Courthouse Memorial

An arts advisory panel has been appointed to make recommendations about monuments, sculptures and other artwork on the grounds of the Loudoun County Courthouse in Leesburg.

The public is invited to attend the panel's first meeting, at 1 p.m. May 25 in the courthouse, to discuss commissioning a Revolutionary War memorial.

"Our goal is to solicit and commission the highest quality public art for this important memorial," said Peter Burnett, chairman of the Loudoun County Courthouse Grounds and Facilities Task Force, which appointed the panel.

A Revolutionary War memorial committee launched an effort in 2003 to build a statue on the courthouse grounds to honor Loudoun soldiers who fought in the war. Although the war never reached county soil, about 1,700 men from Loudoun, more than from any other county in Virginia, joined militias on behalf of the Colonies.

The courthouse lawn already is home to a statue of a Confederate solider and memorials to those who fought in World Wars I and II, Korea and Vietnam.

The Revolutionary War memorial committee has considered erecting a bronze statue of a Loudoun soldier, with plaques describing the county's other connections to the war, such as Francis Lightfoot Lee, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, who lived where Dulles International Airport is located. Organizers said the plaques also might commemorate a visit to Loudoun by the Marquis de Lafayette. During his stay, Lafayette addressed Loudoun residents from the courthouse steps.

Members of the arts advisory panel are Burnett; Michael McKinnell, senior partner at Kallman, McKinnell & Woods, an architecture firm in Boston; Ed Feiner, chief architect of the U.S. Public Buildings Service; Don Myer, a fellow at the American Institute of Architects; Judges Thomas D. Horne and Burke F. McCahill of Loudoun County Circuit Court; Richard Forbes, a member of the Town of Leesburg Board of Architectural Review; Sandra Yokum, project manager for courthouse construction; and Larry Moison, chairman of the Loudoun County Revolutionary War Memorial Committee.

Road Projects in Leesburg

Several roadwork projects are planned in Leesburg and are scheduled to begin Monday and last three to four days.

The project sites are:

* West Market Street (from Fairview to Loudoun Street);

* Edwards Ferry Road (from Woodberry Road to Harrison Street);

* Loudoun Street (from Dry Mill Road to Liberty Street); and

* Evergreen Mill Road (from South King Street, about 1,250 feet).

Other projects scheduled to begin in early fall after a water line is replaced along South King Street will be on:

* Loudoun Street (from Liberty Street to Church Street); and

* South King Street (from Loudoun Street to the Town Branch).

-- Compiled by LESLIE SHEPHERD