The following were among cases received recently by the Washington Humane Society. For more information or assistance, 24 hours a day, call 202-723-5730.

Dog With Lump Euthanized

CRITTENDEN ST. NW, 400 block, May 14. A woman called the Humane Society because her 5-year-old Rottweiler had a large lump on its side and she had no money for veterinary care. An officer examined the lump, which the owner said had started out six months earlier the size of a knot. After discussing the veterinary treatment that probably would be required, the woman decided to surrender her pet. She asked that the dog be picked up the next day so her children could say goodbye. The next morning the dog was taken to the society shelter and euthanized.

Injured Dog Taken From Owner

SHERIER PL. NW, 5200 block, May 15. The police department called the Humane Society after a police officer stopped a man who was walking a limping dog. A Humane Society officer found the dog panting heavily. When the dog stood, it would not put weight on one of its legs. The dog's owner said that he was from out of town and that the dog's injury had occurred seven years earlier. When the man refused to produce identification or a contact number, the dog was impounded. The owner was told to call the society shelter an hour later to discuss the dog. The animal was taken to a veterinarian, who determined that it was suffering from an old break that had not healed properly. The veterinarian also found abrasions on the leg and recommended that it be amputated. The dog was given pain medication. When the owner had not contacted the society after two days, the dog was euthanized.

Panting Dogs Freed From Hot Car

25TH ST. NW, 900 block, May 14. Investigating a report of two dogs left in a hot car, a Humane Society officer found two Labrador mixes panting heavily inside the vehicle. An empty water bowl was on a seat. The dogs were impounded at the society shelter. The next day, the dogs' owner went to the shelter and explained that she was from out of town and was visiting a friend but wasn't allowed to take the dogs inside the friend's apartment. She said the dogs had just arrived from Madagascar, where she had adopted them while working for the Peace Corps. She showed health certificates for the dogs and apologized for leaving them in the car. Shelter workers released the dogs to the owner after warning her about the dangers of leaving pets in vehicles.

Pit Bull Sought for Fight

FIRST AND VAN BUREN STREETS NW, May 12. A woman reported to a police officer that as she was walking her pit bull, two men in a car asked her to arrange for her dog to participate in a dogfight. The case was referred to a Humane Society officer, who learned that the men first asked the woman whether the dog was pregnant, then showed her money for a dogfight. She refused, and the men followed her in the car. One of the men then demanded the dog. She refused again. When she began to write down the car's tag number, one of the men threatened her and gestured as if he were reaching for a weapon; then they drove away. The case was under investigation.

-- Compiled by SARAH LANE