The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

LENAH FARM LANE, 24013-Carolyn H. and James B. Ziegler to Zeynep and Veli N. Kaya, $611,000.

Algonkian Regional

Park Area

ALDEN CT., 38-L.M. Mundell and Jennifer L. Michel to Elizabeth I. Oddenino, $193,500.

BICKEL CT., 61-Asif H. Chaudhary to Joy and Titus Onuoha, $228,000.

BRISBANE SQ., 46119-Saneta K. and Melvin L. Bryan to Robert McCanless, $365,000.

DARIAN CT., 10-Kenneth E. Minchew to Elizabeth Kelley and Derek Smeds, $299,900.

DOMAIN TER., 21132-Kiran D. Chava to Kesavan Natarajan and Kalyani Mani, $259,900.

DRYSDALE TER., 46580, No. 300-George Bailey Jr. to Sarvia Hafizi, $225,000.

HEATHER GLEN RD., 190-Catherine P. and Thomas R. Groel II to Chaumette R. Garcia, $383,000.

MIDDLECREEK CT., 20620-Chen Te and Richard Chuang to Traci B. and David H. Prattis, $394,000.

MILLWOOD SQ., 21217-Bonni Ann and John U. Carney to Cynthia J. Welch, $299,900.

QUAY LANE, 20877-Steven J. Wallace to Karyn M. and John J. Furlong, $307,000.

TRINITY SQ., 20910-Nissa L. and Gregory K. Delaney to Diane Lombardo and Lily Lombardo, $357,500.

WATER MARK PL., 20251-Ruth P. Tees and Judd R. Van Sickle to Teresa Ruppe and Douglas Coffman, $695,000.

WATKINS ISLAND SQ., 47579-Hecham A. El Natour to Shimul K. and Jason E. Ray, $330,000.

WHITE OAK DR., 20447-Lucinda Katz and Mark Lawton to Margaret L. Hott, $337,500.

WYATT CT., 4-Sean Donovan to Katrina J. and Mathew J. Trampski, $202,500.

YOUNGS CLIFF RD., 20315-Margaret L. Hott to Christina Wrenn and George Stoltz, $590,000.

Ashburn Area

ALLDERWOOD TER., 44148-David M. Malone to Casey S. Albies, $279,000.

ARDMORE ST., 43291-Washington Homes Inc. to Lisa Jean and David Herman Walby, $322,846.

ASHBURN RUN PL., 21411-Timothy M. Bates to Elysa M. and Robert P. Leonard, $469,500.

BEECHWOOD TER., 20330, No. 100-Carol Ann Wenstadt to Jacqueline M. Kock, $195,000.

BRAE TER., 45061, No. 204-Linda E. Beasley to Jennifer L. Palumbo, $218,000.

CLIVEDON CT., 43537-Amy and Jeffrey Sinjem to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., $411,000.

CORNERPOST SQ., 21057-Eileen R. Collier to K. Rutherford and Raymond Johnson II, $280,000.

CROCUS TER., 21149-Shanna and Joel McGaughey to Millicent S. Ellerbe, $292,900.

CROCUS TER., 21159-Judice A. Smith to Maria M. and Wilson Castillo, $299,000.

CROFTON CT., 20809-Francine M. and Gary R. Heiligman to Fabiha A. and Warren K. Kumari, $420,000.

FERNCLIFF TER., 44085-Scott Allen Mason to Ryan D. Pitsch and Lida Thanarak, $255,000.

HAZLETON WAY, 20479-Laurie A. and Eric S. Van Winkle to Cheri L. and Andrew C. Est, $395,000.

LAUREL LEAF CT., 20907-Sharon F. and George Azzam to Terrie D. and James O. Bradshaw, $499,990.

MCCOLLOUGH CT., 43756-Maria Thomae and Jorge Forgues to Jennifer and Ward Melhuish, $575,000.

OAKVILLE TER., 21769-Sandra J. and Larry K. Jackson to Carrie Showalter and Kevin Vernon, $315,000.

OLD GALLIVAN TER., 43018-Linda G. Bailey to James H. Gill, $299,000.

ROAMING SHORES TER., 21052-Holly B. Dunn and Daniel W. Roe to Kimberly Harris, $345,900.

ROCHELLE CT., 43935-Mary Elizabeth and Randall Zbieg to Margaret and John C. Howland, $338,500.

SHADY GLEN TER., 44176-Ashley and Matthew T. Duley to Ronald A. Kirk, $245,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 20958, No. 204-Katherine Griffin to Wayne Pullen and Laura M. Pullen, $150,468.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 20977, No. 201-Kathleen Michelle Collins to Raad Alawadi and Taghrid A. Zarou, $153,000.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 20979, No. 203-Sean Donovan to Anothep A. Phimmasone, $183,500.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 21013, No. 103-Robert F. Simon to Mei Chee Gee and Goon Loong Liew, $144,000.

