The following home sales were recently recorded for southern Fairfax County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Real Estate Division of the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Fairfax County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Alexandria Area

ALBRO LANE, 6327-Joyce A. Gledhill to Alfred F. and Sandra R. Decosta, $395,000.

BERMUDA GREEN CT., 6568-Richard Werner and Nancy Duncombe to L.E. and Vera D. Stern, $342,500.

BISMACH DR., 5612, No. 202-Lawrence M. and Aleathea L. Carter to Paul I. and Susan V. Tanedo, $169,500.

BLOOMFIELD DR., 5604, No. 101-Jesus J. Medrano and Noemy Espinal to Michelle A. Rossy, $99,900.

BLOOMFIELD DR., 5612, No. 3-Raja A. and Tooba Q. Raza to Lillian Kagio, $174,000.

BRADLEY BLVD., 5508-Shirley P. and Jed S. Lewis to Dohwen Kim, $428,000.

CHEYENNE DR., 6491, No. 304-Herb Mott Jr. to Jonathan Nemceff, $254,000.

CRESTWOOD DR., 6226-Gordon W., Kevin V., Warren G. and Wallace L. Basye to Hung and Ngoc N. Nguyen and Kevin B. Ho and Dang Nguyen, $250,000.

FAIRFAX PKWY., 3909-Dung D. and Thuan D. Do to Jose G.O. Lopez, $365,000.

JUPITER HILLS CIR., 6609, No. G-Deborah A. Whaley to Tuong Q. Lam, $246,000.

JUPITER HILLS CIR., 6614-Eun J. Han to Adam R. Segal, $160,000.

N. ROSSER ST., 3702, No. T3-Maria A. Assusa to Kevin E. Connelly, $139,000.

SEMINARY RD., 5501, No. 305-Carlos J. and Nelle W. Hernandez to Arijit K. Saha and Vaishali J. Thakkar, $199,000.

Alexandria-Belle View Area

CLEMSON DR., 6909-Beth M. and David W. Mayger to Elizabeth M. Burke, $518,000.

FORT HUNT RD., 6500-Christopher P. and Dana K. Jones to Ashleigh D. and Andrew T. Horne, $350,000.

HARVARD DR., 2216-Jennifer A. Zanini to Leslie L. Knepper, $279,900.

MARY BALDWIN DR., 2404-Santa and Subrata Samaddar to Teresa Portillo and Jose Mendoza, $235,000.

POTOMAC AVE., 6600, No. A2-Robert M. Weimer to Ammar S. Mauket, $88,000.

REBECCA DR., 7312-Hamilton and Monika Carothers to Julia T. and Cheng T.W. Wu, $699,000.

REBECCA DR., 7427-David A. and Nancy Crozier and Frederick Ewing to Janet L. Harney, $535,000.

ROLLINS DR., 2016-Tanya C. Stack to Harold E. and Mariellen S. Klick, $287,000.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6621, No. 402-Arthur H. and Joan M. Evers to Hendrik L. Vroomen, $286,150.

WAKEFIELD DR., 6641, No. 910-Cynthia L. Fox to Carl J. and Louise F. Birckner, $156,000.

WESTHAMPTON DR., 6936-Maria E. Symionow to Jose and Miguel Amaya, $227,000.

WESTHAMPTON DR., 6955-Rosa E. Guzman, Jose C. Rivera and Simon P. Rivera to Eugenia I. Ejim and Kenneth Ubochi, $257,000.

14TH ST., 6406-Kathleen P. Salcido Trust to Robert Protosevich and Darilyn Gould, $433,500.

15TH ST., 6402-Christine L. and James R. Park to Nan R. Miller, $430,000.

Alexandria-Franconia Area

BEECH TREE DR., 5910-John L. and Patricia A. Rennish to Daniel K. and Marvine R. Wanamaker, $458,000.

BEULAH ST., 7138-Juan I. Castaneda to Aasim and Kashif Sanaullah, $264,000.

BIRCHLEIGH WAY, 6611-Thomas and Yvonne M. Boneparte to Christopher R. and Retta S. Edling, $274,900.

BRIARLEIGH WAY, 6618-Lauren D. Bazel to Jennifer J. Weaver, $275,600.

BROADMOOR ST., 5449-Janet and John R. Dopler to Mary D. Miller, $424,900.

BROOKVIEW DR., 5913-Stephen C. Stallings to William L. Bonn, $312,000.

CARE DR., 4707-Tsui Ping Cheng to Isidro Ramirez, $304,000.

CHERWELL LANE, 7242-Timothy R. and Rene T. Newman to Eileen J. and George E. Evans, $332,000.

DUNSTABLE LANE, 5217-Bruce L. and Isis A. Cooke to Tracie M. Dorr, $328,000.

ESSEX HOUSE SQ., 6062, No. A-Phillip H. Donahue and Teresa C. Donahue, trustees, to Hector D. and Olga V. Rodriguez, $194,700.

FOXBORO CT., 5303-Cielindo M. Esguerra and Antoinette A. Villareal to Michael H. and Christen M. Goulding, $344,900.

GOVERNORS POND CIR., 5780-Wajdi Harb to Katherine Ruffner, $455,000.

HOUSTON CT., 6108-Mekonen Woldargay and Azeb Kassa to Alexandro Arteaga, $299,000.

KNIGHTS RIDGE WAY, 6071-Paula D. and Seth N. Levinson to Mihret B. Tesfay and Dawit F. Beraki, $299,900.

