The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria Area

BLOOMFIELD DR., 5608, No. 4-Andrea M. Chance to Jose M. Quintanilla, $93,900.

BLOOMFIELD DR., 5614, No. T3-Ira S. and Stella R. Steinman to Sandra Elizabeth, $166,200.

BLOOMFIELD DR., 5616, No. 102-Azam Morsali to Tuan Do, $109,300.

INDEPENDENCE CIR., 5719-Rory and Susan Grenz to Brian Eichstadt, $235,000.

JUPITER HILLS CIR., 6605, No. H-Stanley and Sharon A. Goldberg to Ji W. Kim, $215,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 5001-Anthony Westerling to Mark L. Hartl and Silas Manuel, $260,000.

MAGNOLIA LANE, 5603-Thomas Tran and Nguyet A. Ngu to Mario C. Lazarte, $370,000.

MAJOR ST., 6510-Edward T. Crowley to Kenneth K. and Bethany M. Baldwin, $385,000.

MELVERN PL., 3916-Vang V. and Camvan Tran to Abdelhadi and Naima Derder, $390,000.

NIGHTWIND CT., 6511-Li Q. Song to Xiaojing Du and Li Tang, $419,900.

OAK RIDGE DR., 6325-Rose B.C. Shields to Craig S. Boke, $379,000.

SHELDON DR., 5519-Joan Grillo to Paul and Celeste McArtor, $313,000.

TARTAN VISTA DR., 6553-Joseph A. and Agnes D. Dipietrantonio to Kenneth M. Bromberg, $348,450.

SEVENTH ST., 6469-Pirooz and Sohaila M. Filsoof to Silvia and Nicusor Serban, $350,000.

Alexandria-Belle View Area

VANDERBILT DR., 6928-Golda E. Gilbert and Catherine E. Padgett to Brian S. and Stephen R. Edwards, $274,400.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6641, No. 315-Thomas H. and Elizabeth L. Scott to Arthur H. and Joan M. Evers, $162,000.

10TH ST., 6308-Marina C. Liburdi to Stephen R. and Seileen M. Murphy, $450,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

ALDERMAN DR., 6372-Pamela F. Chauncey and Barbara A. McEliece to Liangzhi You and Xuemei Chen, $515,000.

ASHBY LANE, 7512-Linda B. Otero to Kenneth J. and Maria Mercedes Torres, $235,000.

AVALON PL., 5302-Dennis H. Pryor and Gerald W. Rhoads to Qin Lu and Zhijian Hu, $255,000.

BALLYCASTLE CIR., 5150-Jennifer L. Gentry to Rodney J. and Connie L. Ward, $432,000.

BERKSHIRE DR., 6514-James L. and Ardna A. Fox to Elizabeth A. Anderson and Kevin T. Wright, $235,000.

CAPRICE CT., 4324-Kee S. and Young C. Nam to Gamal A. and Migdalia Reyes, $321,000.

CASHLAND CT., 7710-Kathy J. Perry to John F. Cooney and Paula S. Isicson, $520,000.

CURTIER DR., 6010-Tom A. Saputo to Nicole L. Laborde, $175,500.

DESIREE ST., 7753-Jason H.S. Yu to Charles W. and Anita M. Kiely, $350,000.

ESSEX HOUSE SQ., 6051, No. A-Marco A. and Mary C. Merida to Christian L. Haller, $225,000.

ESSEX HOUSE SQ., 6058, No. A-Laura Springvloed to Kenneth M. Miller, $223,000.

ESSEX HOUSE SQ., 6100, No. A-Dennis and Tracy A. Clark to Gregory S. Holder, $234,900.

FRANCONIA FORGE LANE, 6216-Sinh T. Trinh and Khiet T. Tran to Maria N. Mendiz and Rogelio Reyna, $400,000.

GOVERNORS POND CIR., 5706-James R. and Gina Vanorsdol to Grayson R. and Kristina Robertson, $482,500.

GREYLEDGE CT., 6542-Peter H., Ho K. and Christine K. Kim to Naomi and Zachary Lindsay, $276,000.

HARBOR COURT DR., 5310-Jane M. McNeil to Richard M. and Georjean M. Rossow, $239,900.

HARBOR COURT DR., 5326-Donald B. Estes to Maria I. Porras, $220,000.

HAYFIELD RD., 7618-Bharti H. and Hasmukhlal A. Mithani to Eileen P. Doherty, $355,000.

HAYFIELD RD., 7701-Barbara J. and David L. Pinson to Stefan Adamcik and Tracy J. Batstone, $382,500.

HEATHERWAY CT., 6845-Patrick E. McGrath to Francisco L. Jiron and Martha L.C. Villatoro, $221,450.

JOWETT CT., 5532-John F. Gullo to Bryan A. Henderson, $370,000.

KEYSER WAY, 6906, No. A-Margaret J. Stanley to Anaise L. Schroeder, $232,500.

LA VISTA DR., 5822-Shafiq Z. and Laila Baluch to M. Leticia Gonzalez, $304,900.

LITTLE VALLEY WAY, 6191-Linda Bradley, Alfred A. Suthers and Susan E. Suthers to Mario Rivero, $245,000.

MARYVIEW ST., 6410-Evelyn J. and William C. Leffingwell to Christian H. and Meredith R. Hunter, $340,000.

MCKENNA WAY, 6577-Andrew G. and Laurissa M. Skinner to Aregash Habtu and Fessehaye Tseggay, $429,000.

MORNING MEADOW DR., 6590-Taufiq F. Habiby to Andrew J. Serafin, $335,000.

NORHAM DR., 5810-Christopher M. and Donna C. Durkee to Natalie F. Fortunato and Michael A. Staroscik, $269,900.

OLD CARRIAGE WAY, 6519-William A. Grant III to Kenneth A. and Melanie Hendricks, $213,000.

OLD MARSH LANE, 7901-Debra A. and Clifford L. Shattuck to Owen C. Gadeken, $425,000.

OLD STRATFORD CT., 6001-Stephen G. Adrian to Abdirizak M. Ali and Sadia S.H. Iman, $268,000.

OVERLEIGH LANE, 6550-Larry Boswell and Mary F. Stevens to Miguel G. and Cecilia R. Carter, $288,000.

PARISH GLEBE LANE, 6556-Virgil L. and Donna J. Grisham to Teferi Mekonnen, $359,900.

