Shady Grove

Adventist Hospital


Liam Rohlin, a son, to Claudia Patricia Velasquez and Robert Andrew Rohlin of Silver Spring.


Paige Katherine Busch, a daughter, to Linda Paige Leslie and Terrence Victor Busch of Vienna.

Riva Zhang, a daughter, to Angela Wu and Yuanning Zhang of Rockville.


Dillon John Armstrong, a son, to Kathleen Panagos Armstrong and John Thomas Armstrong of Germantown.

Jack Paul McLane Conway, a son, to Caroline Eva Conway and James Martin Conway of Rockville.

Benjamin Steele Cushman, a son, to Kimberly Harrell Cushman and Charles Russell Cushman Jr. of Silver Spring.

Gloria Michelle Kalnitskaya, a daughter, to Lyudmila Kalnitskaya and Mikhail Kalnitskiy of Rockville.

Lewis F. Li, a son, to Amy Yang and Chu-Chi Li of Boyds.

Antonio Lamont Mcbride Jr., a son, to Jenie Lavon Battle and Antonio Lamont Mcbride of Germantown.

Aidan Nathaniel Vincent, a son, to Laura Jeanette Wilson and Colin Andrew Vincent of Silver Spring.


Cody Thomas Bassett, a son, to Connie M. Bassett and Kenneth Lee Bassett of Silver Spring.

Addison Claire Lauer, a daughter, to Alyssa Renee Lauer and Keith David Lauer of Urbana.


Alyssa Nicole Lang, a daughter, to Shelly Ann Lang and Michael Anthony Lang of Adamstown.

Daesyn Alexander Roberts, a son, to Elizabeth Roberts and Junious Roberts of Gaithersburg.

Eric Paul Stevenson, a son, to Theresa Lynn Stevenson and Paul Douglas Stevenson of Germantown.

Erik Lee Van Doren, a son, to Heidi Lynn Van Doren and Thomas Lee Van Doren of Ijamsville.


Lily Delia Lenker, a daughter, to Magaly Lenker and Steven Edward Lenker of Clarksburg.

James Owen Maisel, a son, to Christy J. Maisel and Joshua O. Maisel of Poolesville.

Naila Anais Newman and Nia Sarai Newman, twin daughters, to Tracey Newman and Tyree Newman of Germantown.

Blake Benjamin Shoemaker, a son, to Sonya Shoemaker and Christopher Shoemaker of Frederick.

Carlee Thelma-Jane Smith, a daughter, to Diane Lee Smith and Stephen Ailes Smith of Germantown.

Evan Alexander Wood, a son, to Jla Brie Wood and David Anthony Wood of Gaithersburg.


Haley Lynn Bengtson, a daughter, to Heather M. Neal and Michael E. Bengtson of Damascus.

Anna Marie Garner, a daughter, to Julie Marie Garner and William Kenneth Patrick Garner of Rockville.


Ayina Hiren Patel, a daughter, to Jincal Patel and Hiren Patel of Germantown.

Aaron Tyler Price, a son, to Tara Michelle Price and Andrew Todd Price of Gaithersburg.


Sean Anthony Celentano, a son, to Coleen L. Celentano and Frank A. Celentano of Damascus.

Jeanet Romae Gordon, a daughter, to Grace Coreen Reid and Eucal Jeffrey Gordon of Potomac.

Christine Omoyemi Ogunsola, a daughter, to Catherine O. Ehiemua and Kayode O. Emmanuel of Gaithersburg.

Phuc Dinh Tran, a son, to Chi Quynh Nguyen and Nguyen Dinh Tran of Maryland.


Daisy Lynn Gibbons, a daughter, to Kathryn M. Gibbons of Germantown.

Alexa Renee Preston, a daughter, to Lan Ngoc Preston and Scott Benjamin Preston of Germantown.


Maya Alexandra Barrett, a daughter, to Mekeba Barrett and Kenneth Barrett Jr. of Gaithersburg.

Ava Katherine Lunenfeld, a daughter, to Janice Ann Lunenfeld and Douglas Lawrence Lunenfeld of Rockville.


Riley Austin Lane, a son, to Lorinda Elizabeth Lane and Richard Allen Lane of Mount Airy.

Emma Grace Mannix, a daughter, to Tina Mannix and Martin Mannix of Laytonsville.

Claire Elise Tatspaugh, a daughter, to Jan Marie Tatspaugh and Jason Lee Tatspaugh of Germantown.


Elora Patricia Brown, a daughter, to Andrea Brown of Cheverly.

Charles Rodney Ritter, a son, to Laura Jean Ritter and Nathan Rodney Ritter of Germantown.

Sibley Memorial Hospital


Aaliyah Alise Hines, a daughter, to Tiara Latrice Fletcher and Edrick Lee Hines of Accokeek.

Rebecca Jane Felker, a daughter, to Chrisellen Rebecca Kolb and Charles Joshua Felker of Bethesda.

Anderson Daniel Ruck, a son, to Lisa Davis and Gregory Ruck of Bethesda.

Audrey Lee Bennett, a daughter, to Meghan R. Bennett and Matthew R. Bennett of Frederick.

Grant Thomas Hoscheit, a son, to Holly Page Hoscheit and James H. Hoscheit of Bethesda.

Malcolm Xavier Cunningham, a son, to Casandra Cunningham and Roger Cunningham of Forestville.

William James Riekse and Elizabeth Grace Riekse, twin son and daughter, to Juile Blair Riekse and James Martin Riekse of Silver Spring.


Alix Cuny, a daughter, to Diane Cuny and Oliver Cuny of Bethesda.


Louisa Ruth Grubb, a daughter, to Jessica R. and Robert L. Grubb of Silver Spring.


Henry Allen Bricker, a son, to Georgiana Grimberg Benner and Craig Allen Bricker of Chevy Chase.


Ruby Eleanor Goldstein, a daughter, to Amy J. Pickworth and Jared A. Goldstein of Takoma Park.

Alessandro Gabriel Daniele, a son, to Marta B. and Giovanni Daniele of the District.

Sara Lisa War, a daughter, to Maria Albino War and Steven Michael War of North Potomac.

Samuel Ephraim Borosh Mindell, a son, to Ossie Borosh and Joseph Mindell of Bethesda.

-- Compiled by Ria Manglapus