MARY CAROLINE CIR., 6906, No. C-Yuk M. Cheung to Marta E. Hernandez, $142,900.

MCKENNA WAY, 6561-Erik and Sara Kittelson to Christine M. Bushway, $437,750.

NETTIES LANE, 6603, No. 1701-Denise M. Keough to Daniel J. Logisz, $260,500.

NETTIES LANE, 6612-Douny T. Vann to Linda Otero, $256,000.

OLD CARRIAGE DR., 6527-Donna Mason to Jason Mull, $226,000.

OLD CARRIAGE WAY, 6529-Tracy Bahm to Craig Winters, $220,000.

PINE BROOK RD., 4025-Paul E. Cormier and Lorin A. Wiseman to Montgomery D. and Tina K.H. Shaw, $550,000.

POPLAR DR., 4801-Richard S. Kumrow to Peter and Katalin Cseke, $342,900.

RIDGE VIEW DR., 5659-Cheryl M. and Ricky A. Smoot to Todd J. Scott, $335,000.

SUTCLIFFE DR., 6452-Paul F. and Kimberly A. Grant to Kenneth A. Newman, $457,500.

TELEGRAPH RD., 7824-Jack D. Smith Jr. to Centex Homes, $310,000.

WIGMORE LANE, 6107-B. Germaine Leamy to Gregory T. Dumont, $261,000.

WINDSOR AVE., 6310-Angela K. Gilbert to Ignacio Garcia, $322,000.

WOODLAND LAKE DR., 6212-Geneva M. and William E. Halloran to Dwayne C. and Glenda D. Jones, $589,000.

YADKIN CT., 6549-John E. and Vicky L. Bush to Amy A. Clontz, $245,000.

Annandale Area

AIRLIE WAY, 4440-Michael P. Callahan and Yun H. Bae to Celier Carrasco, $297,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4241, No. 10-Eun H. Kim to Gabriel M. Ayala and Cecilia Reyes, $145,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4251-Al A. Marsico to Bao T.N. Nguyen, $125,000.

AMERICANA DR., 4929, No. 104-Deborah K. Barber/Cutchins to Brenda S. Roventini, $115,000.

BRIARWOOD CT, 4431-Rosa E. Garay and Luis A. Palacios to Quy V. and My H. Do, $195,000.

CASIMIR ST., 4912-Perrin E. MacEachern to Marie Giunta, $293,000.

CHANTICLEER AVE., 5023-John J. and Mary S. Galvin and Donald Masterson to Matthew and Shelley A. Galvin, $333,000.

COUNTRY LANE, 4608-Edward E. Belet Jr. and Sherry Tran to Dale E. and Mack C. Hill, $810,000.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7723, No. 6-Mija Romer to Amanda Whitesell, $148,000.

DONNYBROOK CT., 7759, No. 206-Robert H. Trowbridge III and Cassandra Clarridge to Stephanie L. Costello, $119,900.

FOREST GLEN CT., 4467-Norma L. and Kimberly Warring to Dac D. Pham and Thoa Vo, $201,500.

FOREST GROVE DR., 3803-Linda N. and Robert G. Kutsher to Ligia and Ximena Espinosa, $399,000.

GANELON CT., 5009-Ronald A. and Alice E. Lee to Michele K. Crum and Andrew F. Meyers, $390,000.

LAFAYETTE FORGE DR., 7700, No. 11-Ellen C. Roth to Shirley L. Hopkins, $170,500.

LITTLE RIVER TNPK., 7419, No. 101-Reginald L. Meador and Brittany A. Alexander to Michelle T.W. Yeung, $136,000.

MONARCH LANE, 3388-Ramin S. Rad to William and Helen Weiler, $365,000.

PATRIOT DR., 7753, No. 56-Angela D. McGehee to David L. Reynolds Jr. and Danielle E. Talamantes, $193,000.

RAVENSWORTH RD., 4622-Martha L. and James F. Morris to Edna and Ernesto Apaga, $475,000.

RAVENSWORTH RD., 4818-Nam Nguyen and Hoa Au to Thuc V. Nguyen and Madalena M.P. Tran, $405,000.

ROWAN CT., 7711-Carol A. and James A. Morris to Eugene and Helen L. Kim, $359,950.

STARK RD., 8833-Daisy M. and Richard L. Warin to Mark E. and Amy K. Decarlo, $500,000.

TOBIN RD., 8304, No. 13-Daniel Cabellos to Tashi Yangzom, $165,000.

Baileys Crossroads Area

COLUMBIA PIKE, 6246-Anna M. and Gordon W. Basye to Daniel O. Vergara and Patricia G. Morgana, $485,000.

FREEDOM PL., 3340-William O. Caplinger to Leandro Villarroel, $350,000.

MADISON LANE, 3633-Terry G. Paup to Noralisa Leo and David Herlihy, $392,500.

PINEWOOD TER., 3858-Dollena Laughridge/Woodward to Elsa Valdez, $340,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3701, No. 2209N-Ismail and Yusuf G. Cattaneo to Zebib Ali and Abdul Wali Akber, $210,000.

S. GEORGE MASON DR., 3709, No. T-1E-Angelica Gonzalez to Syrinda Paige, $149,000.

S. MANCHESTER ST., 3100-Kenneth W. Hamby to Mehdi Sarbaz, $80,000.

Burke Area

ANDROMEDA DR., 9086-Lesly Valentin to Mario and Clara Madrid, $364,900.

BRIDGETOWN PL., 10314-Jane K. Mozingo to Leslie K. and Teri J. Williams, $229,900.

