The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince William County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Prince William County Real Estate Assessments Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince William and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Bristow Area

BENCHMARK LANE, 8962-Heather L. and Lynn A. Hackley to Scott Kintzer, $255,000.

BOURNE PL., 13032-Michael T. Tobin to Eileen Theresa and Bernard Holmes, $329,900.

CRAIGHILL DR., 9761-Bernice Rego and Roger W. Davidson to Cheryl T. and John L. Sweeney, $329,900.

FORMBY ST., 12175-Parmjit and Waryam Sarrow to Gladys and Vincent Idiake, $343,000.

GRANTHAM CT., 8767-Holly N. and Eric T. McMurphy to GMAC Global Relocation Services Inc., $359,900.

JAY LANE, 9900-Jacqueline A. and Harold I. Altice Jr. to Michael Flanagan, $275,900.

JENNELL DR., 12206-Jane M. and James M. Daley to Jeffrey S. Lewis, $450,000.

ORLAND STONE DR., 10107-Brookfield Braemar Corp. to Denys and David Wheatley, $341,315.

ROARING SPRING LOOP, 9025-Miller and Smith at Victory Lakes Corp. to Genevieve S. and George E. Yager Jr., $424,750.

STABLE FOREST PL., 8856-Charles and Elisa Cannon to Elizabeth Schmaltz, $225,000.

THREE SISTERS CT., 10028-NVR Inc. to Euisun Kim and Kyung Tae Min, $433,200.

WEATHERSFIELD DR., 9331-Kimberly G. and M. Scott Umberger to Amie M. and James E. Francis III, $399,997.

Dumfries Area

ALEXANDER PL., 16137-Thomas C. O'Farrell to Michael S. Powers, $207,500.

ANTRIM CIR., 3210-Rodney J. Rodriguez to Barbara and Anthony Pringle, $201,000.

ASHMERE CIR., 4262-Lynette Cook to Hyun Shik Kim, $185,000.

FRANCIS WEST LANE, 16867-Kenneth D. Dunn to Rajni and Bhushan Lall, $310,000.

HENDERSON LANE, 16136-Katherine E. and Richard Miller to Jennifer C. and Mark Dudley, $204,900.

LOUNSBERY DR., 17892-Caroline Gunn to Sean Underdue, $163,500.

MEDFORD DR., 2877-Maria Z. and Luis A. Prieto to Trang T. Phan and Tuan D. Duong, $435,000.

MEDFORD DR., 2940-Brian M. Bloxom to Lisa L. and Joseph Albuquerque, $385,000.

MORGAN CT., 3655-Jorge A. Hernandez to Maria Gutierrez and Manuel Santos, $160,000.

TACONIC CIR., 16192, No. 65A-Bennie McClendon to Meskerem Getahun, $145,000.

WEXFORD LOOP, 17254-Julieta E. and Richard M. Kay to Ola Rainey Jennings, $222,500.

YEW GROVE PL., 3121-Monique C. and Kenneth C. Rose to Maria L. and Luis A. Rodriguez, $335,000.

Gainesville Area

BULLEN BLUFF TER., 6545-Judith K. Radomski to J. Stone and Nancy C. Stone, trustees, $325,000.

CANTERBURY LANE, 4393-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Ann and Toby Holt, $485,000.

CLARKTON CT., 7112-NVR Inc. to Patricia A. Clayton, $366,990.

CRIMSON LEAF CT., 8063-Sandra L. and Donald D. Tharrett to Robert Marchi, $291,500.

DANCING TWIG DR., 13995-Kristine M. and Seth F. Stein to Natalie Y. and Brian K. Nanto, $360,000.

MANAHOAC PL., 6992-Ronald L. Johnson to Heidi Symms, $247,000.

NEWBERN LOOP, 14358-Panagiota Pierrakos and Elias G. Zarkadoulas to Matthew J. Tyrell, $248,900.

PENDERLEA CT., 14500-NVR Inc. to Fatema M. Jaghori and Aziz M. Nazari, $421,190.

PENDERLEA CT., 14517-NVR Inc. to Azita Raeisian and Farshad R. Bathaee, $499,110.

STERLING POINT DR., 14052-Lynn Esposito and Pedro L. Aviles Jr. to Christopher A. Helme, $437,500.

YEWING WAY, 5712-Nina M. Saeedi and Parviz Abdi to Tommy J. Bennett Jr., $784,999.

Haymarket Area

CHALFONT DR., 14290-GMAC Global Relocation Services Inc. to Elizabeth A. and D.L. Green, $464,900.