PAULONIA RD., 6207-Mauricio and Marta Romero to Maria and Alberto Sanchez and Carlos Carranza, $314,900.

ROUDSBY CT., 7408-Khalid and Soraya Mangal to Margaret B. Sterenberg, $439,900.

SALFORD CT., 7412-G. Gary Goode to David C. and Tracy C. Johnson, $364,900.

SALFORD CT., 7419-Scott K. Larson to Barbara A. and Alan J. Alexander, $355,000.

SIGNATURE CIR., 6844-Jinous Yazdani to Parham Yazdani and Parvin Mollaiyan, $300,000.

SKY BLUE DR., 8035-Robert R. and Meriam A. Snyder to Stephen R. and Antoinette Freeland, $297,000.

STATIONHOUSE CT., 8348-Farida and Anwar Aziz to Abiy Tedla, $225,000.

THACKWELL WAY, 6609, No. 2306-Deborah Gary to Susan F. Dilley, $255,400.

WIGMORE LANE, 6103-Sree L.P. Shanmugam and Sathyanarayanan Govindaraju to Toni J. Richburg, $255,000.

Annandale Area

AMERICANA DR., 4381, No. 202F-Andaneppa S. and Nilamma A. Kori to Elizabeth and Sean Drummond, $145,000.

AMERICANA DR., 5015-Roger N. and Elga W. Cabrera to Luis C. Aguirre and Delmy C. Guzman, $225,000.

BRIARWOOD CT, 4435-Luis I. Aguilar to Oscar Alvarado, Jose O. Diaz and Hernan J. Diaz, $205,000.

BUTTERFIELD LANE, 7838-Samuel A. Forcey IV to Timothy Sheridan, $322,500.

CASIMIR ST., 4904-Bryan K. and Carol Wilkes to Edward, Giovanna and Alfonso Portugal and Mariela Andrade, $295,000.

CLIFFHAVEN DR., 5110-Hugo J. and Ruth Q. Sanabria to Nomundari Nyamaa and Orkhon Batbayar, $291,800.

CREST DR., 3704-Edward and Floydie A. Scott to Albert and Phyllis V. Acquah, $440,000.

CYNTHIA CT., 7100-Dennis M. and Sharon S. Scarce to Kabir and Monisa Amin, $324,500.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7746, No. 105-Kimberly J. Congdon to Kathleen M. Siron, $105,000.

FOREST GROVE DR., 3808-James W. and Theresa A. Downer to Josefina V. Alvarado, $400,000.

GALAHAD CT., 8205-Charles E. and Patricia O. Most to David C. and Karen C. Metzler, $470,000.

KING DAVID BLVD., 5014-Vy T. Troung to Jay P. and Sara R. Carini, $417,000.

LAFAYETTE FORGE DR., 7705, No. 84-Micha Joffee to Charles Z. Howard and Sumi N. Chedekel, $175,000.

LAFAYETTE FORGE DR., 7714, No. 141-Mary C. Ray to Hoa T. Cao and Steve Dang, $205,000.

LITTLE RIVER TNPK., 7447, No. 104-James Barrell to Christopher J. Johnston, $116,000.

OAK HILL DR., 3907-Susan A. and Charles Heflebower to Arletta Nicholl, $405,000.

REGINA DR., 4944-Hyang S. Pak and Hyang S. Yi to Tam T. Tang, $367,000.

ROSE LANE, 3518-Timothy C. and Nancy G. Griffin to Julie Ngo, Ty Nguyen and Heip Nguyen, $365,000.

TABARD PL., 4811-Jason H. Lee to Hae S. and Yeong B. Park, $439,000.

TRAVIS PKWY., 4022-Terry A. Haught to Christopher Roche, $365,000.

WALTON LANE, 7509-Cataldo D. and Charlotte H. Capitano to Jenell H. and Michael J. Phillips, $945,000.

WATKINS TRAIL, 4135-Carol L. Dopp to Charlotte K. and John S. Lanich, $409,000.

WAYNE DR., 7303-Eduardo and Gina Sanabia to Richard R. and Loricar G. Zeoli, $366,000.

WHISTLER CT., 4505-Joan M. and Mustafa Soykan to Donald T. and Lourdes Payne, $447,650.

WOODBURN RD., 3364, No. 23-Yong and Wanda Park to Santos Castillo, Jovina P. Delcid and Jesus C. Ramos, $195,000.

WOODBURN RD., 3372-Stephen G. Miroy to Caglayan and Tulin K. Demirci, $175,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

COLUMBIA PIKE, 6316-George L. McClurg to Feraidoon Shams, $330,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6133, No. 308-Mary S. and William A. Lewis to Ricardo C. Perez, $109,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6135, No. 202-Thomas B. Carroll to Virgilio Hernandez, $145,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 6147, No. 306-Jorge A. Velazquez to Emelita P. and Rene R.P. Ayo, $130,500.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3701, No. 1415N-Sue M. Moreland to Paul and Carol Mathieu, $267,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3705, No. 2601S-Mary P. Daniels, trustee, to Pejman Asgarpour, $140,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 1102N-Stephanie J. and Benjie A. Williams to Stephen H. Tate, $161,500.

SEMINARY RD., 5505, No. 315N-Charles L. and Muriel J. Bristor to Sandra L. Evans, $232,000.

Burke Area

BATTALION LANDING CT., 10611-Maria L. and Christopher E. Wilkinson to Brian P. and Renee S. Mumford, $462,000.

BROOK FORD RD., 9085-Dean L. and Rita G. Smith to Mary B. and Timothy Jensen, $365,000.

BURNSIDE LAND DR., 6079-Moana H. and Peter M. Midgley to Jay Johnson and Jo E. Morell, $440,000.

COVE LANDING RD., 5831-Joseph F. Burke to Belinda K. and Robert A. Jacobs, $187,000.

CROSSRAIL DR., 5420-Patrick E. Walsh to Godchagon Bumrungsil, $233,500.

DRIFTER CT., 7210-David M. and Kathleen H. Cannon to Robert J. and Victoria A. Lomanno, $386,000.

EAGLE LANDING RD., 6106-Chris A. and Franklin R. Liss to Kathryn S. and Dale F. Park, $429,900.

HOLLINS LANE, 5516-Ruth R. Pry to Jose Hung, $179,500.

HOME GUARD DR., 9019-Carol R. and Robert R. Lyons to Jane Smith and Steven Robbins, $458,000.