BROOK FORD RD., 9059-Mi S. Yi to Hui C. Hung, $375,500.

CALSTOCK CT., 5428-Lan N. Cooch to Eun S. and Hoon H. Lee, $299,990.

CLOVERDALE CT., 9452-Horester E. and Grecia E. Carias to Rakesh Sharma, $265,000.

DE SOTO ST., 5616-Myung O. and Sung J. Sa to Chang H. and Young S. Kim, $380,000.

FAIRE COMMONS CT., 10201-Ying Y. Chang to Yaa Anane, $279,800.

FERN POOL CT., 10250-Bruce L. and Denise A. Workman to Seung B. Kwonmin,


HARFORD LANE, 5015-Elizabeth S. Motes to Jaime Bustillo and Hector Bonilla, $214,000.

HEMLOCK WOODS LANE, 10002-Becky K. and Mark A. Freeman to Chang H. and Soon J. Kim, $301,000.

KARA PL., 5914-Hyung R. Han and Ok M. Lee to Saritha C. Varma, $229,900.

MARTINS LANDING CT., 6173-Landon T. and Virginia P. King to Reginald L. Meador and Brittany A. Alexander, $258,000.

MASON BLUFF CT., 9679-Elizabeth B. and Willie P. Hutcherson to Ruth A. Eyanson, $315,000.

PEPPERCORN DR., 5536-Patricia Delasota to Jennifer A. Cohen and Bryan M. Topscher, $220,000.

PEREGRINE DR., 5927-Oscar A. and Sara L. Ponce to Sergio D. Ramirez and Martha L. Rodriguez, $343,000.

PRINCE CASPIA LANE, 5007-Howard A. and Jeanne B. Olsen to Hui C. and Randall P.J. Ethier, $499,000.

QUIET POND TER., 10287-Jerry W. and Jo A. Tyner to Douglas R. Haines, $250,000.

RAPID RUN CT., 5624-Lynn A. and J. Carter Crafford to Rodney A. and Annette J. Black, $295,000.

SCARBOROUGH COMMONS LANE, 6009-Naomi V. Witherspoon to William S. and Beth M. Paleos, $284,500.

SHIPWRIGHT DR., 9513-Joan and Vasilios N. Fotopoulos to Amiko and Robin Rorick, $409,000.

SPRING OAK CT., 10696-Tarik T. and Isil Celik to Garrie and Jocylyn G. Olimpo, $215,000.

SPRING OAK CT., 10697-Benjamin R.O. and Wesley C. Henderson to Sung D. and Hye K.Y. Kim, $215,000.

TIBBITT LANE, 5028-Edna M., Gayle D. and Kendall L. Peterson to Arnivayana and Aryana D. Perez and Maria D. Malespin, $204,500.

WOOD POPPY CT., 5817-Gordon and Graciela L. Crupper to John L. Kaffka, $245,000.

Centreville Area

ASHER CT., 6109-Adrian M. and Louise M. Logue to Thomas Ryan, $285,000.

AUTUMN CIR., 14161-Irfan B. Malik to Erika Delgado and Miguel Orozco, $245,000.

AUTUMN CIR., 14169-Patrick A. Henry to Maureen A. Rozo, $244,500.

AUTUMN CIR., 14210-John R. Griffee to Christopher L. Geisler, $250,000.

BIRCHLEAF PARK CT., 5607-Sayeda B. and Tahir A. Kazmi to Mohammed N. and Neelofar A. Khan, $400,000.

BIRCHLEAF PARK CT., 5611-Janet H. and Won J. Lee to Azra Bibi and Uzma, Asma and Kashif Iqbal, $437,500.

BROOKMERE DR., 14346-Michele E. and Salvatore A. Dalessandro to Joseph E. and Joy P. Murtha, $445,000.

CASTLE HARBOR WAY, 5132, No. 61-Carlos and Monica Artieda and Elmore Holtig Rodolfo to Maureen G. Block, $247,500.

CEDAR LOCH CT., 6820-Ho S., Poong J. and Elan Song to Sang Y. Hwang, $315,000.

CLAY PIPE CT., 6243-Shawn D. and Annette M. Scribner to Nevin D. and Kimberly E. Fry, $296,000.

CREEKSTONE LANE, 6004-Cassie J. Nicotera and Jean A. Picano to Charles J. Curia, $244,500.

FOUR CHIMNEY DR., 14493, No. 509-Luann J. Peterson to Oleg A. and Marina N. Naumenko, $235,000.

GENERALS CT., 6353-Belinda G. and Ben Rogers to Benjamin J. and Karen B. Falcone, $250,000.

GLEN MEADOW DR., 5256-Alfred L. and M. Michele West to James C. Hill and Ellen Kelderman, $272,000.

JENNY LEIGH CT., 6764-Richard F. Carman to Loan K. Tran and Tiet V. Nguyen, $267,500.

LAMBETH SQ., 14884-Colleen J. Bauer and Maziar Momeni to Jennifer A. Burwell, $231,000.

LAURA RATCLIFF CT., 13817-David W. Slingerland and My T. Vu to Samuel and Rebecca Kim, $245,000.

LYNHODGE CT., 14808-Shyam Sundaram and Kavitha Shyam to Inderjit Arora and Sue S. Pathania, $195,000.

MANORWOOD DR., 5984-Mark Bojeun to Jeffrey A. Mauck, $266,000.

MIDDLE CREEK PL., 13971-Michael T. and Michelle F. Davidson to Jeffrey and Julie Steward, $249,900.

