The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning.


UNION RIDGE DR., 5873-Dwayne D. and Dwight D. Oland to Diemly and Bruce Dao, $350,000.


ASHBURN TER., 5622-James Jr. and Angela Kuykendall to Thomas R. Moon and Kimberly Conner, $181,900.

BRACE CT., 6750-Alan E. and Nora M. Peake to Gloria and Lance Damaska, $143,000.

CARROLL PKWY., 418-Gladys Hogston to C. Bradley Benna, $275,000.

CASCADE WAY, 557-Douglas Knight Schneider to Nalbro Lee Cox, $110,000.

CATOCTIN CT., 2501, No. 5-3D-Bryan S. Rudden to Linda S. and Arn E. Bjorndal, $153,900.

CLARIDGE DR. N., 6341-Richard G. and Teresa A. Vogel to Kathryn J. and Paul F. Prescott, $350,000.

CRABAPPLE DR., 5635-James J. and Rita M. Rourke to Virginia and Joseph McClelland, $215,000.

CRESTVIEW CT., 203-Anne, Robert and Michael Fisher Jr. to Linda T. and John J. Harper, $340,000.

DENTON CT., 5611-Robin L. Miller to Tina E. McIntire and Michael P. O'Neil, $158,000.

DOCKSIDE CT., 1466-Anne Paternoster to Larissa R. Shatalina, $140,000.

DOMINION DR., 2402, No. 3D-Matthew Scott Hadel to David B. Wetherson, $123,000.

DOUBLEBRAND CT., 6901-Paul Yamamoto Stafford to Rebecca E. Mashek, $126,000.

EDGEMONT RD., 7024-Lillie Mae Hill to Vicki L. and William L. Grant Jr., $180,000.

FAIRBANKS LANE, 6408-Benjamin Stefanick to Vincent P. and Marcia A. Sivillo, $279,900.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 517-Steven T. Pearsall to Christine M. and Bryan S. Eliff, $245,000.

GOOSEANDER CT., 6608-Joseph G. and Amy K. Walters to Carlos E. Ludena, $219,900.

HAMPSHIRE DR., 1319, No. 3C-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Amanda L. Bennett, $125,000.

HAYDOWN CT., 6627-Gordon T. and Arlene C. Okawa to Susan P. and Brooks R. Borman, $137,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 830-D-Genevieve Gangawere to Leonard P. Shipley, $60,000.

KIRKLAND DR., 5633-Joseph D. Jr. and Laura L. Previte to Cheryl and Ricky K. Thompson, $261,800.

LEE PL., 403-Lester W. and Viola K. Putman to Melissa A. and Bradley S. Mowry, $185,000.

LOGAN ST., 522-Constance and Solon W. Cox Jr. to Vincent Munday, $168,000.

LOGAN ST., 529-Jamie and Hillary McIntosh to Eva M. and Cedrick Sanderson, $168,000.

LONDON CT., 811-Debra Kay and Eric H. Roberts to Elizabeth A. List, $153,000.

MULBERRY CT., 1331-Department of Veterans Affairs to Windy M. and James W. Bond, $163,000.

SEA GULL CT., 6680-Mark Alan and Tammy Morgan Brown to Helen Habuu Luu and Fung Heung Wong, $135,000.

SNOW GOOSE CT., 6789-Cathy Falanga and Paul E. Hood to Jonathan D. Rossio, $143,500.

SPRINGWATER CT., 6501, No. 8304-Ronda Dudley to Linda H. and G. Alan Dinkelacker, $119,900.

SPRINGWATER CT., 6508, No. 3303-David E. Rowand to Rita Pishvaian and Alberto Deheza, $92,250.

TOWNCREST CT., 6319-James B. Jr. and Dana Ann Bowman to Johnnie J. and Robert A. Zarbo, $155,000.

WADE CT., 5640-F-Keith Fouts to Joanna Lee Bidle Sefsic and Valerie A. White, $99,900.

WAINWRIGHT CT., 2145, No. 2D-Brenda Lee Hodge to Mary C. and George S. Tremper, $84,000.

WILLOW OAK DR., 1310-John J. Hudak Jr. to Lori S. and Robert G. Horne, $225,000.


WOODHAVEN DR., 11287-Sonja M. and Michael T. Young to James D. Clark, $250,000.


SHADYWOOD DR., 3851, No. 2D-Jeanne Marie Vignau to David M. Roberts, $85,000.


JASPER DR., 7075-Roger M. Brown to John Robert Thomas, $155,000.

RED OAK CT., 3387-Ronald D. and Beulah S. Bidle to Ovieda F. and Daniel S. Harrison, $274,900.


ROSSWOOD DR., 12139-Peter J. D'Amour to Sheri L. and Gregory M. Lueck, $388,000.


EAST RD., 104-Temple E. Perry to Kevin L. Daughton, $175,000.

LAKERIDGE DR., 6406-Kelly E. Coleman to Catherine and Matthew Bonen, $199,950.

MANOR DR., 13134-Randall H. and Gail A. Gerlach to Florence L. and Pamela J. Sullivan, $269,900.

MATTIE HAINES RD., 13932-Elliott and Carolyn L. Starin to Mary and Bryan D. Kerr, $300,000.

WHITE PELICAN WAY, 10251, No. 103-B-Katherine S. Clime to June F. and Jim R. Cates, $100,000.


BUNKER HILL CT., 11709-Karen M. and Connor F. McGrath to Tanya K. Owens, $196,500.


COACHLIGHT CT., 7293-Melanie L. and Brian K. Holt to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $83,000.

DISCOVERY BLVD., 8437-Noel D. and Carrie Ann Williams to Sandra N. and Allen F. Tritsch, $110,000.

GLADE AVE., 9506-Rosalind D. and John S. Friedman to Lance A. Klosterman, $203,000.

TREASURE AVE., 8767-Thomas E. Bruder to Teresa M. Bussard and Joseph Arden Wilhelm II, $106,000.