WHISPERWOOD TER., 43205-Sherryl L. and Rick H. Albert to Maureen B. and David P. Shearer, $310,900.

ZANDER TER., 43073-Ryland Group Inc. to S. Somasundaram and Sivaraman Vayali, $287,500.

Broadlands Area

CHICKACOAN TRAIL DR., 21436-Lorelei J. and John P. Logsdon to Karen A. and Chris J. Mantica, $499,000.

FALLEN WILLOW CT., 21050-Broadlands Associates to Loudoun County School Board, $2.77 million.

GLYNDEBOURNE CT., 42894-Jonathan Cooper Bagnall to Bridgette L. and Marc A. Scott, $650,000.

IVYWOOD TER., 43162-Cheryl J. and Gerald P. Riley to Jerry F. Wilburn Jr., $283,000.

LEGACY PARK DR., 42558-Bram Neighborhoods Corp. to Cynthia H. and James S. Fowler, $520,233.

LEGACY PARK DR., 42580-Bram Neighborhoods Corp. to Lisa R. and James Keith Johnson, $484,685.

MAGELLAN SQ., 42466-Centex Homes to Maryam and Amruddin Sadr, $128,813.

PICKETTS CORNER TER., 43621-Loudoun Valley Associates Partnership to Andrey Ter Karapetyants, $339,105.

REGAL WOOD DR., 42482-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to Sybil and Amresh Ponnambalam, $356,260.

REGAL WOOD DR., 42486-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to Heather Burns and David G. Fitch, $379,110.

REGAL WOOD DR., 42539-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to Ron Rush, $299,750.

RIDERS SQ., 43175-Deborah S. and Mark A. McDonald to Kristie Dionne and Thomas Abraham, $295,100.

SWEET ANDREA DR., 22771-Centex Homes to Barbara J. and John J. Deyermond, $638,495.

SWEET BAY TER., 21903-Judith A. Gilmore to Rahat Gulzar and Muhammad Khalid, $329,600.

VESTALS GAP DR., 42892-Jennifer M. and Thomas F. Nicholson to Stephany E. and Robert W. Kelley, $441,500.

VIRGINIA MANOR TER., 43779-Kerri E. and Brian R. Lamontagne to Sultan Sali and S. Rahmathullah, $309,900.

Dulles Area

ELKINS TER., 21840, No. 301-Nicole Sulser to Allison B. Bethea, $209,000.

GOLDEN SPIKE TER., 21911-Debra M. and Vincent J. Pedraza to Aaron P. Weaver, $319,900.

Hamilton Area

SYDNOR DR., 28-Vanessa J. and John Arnold to Nancy Carla Griffith, $185,000.

Leesburg Area

ADAMS DR., 115-Connie M. and Billy A. Suddueth to Rey D. Torres and Fernando Pineda, $138,500.

ARIEL DR., 286-Centex Homes to Anne E. Chiappetta, $423,300.

ARIEL DR., 288-Centex Homes to Michael Flaherty and Lisa Donnan, $479,675.

BAISH DR., 427-Ryland Group Inc. to Bridget Jackson, $336,630.

BRIDLE CREST SQ., 321-Debora K. and John W. Marcus to James E. Holcomb, $234,800.

BURNELL PL., 142-C. Jessup and Bret Kurihara to Susane and Ivan Bembers, $491,000.

BURT CT., 108-Celina Wan and Gerard Zhi Hao Shi to P. Karamcheti and Vinod Mukkamala, $393,000.

CALEDONIA CT., 43024-Fadwa Albkaie and Sam Hourani to Mirvat and Rubeen M. Awad, $500,000.

CAMBRIA TER., 1172-Farid Faieq to Caroline B. and Everette M. Coronel, $310,000.

CASTLE HARBOUR TER., 43490-River Creek Corp. to Chris Myers and Robert Courtney, $525,000.

CATOCTIN CIR., 151-Kristin and Robert L. Ritter to Merrie W. and Paul G. McIntyre, $308,000.

CEDAR WALK CIR., 195-Debra Mae and William T. Lickey Jr. to Robert G. Struth Jr., $218,000.

CHANCELLOR ST., 908-Lynn M. and Stephen J. Mackellar to Carol Abele and Michael J. Sierra, $390,000.

CHERRY LANE, 401-David M. Miller to Gregorio Martinez Gomez, $300,000.

CRESTWOOD ST., 518-Rafael Medina Jr. to S. Anguiano and Miguel Hernandez, $173,500.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 1004-Nancy H. and James K.D. Becker to Dayong Zhang and Demei Yang, $198,900.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19375, No. 203-Eleanor Jane and Joseph A. Walsh to Gloria C. Fauth, $330,000.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19385, No. 117-Rose S. Emerick to Janice K. and Harry E. Butts, $237,500.

