The following home sales were recently recorded in Prince George's County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Prince George's and other Washington areas, visit

Accokeek Area

BARNEY DR., 18008-Timothy L. and Lisa G. Stafford to Pamela D. and Ralph Floyd Jr., $315,000.

CHATSWORTH DR., 803-Samuel W. Saunders to Eva A. Braxton, $296,000.

FARMINGTON RD. W., 131-Shirley S. Powell to Mary F. Drinkard, $205,000.

LIVINGSTON RD., 15213-Maurice D. Greene to Cornelius and Pasquinucci Miller, $200,000.

Adelphi Area

CHATHAM RD., 3302-Maria C. Saleh and Patrick J. Murphy to Carol Vilas, $236,000.

CHILLUM RD., 716-Shirley H. and James R. Wynn to Kalpana Wynn, $162,000.

COOL SPRING RD., 3305-John N. Corlett to Timothy J. Fennell, $299,000.

METZEROTT RD., 1836, No. 1624-Esther A. Achuo to Felcia Kouadio, $90,000.

SILVER LAKE CT., 3000-Phenias and Foibe M. Bahimba to Joviah Karemire and Claude Ndahayo, $338,000.

TULLYMORE DR., 10427-Joni M. Armstrong to Kimberly Y. Nash, $244,900.

24TH AVE., 7209-David K. and Georgann K. Juneau to Osmari Melendez and Erick Ascencio, $175,500.

Beltsville Area

NAPLES AVE., 4603-Eric F.B. and Maria I. Varona to Raul A. Valladares, $230,000.

OLYMPIA AVE., 4923-Terry and Ronald S. Hurt to Donna L. Paris, $189,000.

Bladensburg Area

NEWTON ST., 5202, No. 204-Cletus C. Aralu to Yetunde Sarumi, $60,000.

Bowie Area

ALBAN LANE, 2004-Gary and Cheryl K. Engleman to Rhonda F. and Jefferson Johnson, $254,900.

CHALFORD LANE, 12413-Marcella R.E. and Ty J. Burden to Bao X. Chen, $235,000.

CHELTON LANE, 12404-Christopher R. Calhoun to Danielle L. Clark, $225,000.

EAVES LANE, 3825, No. 37-147-Roland Thomas Jr. to Deborah Rudolph, $176,000.

EVERETTE DR., 3407-Anita M. Green to Rhonda G. Ferrell, $198,500.

EXCALIBUR CT., 3712, No. 201-Kenneth B. Taylor to Robert L. Ellis II, $155,000.

GRIMSBY CT., 6300-Richard R. and Teresa R. Midgett to Gloria Navarro and Carlos Lima, $265,000.

GWINNETT LANE, 6409-Miodrag Rancic to Jan A. Desper, $332,000.

LAKEVALE TER., 5321-David M. Jr. and Patricia M. Sapp to Rachel C. and Robert C. Allsbrooks III, $350,000.

LISBOROUGH RD., 11802-Walter E. and Virginia L. Shifflett to Joanne G. and Geoffrey W. Rake Jr., $412,000.

MANVEL LANE, 12312-Cecelia A. Lacey to Rebecca J. and Michael E. Coleman, $212,000.

MEMPHIS LANE, 3314-Linda C. and William E. Conway to Anthony Greene, $214,900.

PARK AVE., 8622-Barry E. and Cindy L. Smith to Ruben Delgad and Margarita M. Cardona, $254,900.

PEYTON CT., 15602-Terry G. and Martha P. Hunt to Amy L. and William G. Shugrue Sr., $219,900.

PINELAKE LANE, 1500-Julie M. and Jason A. Simpson to Suzanne E. Young, $209,900.

PLEASANT HILL CT., 16421-Janie V. and Richard T. Baer to Mildred D. Baer, $97,269.

QUARTERBACK CT., 12302-Tasha M.D. and Steven G. Johnson to Sonya L. Bigelow, $262,900.

QUILL POINT DR., 8006-Mary L. Germain to Zeggai Andemariam, $240,000.

QUILL POINT DR., 8101-Vesta M. and Johnny L. Peery to James Abrams, $335,000.

RUNNING DEER WAY, 4545, No. 334-Frank D. Page to Katrina C. Ramsey, $144,000.

SHAWMONT LANE, 12412-Earl L. Darrah to Kelly E. and Jason A. Seaton, $255,000.

SPENARD RD., 6701-Clemens G. Jellema to Bekele C. Gebregiorgis, $265,000.