NETHERTON ST., 6024-Bradley T. Harris to Mary B. and Stephanie Krepinevich, $192,200.

NETHERTON ST., 6028-Jennifer R. Samuels to Edwin Perez, $162,000.

PALISADES DR., 6508-Deanna C. and John G. Nettles to Robert H. Kluge Jr., $334,000.

PALMERSTON SQ., 14829-Robert P. Ruwe to Rene Simpson, $248,500.

POINT CIR., 6206-Mary K. and Robert R. Noble to Karla J. and John D. Rupp, $553,000.

ROCK CRYSTAL DR., 6617-Guy S. and Kari A. Moran to Julie A. Kelly, $693,000.

ROCKLEDGE PL., 6716-Ellen S. Abdo and Dina M. Diamantides to Yun C. and Luna Yim, $245,000.

ROCKTON CT., 6029-Jennifer L. and Peter C. Schumacher to Jerry and Denise D. Algarinsantos, $259,900.

SARA MARIE TER., 6079-John P. Ayoub to Nanette R. and Enrico R. Varias, $310,000.

SEASONS DR., 14616-Paul D. Kim to Srikanth Swaminathan and Srividhya D. Ramamurthy, $317,000.

STONE CROSS CT., 14620-Kim H. Ngo and Dan K. Pham to Doan B.N. and Phuong H. Pham, $225,000.

STONE MAPLE TER., 6795-Jennifer N. Davis to Matthew Nearhoof and Heather Boyce, $236,500.

SYDELL LANE, 14513-Ajit S. and Paramjit K. Dhaliwal to Deepak S. and Vishakha D. Ahuja, $270,000.

TRUITT FARM DR., 14750-Craig C. and Lori L. Thoden to Walter Chuda Jr., $317,000.

UNIFORM DR., 14333-Olivia C. and Roddy A. Reyes to Su M. and Mu L. Kim, $299,900.

WATERFLOW PL., 13946-Michael E. and Tiffany D. Kriz to Steven Downs and Kathryn Blackwell, $280,000.

WYCOFF SQ., 6066-Diane A. and John E. Roe to William N. Jackson Jr., $190,000.

Chantilly Area

AUTUMN VALE CT., 13711, No. 29D-Jose M. Dominguez to George S. Hall, $206,000.

BICENTENNIAL CT., 15218-In S. and Kyu I. Cho to Sung C. Kim, $341,828.

BORDOLINO DR., 4220-Theodore L. Lloyd III to Marcos M. Rangel, $178,550.

BRIARTON DR., 4517-Rene Doublier to Robert W. Batson, $326,000.

CABERNET CT., 13805-Mary A.C. Owens to Mickey Glassman, $124,500.

CARROLL CT., 3900-Kevin and Shannon Dry to Jason D. and Kirsten A. Blue, $423,000.

DAWN VALLEY CT., 4158, No. 7207-Jennifer N. and Christopher A. Stipe to Louis and Susan Dagostino, $159,900.

FLATLICK BRAN DR., 4658-David C. and Kristen G. Sharpe to Gregory F. and Shelly L. Duffy, $315,000.

LEES CORNER RD., 4316-Robert N. Keifert to Douglas Gardner Jr., $225,000.

MARBLE ROCK DR., 13447-William F. and June G. Parker to John T. and Tina M. Vance, $549,900.

MEADOWLAND CT., 4163, No. 40-Stephen C. Barnes to Francisco Moreno and Andrea G. Fuentes, $139,000.

MELVILLE LANE, 13561-Sheila M. and Stephen D. Foley to Pierre E. and Fabienne Mouard, $629,000.

SAUTERNE CT., 4245-Thomas M. Luebbering to Lisa Nelson, trustee, $123,800.

Clifton Area

CANADA GOOSE CT., 13502-Jay D. Johnston to Keith and Mary Hughitt, $295,800.

COLT DR., 13001-Shelmadine and Donald Essig to Mark and Theresa Skiff, $690,000.

LIMESTONE CT., 13004-Richard T. Hamner to Vicki T. Bass, $319,900.

ORCHARD HILL CT., 5845-Thomas S. Clarkson to Christine Daly, $195,000.

SANDY POINT LANE, 5423-Darlene M. and Kevin J. O'Connor to Horng Yuan Kan and Shwu Jen Lee, $559,900.

SANGSTERS CT., 12150-Ruth A. and Mark S. Gunning to Mary and Michael Sarelson, $1.35 million.

SIERRA DR., 13528-Jeffrey L. and Laura G. Wineland to Yvonne S. Elgnawey, $257,900.

Fairfax City Area

ATHENS RD., 9412-Pamela L. Hardy to Stanley P. and Gail Laber, $487,500.

AUTUMN WILLOW DR., 13081-Anthony D. and Gayle B. Demeri to Jun Du and Hui F. Shao, $580,000.

BOYETT CT., 9658-Fariba V. Khiabany and Ray V. Yeganeh to Kent M. and Jodi B. Arganbright, $405,000.

BRANCH SIDE LANE, 9340-Jeffrey Siew to Thomas A. and Anna C. Kober, $492,000.

BRAXTON WOOD CT., 3037-Felicidad C. Domingo to Luis G. Cisneros, $309,900.

BROOMSEDGE CT., 3726-Jessie L. Lane to Alberto and Dionisia Resquin, $285,000.

BUSH HILL DR., 5787-Wahid and Sadiq Beg to Pamela D. Roache and Freddie D. Zayas, $679,000.

CAITHNESS CT., 5561-Michael and Tudina Du to Aamar Raza and Suhail Qaiser, $253,000.