JACKSONS OAK CT., 5830-Ellen B. Grief to Anthony S. Roberts, $245,000.

LIBERTY BELL CT., 6003-Ann M. Mead to David P. Michalski, $205,000.

POWELLS LANDING RD., 5971-Ann M. and Richard T. Smith to Adrienne Choi, $275,000.

SPANKER DR., 6904-Grace and Samuel Moon to Louis and Susan Magnotti, $615,000.

VILLAGESMITH WAY, 9626-Prudential Residential Services Partnership to Colin B. and Julia A. Chaffee, $484,900.

WOOD GREEN WAY, 10101-George M. Younts to Rozanne L. Taylor, $240,000.

WOODEN DOVE CT., 9923-Judith A. Shay to Omar D. and Elizabeth I. Gill, $372,750.

Centreville Area

ASHER VIEW, 14113-Pamela G. Meadows to Arunabho and Sumona Das, $264,900.

ASHER VIEW, 14152-Paul J. and Jennifer M. Woods to Jennifer M. Bronke, $233,000.

ASTRID COVE, 6254-Eugene J. and Jessica C. Fisher to Judith Brown, $210,000.

BARREN SPRING CT., 13665-David P. and Linda C. Mathwin to David C. and Sheri L. Sobkowiak, $269,826.

BATTALION ST., 6226-Byung J. and Chang Y. Hwang to Geun H. Kim, $250,000.

BRADDOCK RD., 14720-Donald E. Pless Jr. to Quang M. and Trong T. Tran, $310,000.

CARLBERN DR., 14922-Dolores E. and Kenneth G. Lennon to Darrell L. Stevens, $335,000.

CIDER BARREL CIR., 6310-David R. Lamson to Becky Reano, $315,000.

CLARENDON SPRINGS PL., 5893-John Griffin to James Griffin Sr., $175,000.

COTTINGHAM LANE, 6823-Kenneth Oporto to Mohamed Fadl and Afra Osman, $243,000.

CRANOKE ST., 14835-Christy N. Lowrey to Linda D. and Robert A. Boldt, $379,000.

CRANOKE ST., 14849-R. Bruce Hall Jr. to SSH Investments Corp., $297,100.

EAGLE TAVERN LANE, 15506-Joseph J. and Sharon K. Jankowski to Carl E. and Pamela J. Walz, $519,000.

ENGLISH SADDLE CT., 6607-Deborah K. and James D. George to Keith A. and Betty P. Jarman, $549,900.

FLOWER HILL DR., 14625-Matthew J. and Gioconda R. Allen to Karen J. Schunter, $275,000.

GABRIELLE WAY, 14156-Darryl Ellis and Janie Swain to Misty Kegley, $316,000.

GOLDEN OAK RD., 14527-Rebecca T. Foulk to Randal B. Boettner and Cara E. Bonasorte, $164,000.

GOTHIC DR., 13906-Nicole E. No and Choong Shik Hwang to Gyo Y. Youn and Hwa J. Kang, $370,000.

GRUMBLE JONES CT., 14018, No. C-Bryan J. Kjar to Frances J. Choi, $215,000.

HANCOCK CT., 14816-Juan W. Cruz, Ana L. Urrutia and Luis E. Urrutia to Yasmina Abaunza and Vincent Lopez, $212,900.

HAVENER HOUSE WAY, 6040-Janet S. Scott to Christopher H. Cahill, $160,000.

HAYMARKET LANE, 14833-Frank and Jennifer L. Russo to Debra M. McDonald and Ken C. Yarcho, $234,900.

JARNIGAN ST., 14737-Michael S. and Colleen A. Palmer to Carlos M. and Monica J. Artieda, $365,000.

JENNY LEIGH CT., 6775-Jeannie and Zarela V. Moreno to Timothy M. and Alexis A. Colson, $239,999.

KERRYWOOD CIR., 6860-Karen S. Harvey to Daniel J. and Sandra L. Burkard and Matthew P. Madonna and Erin L. Burkard, $300,000.

LADY MADONNA CT., 14908-Roger Pin to Joseph M. Belle and James J. Garrity, $227,900.

OAKENGATE WAY, 6117-Anish J. and Rani Joseph to Thanh T. Nguyen and Minh K. Tonthat, $580,000.

POWDER FLASK CT., 6309-Bernard J. Goletz to Michael E. Milchak, $280,000.

PREACHER CHAPMAN PL., 13946-Debra L. and Sean E. Dunbar to Kim E. Moore, $240,000.

RAINA DR., 6015-John E. Peterson to Sara Mitcho and Jeremy Balint, $265,900.

RED RIVER DR., 14084-Jose G. and Laura M. Ramos to Steven H. and Karen G. Agostinho, $262,000.

RIDGE WATER CT., 6899-Heidi C. and Dahl H. Curry to Ellen M. Davis and Joshua L. Badgley, $295,000.

ROCK CANYON DR., 14232-Chalio and Pratin Podhimark to James A. and Noemy M. Conaway, $485,000.

SEQUOIA FARMS DR., 5582-Jeffrey R. and Virginia C. Darling to Robert J. Mumma II, $377,500.

SKYLEMAR TRAIL, 6575-Matthew B. Iles to George Leming, $226,950.

SKYLEMAR TRAIL, 6582-Christopher F. Cotter to Katherine F. Sullivan, $217,000.

STRASBURG DR., 6174-Gregory W. and Rebecca L. Rock to Gloria Chinchilla, $140,000.

STRATTON MAJOR CT., 15167-Leigh D. and Paul J. Ambrose to Benjamin F. and Jennifer B. George, $459,900.

STREAM POND DR., 14705, No. T2-Edward V. and Ellen M. England to Alex K.F. Brinker and Rosalinda T. Boone, $260,000.

TRIPLETT DR., 5719-Alice L. and Robert S. Johnson to Gloria and Wilder Gonzalez, $387,000.

WESTWATER CT., 5827-Tiffany A. Schubart to Terry S. and Donaciana L. Galvan, $269,000.

WOOD ROCK WAY, 14010-Cynthia L. and Elwood F. Neale to Kendall L. and Renee Meade, $399,000.

Chantilly Area

BARE ISLAND DR., 13614-Marc A. and Victoria L. Saitta to Richard B., R. Bryan and Jenise H. Smith, $544,900.

CHEVY CHASE LANE, 13613-Gerard A. and Janna L. Decker to Daniel R. and Carla T. Adams, $439,000.

