The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

B ST., 7509-Michael Ross Hall to Desiree Thompson and Stephen C. Sayle, $375,000.

WATERFORD WAY, 2813-Christopher J. and Jean Lorene Orr to Lynn C. and Leslie A. Parsons Jr., $254,000.

WESLEY STINNETT BLVD., 8447-Denise S. Murray to Dawn Marie and Eddie Wayne Richardson Jr., $310,000.

24TH ST., 6545-James L. Taylor Jr. to Richard E. and Laura Peruzzi Logan, $199,900.

Huntingtown Area

SMALL REWARD RD., 701-Meredith P. and Paul J. Boyle to Robert M. Bolton, $490,000.

WILSON RD., 1220-Donna M. Carrico to Austin F. Canfield and Linda C. Fadely, $230,000.

Lusby Area

CATTLE DRIVE LANE, 1071-Jean C. and Clifford R. Pierce III to Michael A. Mason, $175,000.

LARIAT LANE, 11504-Byron L. Nichols to Elizabeth B. Argent, $160,000.

PERCH CT., 8512-Thomas and Thomas Properties Inc. to Douglas and Melissa Robinson, $150,000.

RAWHIDE RD., 11440-Russell H. Cotton to David E. Alexander, $150,000.

REDEYE RD., 1131-Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Sandra E. and James C. Shupe, $235,900.

SANTA ROSA RD., 12565-Gary M. and Corrine D. Peters to Margaret and Charles Thomason, $215,000.

WHITE SANDS DR., 1152-Winona Hanley and Joseph F. Auth Jr. to G. Colburn Aker, $349,900.

North Beach Area

SEA BREAM CT., 3945-Dana N. and Timothy Wayne Thomas to Annette M. Lehew, $180,000.

EIGHTH ST., 4104-Timothy V. and Mary M. Stafford to Linda and Roger Weeks, $150,000.

Owings Area

DEERFIELD LANE, 2532-Barbara R. Dunn to Christine Haber, $225,000.

WOODSIDE CT., 8430-Daniel P. and Catherine A. Sheridan to Reyhan and Mehmed Ilhan, $385,000.

Prince Frederick Area

MAIN ST., 905-Colletta J. Fox to N. Brett Warren and John S. Parke, $249,900.

SIXES RD., 4301-Robert P. and Tina M. Young to Janice L. and Victor L. Simpson, $247,250.

St. Leonard Area

CHESAPEAKE AVE., 5520-Samantha L. and Kerry D. Tallant to Devon A. Brown, $150,000.

LILAC RD., 1529-Linda R. and Scott P. Atwater to Delbert R. Townsend Jr., $207,900.

MATTAPANY RD., 4530-Federal National Mortgage Association to Betty L. and Byron G. Doom, $315,000.

Charles County

Brandywine Area

WOODVILLE RD., 16001-Mark Five Construction Inc. to Crissy and Joseph D. Boling Jr., $84,950.

Bryans Road Area

AMHERST RD., 6715-Linda Mobley and Michael Muterspaw to Spurgeon Montgomery, $189,000.

AUBURN CT., 5532-A.V. Pierce Young and Ricardo Young to William Macon, $238,500.

WOODBERRY DR., 2344-Nyanda and Tsaka Dutch Malik to Annie L. Palmore, $165,000.

Indian Head Area

LINKINS RD., 3715-Anita L. Bowlin to Siegfried Taylor, $173,000.

Issue Area

BACHELORS HOPE CT., 11625-Kenneth L. Jr. and Heather A. Murphy to Ann J. and Bruce R. Johnson, $435,000.

La Plata Area

ADAMS DR., 6051-James E. Jr. and Eleanor L. Baines to Marsha S. and Ronald N. Boyle, $555,600.

DARLEY DR., 9095-Gary R. Broom to David H. Levin, $240,000.

HEATHER CT., 237-D.A. Patterson and Dolores D. Chertok to Luigia R. Grant, $164,000.

LABRADOR PL., 5744-Fallon Homes Inc. to Sherri Y. and David Thomas, $417,147.

NORFOLK DR., 1054-David B. and Tracey L. Holt to Sharon L. and Robert J. Tully, $449,000.

PATUXENT CT., 456-Mary E. and Fred H. Pratt to Melvin Proctor, $98,900.

PROVIDENT DR., 12020-Julie G. McInerney to Claire Sandt, $389,900.

TURKEY HILL RD., 8421-Raleigh W. and Nancy R. Robey to Stephenie J. and Mark A. Petrakis, $279,900.

WASHINGTON AVE., 206-James B. Hoffman Sr. to P. Hotchkiss and Melvin Mossovitz, $250,000.

WINDSOR DR., 9292-Laura L. and Paul G. Garner to Maria L. Huffman, $230,000.

WINTERBERRY CT., 4-Amy A. and Brian E. Hover to Ami W. and John E. Jordan III, $349,900.


Rock Point Road Area

MEADOWVIEW DR., 9826-Mary E. and William J. Queen to Rodney Foytik, $132,000.

