The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

15TH ST., 6305-George H. and Geraldine H. Annis to Jamie R. Cummings Trickle and Eric E. Trickle, $225,000.

Dunkirk Area

DUNLEIGH DR., 2815-Jerry E. Davis Jr. to Melvin Joseph Long, $618,000.

FEATHER RIDGE CT., 2815-David M. Dickerson to Thane J. Napierski, $385,000.

INVERNESS WAY, 1821-John C. and Jeneva C. Remson Jr. to Karen M. and Tracy Scott Trembly, $400,000.

Huntingtown Area

LOOKOUT TRAIL, 2802-Patricia A. Beattie to Crystal and William W. Upton, $299,900.

Lusby Area

CARSON CT., 538-Mary M. and Victor H. Rollins to L.W.R. Inc., $34,000.

COYOTE CT., 12486-David B. Hall to Ronald Cella, $162,000.

GOLDEN WEST WAY, 921-Robert K. and Jeanne M. Clark to Wanda M. and Larry W. Barnes, $199,000.

GUNSMOKE TRAIL, 428-Maria S. Adams to Crystal Dodson and Kamdon Spencer, $140,900.

LITTLE COVE POINT RD., 11140-Drusilla and James F. Quinn to Deborah Hile, $236,000.

PLATTE RD., 532-Barbara S. Eberstein to Dawn M. and Christopher S. Fink, $177,000.

SAN GABRIEL RD., 663-James G. Alexander to Holly and David Donnell, $162,900.

SILVER ROCK CIR., 12339-Mary L. Tucker to Susan M. Carrico, $235,000.

Owings Area

GREEN LEAF TER., 2471-Omar A. and Phyllis Hernandez to Jennifer Davidson and Daren Kindfeld, $227,000.

Prince Frederick Area

CAMBRIDGE PL., 278-Ruby David Daniels to Scott L. and Pamela A. Sheridan, $214,000.

DANA DR., 616, No. 616-Jane L. and Raymond G. Schmidt to Jessie Jo Bowen, $165,000.

DEANE AVE., 310-Jody B. Stratchko to Steven G. Stratchko, $264,900.

Solomons Area

SOLOMONS ISLAND RD. S., 14528-Brenda Gayle Whetsell to Sharon C. and Timothy M. Holt, $970,000.

St. Leonard Area

FOREST DR., 1215-Betty L. and Elmira H. Twigg to Phyllis A. and Daniel O. Baker Jr., $78,000.

WILLIAMS WHARF RD., 5314-Michael D. Hall to Carol J. and Daniel P. Jones, $279,900.

Charles County

Bel Alton Area

BEL ALTON-NEWTOWN RD., 9355-Mary W. and Melvin H. Ruth Jr. to Yvette F. Williams, $245,000.

Brandywine Area

WOODVILLE RD., 16011-Mark Five Construction Inc. to Crissy and Joseph D. Boling Jr., $69,950.

Charles Street-

Trinity Church Road Area

TRINITY DR., 12675-Alice W. and Henry Rieffel Jr. to Matthew Edwards, $160,000.

Cobb Island Area

HAWKS NEST PL., 16057-Mary J. and David L. Hayden to Jill Humphries, $97,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

COLONIAL LANE, 7070-Hampton Homes Corp. to Keith and Lissa D.C. Dickerson, $295,100.

DEBORAH DR., 7289-Edward A. and Sandra S. Keller to Jenny and David Kennedy, $480,000.

OVERHILL WAY, 16430-Anthony N. and Tammy R. Coates to Jessica M. and Jared M. Proctor, $176,000.

PERSICA LANE, 16770-Michael E. and Susan P. Buckler to Jennifer E. and Matthew K. Mason, $387,440.

Indian Head Area

DALE DR., 12-Antonio Pugh to Carolyn G. and Alia D. Blackford, $116,500.

RIVERSIDE RUN DR., 17-Mark S. and Donna C. Broussard to Jennifer L. and Mark W. Huseman, $115,000.

SHELTON CT., 21-Irene V. Turnage, trustee, to Ellen B. Rucker, $117,000.

Issue Area

WOLLASTON CIR., 11432-Patrick D. Shelor to Dora and Raymond Pedri, $66,500.

La Plata Area

CHESHIRE CT., 105-Mark S. and Kelly C. Blouin to Deanna L. and John B. Vittrup Jr., $435,300.

DOGWOOD CT., 505-Stephen E. and Judith A. Mitchell to Diana K. and Daniel P. Durkin, $299,000.

HAWTHORNE DR. W., 111-Carol L. Bourque to Allison J. and Jason D. Biagi, $175,000.

QUINCE CT., 506-Virginia L. Hodges to Kristin I. and David G. Cushen, $190,000.

ROSE HILL RD., 6865-Robert W. and Sherri J. Gilroy to F. Silverans and Jennifer Cerasani, $333,000.