DEERWATCH DR., 4609-Howayda J. Hamdan to Ali A. Awad, $330,000.

DEERWATCH DR., 4675-Janet T. Rust to Balagangadhara R. Pulipati and Mallika Tallam, $295,000.

ELK RUN RD., 15105-Cheryl L. and Jeffrey G. Price to Bradley Semel, $345,000.

FLATLICK BRAN DR., 4666-Brenda L. Davies to Mee S. Kang, $330,000.

ORR DR., 4515-Paul M. and Sharon R. Link to Kevin N. and Susan L. Eggleston, $610,000.

PENWITH CT., 13702-Amir H. Salarfar to Julio and Daysi Zeballos, $239,500.

PLEASANT VALLEY RD., 4600-Raymond A. Riddle and Kathleen M. Warren to Sibraj and S. Jamarkattel, $450,000.

TABSCOTT DR., 13624-Jimmy Pham and Ty Wang to Jie M. Xian, $310,000.

TULIP TREE CT., 4411-Mireille R. and Roland R. Pardonche to Hoa Nguyen and Manh Lam, $370,000.

WAVERLY CROSS LANE, 4524-John T. and Tina M. Vance to John W. Curtis, $435,000.

WINTER HARBOR CT., 4132-Jerome R. Ellig to Bobby C. and Patricia H. Christian, $175,000.

Clifton Area

CAVALIER WOOD LANE, 5595-Hyeon M. and Jae S. Yoon to Brian and Patricia A. Smith, $545,400.

DARTER CT., 13550-Hiromi Koyama to Hugo R. and Rosanna Gonzalez, $270,000.

FELDSPAR CT., 13023-Lawrence J. and Kim M. Farrell to James M. and Bonnie M. Wagoner, $584,900.

GOLD FLINT DR., 7841-Scott V. and Stephanie D. Conrad to Joseph P. Battista, $1.339 million.

ORCHARD DR., 13542-Christine Cochran to Dorothy M. Gilligan, $189,000.

POPES HEAD RD., 12419-Melanie Mustonen to BBV Building Co., $242,500.

QUARTZ LANE, 13006-Jamie M. Kim to Connie J. Pyo, $310,000.

STURNO DR., 13312-Connie J. Pyo to Richard Park, $600,000.

Fairfax City Area

ANCHOR CT., 5305-Hui C. Im to Tae K. Yoo, $265,000.

ARLINGTON BLVD., 9046-Gregg H. Weiss to Dolores B. Champion, $250,000.

BAILEY LANE, 9217-Carol A. and William F. Gilliland to Michael J. and Karyn S. Patino, $350,700.

BAYSWATER CT., 3132-Ann C. and William D. Kinder to Mohammed Hossain, Maksud Sarder and Anawera Begum, $285,000.

CARIBBEAN CT., 2978-Nippani G. and Reda F. Murthy to Robert D. Im, $615,000.

CARRIAGE GATE CT., 11477-Stephen L. Hoang and Catherine L. Ngo to Henry Sancho, $370,000.

CEDAR LANE, 3054-Tito S. Baptista and Theo Delyannis to Anh D. Mai, $430,000.

CHERRY DR., 8604-Carole N. and William N. Hogan to Sanjay and Risha Lamba,


COLLIS OAK CT., 3962-Cassandra P. and Gordon S. Crow to John R. Katebini, $260,000.

EVERLEIGH WAY, 2934-Kristin E. Reynolds to Melissa K. Courtney and Elizabeth Dilley, $309,900.

FAIRFIELD HOUSE DR., 12217, No. 113A-Jeffrey W. Forrest to Gurukirn K. Cheng, $280,000.

GAINSBOROUGH DR., 4750-Elizabeth D. Payne to Hee S. Han and Ko U. Choe, $299,000.

GRACELAND PL., 9201-Dorothy C. Devers to Thu T.M. Alexander, $363,000.

GRAYS POINTE RD., 12916-Rose S. Dunn, David A. McGregor and Charles D. Dunn III to Jeffrey T. Park, $170,000.

HEARTHSIDE LANE, 13105-Edward J. and Norma J. Thoma to Hollie H. and Jill E. Satterfield, $329,900.

HEARTHSIDE LANE, 13106-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Ajay J. Tibrewala, $339,900.

HEARTHSIDE LANE, 13117-John R. Ferguson to Surjit Kaur and Baljinder G. Singh, $344,000.

HUNTING PINES PL., 9202-Tuan A. and Linh Thuy Do Tran to Hanwen Mao and Zhou Ying, $335,000.

KENERSON DR., 5012-Bertha R. and Douglas R. Henderson to James K. and Fanny L. Shaw, $375,000.

KENTMERE SQ., 4108-National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Ryan M. and Rebecca L. Sobel, $366,000.

KERNSTOWN CT., 3935-Mary E. McSurdy to Tae M. Wohn, $275,000.

LATNEY RD., 10366-Blaine D. and Linda J. Ross to Lorraine K. McCallister, $262,000.

LINCOLN DR., 5005-Jon T. Anderson and Lucinda M. Chamberlain to David N. and Heather Hendrickson, $610,000.

LUXBERRY DR., 4622-Sarah F. and William J. Peacock to Roy A. and Jennifer L. Claws, $302,000.

MADONNA LANE, 13158-Gloria J. and Myron E. Smith to David Skiffington, $376,000.

MONUMENT CT., 4124, No. A-Catherine F. and Dale R. Beeman to Sholeh Jalali, $235,000.

PARK GREEN DR., 11640-Jun Du and Jennifer Shao to Tagelsir H. Elrayah and Nadia T. Hamaz, $405,000.

PEARSALL LANE, 13228-William T. Meek to Eric J. and Andrea F. Klanderman, $362,000.

PERSIMMON CIR., 3798-Philippe P. Cohen to Fred and Vivienne Becchetti, $195,000.

PLUM RUN CT., 3934-Kun H. and Young A. Kim to Dresden M. McBride, $254,900.

POINT PLEASANT DR., 12838-David C. and Rebecca L. Porcaro to Scott D. Motter and Christina A. Combs, $380,000.

PRINCE WILLIAM DR., 3303-John and Barbara Idone to Thomas R. and Laura M. Williams, $425,000.

QUEENS BRIGADE DR., 12173-Terry L. and Bobbie Harris to A. Maurice and Patricia C. Jones, $475,000.