CYPRESS RIDGE TER., 19385, No. 803-Louis and Susan Feldner to Norma L. and Robert L. Bornarth, $260,000.

DUNCAN PL., 707-Donna L. and Epes M. Nelson to Carolyn H. and James B. Ziegler, $450,000.

GOOSE CREEK LANE, 38465-Laura Elizabeth Moon to Michele W. and Gary Crone, $500,000.

GREEN ISLAND TER., 18421-Jo T. and Charles E. Turnelle Jr. to Thaddeus B. Szymanski, $470,000.

HARRISON ST., 123-Rebecca A. and Charles R. Ashcraft to Delores Y. Dehart, $255,000.

HAWLING PL., 1184-Tina B. and Chris G. McDaniel to Catherine Leavitt, $735,000.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1108, No. 101-Kelemedi Catanasiga Jr. to Ronald W. Rosenberger, $132,000.

HUNTMASTER TER., 1110, No. 101-Anna N. Mann to Amanda J. and Brandon B. Buhler, $158,000.

KITTIWAKE DR., 43918-Beazer Homes Corp. to Jenny and David Dai, $675,000.

LOUDOUN ST., 334-Cheryl A. and Charles Harris Platt to J. Cansdale and William Berdinka, $390,093.

MAGNOLIA GROVE SQ., 19370, No. 108-IDI Cortese Magnolias Corp. to Joyce Settle, $292,625.

MILL RACE TER., 43012-Lisa L.B. and Joseph L. Thomas III to Allison D. and David J. Gentille, $349,000.

MORRISSETT CT., 509-Kamlesh Verma and Pandu R. Soprey to Arne D. and Cindy L. Andersen, $438,000.

MOSELLE WAY, 19134-Courtland at Coton Commons Corp. to NVR Inc., $140,233.

ROANOKE DR., 232-John Hauley Rodgers to Juan F. and Lorena G. Sanchez, $172,000.

ROCK SPRING DR., 311-Lisa R. Zangla to Alisa Sampedro, $126,100.

SILVERWOOD TER., 18816-Hyang Sun and Jong Hwa Lee to Sameera and Mohammad Kabiri, $325,000.

SKINNER SQ., 19209-Lansdowne Community Development to Stephen L. and Charlotte T. Miller, $497,720.

SKINNER SQ., 19211-Lansdowne Community Development to Janise M. and James A. Lair, $566,911.

SMARTTS LANE, 806-Chanda D. and Richard B. Colley to Ilir Boci and Minello Boci, $215,000.

SOUTH ST., 227-Allison L. Thomas to Francis Elizabeth Woodlock, $155,500.

SPENCER TER., 108-Kris F. and Paul T. Crouch to Deborah C. Richards, $248,500.

STRIBLING CT., 607-H. Brierley and Thomas W. Soderholm to Ashley D. and Michael S. Hall, $465,000.

TAYLORSTOWN RD., 13376-Amanda R. and Brian K. Runyon Sr. to Jerar Nishanian, $750,000.

VANDERBILT TER., 706-Robin L. and Grover G. Wilson to Daniel C. Brooks, $240,000.

WASHINGTON ST., 214-Bette J. Aaron and Judith A. Smith to Sergio N. Arreguin, $200,000.

WHIPP DR., 341-Ryland Group Inc. to Sadmira and Elvir Karic, $386,210.

WHITNEY PL., 319-Elaine T. and David Coleman to Michelle R. and William T. Vocke, $374,900.

Lovettsville Area

LOVETTSVILLE RD., 39696-Jaeto Property Investment Group Corp. to Elle L. Haas and Daniel R. Roman, $294,000.

PARK PL., 6-Antoinette L. Pepin to Emarie E. Hewitt, $146,465.

Middleburg Area

HUNT CT., 1-B. Clancy Alampi, trustee, to Elizabeth and Michael E. Brunner, $382,000.

Purcellville Area

GREGGSVILLE RD., 19606-Ronald C. Rogos to Melissa G. and Raymond M. Healy IV, $651,500.

HILLSBORO RD., 15447-R.T. Homes Inc. to Patricia W. and Kenneth T. Blevins, $620,000.

STURBRIDGE CT., 709-Washington Homes Inc. to Deborah C. and David J. Larsen, $440,218.

Round Hill Area

DWYER CT., 36420-NVR Inc. to Kathy J. and Ray E. Fields, $650,074.

NEW CUT RD., 17-Jennifer L. Owesney to Josephine D. and Antonio Macias, $315,000.

WINSLOW CT., 35741-Round Hill Investors Corp. to James D. Hormes, $308,735.

