garages along Army Navy Drive on lots currently used by the Pentagon for remote visitor parking. These lots are in Virginia Department of Transportation right of ways and are used by agreement by the Department of Defense. As of yet, no agreements have been made to use these lots for garages. On-street parking for approximately 1,000 vehicles currently exists in the area. Approximately 6,000 existing garage spaces are located within a 3/4-mile radius -- these are office garages that would principally be empty during game times. Operational use agreements for event parking are proposed on a building-by-building basis. Additional area improvements are proposed for water and sewer systems, streets (intersections and turning lanes), highways (interchanges and access ramps) and storm drainage.