TRAYMORE LANE, 3020-Rebecca and Mark Cerniglia to Patricia Long, $249,000.

WINCHESTER LANE, 3808-Janice A. and Simon L. Vargas to Verdelle N. Hairston, $209,900.

Brandywine Area

BECKER RD., 14501-Jayne C. Harpl and Kathleen T. Perry to Charles A. Dickerson, $204,900.

Capitol Heights Area

BROOKE RD., 908-Mildred V. and Joseph W. Petro Jr. to James A. Pratt, $165,000.

CEDARLEAF AVE., 512-Advantage Development Corp. to Angela D. Charles, $108,000.

DRUM AVE., 610-Patricia Okugbeni to Maria Harrison, $115,000.

K ST., 5505-Marc C. Wilkins to Tammy P. and Ruth A. Bryanr, $140,000.

LEE PL., 6408-Mary W. Ross to Carolyn C. Marks, $122,600.

QUARRY AVE., 321-Emily L. Williams to Calvin T. Freeland, $165,000.

SAMUEL DR., 1309-Terri F. and Carrington Burrell to Patricia A. Jackson, $163,000.

SHARMA ST., 906-Jerome Baisey to Magareta Ayoh, $160,000.

Cheltenham Area

HALIARD ST., 10405-Ruby Misher to Karen L. Chew, $345,000.

MARLBORO WOODS DR., 10317-Donald N. Edmands Jr. to Teri H. and Carfon D. Mack, $300,000.

TERRACO TER., 10615-Brenda L. and Sherman M. Coppage III to Patricia S. Drayton, $209,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

ALLENDALE PL., 1818-Jack G. Bannis and Stephen P. Watson to Doris J. Lortman, $113,000.

CHEVERLY AVE., 3105-Anthony H. Rog and Valerie L. Yancey to Rebecca A. Davis, $206,000.

GREELEY RD., 7103-Vickie A. and Herbert W. Williams Jr. to Jose R. Salamanca, $117,500.

RYDERWOOD CT., 1834-Darrin A. and Kimberly M. Cook to Cheryl D. Anthony, $138,500.

Clinton Area

BLACKWATER RD., 3804-Anita R. and Carl R. Stovall to Paula L. Burton, $157,000.

BONIWOOD TURN E., 5802-Jacqueline M. Rippley to Gregory A. Stanek, $180,000.

BORK DR., 12007-F.G. Halder to Eric Allen, $240,250.

COSCA PARK DR., 11604-Shirley E. Clayborne to Shawn A. Wallace, $126,000.

COSCA PARK PL., 11419-Ruby B. Burgin to Michael Brooks, $169,900.

HUNTSMAN CT., 7600-James N. and Loretta E. Phillips to Mildred and Clarence L. Debrew Sr., $225,000.

PALATTE CT., 9904-Cynthia L. and Edgar A. Johnson to Sandra E. Bell, $305,000.

THRIFT RD., 10607-Gwendolyn F. Alston to Susan F. Baker, $180,000.

WESTOVER LANE, 7715-Linda M. Davis to Delores Rostick, $189,900.

College Park Area

METZEROTT RD., 4101-Hobert D. and Wanda L. Damron to Nelly and Boris Zusin, $169,000.

District Heights Area

INSEY ST., 6502-Albert F. and Mary C. Sole to Milagro and Julio Lopez, $161,000.

INSEY ST., 6618-Mattie M. Bright to Alpha Johnson, $160,000.

STONEY MEADOW DR., 5409-Felicia D. Croom to Shawn D. Hargrove, $160,000.

Fort Washington Area

BORDER PL., 6801-Harold Jr. and Denise H. King to Jacquelynne and Ellwood D. Woolfork, $179,500.

BROWNS LANE, 2013-Pamela A. and John B. Raynor to Franklyn T. Johnson, $164,000.

CALYDON CT., 3216-Larry J. Bloom to Lashaun Kelly, $197,500.

CARYHURST DR., 6406-Seneca B. Coehi and Lynne G. Long to Jorge B. Torres Melgar, $185,991.

COPPERVILLE WAY, 3606-Darrell V. Strong to Una R. Bowling, $184,900.

HARRISON AVE., 13401-Kenneth L. and Dana M. Newman to Karen Prince, $173,000.

KERBY PKWY., 312-Olyve G. Gibbons to Shirley S. Queen, $167,500.

LORELEI DR., 1706-Rodney J. Butler to Exon Henrriquez, $235,000.