CHARLES STEWART DR., 3811-Alice P. and Anthony F. Quattromani to Mamoon Elbedawi and Amal Khidir, $475,000.

COLERIDGE DR., 5115-Souzan G. and Tony G. Ghareeb to Faysal Y. and Marilyn K. Sharif, $369,000.

COLLIS OAK CT., 3909-J. Liza Caban to Donald P. Carter II, $279,000.

COMMONWEALTH BLVD., 10305-Maureen O. and Timothy E. Hall to Frank and Anumzziatta Purchiaroni, $360,000.

DOGWOOD HILLS LANE, 12814-Chung H. and Mi H. Choe to Mohamed Omer and Raqiya Abdalla, $429,000.

ESPANA CT., 2940-Phyllis Alpern, trustee, to Palakkat K.D. Kumar and Manimoli Dinesh, $305,000.

FAIR VILLAGE WAY, 12570-Wilburn and Dianne S. Hardison to Scott H. Barr, $420,000.

FAIRFIELD HOUSE DR., 12229, No. 208A-Marjorie B. and Wallace G. Stallings to Errol McEachron, $234,900.

FAIRHILL RD., 3004-Michael H. and Theresa A. Sherman to Daniel J. and Cynthia J. Schaal, $402,000.

FIELD LARK CT., 12314-Edith L. and Kit H. Lee to Mille Hailu, $319,900.

FOUNTAINSIDE LANE, 4092-Alan S. and Susie K. Lee to Hee S. Lim, $324,900.

FREEHILL LANE, 3740-Robert A. and Yekaterina V. Lind to Ahmed and Denise Rubaai, $560,000.

GLENBROOK RD., 9205-Miguel A. Perez to Wayne and Kathleen R. Peters, $469,900.

GOLF TEE CT., 3903, No. 330-Diana W. and Jonathan W. Brandt to Richard P. Rowan, $195,000.

GRAND JUNCTION DR., 13218-Edward J. Urbaniak to Scott A. Devore and Heather R. Parks, $279,900.

GRAYS POINTE RD., 12894-Joshua D. Carter to Kenneth C. Miller, $135,000.

GREENWOOD CT., 12102, No. 301-Jane E. Davidson to Kekelwa N. Dall, $215,000.

HAYES CT., 12491, No. 403-Keith A. Robertory to Don M. Chamberlin IV, $254,650.

HIGHLAND OAKS DR., 3851-Jisoo Kim to Mohamed F. and Christine J. Lafeer, $565,000.

INVERNESS RD., 3841-Jeffrey J. Kappel to Susan W. Lund, $360,000.

KEYS CT., 10952-Rebecca A. and Jad S. Peterson to Donald L. and Candice L. Saunders, $695,000.

KINGS CROWN CT., 9711-Kenneth L. and Sharlie M. Eaton to Harry J. Barnes, $139,565.

KINGSBRIDGE DR., 9909-Serapio Valenzuela to Gang Wang and Di Fan, $306,000.

LATNEY RD., 10297-Dung Q.L. Ly to Randall Derbin, $264,500.

MAJESTIC LANE, 4326-Todd Sorensen to Dwayne and Susan Baxter, $355,000.

MAJESTIC LANE, 4435-Marilyn S. McAlice to Suveena L. and Noble Mathew, $309,900.

MAZEWOOD LANE, 3761-Yoon S. and Kyoung H. Choi to Mohamed M. and Abderrahmane M. Lahbibi, $279,900.

MCFARLAND DR., 4910-Kenneth R. and Michelle H. Mussen to Gary L. and Alonsa P. Riddle, $252,500.

NEW LONDON PA DR., 5421-Jungho Kim to Young H. Seo and Zhen J. Jin, $235,000.

OAK VILLAGE, 4109-Li Fu and Qiang Wei to Amir Keshavarzi and Cathy Beykzakeh, $427,900.

QUAIL CREEK LANE, 13117-Temarate Bekele to Desmond M. Burke, $275,000.

RIDGE KNOLL DR., 12003, No. 807B-Mark A. and Catherine M. Gaudian to Kenneth W. Bailey, $227,000.

ROSE PATH CIR., 12484-Sawraj K. and Tripat M. Singh to Gary L. and Jennell B. Boggs, $435,000.

SAFE HARBOR CT., 5461-Dennis J. Hottle to Erich Grummt, $264,900.

SANTA CLARA DR., 11005-Hyun J. and Brian A. Martin to Jin S. Kim, $315,000.

SAVOY DR., 3087-Donna J. and John T. Pivik to Shmuel Anglister and Kathy A. Lieberman, $590,000.

SWEET LEAF TER., 12517-Stephanie Holaday to Jose and Amber Rodriguez, $336,900.

TALLOW TREE PL., 3944, No. 300-David W. McLaughlin to Pablo Averbuj, $289,900.

UPPER PARK DR., 4255-Ping Yun and Zhong Qi to Isabel S. and Sampath Krishnan, $420,500.

VOSGER CT., 9110-Charles H. Caldwell to Linda M. Stuart, $319,000.

WEDGEWAY CT., 12145-Sally J. Webb to Maurizio Reyes, $250,000.

WESTBROOK MILL LANE, 11334, No. 202-Barbara N. McClintock to Jon Levin, $255,000.

Fairfax Station Area

HAMPTON RD., 10050-John M. and Kathleen S. Lane to Rex B. Vaughn and Laura D. Swan, $620,000.