DANUBE WAY, 15000-Linhthao L. and Trung V. Nguyen to Myung Chul and Ellie Kong, $329,900.

GUILFORD RIDGE RD., 14507-Jennifer F. and Brian T. Moores to Mechele and Neil Greene, $335,000.

MARTIN TER., 2906-Dennis C. Gulliford to Kristine Lynn Hicks and Michael S. Morris, $240,000.

MOUNTAIN VIEW DR., 4311-Mary E. and Robert L. Crofton to Kathleen and Christian E. Crafton, $327,000.

RED FOX CT., 15022-Stephen R. Smith Jr. to Vijay K. Taneja, $284,500.

RIDGE RD., 1843-Laura S. and Todd Jobson to Christy A. Sikora and F. Benjamin Mullins III, $270,000.

VERDE PL., 14380-Spencer W. Taylor to Samuel A. Maroon, $328,400.

Manassas Area

ASHEVILLE ST., 10172-Donald W. Sweetall to Stephanie A. and Luis R. Irizarry, $165,000.

BLUE GRAY CIR., 7844-Holly J. Trask to Marilyn Jones and Jerry W. Ostertas, $237,000.

BRECHIN WAY, 10550-Lisa I. Ashley to Laura A. and John C. Wood, $221,000.

BRISTOW RD., 12638-Vicki Lyn and Nolan M. Forness to Timothy O. Peters, $349,900.

CAMPAIGN CT., 10903-Rose O. and James C. Bailey to Corina and Marvin Martinez, $230,000.

COLTON LANE, 7374-James C. Siler to Shelia G. Hill, $171,000.

COLTON LANE, 7435-Sheila and Donald R. Ivery to Eris Alvardo, $187,000.

COMMUNITY DR., 7973-Scott Polly to Ana C. Martinez and Angel Cruz, $169,999.

DEWARD CT., 7977-Patsy J. and John E. McDermott to Isabel and Jose D. Flores, $274,900.

ELSINORE DR., 7880-Jacqueline N. and Donald G. Goodman to Gina and Goodman Bellamy, $529,000.

EMERALD DR., 7411-Lorena C. and Marco A. Parra to Candace N. and John T. Kleindl Jr., $169,900.

HANSON GROVE CT., 8963-Patriot Homes of Virginia Inc. to David Freitag, $309,444.

KING GEORGE DR., 9722-Carole A. and James R. Jeglum to Celinda Gonzalez Martinez, $300,000.

LACY DR., 8083, No. 14-Bruce F. Knoblock to Linda A. Kittle, $160,000.

LACY DR., 8087, No. 25-Kathryn Cecile Brandt to Doris A. and Arthur J. McCrea Jr., $163,000.

LANDVIEW DR., 12735-Cynthia R. Sakyi to Cynthia Lillian and Thomas A. McGraw, $344,900.

LISLE DR., 8050, No. 220-Margaret A. Mullins to Mary Park, $163,000.

LOMOND DR., 10126-Karen and Everett Charity to Elmer A. Alvarez and Efrain Cuadra, $275,000.

NIMITZ CT., 9851-Georjeane W. and Charles A. Wade Jr. to Elena Ayala, $304,900.

NORFOLK ST., 9648-Cynthia R. and Kenneth R. Toler Jr. to Josue and Isalas Calderon, $255,000.

OAK HOLLOW CT., 8833-Scott H. Donovan to Juan and Miguel A. Carranza, $174,900.

POPE ST., 10920-Rose and Fabio E. Melara and Nadia Candia Ruiz to Mabel Bonilla and Margoth Rodriguea, $236,600.

RAPIDAN LANE, 10440-Roy Draper to Mohammad Ghanaat, $172,900.

ST. LUCIA CT., 7255-Germma Jackson and Kelly Joyner to Edwin Pinto, $213,000.

SMITHFIELD RD., 11311-Debra E. Speicher to Virginia Steinacker, $275,000.

SOLDIERS CT., 11166-Catherine A. Daley to Penney L. Hoar, $226,000.

SOLDIERS CT., 11170-Millennium Associates Corp. to Thomas Goodwin and Heather Guinnip, $226,000.

SPOTSYLVANIA ST., 9512-Ronald E. Van Reuth and Betty J. Johnson to Jose B. Delcid, $285,000.

SPRUANCE CT., 8212-Darby S. and John W. Mingus to Carmelo Lucero Martinez, $272,000.

STONE HILL LANE, 10808-Milton N. Amados and Javier Morales to Miriam Amador, $220,000.