LOUGHRAN RD., 9307-Eric J. Hatcher to Gregory C. Dash, $165,000.

PLEASANT HILL DR., 7011-Vivian E. and Robert E. Allen to Alfrieda P. Martin, $136,000.

RADBURN PL., 12702-Lucille Morton to Tina R. Scott and Dwayne G. Stepter, $213,000.

SLEEPY HOLLOW RD., 8402-Renee E. Folks to Steven Wynne, $135,000.

TAURUS DR., 302-Nisa M. and Kenneth E. Boone Jr. to Tanya R. Donegain, $198,000.

Greenbelt Area

GREENBELT RD., 8415, No. 102-Jeanette Coates to Cheryl D. Merritt, $65,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 6990, No. 200-Thomas L. and Susan E. Schrye Vernon to Craig D. and Linda D.B. Hawkins, $93,000.

MANDAN RD., 7690-Ricardo F. Nelson to Angela M. Herring, $195,900.

MANDAN TER., 8123-Sonny Moses Jr. to Carol R. and Robert J. Tillson, $195,000.

ORA CT. S., 7234-Sheila W. Webb to Scott M. Bailie and #. 103, $192,900.

PINECREST CT., 3-Earl II and Kimberly C. Taylor to Nadia S. Hassan, $280,000.

Hyattsville Area

FARRAGUT ST., 4206-Cecilia J. and Jeanie V. Brickerd to Catherine S. Barron, $250,000.

HANOVER PKWY., 7802-Joann B. Rector to Gila and Yehuda Nordman, $82,000.

INGRAHAM ST., 4029-Michael S. Warchol to Patricia J. and James B. Page, $267,000.

LONGFELLOW ST., 4104-Sydnye W. and Michael Oyugi to Robin E. Fernkas and Rodgers Ankrah, $229,000.

41ST AVE., 5705-Pamela J. and Paul T. Haefner to James G. Johnson III, $172,000.

Langley Park Area

12TH AVE., 8413-Gabriel D. Costa to Carol A. Gordian, $148,000.

Lanham Area

ALCONA ST., 9325-Henrietta I. Agim to Bernard C. Willis, $180,000.

ECHOLS AVE., 7923-Joseph and Concheeta Wright to Sarah Stevens and Andrea Royal, $150,000.

ELDERBERRY WAY, 9105-Kehinde and Olushola Oladapo to Patricia and Michael Shorter, $275,000.

SUNRISE DR., 7214-Monica Y. Johnson to Miracle Adebanjo, $193,100.

TERRA ALTA DR., 6724-Grace P. and William W. Taylor to Alva L. Reyes, $238,000.

FOURTH ST., 1530-Edward W. and V. Emily Lewis to Terrance L. Dudley, $261,000.

FIFTH ST., 9107-Julia E. and Leo P. Baldwin to Ferman D. Kelly, $179,000.

Largo Area

AVERY PL., 1005-Gloria R. and Roger J. McKnight to Gloria R. McKnight, $215,000.

CABLE HOLLOW WAY, 70, No. 37-4-Steven M. Williams to Alisa D. Reese, $127,000.

CASTLETON DR., 54-Gloria W. and Wendell L. Bryant to Harold D. Dawkins, $272,900.

DUBS CT., 10913-Trinita and Howard C. Mason to Charles Ezirike, $265,000.

DUNLORING PL., 11416-Tamar and James Simmons to Titilayo Akinyoyenu, $159,000.

FRANCISCO CT., 8809-Sullanna V. and Darrell L. Staton to Keyonte D. Tillery, $196,000.

PRINCE ROYAL PL., 9908-Valerie D. Sanford to Howard Baylor, $190,000.

PRINCE ROYAL PL., 9934-Jennifer L. Simmons to Michelle Jordan, $200,000.

Laurel Area

BELLE AMI DR., 14956-Melanie McKnight to Andrea L. Pires, $167,000.

CHAPEL COVE DR., 8110-Olaitan Ogunmakinwa to Wasiu A. Ibrahim, $179,900.

DOVE CIR., 12163-Pamela E. and Dale K. Anonsen to Jamie A. Smolen, $147,500.

DOVER CT., 14312-Patricia R. and Alexander D. Cameron to William E. Walker Jr., $127,500.

VISTA DR., 14039-George R. Moody to Rashid O. Rogers, $116,000.

WOODBINE DR., 7551-Suzanne M. and Kevin J. Hammersmith to Scott M. Straub, $124,900.