SYLVAN TURN, 9828-Debra A. Jones and Tony W. Kiser to Charles A. and Timothy W. Caldwell, $144,500.

St. Charles Area

ALBANY WAY, 2359-Deanna L. and John B. Vittrup Jr. to Regie Haug, $340,000.

AMWICH CT., 18-Dawn E. Cordiano to Joshua Lefchick and Kelly Etherson, $193,000.

DORSET DR., 1030-Joan O. and Lloyd L. Beasley Jr. to Monica Wood, $91,999.

LUBBOCK PL., 2672-Lenhart Berry Valley Corp. to Tracey R. Outlaw, $212,645.

LUBBOCK PL., 2674-Lenhart Berry Valley Corp. to Jessica K. Hall, $224,588.

NORWOOD CT., 3521-Timothy I. Irving to Reyna and Henry Valvert, $185,000.

PADDINGTON CT., 2396-Janis R. Taylor to Hazel H. Claiborne, $20,500.

PEARSON DR., 12734-Gay T. and Larry R. Taylor to Rachel Friedrich, $215,000.

SAVOY PL., 4903, No. 18-KR-James Jenifer to Doris J. Hood, $111,000.

SWEETWOOD PL., 12230-Fe and Jose Inaldo to Kelly C. Rice, $192,500.

WEDDING CT., 5402-Lee Jr. and Angela Wedding to Deana C. and Erik P. Mion, $167,900.

Waldorf Area

ALAVA CT., 2338-Ronald A. Brown to Carolyn E. Williams, $415,000.

BELUGA CT., 6311-Jennifer H. Lane and James J. Bandola to Sheila A. Smith, $250,000.

CALICO WOODS PL., 11945-Benjamin J. Carson to Arlene and Darren J. Hersey, $183,500.

COUNCIL OAK DR., 12612-David J. and Constance M. Gerhardt to Susan K. and Eric C. Saxon, $229,000.

FERNWOOD CT., 2519-Alesia D. and Paul A. Joseph to Roberta R. Blango, $155,000.

FOX RIDGE RD., 3512-David W. Sandberg to Amy L. and Erie B. Hyman, $279,000.

GREENGATE CT., 1313-Daphne A. and Bennie J. Williams to Massimo Marchi, $325,000.

HARVEST FISH PL., 5436-Steven K. and Sandra K. Sisk to Rominna and Jarrett F. Beard, $173,000.

HOMESTEAD PL., 11920-Cynthia and Michael D. Nelson to William Corley II, $166,000.

JODPHUR CT., 10854-Jamie L. and Tom K. Larson to David A. Bell Jr., $205,000.

OPALEYE CT., 5802-Rita Shane to Tora L. Coates, $275,000.

OPALEYE CT., 5805-Trena A. and Jeffrey R. Jones to Janet P. Schwingshakl, $265,000.

PECAN CT., 3725-Charles E. and Margie A. Drazba to L.D. Mack Stuart and Calvin L. Stuart, $250,000.

PEN CT., 2801-Brian J. and Dawn P. Demorrow to Leroy Hendrix, $305,000.

PINEFIELD RD., 2402-William W. and Shelly M. Cronk to Jennifer L. and William G. Kaval IV, $188,000.

PINEWOOD DR., 2730-Frank III and Felicia M. Nesbit to Jacquetta L. Swift and Barney McCabe, $245,000.

PORTOBELLO CT., 2861-Jonathan R. and Laura James to Luisa and Robert Peterson, $279,900.

RABY RD., 11300-Jo Anne and Franklin W. Styles to Osvaldo Olivera, $245,000.

RYON CT., 3409-Yanecia T. Green to Raquel Noguera, $119,000.

SEA LION PL., 6130-Lawanda Y. and Donald D. Scott to Sandra L. Thomas, $163,000.

SEXTANT PL., 10443-Catherine L. and Leonard W. Fagan Jr. to Tina Slayton, $199,900.

SORREL RIDGE LANE, 15435-Tyrol Development Corp. to Melinda A. Murray, $168,500.

TAPIR PL., 6115-Rose M. and G. Duayne Milstead to Michael O. Wilson, $154,900.

WELLINGTON WOODS DR., 2275-Meagan L. and Kevin S. Grega to Margo R. Robinson, $325,500.

WESTDALE CT., 3287-Robert P. Sukla to Nakesha D. Camp, $166,000.

WINTERGREEN PL., 3941-Timothy Baroody to Elizabeth Medina, $138,000.

White Plains Area

FORD TER., 10226-Pamela A. McMahon to Charles E. Tolbert Sr., $196,215.

TAHOE PL., 4069-Richard G. Jr. and Melissa L. Weschler to Stephanie and Jon P. Duvall, $199,999.

TUCKER LANE, 10151-Cheryl A. Benedik to Bonnie L. Tompkins and Ralph Bellamy, $219,900.

St. Mary's County

Bushwood Area

HILLTOP DR., 23270-George W. Brown to Ernest S. Carter, $45,000.