ROCKAWAY LANE, 11781, No. 51-William J. Pagano to Chad B. Thomas, $270,000.

ROCKY MEADOW CT., 3602-Hossen A. and Dorita S. Maudarbocus to Scott E. and Jennifer A. Cauvel, $775,000.

SEDGEHURST DR., 4401, No. 105-Michael J. and Eileen Cosgrove to Joanne, Joseph and Christopher Vibert, $202,300.

SIDEBURN RD., 4858-Bernadette W. O'Neal to Rohit Sharma and Puja Datta, $425,000.

SLEEPY LAKE CT., 12325-Joo O., Young S. and Peter Chung to Cari Salkin, $319,000.

SUMMIT DR., 5397-Virginia A. Bowyer and Matthew J. Bowyer, trustees, to Sa S. Lee, $562,500.

SWEET LEAF TER., 12468-Kay M. and Robert M. Shear to Thomas A. and Cheryl L. Noonan, $295,000.

VALLEY RIDGE DR., 3968-Sherri L. Lee to Jian S. Qiu and Lin M. Cao, $354,990.

VARNY PL., 12626-Irene D. Davis and William J. Suhrhoff to Margaret C. Jorgensen, $360,000.

WAVELL RD., 10188-Ali A. and Habiba A. Scherzay to Helen A. Roberson and Robert L. Turley, $372,000.

WESTBROOK MILL LANE, 11338, No. 301-Alex Rojas to Herbert Henderson, $274,900.

WILLCOXON TAVERN CT., 5409-Nelson H. and M. Joanne Miller to Todd A. and Melinda B. Stawarz, $404,990.

Fairfax Station Area

BRESSINGHAM DR., 7852-Joyce W. and Samuel L. Harris to Jeremy and Media Consolvo, $585,000.

CHASE GLEN CIR., 8513-William L. and Sara A. Mitchell to David F. and Stacey Thomas, $576,000.

CRESTRIDGE RD., 8138-David V. and Phyllis M. Shuckstes to John P. and Suzy I. Keady, $600,000.

FLAMING OAK WAY, 9615-Karen L. and Randy T. Fowler to Geronimo and Nichole P. Garcia, $489,900.

GRENADIER CT., 11805-Jon T. and Rebecca P. Flask to Brian E. and Gail A. Morris,


HENDERSON RD., 11128-Jayelene D. and Mark T. Betonti to Sana U. and Shaquia S. Choudhry, $1.32 million.

Fort Belvoir Area

FARRCOVE CT., 6951-Courtland Homes Corp. to John F. and Sunny L. Kearney, $500,286.

Fort Hunt Area

ALDEN RD., 1205-D.O. and Harold L. Sheffield to John D. and Marianne Sicilia, $425,000.

ANESBURY LANE, 1119-John P. and Lila L. Portasik to Paul and Nora Yachnes,


Great Falls Area

BREVITY DR., 10535-Daniel J. Dowling and Nicholas Rowan, trustee, and Wilma P. Dowling Revocable Trust to Andreas H. and Maike D. Scherer, $458,500.

FOLLIN FARM LANE, 810-Frederick J. and Joan T. Tansill to Ronald S. Goetz and Julie C. Heim, $830,000.

FORESTVILLE MEADOWS DR., 871-Anil K. and Vandana Narang to Dan M. and Michelle E. Chandler, $930,000.

JEFFERSON RUN RD., 106-Mary L.S. and William D. Swartz to Michael W. and Pamela H. McDorman, $1.5 million.

LOCUST HILL DR., 9542-Sang E. Lim to Linda G. and Robert A. Rogowsky, $631,000.

OLD DOMINION DR., 9163-Philip T. and Susan I. Lepore to Thomas J. Cirrito, $1.425 million.

OLYMPIA WAY, 431-Caroline Dibbs to Thomas A. and Denise J. Feil, $999,000.

TROTTING HORSE LANE, 1131-David S. and Wendy Orsolini to Mohammad N. Hasan and Farzana Khaleque, $624,000.

WOODLAND FALL DR., 10985-Aida K. and Ayman Boutros to Donna L. and John Bernero, $1.106 million.

Huntington Area

BERKSHIRE CT., 5915-Donald R. and Rose M. Werner to William S. Coleman, $315,500.

FAIRVIEW TER., 2310-Homerzell D. Taylor to Dean H. Katz, $185,000.

FENWICK DR., 5648-Marianne Clifton to Benjamin C. and Lauren E. Leo, $247,500.

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2617, No. 42-Charles C. and Helen M. Mangold to Azam Hozouri, $100,500.

LAKOTA RD., 3612-Robert W. and Leigh D. Parks to Karen Smith and Abdoul Housseini, $340,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5904, No. 410-William D. Brickenstein, trustee, and Mary B. Hofschen, trustee, and Joseph C. Brickenstein Trust to Daniel F. and Anne Doherty, $315,000.

WILLIAMSBURG RD., 5924-James E. Saunders to Christopher M. Soule, $233,000.

Hybla Valley Area

CALDERON CT., 7501-Jeffrey F. Mosher, Jim Wilmer and Charles Wilmer to Bryan and Kelly Pendleton, $190,000.

DEER RUN DR., 6896-Ira L. and Susan D. Campbell to Linda D. Bunch, $269,900.

ELBA CT., 2401-Charles W. Campbell and Stephanie A. Giorlando to Robert W. Smith Jr. and Kathy Albee, $425,000.

FLEMING ST., 2601-John P. and Sylvia Guyton to Yesenia M. Devasquez, $330,000.

GREAT SWAN CT., 7556-Kin M. Lo to Albert and Nazima H. Razick, $325,000.

GROVE RD., 7017-Linda H. Dehart to Zoran and Elvira Jakovac and Pedja Grujic, $235,000.

GROVETON ST., 2812-Rosa D. and Tomas I. Perez to Juan A. Ruiz and Rene Y. Guerrero, $255,000.

MILWAY DR., 7510-Roger A. and Sharon B. Schwartz to William H. and Virginia Meeks, $439,000.

POLINS CT., 7022-Karen J. Fong to Jenifer E. Hey, $343,000.

RANGE RD., 7609-Christopher and Virginia B. Desimone to Gary and Jill M. Newman, $460,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7520-Delphia I. Lee to Irma L. Scott, $215,000.