HOMAR POND DR., 10124-Pockhui K. and Charles C. Peavey to Barbara G. and Eugene J. Rose, $656,000.

SYLVAN GLEN LANE, 7117-Peter J. Farrell to Gloria and Octaviano Castillo, $619,000.

Fort Belvoir Area

INLET COVE DR., 6924-Anna M. and Luigi Tonizzo to Teresa She, $435,000.

Fort Hunt Area

CHILDS LANE, 2418-Donald R. and Margaret R. Baucom to Steven L. Sanders and Michael R. Phelps, $450,000.

CROTON DR., 1006-Ruth Dalessandri to Mary K. Parker, $390,000.

EMPRESS CT., 825-Henry L. and Rose C. Choate to Jeffrey W. and Charlene E. Rhatican, $405,000.

FORT HUNT RD., 8405-Dana M. and Patricia E. Wegner to Brian Connor, $395,000.

JACKSON RD., 7923-Renae M. Kraft to Elizabeth J. Reiley, $352,500.

STOCKADE DR., 8333-Charles G. and Suzanne M. Sanders to James D. Larkin and Rebecca L. Edestein, $417,500.

WINGFIELD PL., 8105-Joyce J. Kraig to Thomas K. Shoemaker, $322,700.

YORKTOWN DR., 8127-Kirk Logie to Gregory C. Paytosh and Hilary A. Walmsley, $465,000.

Huntington Area

ELMWOOD DR., 3809-Nancy L. Benfield, Winifred L. King and Hubert Benfield to Ana M. and Luis M. Abrego, $225,000.

FAIRVIEW TER., 2320-Cheryl L. Alter to Reynaldo Pineda and Jose S. Benitez, $238,500.

FAIRVIEW TER., 2342-David B. and Peggy A. Carter to Mark G. Richards, $228,000.

FARRINGTON AVE., 2305, No. 202-Lisa M. McGlasson to Edward B. Leckey Jr., $105,000.

HUNTINGTON AVE., 2059-Eamon E. O'Kelly and Arlene Fitzpatrick to Geoffrey P. Shipsides, $136,000.

MOUNT EAGLE DR., 5903, No. 1503-Leroy R. McConkey to Jeffrey S. Cornell, $215,000.

Hybla Valley Area

AUDUBON AVE., 7980-Nancy L.S. Wright to Issa and Kadijatu Kamara, $113,900.

CALDERON CT., 7500, No. 264M-Alfredo R. Torres to Julia V. McGrath, $221,000.

COBBLESTONE CT., 3810-Richard A. and Sara E. Esslinger to Wayne L. and Jennie A. Johnson, $375,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7510-Surina Briscoe to Jennifer E. Fournier, $208,000.

SNOWPEA CT., 7522, No. 18-Richard S. and Sarah J. Yi to Richard S. Slater, $215,000.

STRAWN CT., 7108-Marco A. Gomez, Ximena Sanchez and Raquel Oblitas to Kathleen E. Perka, $231,000.

Lorton Area

ANZIO LANE, 7613-Betty L. Kingrey to James A. Fortney, $268,000.

ASPENPARK RD., 7423-Ramadan M. Gad to Rabin and Mita Shrestha, $244,000.

BLUEBIRD WAY, 8303-Miriam H. Harris to Jose M. Reyes and Milagritos Santiago, $198,000.

CARDINAL FOREST LANE, 9274-Christopher D. Aldrich to Christin Talbot, $188,500.

CARDINAL WOOD CT., 6756-Bob O. and Reina D. Bowen to Chang Liu and Song Jin, $275,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9523, No. C-Husain and Shabbir Lakhani to Masuma I. and Syed I. Hussain, $84,000.

HAGEL CIR., 9691, No. E-Mohammed E. Akram and Majid R. Setayeshpour to Fabian Rodriguez, $130,000.

KOLUDER CT., 8563-Carlos H. Espinoza to David and Paulina V. Reeder, $208,000.

LORTON VALLEY RD., 9211-Angel M. and Susan M. Esteves to Andre A. and Manzo Speight, $300,000.

SHEFFIELD HUNT CT., 9197-Brenda G. and Enrique Soto to Jose J. Acha and Leticia A. Delgadillo, $240,000.

SUSQUEHANNA ST., 8732-Kathy M. Kabinier to Wade C. Zech, $180,000.

Mount Vernon Area

BEEKMAN PL., 8603, No. B-Kimberly M. Quarles to Gwendolyn Y. Page, $133,000.

BLACK ALDER DR., 8807-Sandra S. Phillips to David L. and Jennifer D. McFarland, $494,950.

EUREKA CT., 8408-Florence R. Armstrong and Jacqueline F. Lee to Etsubdenk N. Tefera, $141,000.

INYO CT., 8506, No. 188-Kenneth C. Berkley to Katharina Rivera, $150,000.

LAUREL RD., 4421-Frankie A. and Joyce C. Fields to Monica M. Pelkey, $359,000.

LAWRENCE ST., 4321-James F. and Patricia M. Duffy to Joyce H. Carr, $262,000.

NOEL ST., 8017-Claude H. and Anne G. Crump to Melanie and Gregory Sweeney, $298,750.

OAKLAKE CT., 8120-John C. and Karen G. Donahue to Kamela D. Jones, $261,723.

OLD MOUNT VERNON RD., 8319-Henry H. Hansen to Jose A. Caballero, $545,000.

OLDE MILL CT., 5700, No. 153-David A. Forbes to Michael J. Ellis, $152,500.

POLE RD., 4722-Landon H. and Nellie M. Morgan to David R. and Magda Holmes, $349,000.

