The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

CARROLL DR., 111-Robert M. Aliamus to Richard J. and Jullette M. Wilcox, $350,000.

CEDAR RIDGE CT., 1094-Shawn Ridgely to Luke M. and Lindsay M. Morgan, $185,500.

CHESTER AVE., 1-Karina Paape to Kateri Lechner, $550,000.

FAIRVIEW AVE., 761, No. 761C-Cheryl C. Coulter to Kenneth A. Stibolt and Evelyn C. Bana, $297,000.

QUIET WATERS PL., 150-Joanne Radice to Thomas and Jennifer L. D'Andrea, $235,000.

VICTOR PKWY., 207, No. 207D-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Thomas C. and Mary L. Pastirik, $108,000.

WASHINGTON ST., 407-Milton T. Ford to David E. and Barbara C. Aldersley, $255,000.

WOODS DR., 182-Walter E. Bouchane to Michael B. and Kathy F. Patterson, $130,000.

YACHTSMAN WAY, 978-Richard A. Healy Jr. to Mary Ellen Bobb, $263,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point

State Park Area

ADMIRAL DR., 629, No. 208-Iokia R. Walsh to Michael E. Tettambel, $205,000.

BREEZEWOOD CT., 1482-William D. Israel to Walter S. McCabe, $230,000.

DEAN ST., 21-Diane E. McGrath to GMAC Global Relocation Services, $400,000.

DEAN ST., 21-GMAC Global Relocation Services to Ian C. Taylor and Jenifer K. Squillario, $400,000.

DEWEY DR., 202-SHK Properties Corp. to William E. Hall, $400,000.

GRANADA AVE., 116-Kristin A. Pauly to Janet E. MacCallum and Joann Glancy, $595,000.

HARBOUR HEIGHTS DR., 61, No. 613-Leonard A. Rollman, trustee, to Peter Zlupko and Tara Orologio, $230,500.

JULIANA CIR. W., 17-Homes for America Inc. to Darnell L. Branch, $141,600.

OAK CT., 37-Fern Martin to Edward M. Martin Jr., $150,000.

OAK TREE LANE, 1035-James S. Slebzak to Richard L. and Joanne M. Setzer, $250,000.

RIVA RD., 2572, No. 16B-Brian Mishler to Sandra L. Meehan, $140,000.

RIVERSEDGE CIR., 960-Cornelia V. Waple to Frances C. O'Connor, $180,000.

SEVERN ISLAND CT., 603-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Tracey Pictou, $166,100.

SNOW GOOSE LANE, 625-Stephen C. Bushey to Sandra Mahr, $359,900.

ST. JOHNS DR., 975-Albert Dempsey to Steven Gaines, $279,932.

Arnold Area

NORTON LANE, 501-Philip J. Goodman to C. Grey and Sarah R. McLean, $367,500.

QUAKER RIDGE CT., 585, No. 138-Cheryl L. Betts to Joaquin A. and Jocelyn C. Marquez, $200,000.

SPY GLASS DR., 1108-Paul F. Malinowski to W. John and Gail M. Hussey, $750,000.

STOCKTON CT., 1406-Michael E. Schneider to Scott M. and Meredith Sharpe, $445,000.

Brooklyn Area

VICTORY AVE., 913-C.A. Stonebraker to M. Morris Weldon Revocable Trust and Agreement, $60,000.

FIRST ST., 933-Angie M. Bethany to Mary D. Parks, $71,000.

Churchton Area

DARTMOUTH ST., 5525-Kyle A. Markward to Dean R. Broadhead, $165,000.

Crofton Area

ABERDEEN CIR., 1777, No. 104-Bruce E. Laible to N. John and Marcella C. Shea, $96,094.

MONTAUK DR., 2306-Mark N. Stuart to Joseph D. and Kathy P. Roller, $275,000.

REGENTS PARK RD. W., 1753-Homer T. Brown to David C. and Carol A. Erickson, $315,000.

RIDGELY CT., 1693, No. 192-Daniel L. Dorsey to James L. Bishop and Mindy A. Gibson, $129,900.

VINEYARD LANE, 2490-Howard Harrington Jr. to Frank D. Redmond, $200,000.

YARMOUTH LANE, 2407-Pedro Couto to Robert E. and Jennifer L. Taylor, $241,000.

Crownsville Area

HOLLY TRAIL, 374-Oliver Nogule Jr. to Anna May Riley, $75,000.

PLUM CREEK DR., 1037-James C. Dean to Micah W. Boyce and Stephanie A. Coleman, $237,500.