WINDBREAK DR., 2417-Linda S. and Stephen M. Bolick to Joseph P. Duenas and Anne K. Miller, $277,000.

Lorton Area

AVENTON CT., 9121-Ronald D. and Sharon E. Lewis to Sukhdev Singh, $347,500.

BLUEBIRD WAY, 8303-Reyes O. Najarro and Gilma E.L. Orozco to Steven Bowles, $195,000.

KANAWHA CT., 8776-Jimmy W. Mejia and Fania L. Jimenez to Gerald R. Frybarger, $180,000.

LORTON VALLEY RD., 9224-James B. and Susan F. Amon to Comfort Boadu, $325,000.

MOUNT VERNON BLVD., 6021-Christine L. and James R. Park to Richard and Cynthia Fischer, $505,000.

SALUDA CT., 9533-Lourdes M. Rios to Segenet K. Radu, Muluembet Asfaw and Yezihalem S. Kebew, $250,000.

SHEFFIELD HUNT CT., 9203-Halan Oh to Mehboob A. and Rukhsana K. Chhipa, $257,000.

WHITLY WAY, 7610-Rosellen Benedetto to Balmoris and Glenda Andrade, $194,000.

McLean Area

BALLANTRAE LANE, 1206-Charles A. Childers to Embassy of the Republic of Korea, $2 million.

ENOLA ST., 7821, No. TA7-David E. and Margaret A. Lee to Mehrdad Sarbaz, $179,950.

EVANS FARM DR., 1465-Hampstead Village Corp. to Mark N. and Lee Schneider, $1.37 million.

FLEETWOOD RD., 6800-Aurelia D. Wharton to Hugh W. and Reiko K. Young, $337,000.

GREENSBORO DR., 8340, No. 1002-Florence H. and Mary E. Linskey to Michael, Phyllis and David O. Schwartz, $200,000.

INTERNATIONAL DR., 1625, No. 220-Jennifer B. Groom to Andy Chang, $297,500.

KENSINGTON RD., 1123-Courtney L. Scott to Judith H. and Ross A. Tudor, $889,000.

KIRBY RD., 1870-Thu P. Nguyen to Thong Q. and My V. Nguyen, $300,000.

KURTZ RD., 1401, No. 220-Edith G. Wilson, trustee, to Dillion 21 Corp., $611,570.

MAYFLOWER DR., 1331-Danesh Gheibidehnashi and Maria Asadollahzadeh to Kristina A. and Martin L. Vedder, $520,000.

OLD CEDAR CT., 7903-Susan A. and Thomas J. Fadoul to Maria Magdalena S. and Marlena S. Hurley, $1.125 million.

OLD MEADOW RD., 1800, No. 921-Supriya Varma to Richard and Diane Sultani, $170,000.

WILSON LANE, 1923, No. T2-Melissa H. and Naomi R. Depoix to Beth E. Cole, $178,000.

YOUNGBLOOD ST., 1806-Jeffrey L. Fiedler to Allen R. Caskie, $569,000.

Mount Vernon Area

ASHBORO DR., 8102-Rolf F. Lenzsch Jr. to Rosa E. Portillo and Jose O. Sanchez, $284,900.

BUCKMAN RD., 4254-Barbara A.A. Oliver to Katherine G. Kim, $71,000.

CONTINENTAL DR., 9130-Eileen J. and George E. Evans to Anthony R. and Valerie F. Vanchieri, $555,000.

EUREKA CT., 8405, No. 107-Douglas D. Sellman to Naseem Akhtar and Muhammad Sabir, $154,900.

FRYE RD., 8108-Margaret M. and Houston O.A. Odom to Jose and Elvia Sandoval, $289,900.

JEPSON PL., 8233-James K. Beaston to Amilcar A. and Anna J. Sorto, $294,000.

LONGWORTHE SQ., 4427-Jeanne B. Loving to Alex K. Denchi and Verna Y. Hammond, $246,200.

MIRAMONTE PL., 3817-Jawahir Osman to Julio H. and Virgilio G. Aparicio and Arcenio Cordova, $153,000.

MOUNT VERNON CIR., 9387-Mary R. Cascio to Gerald P. and Ginger Webre, $875,000.

MOUNT VERNON CIR., 9435-Doreen S. and Reginald F. Burner to Timothy P. Barron and Amy J. Asato, $972,500.

MOUNT VERNON MEMORIAL HWY., 5408, No. 110-Helen F. Williams and Chris Karas to Craig A. and Chie N. Cole, $290,000.

OAK LEAF DR., 8713-Brandi R. Phipps and Rachel J. Rice to Yvonne H. and John D. Ho, $275,000.

ORINDA CT., 8402, No. 287-Marcel J. and Sandra L. Claxton to Sheron L. Stevenson, $133,400.

ROBERTSON BLVD., 4300-Kendra A. and Jorge L. Fernandez to Kevin D. Bibeau and Karen E. Anderson, $419,500.

ROXBURY CT., 3808-Andre A. and Manzo H. Speight to Norma L. Parada and Wilfredo Morales, $250,000.

ROXBURY LANE, 3741-Mian Luo, Dalin Pei and Mian L. Pei to Jovicor and Joy Fabela, $250,000.

North Springfield Area

BRADWOOD CT., 7020-Khoi and Linh Le to Jose M. Nunez, Martha Diaz and Elsa Nunez, $340,000.

ESTABAN PL., 7407-James D. Button to David G. and Elizabeth F. Rennie, $339,900.

HOGARTH ST., 7512-Helen L. Horn to Darius A. and Heather L.M. Rafii, $298,000.

INVERCHAPEL RD., 5620-Jon C. Marden to Chang H. and Jukyo Paik, $315,000.

KIRKHAM CT., 5688-Mary J. Breiner to Hirut M. Gerawork, $280,000.

PARLIAMENT DR., 8805-Jennifer S. Boyd and Jeffrey S. Peterson to Petrona Roca, $325,000.

QUEENSBERRY AVE., 5543-Trung and Yen T. Nguyen to Quynh N. Luu, $362,000.

Oakton Area

BUSHMAN DR., 10202, No. 202-Frederic A. and Sue S. Bowers to Kathy and Konstadinos Petrakis, $200,000.

ELMENDEN CT., 10522-Richard L. Patrick to Annely K. Meinen, $525,000.

FOX MILL RD., 2901-Deane K. Hill to John L. and Judith A. Okay, $355,000.

