The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

AMBERSTONE CT., 40, No. 40A-Robert E. Lee to Brian C. Meck, $185,000.

BAY HIGHLANDS DR., 1173-Anthony Boyd to Laura P. Shanley, $270,000.

CEDAR LANE, 294-Andrew M. Dooher to Prudential Relocation Inc., $335,000.

DOGWOOD RD., 10-Department of Veterans Affairs to Cynthia L. Taylor, $160,000.

FOREST HILLS AVE., 952-Quentin T. Rayhart III to Lauri Ann Petroy, $223,000.

GREYSTONE CT., 40, No. I-Steven T. Bonney to April L. Goodson and Robert J. Donithan, $142,000.

HEARTHSTONE CT., 20-Waverlean Williams to Richard A. Aberry, $139,000.

HILLTOP LANE, 20-James S. Walker to Lawrence J. Wilner, $262,000.

SILOPANNA RD., 130-Peter L. Michos to Karen A. Doyle, $498,000.

SECOND ST., 544-John S. Bayly to Stephen and Jennifer Rogers, $435,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point

State Park Area

ADMIRAL DR., 603, No. 7-Frank M. Murphy to John M. Killila, $216,500.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 1701-Donald W. Darnes to Fellowship Foundation Inc., $485,000.

BAY HEAD RD., 1673-James R. Sherman to Fagships Builders Inc., $250,000.

BEACON WAY, 914-Edith J. Meller to Susan M. Hargrave, $237,000.

BLOSSOM TREE CT., 417-Russell L. Biller to Geoffrey D. and Laura E. Becker, $180,000.

BRETTON VIEW RD., 1437-Arthur E. Prack III to Clara M. Bereston and Richard J. Hicks, $417,000.

BREWER AVE., 16-John F. Druhan to Michael J. Looft, $275,000.

BRIGHTWATER DR., 150-Cetric D. Lyons to Fredrick Opong, $188,000.

GREEN TOP CT., 1807-David F. Clark to Richard J. and L. Renee Reilly, $329,900.

HAZEL NUT CT., 1362-Byung Young Kim to Timothy and William Hodgin, $169,900.

LIDO DR., 1060-Donald L. Wagner to Frederick and Yu Yun Lee, $310,000.

LINDEN AVE. N., 105-F.D. Hubbard to Robert A. and Katherine S. Rice, $301,500.

MADISON PL., 19-Todd D. Lamb to Brian N. and Kathryn R. Fox, $345,000.

MATHIAS HAMMOND WAY, 501, No. 103-George Phillips to Patricia M. Chilcoat, $96,000.

MERLE CT., 3-Maria L. Pinheiro to Jennifer L. Medile, $219,000.

REVELL DOWNS DR., 1602-Patricia Asef to Michael L. Zinkand Paterson and Brooke B. Willinski, $180,000.

RIVER BAY RD., 1246-Esther S. Christensen to Dennis M. Bolger and Maria B. Morris, $455,000.

ROLLING DALE RD., 624-Joseph R. Dean to William P. and Laura Coffin, $340,000.

SOUTHAVEN RD., 2816-Terrance C. Slattery to David H. Carstens, $360,900.

WARNERS TER. N., 2003, No. 115-Dennis R. Myers Jr. to Mary L. Hixson, $205,000.

WEST ST., 1507-Clyde H. Eader to G.A. and Athena K. Alexandrides, $306,500.

WESTMINSTER WAY, 1717-Cheryl L. Heilman to Joseph M. Cummings, $475,000.

WHITEHALL COVE, 1000-Joseph A. Becker Jr. to Terry C. and M.E. Slattery, $1.9 million.

WINTERS CHASE WAY, 2945, No. 27-Joseph A. Thompson Jr. to Monica M. Mattson, $255,000.

Annapolis- Sherwood Forest Area

MAID MARION HILL, 635-Philip L. Sibert to David M. and Mary A. Brogi, $525,000.

Arnold Area

BALD EAGLE RD., 1632-Dale M. Horan to David J. and Jennifer P. Ferragut, $390,000.

BAY GREEN DR., 516-Jack O. Cook to Daniel L. and Nancy S. Bishop, $365,000.

