The Calvert County Board of Education meets this evening with plans to once again talk about options for moving elementary students out of two schools because they are too crowded.

The session is to feature discussion of several ways to relieve crowding at Mount Harmony and Plum Point elementary schools.

When the issue was before the board two weeks ago, a group of Plum Point parents attended the meeting carrying placards expressing their displeasure at the possible shift in attendance boundaries.

Board members came away from that meeting divided; some strongly support redistricting but others are not as sure that such action is needed yet. The Calvert school system will likely have to redraw elementary school attendance lines again in several years because of an addition to Sunderland Elementary School and a planned 13th elementary school.

Since mid-March, school officials have received about 20 e-mails from parents -- nearly all of them from Plum Point and most expressing opposition to the elementary school redistricting.

One exception was Plum Point parent Karen Merewitz, who said she supports the position taken by school board President Robert L. Gray (Huntingtown). She said the school has been crowded for many years and the situation should be addressed.

"Yes -- families bond to their school. Yes -- this is their school community. Yes -- when the new elementary school opens we will HAVE to redistrict for more obvious reasons, but I find it wrong for you to take the wait-and-see approach when many of us at [Plum Point] have been waiting to see what and when you will take action for at least four years now," Merewitz wrote.

On the other hand, parents Josef and Kathleen Horak argued that the neighborhoods assigned to Calvert Elementary, which would receive some Plum Point students under the proposed redistricting plans, are on the verge of population booms because of planned developments.

"We would like to see more thought and long-term planning put into this process," the Horaks wrote.

The discussion on redistricting will start at 5 p.m. at the board offices on Dares Beach Road. The issue is scheduled for a vote by the school board April 24.