HIGHLAND PL., 3626-Bruce W. and Leslie B. Johnson to BBV Building Co., $610,624.

LATIGO LANE, 11921-Edward A. and Kimber L. Dunn to Alanna C. and James C. Piccolo, $585,000.

OAKTON RD., 10920-Brian J. and Donna J. Bogart to Joseph J. and Alison C. Samarias, $865,000.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10083-Antoinette S. and James A. Lynch to Robert Gibson, $245,000.

OAKTON TERRACE RD., 10150-Rebekah E. and Nathan P. McCormick to Anjanette M. Trinci, $173,000.

ST. HELENA DR., 11911-Mary A. and Steven A. Shallcross to Cheng Tang and Katherine Archer, $600,000.

TURNBERRY PL., 10149-Matthew D. and Tonya L. Dobson to Suhyen Baek and Eunsuk Kim, $384,900.

TURNBERRY PL., 10173-V. Celeste Carter to Heather Troutman, $379,990.

WILLOW MIST CT., 10203, No. D-Mark and Leigh Sigrist to Barbara Gwaltney,


Seven Corners Area

AFTON CT., 6101-Peggy H. Carey to Charles R. Chalfant, $285,000.

BROOK DR., 6107-Mark E. and Amy K. Decarlo to Robert and Ann M. Ulrich, $395,000.

LYRIC LANE, 6408-Sandra K. and Theodore A. Johnson to Richard and Juliann M. Uritus, $590,000.

PATRICK HENRY DR., 3217-Clorinda, Manuel and Sergio Benites to Michael M. Montecinos, $380,000.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3100, No. 112-Bonita G. and Donald E. Sexton to John Cheng, trustee, $130,000.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3101, No. 815-James M. Glaser to Ailis Aaron, $161,500.

SQUIRES HILL DR., 6201-Gerald P. and Sandra Land to William Dever and Dan Waller III, $420,500.

VINE FOREST CT., 6180-Corinne E. Smith to Kerry L. Brougham, $362,000.

WATERWAY DR., 6213-Edward H. and Kristina Crane to Larry and Samira West, $925,000.

WILLSTON PL., 2900-Gaston O. and Laura E. Arellano to Laurice R. Brooks, $100,000.

Springfield Area

AMELIA ST., 5812-Jorge E. and Teresa Y. Martinez to Miguel A. Mezquita, $369,900.

ATHENA ST., 8064-Martha A. Blevins to Cynthia L. and Graham D. Alderson, $385,000.

BEACHWAY LANE, 9120-Yong T. and Yunie Kim to Archana and Kalyan M. Gupta, $429,000.

BETHELEN WOOD LANE, 8023-Gabriel G. Agyei and Yaa Opoku to Yan Shun, Wilson Law and Sonia H. Law, $283,000.

BLUE OAK CT., 8468-Lawrence E. Walker and Annie L. Jefferson to Michael K. Evans, $263,000.

BRANDEIS WAY, 7746-Zulema C. and Ernesto Buruca to Miguel A. Caballero, $260,000.

CARMELA CIR., 8441-Razia and Zarifa Kakar to Michael F. McCarthy, $362,900.

EDINBURGH DR., 7903-Sabrena D. and Thomas G. Walston to Karen S. and Allen R. Howell, $275,000.

ERSKA WOODS CT., 7426-Dinesh K. and Anju Gupta to Getu Beyene, $295,000.

ESSEX AVE., 7014-Samuel J. and Josephine M. Salamone to Rafael Mejicanos and Juan B. Zuniga, $352,000.

GOLDEN IRIS CT., 7308-Maggie A. and Thomas N. O'Brien to Frederick A. and Lydie A. Schulze, $314,900.

GRACE ST., 7437-David A. and Lisa M. Roberts to Cy R. Tamanaha and Librada Estrada, $330,000.

MELIA ST., 6434-Gudrun H. and Jeffery K. Taubenberger to Kerry J. Schindler, $400,000.

ODELL CT., 7804-Robert W. and Wilma J. Garner to Francisco G. and Ashley K. Baldeon, $430,000.

ROCKEFELLER LANE, 9123-Beverly A.J. and Michael J. Harrison to Gudrun H. and Jeffery K. Taubenberger, $484,900.

SILVER PINE DR., 7435-William H. Weikle to Mathew D. and Renee L. Mahoney, $485,000.

SPRING GARDEN DR., 7095, No. 202-Naser Sharif to Assadullah Sadat, $115,000.

SPRING SUMMIT RD., 7408-Deborah J. Schrenzel and David G. Fetzger to Jeffrey W. and Karen R. Freeman, $700,000.

WESTHAVEN LANE, 6508-Hee E. Paik to Yehchin Chao, $350,000.

WILD SPRUCE DR., 8511-Mohammad R. Farhat to Mikka L. and Ricky C. Gentry, $459,000.

Vienna Area

ABBEY OAK DR., 1728-Ann P. and James L. Nichols to Eric F. and Lee A. Janle, $635,000.

ABBOTSFORD DR., 1855-Micheline A. Sworobuk to Matthew D. and Tonya L. Dobson, $450,000.

BOWLING GREEN DR., 2627-Eric B. and Kathryn P. Grimes to Dennis H. Eigell, $351,200.

BROWNS MILL RD., 9924-Phyllis S. Carter and Alain T. Drooz to Saleem M. and Mohamed T. Oureshi, $910,000.

GEORGE ST. SW, 306-Norman P. Gotthardt to Mario and Blanca R. Flores, $400,000.

GROVEMORE LANE, 2810-K. Valerie Henderson to Pamela N. Allen, $340,000.

HUNT VALLEY DR., 8409-John W. and Martha P. Mollard to Judith A. Buchino, $485,000.

IRVIN ST., 1703-Lawter Homes Inc. to Anne M. and John R. Motz, $895,625.

LEMONTREE LANE, 2604-Thomas J. and Mary S. Ginty and Ginty Family Trust to Margaret A. and Ian B. Hamilton, $665,000.

LITWALTON CT., 8705-Ghassem Sharifi to Joseph J. and Judith B. Trimarchi, $540,150.

OAKTON CREST PL., 2912-Daniel W. Sikorski to Andrew M. and Antoinette Melnyk, $452,000.

OLD COURTHOUSE RD., 9101-Courthouse Development Corp. to Lee E. and Susan K. Manfred, $859,430.

