Like many students in Montgomery County public schools, some at Rock View Elementary School in Kensington wrote essays about the 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision. These fifth-graders were asked to pretend they were writing in 1954 to the school board in Topeka, Kan., where the case originated, urging it to change its position on integrating schools.

Judge by Personality, Not Color

I am for the integration of school for three main reasons. First of all, we are all human beings. Only that some of us have lighter skin color than others. Second of all, all children should have the same education. It's not fair that white schools have better books and better educated teachers. Third of all, everybody should become friends with people according to their personality, not by the color of their skin. I think nobody should ever judge people before they get to know them because what if that person is really fun to be around. In conclusion, this is why I'm for the integration of schools.

Vanessa Beltran

Students Should Be Together

I'm writing to you because I think that all students should be together in school. First, I think we should be together in school because we are all people and no matter the color of our skin, we should be treated equally. Next, we can learn from each other because if one makes a mistake, the other can try not to do it again. Last, we should be together because it is fair. It is fair because people who are white have good books, schools and materials, and so should the black students. I think we should be together.

Fatima Esparza

Better Education, Better Society

I am writing to persuade you to integrate all children in school.

First of all, if we integrate schools, then both black and white children can learn about each other's cultures. If we learn about other's cultures, we can learn about the world more.

Second, black students don't learn as well as white students because they do not have as many good materials. If black students have a better education, then they can contribute to society better.

Lastly, both black and white students are equal as people and just because their skin color is different does not mean that one skin color is better than the other. Skin color should not make a difference in school because black people can be just as good as white people.

For all these reasons and more, I would appreciate it if schools were integrated.

Allison Huyett

Students are marking the Brown anniversary in a range of ways, from essays to letters and quilts. From left, first-graders Justin Flavell, Jennifer Ampey, Kelly Goodwin, Leah Yared, Jaqua Brown, Lisa D'Souza and Onyekachi Enu at Flower Valley School in Rockville hold a quilt they made.