BRASSIE CT., 1111, No. 82-Andrew L. Dowd to Rebecca A. Hutton, $280,000.

COLONIAL RIDGE LANE, 412, No. 7-Michael A. Corcoran to Robert C. Coleman, $250,000.

FALCON NEST CT., 1489, No. 64-James R. Peterson to Warren M. Stein, $250,000.

FOXFIRE CT., 267-Peter J. Henschel to Mark W. and Diana M. Gower, $375,000.

MARINER DR., 1417-R.E. Boettcher to James M. McCann, $235,000.

MYSTIC LANE, 515-Ray H. Schrader to SHK Properties Corp., $230,000.

PADDOCK CIR. W., 193-Sonya K. Singleton to Craig Flury, $1.11 million.

PINE VALLEY DR., 739, No. 42-Rita B. Shapiro to Robert C. Coleman, $282,000.

SOUTHERN HILLS DR., 738, No. 6K-Michael E. Harmon to Marcia R. Wright, trustee, $167,000.

TASKER LANE, 1021-Kelly S. Colleran to Carl F. and Charleen B. Koebel, $369,000.

TERNWING DR., 291-Todd A. Hartwig to Gregory J. Coster and Holly L. Carr, $130,000.

Brooklyn Area

BELLE GROVE RD., 4406-Lorey B. Kimmel to Joshua W. and Kristen R. Greear, $150,000.

HAMMONDS LANE, 909-Johanna M. Hess to Muriel Menefee, $157,000.

KRAMME AVE., 5231-Carol Albright to Valerie B. and David A. Rudisill, $100,000.

MEADOW RD. W., 138-Joy U. Mossman to Stephen T. Stump, $82,000.

MEADOW RD. W., 224-Jonathan M. Shifflet to Catherine Shawen and Ian F. Smith, $92,500.

WAVERLY AVE., 415-Barbara Troup to Mary A. Wilburn, $104,000.

17TH AVE., 107-J.M. Downey to Robert and Shannon Baranowski, $100,000.

Churchton Area

BASKIN ST., 5506-Alice K. Grinsted to Cerrito Management Corp., $195,000.

BATTEE DR., 5656-Bernard Veuthey to Robert and Pamela Winters, $635,000.

BERKLEY MANOR LANE, 5508-Patricia G. Moore to Conseco Financial Servicing Corp., $151,000.

BLUEBEARD CT., 5609-Kent C. Delrossi to Christopher D. and Oona D. Delaney, $225,000.

ESSEX ST., 5612-Anthony L. Eller to Perry Henderson, $132,000.

Crofton Area

AIRY HILL CIR., 2510, No. 4-B4-Robert J. Chase to Amy Sunderland and Harvey Moyer, $139,900.

BRITE CT., 2806-Kelley S. Adcox to Prudential Relocation Inc., $364,000.

BRODERICK CT., 1004, No. 58-Richard A. Kerkmeester to Benjamin M. and Nancy F. Royster, $232,000.

DANA ST., 1721, No. 2-Charles K. Fogle Jr. to James E. Warren, $249,900.

ENCINO DR., 1900, No. A-Deborah A. Leach to Christine A. Reilly, $141,000.

HAMDEN CT., 2411-Kristin M. Larsen to John W. Liccione, $255,000.

MARA VISTA CT., 1452, No. 119YE-Gregory D. Carrick to Pamela L. Smith, $159,500.

PAWLET DR., 2046, No. 33B-Brian A. Richardson to Marcelo Aguilar and Erika Subieta, $185,000.

SHAFTSBURY AVE., 1766-Boris L. Kachura to Jason C. and Guinnevere M. Hughes, $314,900.

THISTLE BROOKE CT., 1413-John A. Knocke to Ronald D. and Pamela S. Spear, $520,000.

TROYS CT., 1600-Prudential Relocation Inc. to James J. Fontaine and Sandra K. Colao, $450,000.

VERDIS LANE, 2712-Gary J. Clark to Michelle R. Raines, $415,000.

WESTON CT., 2503-Sharon A. Gambrell to Elizabeth Secrest, $256,000.

