The following were among cases handled recently by the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, which operates the Alexandria Animal Shelter and provides animal control services to Alexandria. For more information or to report emergencies involving animals 24 hours a day, call 703-838-4774.

Chow Rescued Near Traffic

Janneys Lane, 2900 block, May 4. Responding to a report of a dog running loose in a neighborhood, an animal control officer captured a buff-colored chow heading toward traffic at Janneys Lane and King Street. The dog was taken to the city shelter, where it was held pending contact from an owner.

Animals' Welfare Checked Out

Stevens St. N., 2500 block, May 7. Police received a report of abandoned animals in a residence and called animal control. An animal control officer posted a notice on a door at the home. A resident called the officer and said that the occupants were in the process of moving and that the animals were not abandoned.


The following were among cases handled recently by the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, which operates the county animal shelter and provides animal control services to Arlington County. The shelter is open for adoptions from noon to 7 p.m. weekdays and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays. For more information or to report emergencies involving animals 24 hours a day, call 703-931-9241. The league's Web site is

Ducklings Freed From Pool

Kent St. N., 1700 block, May 9. Animal control received a call about 12 ducklings stranded in a swimming pool. The recently hatched ducks had followed their mother into the pool but were too small to get out. An officer placed several items in the pool to help the babies reach the pool edge, but the attempt was unsuccessful. The ducklings were netted and removed. The officer tried to net the mother so the family could be relocated, but the mother escaped. The ducklings were taken to the county shelter, then transported to a wildlife rehabilitator.

Nestlings in Cart on Balcony

Eads St. S., 1600 block, May 10. An apartment complex manager called animal control after finding a nest of pigeons in a shopping cart on the balcony of a vacant apartment. Animal control said to leave the cart until the babies were old enough to leave on their own. The manager agreed but called back the next day because he was worried that the birds might jump over the balcony, which was several stories high, and injure themselves. Animal control advised the manager to move the cart to ground level.

Escaped Dog Returned to Owner

Wilson Blvd., 6400 block, May 13. A Great Dane with a collar but no tags was surrendered as a stray to animal control. About an hour later, a man called to report that he had lost his Great Dane. The man went to the shelter, identified the dog and provided proof of ownership. He said he had let the dog out during the night, and it had left the yard through an open gate. He said he mistakenly thought he had added the dog's tags when he recently fitted it with a new collar. Before taking his dog, the man attached a tag to the collar listing a number referring to the owner's information on file at the shelter.

Leash Requirements for Dogs

In response to an increased number of calls about dogs being walked without a leash, animal control reminds pet owners that walking a dog without a leash could result in a court summons and fine. Dogs may be walked off leash only in designated community canine areas. For information on the canine areas, call 703-931-9241, Ext. 200, or visit

-- Compiled by SARAH LANE