Montpelier Area

BRIARDALE LANE, 9000-Allan and Rochelle L. Stark to Amanin Al Fak and Mark E. Baskeyfield, $322,500.

IMPERIAL DR., 8461, No. III-Stephen D. Smith to Aracelly Robles, $165,000.

Mount Rainier Area

EASTERN AVE., 3415-Leke Awung and Abila V. Tazanu to Juan C. Molina, $190,000.

WELLS AVE., 3726-Edward Segal to Valerie Theberge, $116,000.

New Carrollton Area

KAREN ELAINE DR., 5505, No. 1007-Fatema A. and Abdul Q.J. Shaikh to Nicholas K. Lewis, $49,800.

QUINCY ST., 5609-Lois J. Perry to Rosa E. and Jose Ordonez, $175,000.

RIVERDALE RD., 7515, No. 1905-Marcus A. Benefield to Chanta N. Ferrell, $72,000.

STANDISH DR., 6915-Clyde A. Yust to Cedric Lewis, $75,000.

Suitland Area

MANCHESTER DR., 5401-Louis H. and Gloria R. King Jr. to Sa Sun Lee, $270,000.

SKYLINE DR., 4314-Eric L. Bibbs to Frances D. Musgrove, $160,000.

WOOD CREEK DR., 3516-Quincy R. Nathan to Terrika A. Babb, $142,500.

Temple Hills Area

ALCON DR., 4601-Beverly A. Gregory, trustee, to Carlos R. Jones, $241,000.

BEACHCRAFT CT., 4110, No. 203-Betty M. Kestner to Laresia A. Thompson, $183,000.

BRINKLEY RD., 3122, No. 202-Shirley L. Adams to Rowena Murray, $89,500.

CARRIAGE DR., 4205-Maxine N. and William W. Clark Jr. to Gregory D. Pearson, $175,000.

HARLEY LANE, 6109-Marquetta H. Brooks to Sonya T. Smith, $225,000.

LANSING DR., 5502-Curtis R. Austin to Eric and Shawnta Anderson, $200,000.

MURDOCK ST., 4009-Howard C. and Rose A. Shade to Andrea C. and Joseph W. Payne, $137,500.

31ST AVE., 3209-Rita N. and Joseph L. Franke to James A. Chappelle, $97,000.

University Park-

West Hyattsville Area

31ST PL., 5704-William F. Howard to William F. Gardiner, $97,500.

33RD PL., 5813-Vivien L. Carney to Melinda M. Deatley, $139,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

ASSISI ST., 11601-Brenda S. Eagleston to Gwendolyn E. Mapp, $183,000.

CAPTAIN DUVAL DR., 4514-Latana Carthens to Renee A. Hall, $191,000.

FAIRHAVEN AVE., 9415-Charles R. and Sarah M.A. Blevins to Anniebell N. and Shirley D. Brown, $269,900.

FARNSWORTH LANE, 14200, No. 104-Charmonique Coleman to Daryl Swinson, $127,500.

HEIDI MARIE CT., 12705-Merlyn V. Smith to Dennis N. Washington, $202,000.

JOYCETON TER., 11-Ronald E. Gill Jr. to Kenneth Ndikum, $173,000.

JOYCETON TER., 129-Andre T. Sams and Terrance L. Dudley to Leahatonia Brunson, $167,500.

JOYCETON TER., 6-Tracye L. Garrett to Lavora M. Payne, $170,000.

PAYTON DR., 13021-Tracy A. and Robert Bailey to Chante E. Harrison, $212,000.

PICKERING CIR., 1232-John H. Cross to Adalgiza Salcedo and Victor Morel, $199,500.

RIPON PL., 13135-Tonia N.W. and Kenneth D. McSwain Jr. to Julia S. Jordan Zachery, $182,000.

TWIN KNOLL WAY, 10404-James B. and Bridget M. Gillette to Tracy H. and Steven L. Napper, $290,900.

WRIGHTWOOD CT., 12626-Claire E. and Kenneth J. Clayton to Tiletha Y. Winder, $179,900.

Woodmore Area

FARAWAY CT., 726-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Briana and Jason Kuruzovich, $204,000.

RIVA RIDGE CT., 3202-Katherine K. and Daniel S. Devito to Gloria Hendricks Johnson, $475,000.

WOODVALE LANE, 2101-Charlotte J. Proctor to Gale E. and Chester A. Buster, $510,000.