The following home sales were recently recorded in Frederick County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Frederick County and other Washington areas, visit

Brunswick Area

VIRGINIA AVE. N., 123-Edith M. and James E. Alger to Alia Einstein, $108,002.

Emmitsburg Area

MAIN ST. W., 404-Mark A. and Ellen D. Warthen to Betsey J. and Leonard E. Forrence, $244,000.

Frederick City Area

ADMIRALTY PL., 8029-Kathleen A. and Bruce L. Roberts Sr. to J. Janette Barber, $245,000.

ALLINGTON MANOR CIR. W., 9051-Asif A. and Afshan Bano Razaak to Maryann H. and Jeffrey J. Carlson, $356,000.

APPLE WAY, 52-Scott Gianforte to Nelson and Josue E. Martinez, $147,900.

AZTEC DR., 817-Douglas P. and Elizabeth K. Maddock to Jacqueline R. and Joshua J. Jack, $265,000.

BASSWOOD RD., 7029-Francis W. and Jearaleen O'Dell to Gladys W. and W. Alfred Arny, $194,000.

BEVERLY CT., 1543-James F. Haffey to Pamela J. Davis, $184,000.

BLACK DUCK CT., 6728-Pamela S. Martin to Gina Bazan and Edi Ramos, $176,000.

BLOSSOM LANE, 406-Alan E. Hemp Jr. to Suzanne and David Gang, $164,000.

BLUELEAF CT., 903, No. 6-3B-Catherine A. Aker to Shawn M. Earp, $142,000.

BRADDOCK AVE., 318-Gary W. Saylor to Melissa M. Millicovsky and Michael J. Reilly, $219,900.

CARRIAGE WAY, 1777-David B. Clarke to Juver Amaya, $147,950.

CLIFTON RD. S., 6411-Patricia E. and Donald G. Snider to Charles R. Rapattoni, $245,000.

COACH HOUSE WAY, 2510, No. 1D-Kathleen L. Via to Jonathan O. Hamrick, $142,000.

CYPRESS CT., 7185-Kent William Thomas to Catina and Joshua N. Jones, $124,000.

DELAFIELD CT., 6818-Robert L. III and Paula Boykin to Kerry L. Gordon, $218,000.

DERBY DR., 6229-Xiaobei Liao to John E. Poole and Veronica Ann Rice, $204,000.

DOCKSIDE CT., 1481-William C. III and Susan Huntington to Daniel L. Barnette and Amy E. Howard, $157,000.

DOMINION DR., 2400, No. 3D-Sandra K. Palasek to Eric Rhodes, $135,000.

DUKE CT., 5408-Sudhira and Dillip K. Patnaik to Vickie L. Logan, $220,000.

EDGEWOOD CHURCH RD., 8213-Martha A. and Kenneth R. Dame to Robert D. Boyer II, $149,900.

FORD RD., 5902-Lola M. Wastler, trustee, to Ruth Anne Gigliotti, $390,000.

GARDEN LANE, 2201-Paul C. and Jean M. Engelmann to Christine A. and Edward P. Walsh, $330,000.

GRESHAM CT. E., 7110-Terry J. Sewell to Jacqueline Prieto, $210,000.

HARPERS CT., 1953-LandAmerica OneStop Inc. to Robert A. Calise, $199,900.

HARPERS WAY, 212-Christopher J. Lehman to Elizabeth B. Delaplaine, $221,000.

HEATHER RIDGE DR., 700, No. 13-C-Lesa A. Blank to S. and K. Holdings, $78,000.

HONEYSUCKLE CT., 5604-Getrude M. Robinson, trustee, to Nancy and Joseph Tomaino, trustees, $187,000.

HOPE CIR., 211-Rebecca L. Quick to Makan Macalou, $100,000.

HOPE COMMONS CT., 3610-Brian K. and Michelle A. Wiggins to Annette R. and Jonathon Q. King, $285,000.

JEFFERSON BLVD., 5406-John W. and Elizabeth A. Erickson to Lisa M. and Montgomery S. Embrey, $330,000.

KEY PARKWAY, 1403, No. 305-Melissa L. Cook to Christine Marie Langley, $80,000.

LAUREN CT., 120-Christina R. Jones to Christy Lynn Light Morales and Jose Morales, $150,950.

LONG ACRE CT., 107-Walter E. Myers to Yen B. Tran, $209,900.

MILITARY RD., 608-Jack L. and Lucy R. Davis to Tiffany M. and Ryan J. Dinsmore, $214,900.

PARKLAND PL., 7955-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Stephen Myers and Fariba Jalali, $151,000.

PLANTATION RD., 6918-Dottie L. and Harvey S. Cutsail III to Arcadio Ponce, $195,000.

PROVIDENCE CT., 1116-Jason A. Myers to Santana Argueta and Eduardo Quijano, $127,000.

PUMPHOUSE RD., 585-Larry E. and Donna M. Mosher to Cynthia A. and Michael D. Grote, $320,000.

RIGGS CT., 535-Jerome D. Keating Jr. to Kerry L. and Kenneth A. Lebherz, $120,000.

ROBIN HILL TER., 1011-Terrie H. and Randy A. Haley to Lisa Jemmott, $171,000.

RUNNYMEADE DR., 8106-Michael F. and Joy C. Sappington to Yanni Wang and Jackie R. Collins, $309,900.