OLEANDER AVE., 9796-Homayoon Daneshvar and Metropolitan Real Estate Investors Corp. to Karim Khutar, $379,000.

PINE VALLEY DR., 1750-Merrill L. and Nicole M. Barbani to Nicolas Ferens and Paula Haiwick, $439,500.

RIDGEWOOD CT, 208-Barbara and Walter Jones to Avis M. and David L. Vesely, $762,000.

TIMBER LANE SW, 913-William M. Dyess to Kara McDonald and Geneve Mantri, $410,000.

WEST OAK PL., 8509-Karen G. and Jeffery S. Lewis to Duyane R. and Megan S. Norman, $550,000.

WESTWOOD FOREST DR., 2011-Roditar Dental Management to Jamshid Anjam and Jinous Granmayeh, $522,830.

WEXFORD DR., 9083-Anurupa and Krishan K. Sehgal to Laura J. Reece and Timothy M. Lane, $634,000.

WOODFORD RD., 2200-Ronald E. and Linda D. Watkins to Brian L. and Karen D. Marmaud, $863,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

NORTH PARK ST., 8033-Loan T. Hoang and Phu D. Phan to Earnest O. and Donna M. Robbins, $775,000.

WOLFTRAP RD., 8020-Chang S. Lee and Sun R. Park to Anna Bartley, $800,000.

West Springfield Area

BURTON HILL CT., 7214-Rita H. Jimenez to Thomas M.J. Keeney and Jennifer S. Lord, $329,900.

ETTA DR., 8621-Mary Naifeh to Richard A. and Jacqueline R. Waddell, $429,900.

GARFIELD CT., 8313-David B. Albo and Rita I.V. Essen to Joan Baird, $315,000.

KINGSFORD RD., 5901, No. C-Jefferson Group Corp. to Melvin and Scott M. Rosenblatt, $179,900.

KINGSFORD RD., 5902, No. G-Syed R. Hussein to Shazia Chaudhry, $145,000.

MALLOW CT., 6812-Arthur N. and Nancy H. Yando to John and Deborah Olsen,


SWEET SPICE CT., 9126-Veronica E. Hester to Rodolfo Matos, $289,999.

WATERBURY CT., 6000-Doreen L. Hart to Kenneth R. and Elizabeth W. Dieffenbach, $314,500.

Falls Church

The following were among home sales recorded recently in Falls Church and supplied to The Washington Post by the City of Falls Church.

FORREST RIDGE DR., 723-Jerry E. Leachman and Holly C. Leachman to Herbert S. Traub III, $570,000.

FOWLER ST., 2509-Alison L. Hilton to Mercy Diez, $420,000.

GREAT FALLS ST., 306-Vicki G. Daube to Ford F. Newman and Shelia S. Newman, $1.25 million.

GUNDRY DR., 209-Frank A. Villamar and Sophie G. Gerber to A. Franklin Cate and Margaret B. Cate, $355,000.

HILLIER ST., 105-Fairfax Development Corp. to Nirav Kapadia and Constance Rydberg, $892,211.

HILLWOOD AVE., 700-Gregory W. Engle and Maureen A. Engle to Stephen R. Brockelman and Leticia Sierra, $790,000.

IRVING ST., 237-Jose M. Salinas and Marilyn K. Salinas to Stephen D. Montgomery and Deborah E. Graze, $475,000.

JAMES CT., 401, Building 14, No. 71-Derek A. Putonen and Keri A. Putonen to Amy Deobald, $252,500.

JAMES ST., 349, Lot 14-James Darling and Sophie Darling to Katharine Newman Zohr and Mohsen A. Zohr, $335,000.

JAMES ST., 349, Lot 33-Robert L. Obenstine and Ruth C. Obenstine to James Robert Darling and Sophie Preston Darling, $540,000.

KENT ST., 304-Catherine H. Bradley to Glenn Sontheimer and G. Renee Sontheimer, $515,000.

KNOLLWOOD DR., 614-Lyman Edward Krekel and Mary Jo Krekel to Stephen M. Bartoletti and Marietta L. Bartoletti, $575,000.

LEE ST. S., 111-George M. Dermitzakis to Phong Ly and Son Ly, $462,000.

LINCOLN AVE., 921-Albert Clayton Boothby III and Suzanne Boothby to Lucas Hardi and Letty Hardi, $382,000.

LITTLE FALLS ST., 307-James B. Birindelli and Nancy B. Birindelli to Peter David Tarter and Karen Elizabeth Schools, $850,000.

MAPLE AVE. N., 200, No. 416-David L. Bernstein to Dorothy J. Quimper, $202,000.

MAPLE AVE. N., 315-Michael H. Snyder and G.S. Snyder to Frank A. Villamar, $540,000.

PENNSYLVANIA AVE., 109-Jeanne P. Herrick and David A. Swankin to EMW Properties-General Contractor Inc., $325,000.

REES PL., 145-John B., Mary B. and Danielle Smith to James Carlie Williams and Lilliam Pimentel-Williams, $555,000.

ROOSEVELT BLVD., 600, No. 116-Frederick H. Trakowski and Sandra M. Trakowski to Detmar Von Hardenberg, $190,000.

ROOSEVELT BLVD., 600, No. 608-Karyn Hall Ewart to Luke H. Ryan, $195,000.

ROOSEVELT ST. N., 1002-Tong Van Nguyen, Mut T. Dang and Tung T. Nguyen to David Nguyen and Julie Phoung Ngo, $425,000.

ROSWELL CT., 117, No. 8-David H. Hettler to Buckeye Mountain Partnership, $360,000.

SHERROW AVE., 402-Norma J. Horne and Kathy Lynne Masoodo to Stanley Parker Chapman and Sheila E. Owens, $325,000.

SPRING ST. N., 204-Charles Blankstein and Lucy J. Blankstein to Bridget E. Tombul and Turan Tombul, $590,000.

SPRING ST. S., 110-Tony Nguyen and Maingoct Nguyen to Hau Liew and Hoa Truong, $270,000.

UNDERWOOD ST. N., 302-David Kelleher and Joanne Kelleher to Eugene T.C. Perez and Kimberley O'Halloran-Cordray, $565,000.

VILLA RIDGE RD., 837-Rebecca Creed and Kevin Creed to Marko Voljc and Danijela Voljc, $625,000.

VIRGINIA AVE., 230, No. 91-Jeffrey J. Suhanick to Gregory O. Hill and Ann B. Hill, $273,000.