Captured Raccoon Released

Morrisonville Road, Lovettsville On May 4, a woman said she had confined a raccoon that had chased her into her barn. An animal control officer picked up a healthy adult raccoon and released it into a wooded area.

Dog Found to Be Unlicensed

Mid Ocean Place, Leesburg On May 4, an animal control officer responded to a report that a man was seen beating a German shepherd. The dog appeared to be healthy but did not have a county dog license. When a woman who identified herself as the dog's owner became uncooperative and verbally abusive, the officer called the Sheriff's Department for help. The officer issued the woman a notice to purchase a dog license within 10 days.

Cat in School Restroom

Frederick Drive, Sterling On May 4, a woman reported that a stray brown-and-white tabby cat that had been hanging around Rolling Ridge Elementary School and darting inside whenever someone opened the door had been confined in a school restroom. An animal control officer took the cat to the animal shelter, where staff members have attempted to contact the cat's owner. The cat will otherwise become available for adoption tomorrow.

Beagle Mix Bites Doberman

Lands End Drive, South Riding On May 5, a woman reported that she was walking her Doberman pinscher on a leash when an unleashed Beagle mix approached and bit her dog on the face. She took her Doberman to a veterinarian for treatment of minor injuries. An animal control officer verified that both dogs had current rabies vaccinations and county dog licenses. The owner of the Beagle mix paid the veterinarian's bill.

Pet Left Inside Vehicle

Cascades Plaza, Sterling On May 7, a woman reported that a white Maltese was left inside a parked vehicle. An animal control officer issued the owner a warning not to leave a pet unattended in a vehicle when the outside temperature is 70 degrees or higher.

Wandering Bull Corralled

John Mosby Highway, Aldie On May 9, a motorist told an animal control officer that a Black Angus bull was standing in the middle of the road. The officer located the bull and the pasture from which it had escaped. The caretaker of the property was able to get the bull back in the pasture.