RUTHERFORD CT., 6395-M-Michelle L. Flowers to Susan P. Kelley, $131,000.

SHANNON CT., 424-Chad A. Roberts to Jessica L. Cowan, $135,500.

SHANNON CT., 432-David P. and Kimberly A. Putman to Elizabeth and Trevor Spaulding, $150,000.

SHANNONBROOK LANE, 233-Arnold O. Lankford to Gail Mann, $227,000.

SOUTH ST. W., 213-Earl T. Palmer to Felipe Escobar, $150,000.

SOUTH ST. W., 444-Oaky Corp. to Gail C. Mann, $406,000.

STONEGATE DR., 120-Gary Melvin Barrett Jr. to Kimberly A. and Thomas Barnhouse, $147,000.

STRATFORD DR. E., 806-E-Amy E. Howard to Equity Trust Co. and Gerald Howard, $103,000.

TRAVENER CIR., 9108-Gregory J. and Kimberly A. Branic to Tracey and Michael Shannon, $575,000.

VICTORIA SQ., 60-Johnna Britt to Ranil L. Egodahewage, $181,700.

WADE CT., 5650-L-Bonnie J. Burdette to Jennifer A. White, $139,000.

WATERSIDE CT., 8251-Cynthia L. and Mark R. Estep to Thomas Korrell, $208,000.

WETHERBURNE WAY, 2220-Loretta Y. Conroy to Jui Pandhare and Chandravanu Dash, $185,000.

WHEYFIELD DR., 1744-Susan and Carleto Linton to Maria R. Waters and Reginald T. Wiggins, $380,000.

WILLOW OAK DR., 1411-Steven A. Petruzzello to Diakaria Barro and Essi Baeta, $239,500.

WINSTON DR., 10188-Hansford R. Dockery to Sandy and Steven Spargur, $300,000.

Ijamsville Area

BYRON PL., 3635-Robert P. and Stephanie L. Bacon to Nien and Edison Thai, $470,000.

LOCH HAVEN DR., 2726-Paul D. and Elizabeth A. Schmidt to Nancy A. Streicher, $364,500.

Middletown Area

ARNOLDSTOWN RD., 1216-Penny S. and Steven J. Tozier to Walter D. Foley, $450,000.

SPRINGBROOK CT., 7312-Jeffrey S. Zahn to Michele E. Pniewski and Sandra Welsh, $159,000.

SPRINGBROOK CT. E., 7311-A. Margaret Lawson to Jessica M. Estepp and Robert E. Crum III, $127,500.

UNAKITE DR., 4502-William and Michelle K. Staffieri to Rebecca A. and Gary E. Hatch, $265,000.

Monrovia Area

STANSBURY DR., 12091-John and Despina Korovessis to Debbie and Thomas K. McDaniels Jr., $265,000.

TREEVIEW LANE, 11305-Bradley E. and Beth A. Lemen to Pamela S. and Michael S. McCoy, $321,650.

Mount Airy Area

BLACK ANKLE RD., 15370-Sirva Relocation Corp. to Milvi A. and Tony Nie, $375,000.

COUNTRY CLUB RD., 11243-James E. and Janet P. Phenix to Amy B. and Frank H. Weaver Jr., $359,900.

DETRICK RD., 6500-Jack L. Collins to Patricia J. and David I. Foley Jr., $415,000.

FOX CHASE RD., 7017-Cathy L. and Scott M. Guynes to Roberto and Gloria De La Torre, $299,900.

ILLINOIS CT. N., 6212-Aaron A. and Karen E. Vetter to Andrea L. Murphy Faust and Andrew V. Faust, $188,900.

LOMAR TER., 4127-Daniel P. and Kristin M. McCabe to Cathy R. Gilbert and Carol E. Bondurant, $457,000.

MEADOWGREEN DR., 1010-Scott R. and Susan D. Pettygrove to Lori W. and Gregg C. Domroe, $420,000.

STEAMBOAT WAY N., 6261-Steven A. Brightwell to Carol Suzanne Treffner, $185,000.

WESTRIDGE DR., 303-Denny L. Fenner to Lori A. and Charles D. Carter, $303,000.

Myersville Area

ASHLEY CT., 93-David G. Krieghbaum to Jeffrey A. Harris, $324,900.

New Market-

Lake Linganore Area

FOX CHASE RD., 7030-Christopher B. and Lisa M. Dorsey to Catherine and Richard Fisher, $370,000.

New Midway-

Ladiesburg Area

KEYMAR RD., 11932-Richard L. and James R. Warrenfeltz to Hiram T. Miller III, $145,000.

Point Of Rocks Area

CANAL RUN DR., 1761-Jeffrey J. and Mary Ann Carlson to Virginia A. and Michael C. Schneider, $300,000.

Walkersville Area

DISCOVERY BLVD., 8800-Michael W. Szarenski to Lissa Hicks, $145,000.

INSPIRATION AVE., 8374-Ronald A. and Cynthia F. Cain to Gretchen and Andrew McGraw, $250,000.

MAPLE AVE., 47-Amy B. Waddell to Inga Buyse and Frank Stockmans, $200,000.

SAVANNAH CT., 130-Cindy L. Simms to Kathleen and Michael Stitely, $125,000.