Dec. 6

A daughter, Haneen Maha Yousif, was born to Maha Yassin Alkishtaini and Omar R. Muhiddin Yousif of Montgomery Village.

Dec. 8

A son, Benjamin William Caldwell, was born to Jennifer Lynn and David James Caldwell of Montgomery Village.

Dec. 9

A son, Aiden Patrick Carr, was born to Roxanne Marie Feldpausch and Eric Michael Carr of the District.

Dec. 10

A daughter, Anna Georgette Hou, was born to Kathleen Monica Murphy and Junwei Wayne Hou of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Lauren Ashley Hurt, was born to Jennifer Ashley and Michael Dewey Hurt of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Jade-Quynh Nguyen, was born to Hanh and Brandon Nguyen of Gaithersburg.

A son, Alexander John Tarquinio, was born to Kimberly Anne and Adrian Louis Tarquinio of Rockville.

Dec. 11

A son, Adebola Oluwasegun Adeyemi, was born to Olayemi Amudalat and Adekoyejo Taoreed Adeyemi of Germantown.

A daughter, Ella Charlotte Allen, was born to Heather and James Allen of Frederick.

A son, Tayh John Dicks, was born to Tiffany Adair May and John Essix Mouzon Dicks of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Elizabeth Rose Glick, was born to Michelle Amy and Michael Abraham Glick of Potomac.

A son, Andrew Praneeth Nelson, was born to Aparna Kunde and Sam Nelson Siluvaimani of Germantown.

Dec. 12

A son, Maurice Antoin Clipper Jr., was born to Cheri Tolson and Maurice Antoin Clipper Sr. of Frederick.

A son, Tyler William Jones, was born to Tara Marie and William Arthur Jones of Gaithersburg.

A son, Gabriel Estefano Matos, was born to Carla M. and Rafael R. Matos of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Lauren Christine Walters, was born to Amy Kathleen and Joseph Gerard Walters of Fairplay.

Dec. 13

A son, Angel Alexander Castillo, was born to Sonia E. and Andres H. Castillo of Gaithersburg.

A son, Seth Aaron Goldfine, was born to Jill and Steven Goldfine of Gaithersburg.

A son, Brandon Keith Mahone, was born to Keitha Walker and Brian Antony Mahone of Montgomery Village.

A son, Ryan Joseph Markle, was born to Barbara Jean Endres and John Steven Markle of Arlington.

Dec. 14

A daughter, Emma Louise Leath, was born to Lisa Marie and Simon Leath of Gaithersburg.

A son, William Samuel Twemlow, was born to Patricia and Andrew Twemlow of Brookeville.

Dec. 15

A son, Jaiden Daniel Arcentales, was born to Celsi Del Carmen and Danny Horace Arcentales of Gaithersburg.

A son, Bennett Warner Moore, was born to Dana and Gregory Moore of Gaithersburg.

Dec. 16

A daughter, Payton Lindzey Gay, was born to Sonya T. Metillman and Guy James Gay of North Potomac.

A son, Magnum Mahiro Jones, was born to Satsuki Urase and Kenneth Lee Jones of Germantown.

A son, Chistopher Pierre Ramirez, was born to Luz Odalis and Joel Ramirez of Germantown.

Dec. 17

A daughter, Dayanna Alesha Carroll, was born to Domonique Mache and Shawn Douglas Carroll of Gaithersburg.

A daughter, Calleigh Anne Chuckerel, was born to Robin Lee and Anthony Michael Chuckerel of Taneytown.

A son, Luke Samuel DeMember, was born to Diane and Don DeMember of Monrovia.

A son, David Samuel Jackson, was born to Louise and Jeff Jackson of Burtonsville.

A daughter, Jasly Stacy Quiteno-Turcios, was born to Nixa Rosemary Turcios and Henry Geovani Quiteno of Montgomery Village.

A son, Zach Roberts, was born to Kerry and Jim Roberts of Frederick.

Dec. 18

A daughter, Sophia Teresa Chaskes, was born to Constance Elizabeth and Eric Scott Chaskes of Germantown.

A son, Ryan Dillon Ngo, was born to Virginia and Trung Ngo of Charlestown, W.Va.

A son, Jaeden Alexander Smith, was born to Princess NaShawa Smith of Gaithersburg.

Dec. 19

A son, Masafumi William Araki, was born to Wei Zhang and Osamu Araki of North Bethesda.

A daughter, Divya Naina Bakshi, was born to Pooja and Hemant Bakshi of Gaithersburg.

A son, Tyrel Isaiah Baltimore, was born to Princess Maria Fortson and Russell Todd Baltimore Jr. of Gaithersburg.

A son, Hayden Michael Cameron, was born to Heather Pope and Robert Scott Cameron of Gaithersburg.

A son, Jayden David Holloway, was born to Juanna Yasmin Oliva-Cenney and Brian David Holloway of Germantown.

A son, Spiros Christos Nicholas, was born to Maria Stamus and Christos Nicholas Nicholas of Boyd.

A son, Marcus John Pedone, was born to Alicia and Kevin Pedone of Germantown.

A daughter, Meghan Elizabeth Ruth, was born to Michele Joy and William Joseph Ruth of Westminster.

A son, Nicholas Teleferro Thompson, was born to Jesselyn Shawn and Gary Oliver Thompson of Laytonsville.


Dec. 25

A daughter, Raina Simone Weinberg, was born to Alyson and Joshua Weinberg of Bethesda.

Dec. 26

A daughter, Genevra Feringa Johnson, was born to Alexis Feringa and Richard Bryant Johnson of Glen Echo.

A son, Evan William Wise, was born to Kathleen Mayrita Tepas and Adam Jesse Wise of Potomac.

Dec. 27

A son, Tyler Saldarriaga Neal, was born to Sharon Denisse and Christopher Caldwell Neal of the District.

A daughter, Caroline Eugenia Henley, was born to Jane Dellapa and Robert Charles Henley of Rockville.

Dec. 28

A daughter, Theadora Anise Osburn, was born to Kelly Celeste Gayden and Todd Franklin Osburn of College Park.

Dec. 29

A son, John Bailey Butswinkas, was born to Megan Ropp and Dane Butswinkas of Chevy Chase.

-- Ria Manglapus

Citing privacy and safety concerns, Holy Cross and Montgomery General hospitals do not release names of newborns. However, new parents can list their children by faxing the hospital's proof of birth letter to The Washington Post at 301-279-5665 or mailing it to Births, The Washington Post, 51 Monroe St., Suite 500, Rockville, Md. 20850. For more information, call 301-294-2600.