MEADOW RD., 23198-R.A. Uhl Enterprises Inc. to Kevin B. Mathewson, $152,700.

California Area

BELLWOOD LANE, 22741-Charles T. and Eleanor M. Coulby to Shana K. and David R. Gullick, $155,000.

LOCUST RIDGE CT., 44790, No. 5B-Michael K. Finck to Mary Lillian Thompson, $99,000.

PINE BARK LANE, 23146-Donald H. McGarity to Jacob R. Blanc, $169,900.

SYCAMORE LANE, 44094-Joan E. and John L. Sullivan to Rod F. Esquivel, $190,000.

WHITE OAK CT., 44693, No. 11B-Diana L. Lee to Diana L. Lancaster, $92,000.

Callaway Area

CANVAS BACK DR., 44903-Todd Allan Goings to Brian J. Bohager, $135,500.

HUNTING QUARTER DR., 20979-Bethany and David M. Bancroft to Sirva Relocation Co., $275,000.

MEDLEYS NECK RD., 44956-Charlie H. Elliott to Todd E. Morris, $239,100.

Great Mills Area

BOOTHE FARM LANE, 46116-James I. Mathews to Thomas Alan Raley, $120,000.

GREENVIEW PKWY., 22429-Samuel L. Coleman to Pik Ling Cheng, $260,000.

Leonardtown Area

CAPILANO CT., 40570-Stuart H. Cohen to Jennifer L. and Michael A. Shizak Jr., $85,000.

POTOMAC VIEW DR., 21804-Robert C. Davis to Kimberly A. and Eric J. Higgins, $238,000.

SOUTH 40 DR., 40848-Gladys L. Guy to Brenda G. and Ronald W. Surfield, $300,000.

Lexington Park Area

BRIARWOOD CT., 22093-George Thomas Daugherty to Aimee R. and Danny W. Mattera, $118,350.

BRYAN RD., 46773-Kathy E. Malone to Cora S. and E. Dean Meloney, $184,900.

CARMEN WOODS DR., 21403-Gregory L. Soikowski to Nancy and Michael D. Spence, $189,900.

CECIL RD., 46288-Alan Thomas Gray to Jennifer L. and Warren Westbrook Jr., $227,400.

ELM CT., 45774-Margaret J. and Brit M. Borovac to Gregory E. Urtz, $192,500.

OAK CT., 19745-Theodore Ray Peterson to Carley A. and Robert W. Dodge, $115,000.

PEGG RD., 22120-Julius Ladringan to Magdalena S. Cherra, $98,000.

SORREL DR., 47129-DNA Companies Thomas Homes Inc. to Kimberly W. and William G. Scriber, $287,487.

THREE NOTCH RD., 19891-Alvin R. Frazier to Karen Denise and Joseph Michael Ridgell, $152,000.

WARWICK DR., 46047-Daniel E. Blazer to Michelle B. and Todd E. Buhr, $172,000.

Mechanicsville Area

BAPTIST CHURCH RD., 27659-Harold A. Anderson to Barbara E. and Charles P. Anderson, $38,000.

BARTON ST., 27218-H.L. Israel to Rudolf A. Carrico Jr., $295,000.

BOUNDARY DR., 29780-Michael T. Rector to Kenneth E. Eckert, $174,900.

CORRIANDER CT., 38984-D. and E. Construction Inc. to Richard Sansbury, $245,000.

FOREST HALL DR., 26649-Patrick Knights to Deborah A. and Stephen W. Marshall, $206,500.

GOLDEN BEACH RD., 40245-James F. Buracker to Luzviminda L. and Gary League, $178,300.

HILLS DR., 26061-Tri Star Construction Inc. to Danielle R. and Joseph E. Pickerall Sr., $185,125.

JENNIFER DR., 29662-Simon D. and Michelle L. Motture to Candy and Timothy A. Quade, $215,000.

LYNNDALE CT., 26760-Michael L. Sams to Lewis E. Schulz III, $357,500.

MEADOW WOOD DR., 26321-Tri Star Construction Inc. to Tracy E. and Vaughn P. Grizzle II, $219,600.

MOUNT STERLING CT., 25248-Gerald J. Hansen to Kim A. and Christopher L. Bistline, $262,000.

SHADY LANE, 40450-Thomas E. Gardner to Renee M. and James K. Reining, $375,000.

SHENANDOAH DR., 26012-David A. Gerhardt to Rita A. and Terry A. Nelson, $179,900.

SYCAMORE DR., 26138-Robert J. Lucini to Tri Star Construction Inc., $60,000.

ZANE CT., 38255-Joyce E. Stone to Jason Hopkins, $230,000.

Morganza Area

MORGANZA TURNER RD., 25850-David R. and Dean H. Helm to Jennifer and Ray Ruley, $45,000.

Tall Timbers Area

BUGGS WAY, 45224-Essex South General Partnership to Amy Lynn and Daniel Allan Rossi, $310,004.

DEAGLE BOATYARD RD., 45053-Chesapeake Builders to Darcy R. and Patrick R. Cunningham, $175,590.