Maternity Center Association


Anika Lunde Hatley, a daughter, to Kine Lunde and Steven Hatley of Gaithersburg.


Camila Lucia Guadalupe, a daughter, to Sandra Gutierrez and Christian Guadalupe of Silver Spring.


Micah Eric Davis, a son, to Kriscinda and Luke Davis of Gaithersburg.

Shady Grove

Adventist Hospital


Kayla Elizabeth Shaffer, a daughter, to Renee and Gerald Shaffer of Potomac.


Mahir F. Abdulkadir, a son, to Ibrahim A. Esrut and Ahmed A. Fawzy of Gaithersburg.

Ojas Kannan, a son, to Madhavi Raman and Kannan Panchapakesan of Germantown.


Alexandra Wills Selby and Emma Morgan Selby, twin daughters, to Lawren and Eric Selby of Washington Grove.

Isabelle Christine Young, a daughter, to Brenda and Robert Young of Derwood.


Kevin Do, a son, to Phoi Phoi Trang and Duc Van Do of Silver Spring.

Qasim Syed Hussain, a son, to Syeda S. Hussain and Qamar U. Hussain of Silver Spring.

May 1

Kelly Nicole Geouge, a daughter, to Rachel Erin Geouge and Kevin Wayne Geouge Jr. of Frederick.

Malini Raghu, a daughter, to Sunanda Gopakumar and Raghu Nambiath of Germantown.

Meenah Isabella Wycliffe, a daughter, to Barbara Bibiana Wycliffe and Jeff Wycliffe of Frederick.


Nicole Marie Campbell, a daughter, to Maria Eugenia Romero and Kevin Michael Campbell of Silver Spring.

Thomas Ryan Oberlander, a son, to Katie Bufithis Oberlander and Eric John Oberlander of Bethesda.

Emily Kathleen Pautler and Thomas James Pautler, twin daughter and son, to Margaret and Christopher Pautler of Rockville.


Joshua Jacob Arthur, a son, to Razia and George E. Arthur of Germantown.

Jonathan Nguyen, a son, to Tam Pham and Duc Nguyen of Gaithersburg.


Elliott Moses Joppy, a son, to Dori Lyons Joppy and Kenneth R. Joppy Jr. of Gaithersburg.

Angela Yuyang Luo, a daughter, to Li Sun and Shen Luo of Rockville.


Patrick Michael Becker, a son, to Terri Dillon Becker and Patrick Becker of Emmitsburg.

Brennen Noah Daneker, a son, to Nagina N. Daneker and Stephen R. Daneker of Laytonsville.

Charlotte Patricia Jordan, a daughter, to Christine Michele Jordan and Michael Patrick Jordan of Gaithersburg.

Marina Isabella Saad, a daughter, to Claudia Acosta Saad and Munier John Saad of Gaithersburg.


Chase Jacob Brooke, a son, to Kimberly Yvonne Curtis and Ronald Edward Brooke II of Germantown.

Eathan Jordan Colson-Willis, a son, to Michelle Lynn Colson-Willis and Harold Francis Willis Jr. of Mount Airy.

Tesla Ana Solomon Wiles, a daughter, to Deborah Solomon and Michael Wiles of Clarksburg.

Catherine Elizabeth Ziffer, a daughter, to Teresa and David Ziffer of Clarksburg.


Darius Ballou, a son, to Selishia Jones and Albert Ballou of Germantown.

Evan Carl Kemp, a son, to Joy Ann Kemp and Justin Crezee Kemp of Damascus.


Eunice Alexandra Chicas, a daughter, to Magdalena and Oscar Chicas of Germantown.

Mason Alexander Porter, a son, to Renee and Aaron Porter of Germantown.

Sibley Memorial Hospital

MAY 11

Victor Sebastian Bofill, a son, to Ana Maria Bofill and Juan Manuel Bofill of Silver Spring.

Camryn Leah Rochkind, a daughter, to Dina Ellis Rochkind and Stephen Rochkind of Bethesda.

MAY 12

Edward Lawrence Kelly, a son, to Colleen Quinn Kelly and Edward Cawley Kelly of Chevy Chase.

MAY 14

Joseph Owen Enright, a son, to Ellen M. Enright and James R. Enright III of Bethesda.

William James Capitos, a son, to Barbara Lyn Bickham and Anthony Joseph Capitos of Bethesda.

Maxim Kemil Borgeaud, a son, to Eda Elbirlik and Jean-Daniel Borgeaud of Bethesda.

MAY 15

Alexander Vladimir Galdamez, a son, to Ana G. Bonilla-Galdamez and Walter D. Galdamez of Rockville.

MAY 17

Julian Lee Wilcox, a son, to Sheila M. Wilcox and F. Oliver Wilcox of Kensington.

Hannah Ruth Gelfand Betre, a daughter, to Michele Joy Gelfand and Todd William Betre of University Park.

Liv Alisia McHugh, a daughter, to Sonja Valtasaari McHugh and Gregory Lyndon McHugh of Kensington.

Carly Eden Rothschild, a daughter, to Stefanie L. Rothschild and Gregg A. Rothschild of Cabin John.

MAY 20

Gianna Faye deBastos, a daughter, to Lisa Francine deBastos and Derek Keith deBastos of Laytonsville.

-- Compiled by RIA MANGLAPUS