WHITES FERRY PL., 1845, No. 5-Daniel J. Judge to Darlene K. Bell, $253,750.

Crownsville Area

BARGER DR., 770-Kurt P. Spiess to Brian G. Miller, $249,900.

DIGGS RD., 928-Keith A. Edmonds to Rene H. and Bille C. Kristensen, $224,900.

PENDERBROOKE DR., 2011-Raymond A. Illian to Joseph V. and Laura F. Cooke, $720,000.

Curtis Bay Area

CHESAPEAKE DR., 7927-Robert B. Sofge to Pamela S. Popovich, $138,500.

CHESTNUT HAVEN CT., 1007-Shawn L. Udovich to Jennifer L. Bendermeyer and Philip Merlino, $190,000.

CHESTNUT HAVEN CT., 1008-Jerrilyn Taylor to Charlita Hearn, $164,900.

COX COVE CT., 1302, No. 414-Teresa A. Salyers to Michael G. Stavlas, $219,000.

STONEY POINT WAY, 1449, No. 278-Dennis R. Fleming to Matthew R. Tabor, $150,000.

Davidsonville Area

DOUBLE GATE RD., 1071-Melvin F. Carroll to Ralph L. and Marcia G. Defalco, $675,000.

Deale Area

CLARK AVE., 620-Ronald W. Chen to Nola J. Troxel, $150,000.

Edgewater Area

BEACH DRIVE BLVD., 3640-Glenn E. Domchick to Susan S. Heffenr, $310,000.

FAIRHILL DR., 1620-Morris C. Swope to Yvonne Emmans and Harry G. Slocombe, $225,000.

FAIRHILL DR., 1645-Margaret A. McManus to Dilks Properties Corp., $168,000.

FAIRHILL DR., 1705-Jill A. Green to Joey E. Ridgeway and Joelle Olenik, $198,000.

FAQUIER CT., 11-Linda B. Rusk to Steven and Jacqueline Rowland, $649,000.

LINDEN AVE., 321-Donald W. Spadaro to Spencer A. Kligman, $195,000.

LONDONTOWN RD., 323-C.L. Dupree to Neil and Patricia S. Buchanan, $144,995.

OAKWOOD RD., 320-Michael J. Schmidt Jr. to Cynthia Steen, $165,000.

RAMSEY DR., 3966-Zora M. Corley, trustee, to Michael W. and Jill A. Criscuolo, $465,000.

SOUTH RIVER LANDING RD., 300-Nancy R. Smit to Howard and Jamie Bartz, $720,000.

SEVENTH AVE., 3692-Deanna L. Fink to Ira Locke, $213,000.

Gambrills Area

STAR CT., 965-Robert S. Saunders to Bryan S. and Jill D. Knauer, $274,000.

Glen Burnie Area

A ST. SW, 200-David A. Johnson to William M. and Mary Beth Chubb, $194,975.

ALLEN RD., 221-Alice M. Wolfe to Lashelle Stanback, $104,900.

AQUAHART RD., 601-Samuel J. Fonte Jr. to James M. and Vlasta Anderson, $259,900.

AVESBURY LANE, 7100-John L. Faris III to Michael L. and Melissa M. Spence, $178,900.

CORNELL CT., 482-Joseph L. O'Shea to Beverly Mitchell, $150,000.

EAST PARK DR., 7924-Christopher W. Watkins to Frederick J. and Evelyn L. Kirchner, $133,000.

ELLWELL CT., 451-Charles W. Taylor Jr. to Jerrod and Carmaleta C. White, $1.435 million.

FERNDALE RD., 200-Thomas W. Ehlers to Matt McKnight, $197,000.

FOXRIDGE CT., 201-Yolando Calderon Jorge to John W. and Bridgette Y. Riggin, $375,000.

HARRIS HEIGHTS AVE., 6329-Michael A. Szuch to Sonia D. Oden, $141,900.

HIGHLANDER DR., 249-E.A. Tarpley to Jeremy J. Williams, $160,000.

JUNEBERRY WAY, 200, No. 200-3B-Annastasia Kezar to Sharon A. Duchene, $107,000.