TUDOR DR., 1025-Barry W. Lerch to Thomas R. McCoy Jr., $185,000.

Curtis Bay Area

GREENLAND BEACH RD., 304-Edward T. Siminski to Jerry L. and Teresa C. Foster, $403,375.

RIVER ROCK WAY, 7971, No. 329-Wayne L. Canapp Jr. to Michael B. and Araminta Hite, $212,500.

Edgewater Area

BAY DR., 3726-C.B. Vaughn Jr. to Richard J. and Beverly A. Heiberger, $700,000.

BEVERLEY AVE., 304-Eugene H. Styles to Jeffrey J. Buckmaster, $165,000.

ELKRIDGE DR., 1639-Anthony G. Pilostomos Jr. to Tien Nguyen, $150,250.

ELLIOTT PL., 108-James F. Parman to Ann E. Gaines and Deirdre I. Walker, $420,000.

MAYFIELD RD., 1539-William Faery to Phillips C. Rogers Jr., $184,000.

MILLSTONE DR., 1621-Katherine M. Quinby to Talbot Properties Corp., $149,900.

PINE WHIFF AVE., 1503-Carolyn J. Pappamihiel to Lambros Land Inc., $380,000.

Gambrills Area

PRICE RD., 2708-Matthew T. McDonough to Paul M. and Melissa A. Miller, $444,000.

RED FALL CT., 2470-William H. McDonald III to Christopher M. and Angela E. Preston, $234,500.

Glen Burnie Area

CLEAR DROP WAY, 6509, No. 101-Berton Elliot to Barbarlina Sewell, $138,500.

CRAWFORD DR., 1218-Timothy A. Padgett to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $104,594.

CROSS CREEK DR., 210-Wallace Gerhardt to Douglas G. and Pamela J. Bosley, $222,500.

FOXWELL BEND RD., 74-Paul J. Wineke Jr. to Victor and Christine Castanada, $325,000.

GLOUCESTER DR., 312-Richard T. Cullember to Steven E. and Jennifer Goodman, $199,900.

HERITAGE HILL DR., 6477-Lavoris Lipscomb to Glenn Cravens, $112,000.

HUNTMASTER CT., 8109-Vance R. Wilkerson to James E. and Laura E. Rzepkowski, $320,000.

IDLEWOOD ST., 14-Charles L. Kleff to Margaret Frye and Hessie Lockerman, $200,000.

JAY JAY CT., 282, No. 1-Brenda J. Johnson to Kevin Lien, $145,000.

MARSHALL RD., 601-Donald J. Stewart to Michael Stewart and Valerie Rosinski, $180,000.

MOUNT VERNON LANE, 6482-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Cassandra Y. Kelly, $93,000.

N ST. SE, 301-Anthony L. Mann to Charles R. Hileman, $160,000.

OAKWOOD RD., 7969-Charles L. Sansing Jr. to Dana A. Dellavalle, $158,900.

PHILLIP DR., 1021-Charles M. Sledz to Arcadio Quiles, $108,000.

PIPERS PATH, 7951-Donald S. Vineski to Dawn M. Spangler, $245,000.

SECOND AVE. SW, 9-David P. Mathews to Dita and Carl Kopel, $190,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

ELDRIDGE RD., 6222-Thomas D. Price to Samuel M. and Kia N. Hughes, $169,500.

FAMILY CIR., 900-Gilbert A. Buffaloe to Robert W. Hall Jr. and Carissa A. Gresham, $186,000.

HENSON RD., 207-James Carroll to Jeffrey E. and Holly A. Braithwaite, $174,400.

SHORELAND DR., 967-Nancy J. Tate to Nicki L. Swann, $250,000.

SOLLEY RD., 7628-Gail L. Boring to Jeffery H. and Lori A. Griffith, $221,500.

WATER FOUNTAIN CT., 201, No. 102-Eugene Olynyk to Thelma Gerhardt, $129,000.

WILLIAM CHAMBERS JR. DR., 103-Wachovia Bank to Randy Riggleman, $159,900.

SEVENTH AVE. NE, 401-Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Troy Patterson, $79,900.

Hanover Area

GREENKNOLL BLVD., 54-William F. Desautels to Denis L. and Rhonda J. Hinz, $220,000.

HILL BORN DR., 1332-Antonio E. Munoz to Dana Calloway and Carl Wells, $180,000.

Laurel Area

LAUREL VIEW CT., 3613-John D. Kavka to Dan An Ho and Bao Tran Thi Huynh, $177,500.