TERRAPIN DR., 6263-Patricia S. and Ralph E. Dwyer to Mary and George Brewster, $280,000.

TRUMPETER SWAN LANE, 6912-Holly F. Brenneman and Kathryn E. Raes to Jeanne C. Irving and John L. Brining, $510,000.

VICKSBURG CT., 8805-Nils Gliddi Jr. to Irma Duarte and Jose Valdez, $173,900.

WHITTING DR., 8041-Anna W. and Thomas W. Kaugher to Sharon and Michael Washington, $390,000.

Manassas Park Area

ALBEMARLE DR., 7508-Dawn M. Dowdle to Mario N. Araujo, $236,000.

AMHERST DR., 7715-Rebecca J. and Danny L. Carr to Lorinda N. McCormick, $245,000.

CHINKAPIN DR., 10170-Stacey and James Avrit to Karen and Eduardo Moas, $451,250.

LONE OAK CT., 8176-Nancy M.S. and K.E. Reese to Kerryn M. and Karl M. Shaffer, $389,000.

RAVINE DR., 11100-Lee Ann W. Cabrera, trustee, to Debra A. and R. Richard Ruble, $273,500.

THURSTON LANE, 7612-Rodney W. Perkins to Fatima O. and Naima O. Sindy, $227,500.

WHITEHALL DR., 7537-UPMG Inc. to Rosa E. Jimenez and Daniel Omar Budinich, $173,900.

YORKSHIRE LANE, 8328-Mark Estrada to Susan Ann Witt, $257,000.

YORKSHIRE LANE, 8506-Hevita I. Linares and Jose Adali Juarez to Reinaldo Guevara, $250,000.

Nokesville Area

BUFORD LANE, 13551-Laura J. and David E. Chiasson to Amber L. and Kirklin J. Bateman, $340,000.

Occoquan Area

FORTRESS WAY, 461-Stephen Wayne Malter to Alice M. Hedley, $254,900.

Quantico Area

FOURTH AVE., 296-Alexandria Bassil Sutton, trustee, to Kevin P. Brown, $35,000.

Triangle Area

GAYLE CT., 16266-Moonju Lee and Youngsig Ko to Michael and Carolyn R. Bledsoe, $280,000.

WOODLAND DR., 18414-Paxton Investments Corp. to Elliott Diamond, $180,000.

Woodbridge Area

ALASKA RD., 15111-Irma E. Morfin and Guadalupe Calderon to Mario Fredy Lopez, $240,000.

BALI CT., 3999-Dorcas E. and Steve Brown to Senait Teshome and Dehab Fessahazion, $260,000.

BARKSDALE ST., 14715-Timothy White III to Reina Turcios, $185,000.

BARRISTER PL., 13221-James J. Flaggert to Waltraud B. and Tomas A. Burgess, $464,950.

BELFRY LANE, 3469-John M. Barnes to Kevin P. Berry, $88,500.

BERKSHIRE DR., 14375-Mary E. and Woodford E. Johnson Sr. to Juan C. and Sara L. Forero, $160,000.

BIRCHDALE AVE., 14212-Gwendolyn F. and Jose A. Rodriguez Jr. to Ana M. Rivera, $210,000.

BIRCHDALE AVE., 14322-Manassas Investments Corp. to Rosa, Cynthia and Miguel Garcia, $219,500.

BORDEAUX PL., 2767-Carlisle Harrison Jr. to Carrie L. and Clarence J. Daniels, $70,681.

BRAZIL CIR., 15155-Ridgedale Inc. to Tamara Calhoun, $253,900.

BREMEN CT., 15783-Jennifer Thomas Wong to Jorge E. Ortiz, $275,000.

BRONCO WAY, 15357-Ridgedale Inc. to Nicholas P. Valdivia, $256,148.

BUFFALO CT., 3548-Polycarp Ogwuegbu to Rabindranath Rampersad, $151,000.

CANNON BLUFF DR., 5078-Anna F. and Harvey S. Miles to Laura and Rene Adams, $428,000.

CASCADE WAY, 4451-Basheer Edgemoore River Falls Corp. to Oonina S. and Richard M. Copeland Jr., $566,775.

CASS BROOK LANE, 16962-Sherry A. and Patrick S. Cook to Ashley M. and Rodney K. Ivery, $330,000.

CHABLIS CIR., 2842-Ellen W. Goldbranson to Gabriela Gomez and Jorge Bello, $129,500.

COLCHESTER FERRY PL., 13375-Marie Joshua to Nicole B. Wohl, $325,000.

CONGRESS ST., 1325-Miguel Montanez to Abidan Munoz, $214,900.