RED FOX LANE, 141-Matthew S. Ziemski to Paul J. Arcand Jr., $244,900.

VALIANT CIR., 324-Marshall D. Milam to Henry J. Harle, $141,000.

SECOND AVE. S., 95-James E. Bohn to Keiko Preston, $230,000.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

AMELIA AVE. NE, 909-Wayne E. Hampton to Benjamin Huntzinger, $115,000.

BLUE WATER CT., 306, No. 103-Yolanda O. Chrzanowski to Lillian Zacharski, $133,900.

CEDAR DR., 21-EMC Mortgage Corp. to Robert Helmick, $140,000.

DUBLIN DR., 387-Salvation Army to Syed Hussain Raza Tirmazi, $215,000.

EAST THOMPSON AVE., 271-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Thomas Egan, $179,000.

ILENE RD., 121-Edwin L. Brown to Robert A. and Patricia A. Henley, $149,900.

LOUISE TER., 148-John Mallonee to Edgar D. Russell Jr., $165,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6609, No. 301-Gary L. Weaver to Narrisha Adams, $127,000.

SHANNON FOREST CT., 313-Oscar T. Rodriguez to Andre R. and Natina M. Beale, $201,000.

SHELLYE RD., 7835-Doris A. Bolton to Hang V. Duong and Kathy Mai, $163,000.

THOMAS RD., 1021-Robert J. Stranski to Mark Beck, $164,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 101, No. 102-Michael S. Roelofs to James D. Harrison, $116,000.

WEST DR., 7738-Peter A. Castruccio to Nancy Anne Andrew, $115,603.

Hanover Area

FAIRBANKS DR., 1414-Francis A. Schmidt to Robert E. and Karen A. Davis, $220,000.

HILL BORN DR., 1320-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Eric M. Campbell, $224,000.

LEMON TREE CT., 7531-Carmine L. Guiliano to Jason Evans and Anne Tiamson, $250,000.

MORDOR LANE, 1478-Robert F. Houck to Pamela K. Kelley, $250,000.

PORTOBAGO LANE, 1924-Stanley D. Strebel III to Dean C. and Laura L. Toney, $335,000.

Harwood Area

HARWOOD RD., 900-Hubbard H. Taylor to Michael L. and Jill P. Rese, $378,000.

Jessup Area

CITRUS AVE., 2011-Henry G. Ostman to Charles E. Rogers, $150,000.

Laurel Area

BITTERWOOD PL., 3402, No. B201-Kevin Morrow to Gary A. Campbell, $163,500.

BRAMBLEBUSH LANE, 106-Michael A. Mohr to Demarco and Shermaine Wells, $251,000.

MALLARD SHORE DR., 8166-Ching Cheung to June Xu and Sin D. Lam, $240,000.

SUDLERSVILLE S., 3320-John W. Vawter to Leonard R. and Marsha M. Fridley, $225,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

CIRCLE DR., 1-Keith H. McDowell to Ronald F. and Rosemary Hawley, $190,000.

HAMMONDS FERRY RD. N., 223-Karen L. McCormack to Gary and Janet Brown, $185,800.

HAWTHORNE RD., 508-James W. Robertson to Christen O. Dashner, $210,000.

SUDBURY RD., 428-George E. Hopkins to Ellsworth J. and Katherine B. Welton, $250,000.

Lothian Area

OLD SOLOMONS ISLAND RD., 25-Robert G. Spicknall, trustee, to Robert L. Beal, $199,900.

RAPIDAN CT., 5412-John F. Cawley to Wayne M. and Debra L. Wyvill, $325,000.

RUSTIC WAY, 5379-Michael R. Foster to Mark Circo, $461,900.

Millersville Area

BRIGHTWOOD RD., 546-James R. Parker III to George W. and Teresa D. Lynn, $334,915.

CECIL AVE., 1035-Hunter F. Calloway to Joseph P. and Deborah A. Swingle, $494,000.

CRAVER RD., 8252-Michael S. Brewis Sr. to Carlton Parker, $219,900.

HOPE POINT CT., 8301-Richard F. Parshall to Norma L. Clark, $587,500.

MIMICO S., 8256-Areadio Figueroa to Gershon Hoffer, $168,868.