Rock Point Road Area

BRANDON CT., 13632-Mary L. and Charles E. Haff Jr. to Linda C. Fenwick, $250,000.

St. Charles Area

BANNISTER CIR., 1038-Susan A. and Frank W. Byrd to Kimberly L. Muchnick, $185,000.

BELFAST RD., 810-Mary A. Schmidt to Esteban Delgado, $159,900.

DAVIS CT., 2052-Duane A. Williams to Kimberly J. and Kareem A. Latief, $195,700.

DEREK PL., 12439-Michelle P. and Thomas C. Gordon Jr. to James S. Tweedie, $175,000.

GIBBONS CT., 2104-Carlos A. and Yasmina I. Ortega to Clara E. and Joseph Fenwick, $179,900.

HARVARD RD., 1163-Michael L. Hargrove to Joelle V. and Elroy H. Masters, $188,500.

HATFIELD CT., 753-Cassie Z. and Kory Arthur Sola to Christopher Barnes, $99,450.

HEATHCOTE RD., 3017-Brent W. Clampet to Lawrence W. Russo, $96,000.

JAMESON DR., 12879-Matthew P. Edwards to Janna F. and Richard A. Buntin, $220,000.

JAMESON DR., 12885-Roger L. and Linda C. Rollins to Daniel A. Watts and Laura L. Yager, $220,000.

JESMOND CT., 3307-Daphne A. and Bennie J. Williams to Dewitt L. Fleming, $116,000.

KING JAMES PL., 16-Angela L. Hein and Charles M. Gray Jr. to Allison Tomblin, $131,000.

LUBBOCK PL., 2676-Lenhart Berry Valley Corp. to Tonya R. McClary, $231,465.

LUBBOCK PL., 2677-Lenhart Berry Valley Corp. to Lynette C. Rollerson, $249,295.

LUBBOCK PL., 2680-Lenhart Berry Valley Corp. to Rosemary Greenaway, $224,240.

LUBBOCK PL., 2684-Lenhart Berry Valley Corp. to Brandie R. Stover, $254,190.

MCCOY DR., 707-Robert Joseph Warchol to William J. Switzer Jr., $124,000.

SWEETBRIAR PL., 12340-John L. and Bonnie R. Moody to Erika R. and James F. Mulhall Jr., $189,900.

UNIVERSITY DR., 618-Claretha and Alif Ahmad Kashif to Michael Guy, $171,000.

Waldorf Area

ALOPEX RD., 6513-Bryan S. and Sherry M. Lang to Michelle M. and David M. Wilkinson, $226,950.

ASHFORD CIR., 10609-Jan D. and Frank M. Terrell Eakle to A. Jackson Jones and Arbury R. Jones, $324,000.

BARNSWALLOW PL., 11201-Mary L. Simms to Catherine E. Fiquracion, $191,000.

BENSVILLE RD., 7715-Florence L. and George A. Brown to J. Roy Ridgeway, $191,250.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4124-Sandra A. MacSorley to Regina L. and Riley J. Beard, $144,000.

BRENT RD., 219-Joan V. and David M. Smith to Linda L. Peeples, $113,223.

EAGLE CT., 4427-Karen L. McClure to John W. Ladd, $130,000.

GROUPER CT., 5605-Alicia M. and Lee R. Wentela to Margaret E. Raby, $234,900.

HAMLIN RD., 1110-Franklin M. and Rose M. Jenkins to Toisha D. and Michael T. Gary, $195,500.

HARWICH DR., 4637-Daniel F. Harrigan to James M. Cataldo, $186,000.

LOY RD., 6407-Robert J. Blanton to Geline R. and Dave R. Gamber, $251,900.

LYNX CT., 6624-Linda M. and Richard D. Gregory Jr. to Dorothy McKelvey, $249,999.

RED BUD CT., 3697-Fong Chun Hsiao to Vicki L. and Charles N. Duke, $225,000.

RYON CT., 3342-Anne C. McDermott to Russell O. Dunn, $113,000.

SEA LION PL., 6153-Toni L. and Thomas V. Rogers Jr. to Donyale Yorkshire, $150,000.

STANFORD PL., 2634-Leslie and Bruce Odom to Blanche L. Countiss, $207,500.

TREFOIL PL., 420-Craig M. Arigo to Nakia Thomas and Manuel Proctor, $133,000.

TUCKAHOE CT., 2460-Michael F. and Kihyang Clements to Uvette and Alfred Smoot, $325,000.

WOODGATE LANE, 5335-Roger W. and Rhonda J. Gebicke to Carolyn and Bruce Price, $352,500.

White Plains Area

BLOOMSBURY PL., 8037-Robin L. Robey to James Ryan and Harry K. Southerland, $243,900.

MONARCH ST., 7965-David L. and Deforest L. Fleming to Melinda G. and Robert D. Talcovitz, $265,000.

WELLHOUSE DR., 9870-Theresa C. Henderson to Consance R. and John M. Gott Jr., $137,144.

