All seats on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and in the Virginia General Assembly are up for election this year.

The first filing deadline was April 11, for candidates challenging each other within the same political party.

Contested races that will be decided by voters in a primary June 10 are indicated by an asterisk (*).

Contested races that will be decided by the political parties during a caucus, firehouse primary (a party canvass) or convention in May or early June are indicated by two asterisks (**).

The general election is Nov. 4. Candidates have until June 10 to file for that election.

Fairfax County Board of Supervisors


Open seat

Republican: Mychele B. Brickner, John F. "Jack" Herrity*

Democrat: Gerald E. Connolly

Independent: Charles W. Levy

Hunter Mill District

Democrat: Catherine M. Hudgins (incumbent)

Republican: Doug Bushee

Providence District

Open seat

Democrat: Linda Q. Smyth, Becky Cate**

Republican: James E. Hyland

Independent: Timothy L. Unrine

Dranesville District

Open seat

Republican: Joan M. DuBois, Bob McConahy**

Democrats: John W. Foust, Fred S. Mittleman, Mary L. Pierce**

Lee District

Democrat: T. Dana Kauffman (incumbent)

Mount Vernon District

Democrat: Gerald W. Hyland (incumbent)

Braddock District

Democrat: Sharon S. Bulova (incumbent)

Springfield District

Republicans: Elaine N. McConnell (incumbent), Linda R. Clary, Stanley L. Reid*

Sully District

Republican: Michael R. Frey (incumbent)

Democrat: Georgette Kohler

Mason District

Democrat: Penelope A. Gross (incumbent)

Republican: Herschel V. "Buzz " Hawley Jr.

Fairfax County Sheriff

Democrat: Stan G. Barry (incumbent)

Republicans: Tyrone R. Morrow, James A. Vickery*

House of Delegates

34th District

Republican: Vincent F. Callahan Jr. (incumbent)

35th District

Open seat

Republicans: Robert M. McDowell, Michael Polychrones**

Democrat: Stephen D. Shannon

36th District

Democrat: Kenneth R. Plum (incumbent)

37th District

Democrat: J. Chapman Petersen (incumbent)

Republican: John H. "Jack" Rust Jr.

38th District

Democrat: Robert D. Hull (incumbent)

39th District

Democrat: Vivian E. Watts (incumbent) Republican: Christopher T. Craig

40th District

Republican: Timothy D. Hugo (incumbent)

41st District

Republican: James H. Dillard II (incumbent), Al Strong*

42nd District

Republican: David B. Albo (incumbent)

43rd District

Republican: Thomas M. Bolvin (incumbent)

Democrat: Mark Sickles

44th District

Democrat: Kristen J. Amundson (incumbent)

49th District

Open seat; three precincts are in Fairfax

Democrats (all from Arlington): Adam Ebbin, Michael Graham, Andres Tobar, Teresa Martinez, Nathan Monell*

53rd District

Democrat: James M. Scott (incumbent)

67th District

Republican: Gary A. Reese (incumbent)

86th District

Republican: Thomas Davis Rust (incumbent)

Democrat: Jim Kelly


32nd District

Democrat: Janet D. Howell (incumbent)

Republicans: David M. Hunt, Howard R. Lind*

33rd District

Eight precincts are in Fairfax

Republican: William C. Mims (incumbent)

34th District

Open seat

Republicans: Jeannemarie A. Devolites, Louis Zone*

Democrat: Ron Christian

35th District

Democrat: Richard L. Saslaw (incumbent)

Independent: Charles W. Levy

36th District

Democrat: Linda T. "Toddy" Puller (incumbent)

Republicans: Chris Braunlich, Daniel Berrios**

37th District

Republicans: Ken Cuccinelli (incumbent), James McIntyre**

Democrat: James E. Mitchell

39th District

Republican: James K. "Jay" O'Brien Jr. (incumbent)

-- Compiled by Lisa Rein

Source: Fairfax County Electoral Board, candidates and county Republican and Democratic parties