CORBETT PL., 1293-Joanne Rinaldi to Mohammad Ajmal, $260,000.

CRESSIDA PL., 3973-Thaddaeus Ryan Recard to Saud Almokaceip, $180,000.

CREST DR., 16030-Norman Randall Shuey to MJH Investment Group Corp., $194,600.

CUSTIS SQ., 13816-Steven Moreland and Laverne Wharton to Michele Runey and Steven Briscoe, $385,900.

DECATUR DR., 4420-Rita G. and James B. Wortham Jr. to Prudential Relocation Inc., $399,999.

DELANEY RD., 13848-Dennis Fox and Rhamonia A. Woodson to Linda W. and John Lee Badie, $279,900.

DERRIFORD CT., 12141-Judalyn J. and William E. Martin to Pamela D. Nephew, $274,565.

ELDORADO DR., 4304-Kathy A. and Buel Eugene Stovall to Nelson M. Moreno, $285,000.

EMBASSY DR., 4242-Angelia L. Collier to Juliet and Francis Ford, $160,000.

ENSOR CT., 14813-Dorothy E. and Barry Lee Arbaugh to Roxanne Hammond and Emanuel Brown, $181,000.

ENTERPRISE LANE, 14905-Cherri C. and Ronald C. Probst to Michael Oppong, $217,500.

ESKEW CT., 3559-Laura A. and Douglas A. Boufford, trustees, to Denise L. and Jeffrey D. Gunn, $452,000.

ESQUARRE CT., 3310-John, Kate and Joan Bryant to Marc Smejkal, $205,000.

FERNDALE RD., 14320-Mamie A. and Calvin L. Brantley to Alex A. Orellana, $180,000.

FILARETE ST., 14468-Rosa Escobar to Magda L. and Carlos Leon, $167,000.

FORESTDALE AVE., 3951-Linda D. and Walter T. Wilson to Precious and Anderson C. Frederick, $255,000.

FORSYTHIA TER., 14663-Carol A. Weaver to Ammyanna M. Williams, $179,900.

FRONTIER LANE, 12822-Brian John Hills to Noel Santos, $211,000.

GRANBY RD., 4307-Pamela H. and Richard K. Young to Phillip R. Lies, $242,500.

GREATBRIDGE RD., 12054-Equity Homes to Marcia A. and Jeffery W. Bearor, $637,084.

GUNSTON CT., 4212-Lagreta N. Gibson to Elizabeth Miranda, $168,500.

HUNTERBROOK DR., 12998-Lettie Yohannes to Vernon and Patricia E. Johnson, $234,000.

HYATT PL., 14886-Brian K. Liming to Maria Cristina Espinoza, $184,900.

HYLTON AVE., 1607-Ali Imran to Benicio G. and Pedro A. Aparicio, $250,000.

JED FOREST LANE, 16908-Clinton Bennett Smith to Kareem and Stacy Duncan, $224,900.

KELSEY CT., 13314-Lisa M. Leifker to Carlos and Manuel A. Cardoza, $193,500.

KENWOOD DR., 4515-Lois Elaine Chubb to Barbara and Lawrence Spencer, $184,000.

KERR CT., 13431-Ridgedale Inc. to Lloyd and Alice Situkali, $361,984.

LADINO CT., 3332-Joseph F. Devito to Blanca L. Sanchez, $165,000.

LANYARD LANE, 4917-Dana Eden Barr and John Gilbert Flack to Kristin L. and Robert E. Lohfeld Jr., $467,000.

LEOCRIE PL., 16653-Fahmida P. and Rashed K. Hoq to Chris and Melinda Schwen, $510,000.

MAIDSTONE CT., 12240-Gillian T. and Philip R. Hatton to Thomas L. Wilshere, $223,500.

MARILYN CT., 13746-Mary E. Hale and George R. Brewster to Isidro Alvarenza, $219,000.

MELCOMBE CT., 11686-Portia Mary Boggia to Michelle O. and Edward M. Jordan, $246,000.

MICHIGAN RD., 15303-Melody V. and David A. Luther to Maria and Luis Tapia, $219,500.

MILL HOUSE CT., 12869-Claudio R. and Leigh Bravo to Parisa Bazgir and Hedyeh F. Shahrestanki, $237,000.

NEATH DR., 15637-Karen Lee and Joe Michael Hendricks to Thomas P. Meyer and Terence C. Raley, $300,000.

OVERLEIGH DR., 11580-Carolyn S. Rhymes and Earl J. Barnes to Loaiza Walker Morales, $210,000.