Millersville Area

AHEARN CT., 324-Anthony Kopinetz to Brian Lombel, $200,000.

DREXEL DR., 125-Veronica L. McCool to Frederick P. and Julie A. Hunsicker, $410,000.

NORWOOD DR., 8374-Michael B. Brinegar to Susan L. Doyle, $117,500.

SCARLET GLEN CT., 8395-Edwin R. Addison to Michael and Julie Antinucci, $710,000.

Odenton Area

COURT REVERE, 1136-Irene R. Reilly, trustee, to Eileen A. Reilly, $185,000.

FOREST WALK LANE, 603, No. 203-Charles J. Moenius III to Patricia Y. Boyd, $105,000.

KING MALCOM AVE., 497-Lynn Leyendecker to Ailsa Conley, $168,500.

PISCATAWAY RUN DR., 2710-Michael F. Prisby to Charles Anderson, $297,000.

REALM CT. W., 609, No. 16-101-Raymond R. Kelsey to Scott Dryden, $138,000.

ROLLING HILL WALK, 602, No. 5-104-Leslie D. Herbert to Shannon L. Borges, $131,000.

ROLLING HILL WALK, 602, No. 5-204-Andrew R. Schlaich to Richard Scott Rippeon and Maureen A. Ford Rippeon, $131,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ABBEY CT., 8040, No. M-Edward L. Taylor III to Jennifer Emanuel, $100,000.

BEACHWOOD RD., 258-Thomas E. Hassing to Betty and John O'Connor, $708,000.

BEDFORD RD., 8472-John F. Lambdin to Kenneth J. and Dawn Gosnell, $199,900.

BRADLEY RD., 1114-Tracey A. Norfolk to Ellice L. Simmons, $179,900.

BURGESS RD., 7819-Wachovia Bank to David L. and Donna L. Baker, $73,500.

BUSSENIUS RD., 8426-James S. Claar to Chester L. and Dawn M. Mazur, $299,000.

ELIZABETH RD., 7836-Richard A. Necessary to Herbert F. and Teresa A. Schuder, $230,000.

EVERD AVE., 7757-Joseph L. Kenny to Scott A. and Laura A. Stark, $216,990.

FAIRVIEW BEACH RD., 1645-John E. Baierlin to Robert G. Pozgar, $550,000.

FERRY POINT RD. N., 319-M. Latimer Banner III to Wayne Muzik and Jennifer Butcher, $117,500.

GAMBIER HARBOUR, 8615-Mary A. Schwabline to John C. Shriver, $159,900.

GATEWOOD CT., 7734-George B. Yankulov to Kelly D. and David M. Fries, $168,000.

KURTZ AVE., 2039-Rachel M. Wirth to Lee L. and Janice L. Heffner, $115,000.

NATURE WALK LANE, 331-Narrisha Adams to Timothy G. and Cindy R. Wengert, $215,000.

RIVERSIDE DR., 518-Edward R. Evans to Susan M. and Theodore A. Imbach, $355,000.

SENECA TER., 257-Steven C. Adams to Nicholas R. Krug, $220,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 412-Michael Fratantuono to Daniel and Deana Sassaman, $277,000.

SECOND ST., 166-Gregory E. Young to Christy L. Felder, $136,000.

Severn Area

DOWNEY RD., 8715-Manufacturers and Traders Trust Co. to Harvey and Roberta Batchelor, $144,000.

LEXINGTON DR., 8242-Andrew T. Bacon to Carlos J. Johnson Jr., $149,900.

SCATTEREE RD., 7718, No. 43-Raul Negron Jr. to Joshua P. Minnigh and Erin R. Kellman, $197,000.

WALNUT TREE RD., 7818-Michael D. Ruth to Shawn Magone and Serene Fabacher, $240,000.

WASHINGTON AVE., 1442-Charles J. Reed to Martha and Richard Schmitz, $100,000.

Severna Park Area

BENDALE DR., 446-Roger G. Longenbach to Joseph P. Longenbach, $180,000.

BRENDA CT., 4-Chong M. Pak to Stacey Burns, $280,000.

NARBOROUGH CT., 506-Mary Ann M. Fischer to Daniel and Christina Harrington, $330,000.

RETFORD DR., 505-Harry M. Dunlap to Julia C. Gronkiewicz, $292,000.

Shady Side Area

BAYVIEW RD., 1700-Nicholas C. Lohmeier to Alice M. Papenberg, $149,900.