SADDLEBACK CT., 409-Irene D. Hildebrandt to James A. and Jane R. Levitt, $450,000.

STONE WHEEL CT. W., 653-Jennifer D. Bender to Michael Landis and Jamie Lambert, $164,000.

WINDTREE CT., 8396-Gilbert H. Moore III to Garth A. and Alison Ashbeck, $525,000.

North Beach Area

BAY FRONT AVE., 766-Cornelius A. Link to David H. and Diane C. Kestel, $400,000.

Odenton Area

BRIGHT MEADOW CT., 8728-Jeffrey A. Rich to Christopher and Angela R. Gozdor, $209,900.

COMMISSARY CIR., 2164, No. 227-William F. Wittman to Tanya M. Crowley, $188,000.

COMMISSARY CIR., 2184, No. 217-Robert S. Halgren to Charles E. and Eileen A. Richter, $180,000.

COMMODORE CT., 2109, No. 305-Salomon Brothers Realty Corp. to Danielle Holliday, $189,500.

EASTRIDGE CIR., 102-Christine A. Long to Arthur B. Roan and Joy D. Banks, $244,900.

GOLDSBOROUGH DR., 162, No. 33-Rosalind A. Taylor to Jeffrey P. Kirker, $229,900.

LIONS GATE LANE, 650, No. 16-650-J.H. Wilson to William H. and Wanda C. Howard, $183,000.

LIONS GATE LANE, 720, No. 12-720-Brett McDonald to Graham Boyanich and Robin Simpson, $155,000.

MIDDLE NECK RD., 2713-Chris Glodeck to Michael A. and Heather M. Kistler, $232,500.

ODENTON RD., 1369-Stewart J. Lanning to Graham and Deanna M. Thorpe, $202,000.

ORCHARD GREEN CT., 8742-Leslie Bush to Patricia E. McKeena, $223,000.

PINECOVE CT., 110, No. 114-David L. Sanford to Earl A. Best, $197,000.

WARM SPRING WAY, 2469-James K. Mitchell to Kevin Kennedy, $242,000.

WILLOW LEAF LANE, 8605-Ruper V. Desai to Georgia L.H. Hughes, trustee, $184,900.

WILLOW LEAF LANE, 8655-Jennine Crumbley to Dennis W. and Angelica Rutherford, $187,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

APPIAN WAY, 112-Patricia M. Kenneally to Gershon Hoffer, $141,500.

BEACH DR., 7590-Joseph L. Crossman to Steven J. and Cynthia A. Hannon, $344,000.

DUNLAP RD., 148-Christopher A. Akers to Charles M. and Sherri L. Hodges, $143,000.

EASTERN RD., 198-Margaret V. Griffith to Johnny J. and Victoria L. Evans, $235,000.

FOREST GLEN DR., 8080-Wayne O. Brokke to Robert J. and Katherine S. McCarter, $799,000.

HILLSBORO CT., 8205-Pamela A. Dunlavey to Charles O. Odeyale, $183,500.

HOLLY AVE., 718-Andrew Wendell to Steven James and Crystal Slaughter, $199,000.

KINGSLEY CT., 3501, No. D-Barbara Steward to Kathleen M. Sands, $103,800.

LEONARDO CT., 7808, No. 8-Anthony F. Topita to Karen A. Topita, $199,900.

LOCUST DR., 1094-Joseph J. Rosenthal to Allan L. Walther, $213,000.

MAGOTHY BLVD., 264-Edward F. Yanke to M. Housley, $120,000.

MAGOTHY BEACH RD., 176-Robert P. Fenton to Andrew G. and Torraine Stubbs, $245,000.

MARO RD., 303-William Sargent to Thomas P. and Carol A. Levin, $540,000.

MIRAMAR RD., 8480-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Michael D. Bowling, $155,000.

MOUNTAIN ESTATE CT., 8187-Michael McClintock to Vandria D. Davis, $193,000.

MULBERRY RIDGE CT., 220-David C. Lane to Susan D. Zichos, $195,000.

PENNSYLVANIA AVE., 213-Judy L. Fenwick to Stacie and Kenneth Clark, $289,900.