PARTREE CT., 1981-Sandra L. and David R. Simpson Jr. to Regina M. Sharp and Thomas R. Bailey, $192,000.

PLYMBRIDGE LANE, 4101-Miguel A. Pinedo to Cheryl A. Keys, $280,000.

PRINCEDALE DR., 13476-Michele E. Hopper and David Ian Hopper to Tamaica and Darian Williamson, $284,000.

PRINCEDALE DR., 13591-Katherine M. Gannon and Paul C. Sohacki to Eduardo M. and Gil S. Quintela, $217,000.

QUANN LANE, 13152-Pablo G. Fernandez to Tarina H. and Jeffrey S. Silvis, $184,900.

QUINN LANE, 5408-Pauline B. Hanson to Danielle and Darren W. Saville, $394,000.

RENATE DR., 1600-Shaun P. Hamp to Mary Jo and Patrick L. Hamp, $96,150.

RIVERSIDE DR., 5779-Debra R. and Thomas A. Johnson to Tamara and Kazim Ali, $238,000.

ROUNDTREE DR., 5718-Jesse Phillips to Linda and Thao Tran, $250,000.

SALEMTOWN DR., 12161-Charles P. Choate to Philip and Shirley Spicer, $165,000.

SAVANNAH DR., 14209-Charles Ikwuakam to Oscar Canales, $180,000.

SHARP DR., 1708-Jose J. Carranza to Maria R. Trejos, $210,000.

SNAPPER CT., 15110-Cyndie L. and Matthew P. Teofrio Jr. to Amy Colkussy and Matthew Shinton, $389,900.

STONEFORD DR., 12115-Etricia A. and George Edwards to Tina Mayo, $200,000.

SWALLOW CT., 14845-Kathleen M. Murphy to Americo M. and Diane L. Perez, $175,000.

SWEENEY LANE, 16758-Yi Xu to Ophelia A. and Albert A. Owusu Jr., $230,000.

THRIFT LANE, 13061-Carolyn A. and John A. Dvorak to Nina and Carl Moore, $282,400.

THRIFT LANE, 13129-Richard M. Copeland Jr. to Jacqueline L. Bell, $296,272.

TORTOISE PL., 5371-Katherine D. and Kevin C. Polk to Kay Malek, $235,000.

TORY LOOP, 13091-Karen R. and John Lawrence Kopp to Olga Y. Martel and Jorge T. Heredia, $253,150.

TRIAD CT., 3911-Esther A. Fasanella to Jessica P. Powers and Daniel E. Quaresma, $389,900.

TUMBLING BROOK LANE, 12812-Karen M. Davis and Sandra M. Chiostergi, trustees, to Maria T. Loayza and Alfonso Paredes, $209,000.

VALE CT., 3462-Joseph R. Adams and Nancy D. Hoelscher to Robert W. Handy, $180,500.

VALLEYWOOD DR., 12711-Jagwant K. and Sukhbir S. Sekhon to Romanue Crystal Gayles, $255,000.

VESTAL ST., 723-Neighborhoods Corp. to Sandra R. and Edward W. Pritchard, $359,202.

WADSWORTH WAY, 12299-Elizabeth A. and Melvin C. Harper to Deborah J. and James R. Hart, $152,000.

WARREN DR., 1800-Dinora and Rigoberto Henriquez to Mirna Nunez and Baltazar A. Rubio, $270,000.

WATERWHEEL TER., 15265-Carrie L. and Clarence J. Daniels to Yasmin M. Banner Duncan, $187,000.

WATERWHEEL TER., 15283-Detrice M. and Eric R. Hunter to Jovel R. Balmoris and Arturo Melendez, $182,000.

WILLIAMSBURG CT., 2919-Ali Imran to Flor E. Berrios and Alexander Rubio, $152,000.

WIMBLEY LANE, 12722-Ronald C. Larkin to Hossein Haririnia, $255,000.

WINDING LOOP, 14745-Marta F. Zelaya to Sultana N. Chowdhury, $186,000.

WINDING LOOP, 14832-Frances Christian and Joseph Hooker to Jacquelyn A. and Edward D. Somuah, $210,000.

WINSLOW CT., 1966-Romona S. Corprew to Frances B. Cornwell, $164,900.

WINSTON CT., 2713-Cynthia and Kenneth Kealey to Enkutatash Feseha and Wudnesh Yemane, $244,900.

YELLOW TURTLE PL., 5311-Juanita A. and Michael L. Lickiss to Suzanne S. and David L. Lickiss, $150,000.