RICHMOND HWY., 8422-Oscar I. and Remedios D. Sanmateo to John MacChristian, $81,000.

TOWNE MANOR CT., 8516-Theresa N. Lanza to Eric E. and Barbara V. Konicki, $245,000.

TOWNE MANOR CT., 8528-Hermione A. Dowuona to Carey W. Terasaki, $255,000.

VILLAGE GREEN CT., 8784-Marta Ayala and Jose V. Gonzalez to Marcos A. and Julia Escamilla, $196,000.

VILLAGE GREEN DR., 5790-Jane E. Poetzman to Jose A. and Teresa J. Romero, $130,000.

North Springfield Area

BOSTWICK DR., 6716-Mary J. Armstrong to Luat Q. and Kimkhanh T. Do, $285,000.

CATLETT ST., 7111-Michael J. Kuhlmann to Thomas W. Mahoney and Amy K. Haberman, $368,000.

CLIFTON ST., 5304-Robert E. Osterbur to Roxana Henriquez, $336,000.

FONTANA PL., 5500-Thomas M. Hagedorn to Darrell T. Wooldridge, $375,000.

HEMING PL., 7703-Douglas B. and Hellen W. Knowles to Francis Callahan, $385,000.

JULIET ST., 5305-Martha E. Emelity and Mark B. McCloskey to Manuel A. Amores and Roxana M. Butron, $320,000.

LEESVILLE BLVD., 7302-Prescott W. and Elizabeth V. Palmer to Sornnarin Kerdnat, $292,000.

LONSDALE DR., 5220-Marguerite R. Krashkevich to Michael J. David, $220,000.

ROLLING RD., 5603-Michelle D. and Shoeb Z. Siraj to Truong N. Tran and Tien T. Huynh, $350,000.

SOUTHAMPTON DR., 5212-Alexandra A. Bryzgalina to Toan Van and Cynthia Pham, $345,000.

Springfield Area

ASH DR., 5808-Anthony and Yanira Andrade to David Grageda and Juan J. Fernandez, $315,000.

BROOKVALE CT., 8331-James W. McGalliard to William J. Malecki, $180,000.

BUBBLING BROOK CIR., 7922-Anna E. and Samuel W. Patellos to Amanda K. Armintrout, $270,000.

BURNING FOREST CT., 8208-Bryan A. Crossland and Stephanie L. Nagle to Haider M. and Sheila Popal, $229,900.

CERVANTES LANE, 7702-Peter and Myung Joo Chang to Young C. and Ok H. Ahn, $419,000.

CLIFFVIEW AVE., 8126-Maruf Ahmed and Sonal Anjara to Derek A. Nixon, $271,000.

CONSERVATION DR., 6921-Patricia A. and Ronald R. Dougherty to Sheila A. Miller and Hernani Dumlao, $439,900.

CRAIG ST., 6022-Lesle L. Sullivan and Doris Lowery to Deanna D. and H. Ames Harrison, $270,000.

CURVING CREEK CT., 8169-Daniel M. and D. Michale Smith to Fermin Castaneda, $235,000.

DAKINE CIR., 6380-Merelyn M. Pickens to John K. Jones, $365,750.

DARK DEN CIR., 8168-Gurbax Singh to Rodolfo Sanjinez, $250,000.

DAYSPRING CT., 8021-Darryl K. Cunningham to Elvis and Ilsen Delafuente, $215,000.

EXMORE ST., 7410-Joseph Cooper Jr. to Gabriel Esprella, $282,000.

FLOYD AVE., 7310-Tam Nguyen and My L. Vo to Crispin Ferrel and Alfredo Vega, $263,000.

FLOYD AVE., 7402-April S. and Edward A. Fienga to Thien Tran, $309,500.

FOREST PATH WAY, 7954-Lesley M. and Richard A. Nyborg to Jennifer Lawler, $260,000.

FREDERICK ST., 6014-Daryl P. and Rhonda S. Brach to Michelle M. Lindo, $339,900.

HORNBUCKLE DR., 8258-Robert L. and Valerie A. Nabors to Tejash Shah and Fenil Tejookaya, $398,100.

LURETA ANN LANE, 6402-Dane R. Nielsen to Daniel Jetton, $317,000.

MILVA LANE, 6534-Francisco G. and Ashley K. Baldeon to Birye Abebe and Sarah S. Nur, $331,000.

PIN OAK DR., 8625-Susan K. Rogers to Fash Bekele and Abenet B. Geberegzabher, $285,200.

REVENNA LANE, 8004-Gang Luo and Xiaoqin Zheng to Suresh Gulati, $270,500.

VILLA DEL REY CT., 6909-Clemencia Bocanegra to Ram P. Regmi and Laxmi D. Sharma, $214,900.

WALNUT KNOLL DR., 7303-Mary and Stephen K. Boursalian to Sohaila Mahmoodi, $424,900.

WILLOWDALE CT., 8119-Carole C. Stabile to Jose Cuadra and Ismelda Espinoza, $237,900.

WINTER BLUE CT., 8131-Cynthia L. and Graham D. Alderson to James L. and Kelly J. Wilson, $330,000.

YELLOW LEAF CT., 8472-Justin Rhee to Maritza Sanchez, $365,000.

Vienna Area

BEEKAY CT., 2405-J. Walter Trujillo and Lurenda A. Turner to Chris L. and Dorothy A. Campbell, $694,000.

BERRY ST. SE, 309-Robert D. and Edmond A. Sullivan to Norbert Valerio, $425,000.