PINK LILY CT., 8008-James V. Redd Jr. to Joseph L. and Mia R. Henson, $245,000.

SILLERY BAY RD., 284-Fernando Murias Jr. to James G. Turoff, $835,000.

TANYARD LANE, 1389-Joseph Aqua to Daniel T. and Noreen M. Connelly, $375,000.

WEDGEWOOD CT., 3502, No. G-Jeffrey S. Anderson to Thomas W. Jenkins, $94,000.

WENDOVER RD., 247-Alan C. Wray to Devon P. Reardon, $165,000.

WOODHOLME CIR., 8009-Thomas W. Starkey to Redge A. Mahaffey, $153,000.

201ST ST., 757-James E. Billing to Roger J. and Theresa H. Mayne, $199,900.

Severn Area

ALDERNEY CT., 1891-Randy S. Mallard to Quinn A. and Jean Oliver, $222,000.

CLASSIC CT. W., 7704-James J. Matthews Jr. to Robert W. and Chonghui J. Wilkie, $379,000.

CONSETT CT., 8206-Paul A. Hnatiw to Jerome A. Nolan, $97,000.

DONALDSON AVE., 567-Joseph W. Kaplan to Snyder Corp., $275,000.

ESTATE CT., 1897-Eric K. Joseph to Carla D. and Melvin R. McKee, $382,500.

GRAINFIELD RD., 8201-Joseph W. Verrilli to John Elliott, $262,000.

HARVEY AVE., 1440-Kimberly A. Spinks to Leon J. and Katrina M. Brockway,


JACOBS MEADOW DR., 1725-Benjamin A. Workman to Myron Glover, $115,000.

LASALLE PL., 1824-Michael R. Dufault to Lavern and Brenda Henry, $199,000.

MAPLE TREE RD., 890-Thomas M. Dolan to Dana L. Myers Horney, $249,900.

MCNELIN WAY, 7980-Todd M. Drenning to Dennis J. and Michele S. McDonald, $300,000.

MONTREAL RD., 1831-1831 Montreal Road to Tina Marie Jones and Joseph G. Tsioumas, $233,400.

NEW CUT RD., 8278-Kathleen A. Hamilton to Susie L. and William R. Hamilton, $300,000.

PASTURE BROOK RD., 606-James R. Chesney to Barbara S. Garrett and David M. Sheriff, $349,900.

POPLAR GROVE RD., 7878-Brian M. Nevin to Amy Williams, $255,000.

YEARLING CT., 610-Leslie P. Cook to Albert J. and Laverne D. Meier, $375,000.

Severna Park Area

BEN OAKS DR. W., 415-Stephen Calandrino to Gabriel J. Romo and Mechelle A. Jones Romo, $320,000.

COTTONWOOD DR., 715-Marguerite S. Hood, trustee, to Patricia A. Bryant, $280,000.

DREXEL DR., 161-Jung Sik Yoon to Michael Boyle and Kristin Stettler, $430,000.

LAUREL LANE, 709-Gregory E. Fox to C. and Deanna L. Clayton, $420,000.

LOWER MAGOTHY BEACH RD., 249-Anne J. Whittaker to Kenneth Nyczaj and Connie S. Pulliam, $339,900.

LOWER MAGOTHY BEACH RD., 250-Patrick C. Healy to Ryan L. and Hannah C. Wilkins, $342,000.

OLD COUNTY RD., 613-Dreamcraft Homes Inc. to James E. and Belinda C. Sloat, $275,000.

OLD COUNTY RD., 616-Timothy K. Flaherty to Kirk P. Allbright, $400,000.

ROUND BAY RD., 123-Walter S. Brewer Jr. to Jerry and Debra Brewer, $450,000.

WATER ST., 112-Melvin S. Hastings to Severn School Inc., $447,500.

Shady Side Area

BEECH ST., 4935-Reed J. Petersen to Kevin S. Catlett, $184,900.

CHESAPEAKE AVE., 4703-Brian A. Colella to Richard D. and Linda M. Smith, $860,000.

CHESTNUT ST., 4911-Emory W. Frazier to Andrew S. and Sheila A. Rockwell, $215,000.