South Riding Area

CROSSFIELD DR., 25496-Shazia and Imran Khaliq to Sneha H. and Heeran D. Mistry, $335,000.

DUNVEGAN SQ., 25204-Victor Antayhua II to David Alonso, $332,000.

GWYNNETH SQ., 25569-Anna Woo and Nathaniel N. Navarro to Irina P. and John D. Moore, $310,000.

LANDS END DR., 26095-Melissa Ellen Waybright to Brent I. Gouldey, $265,000.

MIDDLESEX DR., 43930-Pulte Home Corp. to Lidia Alvarez and Jose Alvarez, $530,200.

MINK MEADOWS ST., 43539-Rhonda J. Bacon to Leone T. Tarring, $302,000.

OXEN LANE, 43438-Amy C. and Todd D. Abbott to Aundrea and Carl David T. Ericson, $430,000.

PILGRIM SQ., 42798-Deborah L. and Eric M. Wagner to A. McDonald and Arisack Sayadeth, $270,000.

STADLER LANE, 42747-Kathleen Scerbo and Eric O. Nelson to Deborah L. Wanton, $329,900.

UPPER CLUBHOUSE DR., 25404-Michele Newton and Ryan E. Roberts to Jae Sun Chang and Jin Hwa Kim, $297,000.

Sterling Area

BARTLET SQ., 46678-Daniel T. Brigham to Michael T. McElhinney, $203,000.

CLEARVIEW TER., 46664-M. Socorro Urbina and James Caron to M. Regina and Owen M. Sweeney Jr., $300,000.

COTTAGE RD. N., 234-Nga T. Nguyen and Robert E. Green to A. Jerome and Helen M. Jayasinghe, $198,000.

COURTYARD SQ., 46988-Fouad Hakim to Amanda J. and Joshua D. Ramsden, $211,500.

CRESCENT CT., 12-Myram E. and Gerald W. Gordon to Donna M. and Richard Martindale Jr., $312,000.

DARTMOUTH DR. E., 309-N.P. Investment Co. to Lien Kieu Nguyen, $149,900.

GABLE SQ., 45346-Shane B. and Gregory A. Nowak to Mohammad J. Baig, $245,000.

HANFORD CT., 319-Dennis E. Van Noy to Ana V. Fuentes and Saul Rivera, $309,500.

HARRISON RD. N., 147-Victoria C. and Richard E. Sanders to O. Cardenas and Abraham Cardenas, $299,900.

HAYLOFT CT., 103-Monica and Myles Hager to UPMG Inc., $152,000.

IMAGE CT., 403-Robert McCanless to Molly S. Barber, $250,000.

LANCASTER SQ., 320-Linda L. Lawson and Richard E. Newcome to Arturo Cifuentes, $179,900.

LAURA ANNE DR., 113-Paul G. Schruben to Carol L. and John D. Goodin, $309,000.

MAGNOLIA RD., 114-Woon Jin Chung to Fumika and Jeffrey Song, $327,000.

MAGNOLIA RD., 123-Kristin Carrie Parkos to Luis Milton Vargas, $255,000.

PINE TRAIL TER., 45488-Carole Roach to S. Shankar and Manoj Sreenilayam, $280,000.

REFLECTION WAY, 100-Theresa M. and Charles Todd Apple to Rosa M. and Claros E. Henriquez, $275,000.

RICHLAND CIR., 126-Patricia A. and Richard A. Newman to Darlene D. Payne, $156,000.

RUSTY BLACKHAW SQ., 21471-Sze Wai Cheng to Nina P. and Michael T. Brown, $320,000.

SENECA RIDGE DR., 107-Frances D. and Willard L. Elledge Jr. to Cheryl Monroe and Paul Medonich, $379,000.

SEQUOIA CT. N., 102-Robyn and John Holland to Jorge L. Ayala and Jose V. Dubon, $234,000.

SHERWOOD CT., 943-Wilson and Maria M. Castillo to Hannah and Rupen D. Balca Harutiunian, $205,000.

STABLEHOUSE DR., 22372-Mariam Safi to Mohammed W. Hussain, $204,900.

STABLEHOUSE DR., 22411-Mir W. Yousefi to Rosa Z. and David A. Torres, $211,000.

SUGARLAND SQUARE CT., 5-Nellie Green to Maria Ramirez and Ernesto Quispe, $202,000.

TOTTENHAM CT., 1026-Young Hee and Todd P. Kuzniewski to Jaime Perez, $175,000.

TRAIL RIDGE CT., 206-R. Kuhnert and Stephen Kuhnert to Isaias Bonilla Aguilar, $305,000.

VERMONT MAPLE TER., 46808-Mahbobeh Esmaili to Javid Fanaeian, $350,000.

WOODMINT TER., 46761-Mary Jo and Mark Persinger to Relocation Advantage Corp., $275,540.