BOSS ST., 8169-Pamela W. Combs to Cynthia C. Henderson, $515,000.

COTTAGE ST., 8515-Michael G. and William J. Bancroft to Jonathan S. Kavalier and Nathalie Albrow, $370,000.

DELLWAY LANE, 8640-Anat H. and Benjamin G. Ziff to Claude G. Jalkh, $296,000.

DREXEL ST., 2515-Jacquelyn M. and Robert J. Markham to Barry L. and Jennifer J. Schwartz, $436,000.

GARRETT ST., 10028-Irmhild and Michael D. Boggs to Robert B. and Susannah B. Tilson, $625,000.

GLENGYLE DR., 2508, No. 200-Kenneth D. Bray to Jennifer Gibbins, $205,000.

GLENGYLE DR., 2605, No. 87-Christine L. Coppola to James R. Ervin, $199,900.

GLYNDON ST. NE, 529-Lynette D. Charity and Anthony S. Sado to Douglas T. and Mary A.K. Wray, $680,000.

KEARNEY CT. SW, 612-Sharon L. Vermilyea and Carol West to James D. Consalvi and Neena Scaria, $492,000.

KIDWELL TOWN CT., 8024-Windon Ringer and Carole D. White to Nahid Sina, $538,000.

LEESBURG PIKE, 10247-Lin Zhang and Jia Yue Yang to Amanda Tran and Rick T. Nguyen, $899,000.

MALRAUX DR., 2226-David D. and Julie K. O'Donnell to Karl Ware, $451,000.

MILL WHEEL LANE, 10112-Cheryl M. and Richard L. Anderson to Kristi R. Mitchell and Ignacio Rojas, $650,000.

MILLFARM DR., 1314-Yong L. Kim and Kyung Shin Lee to Rana Barakat and Jeremiah N. Partrick Jr., $751,200.

MONTMORENCY DR., 1643-Kevin D. and Mary D. McDonald to Wade M. and Mona C. Wells, $570,000.

PARK ST., 8634-Jane M. and William S. Dudgeon to Alison and David Jones, $436,000.

PIERIS CT., 2030-CRG Tysons Corp. to Charles F. and Nancy L. Dunlap, $532,591.

PLUM ST. SW, 601-Dana B. Plant to Sonny Nazemian, $327,500.

RHAPSODY DR., 9706-Albert R. and Patricia A. Lubarsky to James W. and Monthenun Evans, $560,000.

SCOTCH HAVEN DR., 9604-Lorilee M. and Leonidas Koutsouftikis to Daniel S. Kanda, $362,000.

SEBON DR., 8079-Matthew and Catherine M. Lodato to Jung Min Hur and Young Joo Jo, $451,750.

SIBELIUS DR., 9356-Catherine W. and Michael P. Spinella to Julie Schauer, $640,000.

TALISMAN DR., 9422-Jennifer A. and Richard F. Jones to Carol Topp, $514,900.

WESLEYAN ST., 8335-Sandi Palofer to Soon J. Lee, $315,000.

FIRST AVE., 8253-Chau K. Nguyen and Tai Q. Thieu to David J. McKean, $415,000.

Vienna-Dunn Loring Area

IDYLWOOD RD., 7840-Joyce Parker to Chesapeake Microsolutions Inc., $325,000.

West Springfield Area

BARRINGTON CT., 8505, No. J-Dzung P. Ly to Alberto D. Valencia and Karen L. Ordonez, $150,000.

BAUER CIR., 8562-Kyung S. and Dae K. Moon to Jong H. Cho and Young M. Chang, $520,000.

DUNHAM CT., 8354, No. E-Barbara J., Jordan E., Norma D. and Timothy E. Rizer to Stephanie Dunbar, $159,900.

ENGLISH IVY WAY, 6425-Chon W. and Chung S. Lee to Roy C. Lee, $330,000.

FISTERIS CT., 9118-Samantha M.J. Cucco and Michael A. Luttrell to Jonathan and Aurora Turk, $280,500.

GALGATE DR., 7116-Jung R. Pack to Negussie Tesfamariam and Dehab Tadesse, $360,000.

GREELEY BLVD., 7844-William F. Deichler and Wendy L. Kelly to Robert and Kimberly Harrison, $474,000.

HARWOOD CT., 6506-Aletha C. and James W. Martin to Victor Maliwanag and Edda M.T. Mailiwanag, $345,500.

HUNTSMAN BLVD., 6623-Cheryl L. and Christopher P. Painter to Khanh C. Nguyen and Dan D.T. Dien, $345,000.

JEWELWEED CT., 7735-Nancy Geiger to Rory E. and Susan E. Grenz, $345,000.

KERRY LANE, 8710-Peter T. Ohl to John T. Doroshenk, $310,000.

LAVANT DR., 6905-Robert A. Moore to Maryann and David Perkel, $374,900.

MILLWOOD CIR., 6323-John S. and Nate K. Westwood to Hiwot and Tesfal Tecle, $340,000.

PRINCE JAMES DR., 5911, No. G-Daniel L. Hine III to Raymond Stoll, $118,000.

REXFORD CT., 5765-Leni and Romeo Pimentel to Ik J. and Un J. Yi, $152,000.

SWEET OAK CT., 6019-Donald J. and Lisa J. Sweeney to Thomas W. and Yong I. Stolte, $260,000.

VERANDA DR., 5925-Michael W. and Monika E. Hedge to Lawrence Y. Chu, Minyan Qi and Tak H. Cheung, $420,000.