St. Mary's County

California Area

CHESTNUT OAK CT., 23242, No. 12E-Kristin N. Gladu to Elizabeth J. and Amos Ripple, $85,000.

CHESTNUT OAK CT., 23252, No. 3B-Wayne Taylor to Melissa Burroughs, $82,500.

FOREST WAY, 23038-Mark G. and Stephanie P. Zlomke to Peggy L. and Michael C. Heffner, $325,000.

HICKORY NUT DR., 23244-Rodney L. Yoder to Beth A. and Norman Matthew Tobler II, $239,900.

ST. ANDREW'S LANE, 44185-Clarenton Wayne and Mary A. Furlow to Ann M. and Thomas G. Fowler, $154,900.

SCARLET OAK CT., 44674-Colleen M. Deal to Diana L. Decarlo, $140,000.

WHITE BIRCH CT., 23247, No. 10C-G. Briggs Phillips to Scott E. Skipton, $93,000.

Charlotte Hall Area

GERSHWIN DR., 30115-HSBC Mortgage Corp. to Joseph M. O'Neill, $163,000.

SOTHORONS DESIRE WAY, 30400-Donald A. and Thomas H. Brown to Georgine and James F. Cox, $185,000.

Great Mills Area

ST. ELIZABETH'S CT., 22061-Marco Anthony Andrade to Rajendra C. Solomon, $133,000.

SARA CT., 22450-Gary McCoy to Chol Hun Choi, $137,500.

Hollywood Area

BATEMAN CT., 24584-Joanne M. Dillow to Karen D. and Kevin L. Pulliam, $440,000.

CHAFFEE CT., 25953-C. and H. Investment to Gina S. and Paul C. Readen, $334,000.

PALAMINO DR., 43832-Michael A. Bailey Sr. to Ralph Michael and Denise Allane Kleber, $175,000.

Leonardtown Area

ARMSTRONG DR., 22299-William B. Maurer to Jason C. Miller, $230,000.

NAZARETH CT., 41920-Julius L. Camp to Donna J. and Richard Clarkson, $274,900.

WHITE POINT BEACH RD., 42215-Bryan T. and Susan C. Dugan to Cheryl L. and Bruce F. Nicol, $557,000.

WHITE TAIL LANE, 23445-Jean E. and Edward M. Breen to St. Mary's County Housing Authority, $220,725.

Lexington Park Area

CAMERON CT., 21454-Oakridge Associates Inc. to Sonya C. and James E. Pollock, $215,680.

CAMERON CT., 21462-Oakridge Associates Inc. to Angelia M. and Robert M. Harris, $239,491.

CORONET PL., 20917-J. Laurence Millison to Amy and Paul J. Ingraham, $35,000.

DEVIN CIR., 47742-Audrey Lea Mosher to Janet L. Speaker Kropp, $121,000.

EASTON CT., 48263-J. Laurence Millison to Abraham A.S.T. Valdez, $90,000.

EDGAR WAY, 21391-John Christopher Pitts to Frank O. Edomwonyi, $110,000.

KING JAMES PKWY., 19362-Douglas M. and Patricia M. Reitz to Valerie L. and Richard J. Gorman Jr., $348,700.

LEACHBURG RD., 48294-James H. Bradburn to Sheila Marie and Daniel E. Blazer, $140,000.

PATUXENT BEACH RD. N., 24235-Benny R. Parker to Donna M. and Fredric M. Olson, $219,000.

ROMINGER CT., 21523-Chadwick Q. Hixson to Lyn and Edward Stachyra, $260,000.

SILVER SLATE DR., 47357-Boyd A. Loflin to Laurie A. Pelletier Keen and James A. Keen, $256,000.

THREE NOTCH RD., 20100-Brian S. Mahoney to Daniel Alexander Mahoney, $160,000.

Mechanicsville Area

CANOE PL., 39629-Jay F. and Cheryl L. Kalin to Carrie L. and Thomas E. Dove, $369,770.

COCHISE CT., 30040-Sarum Farm Inc. to William R. Massey III, $205,000.

JONES RD., 25070-Donna Lynn Pulvirenti to Richard W. Raley, $182,675.

JONES RD., 25106-James Christopher Friess to Mary L. and Bradley R. Friess, $177,300.

LES AMIS LANE, 38784-Oakridge Associates Inc. to Sandra D. and Charles Roger Aldridge, $310,650.

MEADOW WOOD DR., 26405-Tri Star Construction Inc. to James P. Colburn, $197,475.

MICHELLE CT., 29770-Branchwood Construction Inc. to Melinda J. and Steven G. Smith, $270,900.

THERESA CT. E., 38090-Russell E. Jones to Stephanie E. Bollen and John H. Boswell Jr., $212,000.

WATERVIEW DR., 40494-Edith and Alfred Wilkinson to R. and M. Partners, $300,000.

YOWAISKI MILL RD., 27070-Joseph G. Sekely to Catherine A. Hintze, $199,900.