Seventy-five teachers, principals and other employees with a combined 1,928.5 years of service are retiring from Loudoun County public schools in June or retired late in the 2002-03 school year.

Their names, the school at which they last worked, their years of experience with Loudoun schools and their total number of years in education (if different), are:

Patricia A. Ahrens, teacher, Loudoun County High, 26 years, 31 years in education

Verena Albertin, teacher's assistant, Ball's Bluff Elementary, 15 years

David Bartlett, teacher, Harmony Intermediate, six years, 35 years

Andrew W. Blount, teacher, Broad Run High, three years, 28 years

Frederick M. Bush, custodian, Rolling Ridge Elementary, 12 years

Judy A. Compton, guidance counselor, Harper Park Middle, 22 years

Marjorie A. Cook, custodian, Broad Run High, 18 years

Martha B. Cooper, teacher, Harper Park Middle, 32 years

Dondria A. Culbert, teacher, Park View High, 25 years

Kenneth W. Culbert (deceased), principal, Loudoun Valley High, 40 years

Margaret K. Curley, principal, Aldie Elementary, nine years, 24 years

Sharon L. Dalton, teacher, Hamilton Elementary, 34 years

Dorothea J. Downey, physical therapist, Cedar Lane Elementary, 14 years

Mary E. Fairfax, custodian, North Street (administrative offices), five years

Sheila J. Funkhouser, teacher, Blue Ridge Middle, 32 years

Richard T. Gillespie, teacher, Loudoun Valley High, 30 years

Charlotte W. Giordano, teacher, Lowes Island Elementary, 14 years, 26 years

Cathryn A. Goodman, teacher, Guilford Elementary, two years, 26 years

Earle W. Griffith, principal, Potomac Falls High, 35.5 years

Frances L. Hall, teacher's assistant, Cool Spring Elementary, 22 years

Carol E. Hatcher, bus driver, 21 years, 34 years

Violet S. Herlocker, assistant principal, Lovettsville Elementary, 23 years, 30 years

Diana K. Herrmann, teacher, Leesburg Elementary, 28 years

Richard H. Hickman Jr., teacher, Lovettsville Elementary, 36 years

Martha S. Hoeltzel, teacher, Hamilton Elementary, 30 years

Mary C. Hoeltzel, teacher, Loudoun Valley High, 22 years

Theresa Hotaling, teacher's assistant, Sterling Elementary, 24 years

David H. Hrbek, teacher, Park View High, four years, 30 years

Annabel W. Johnson, teacher, Sully Elementary, 35 years

Wendy I. Jones, teacher, Lovettsville Elementary, 25 years

Martha M. King, cafeteria worker, Park View High, 19 years

Carole A. Korber, cafeteria worker, Farmwell Station Middle, 11 years

Virginia E. Lee, cafeteria worker, Park View High, 19 years

Betty Mar Little, supervisor, North Street, 29 years, 33 years

Charles D. Longerbeam, teacher, C.S. Monroe Technology Center, 30 years

Carolyn S. Lowry, teacher, Potomac Falls High, 16 years

Charles E. Lutman, athletic director, Potomac Falls High, eight years, 37 years

Karen E. Mason, nurse, C.S. Monroe Technology Center, 27 years

Barbara A. McNeil, teacher, Loudoun Valley High, 36 years

Natalie F. McShane, teacher, Leesburg Elementary, 30 years

Mary H. Megeath, teacher, J.L. Simpson Middle, 28 years

Larry N. Miller, teacher, Potomac Falls High, five years

Susan Y. Mills, principal, Catoctin Elementary, 35 years

Lorna M. Moran, teacher, Potowmack Elementary, 17 years, 29 years

Anne F. Payne, teacher, Farmwell Station Middle, 13 years, 21 years

Faye S. Payne, secretary, Blue Ridge Middle, 31 years

Larry D. Payne, custodian, Hillsboro Elementary, 14 years

Frank J. Pearson III, teacher, Heritage High, 31 years

Leisa P. Pedone, secretary, Rolling Ridge Elementary, 23 years

Betty H. Phillips, teacher, Catoctin Elementary, 39 years

Mildred M. Pratt, cafeteria manager, Loudoun County High, 34 years

Sara P. Reed, teacher, Sterling Elementary, 31 years

Kristine L. Reid, teacher, Eagle Ridge Middle, 18 years

Mary V. Reid, teacher's assistant, Loudoun Valley High, 25 years

Shelby J. Richardson, cafeteria worker, Banneker Elementary, 25 years

Linda S. Robinson, principal, Tolbert Elementary, 30 years

Peggy J. Rose, secretary, Evergreen Mill Elementary, 27 years

Lucille A. Sellers, career, technical and adult education supervisor, 33 years

Diane N. Shipp, teacher, Loudoun Valley High, 34 years

Anne B. Siler, guidance counselor, Stone Bridge High, 10 years, 35 years

May J. Sones, bus driver, six years

Susan I. Spage, teacher, Heritage High, five years, 30 years

Raymond D. Steckman, teacher, Park View High, four years, 29 years

Willie Stone Jr., teacher, Sterling Middle, 30 years

William R. Talbot, guidance counselor, J.L. Simpson Middle, 24 years, 37 years

William A. Tiffany Jr., bus driver, five years

Barbara K. Tobler, teacher, J.L. Simpson Middle, 34 years

Kingsley K. Trumbo Jr., bus driver, eight years

Ruth R. Trumbo, teacher's assistant, Loudoun County High, 29 years

Nancy W. Vollmer, librarian, Sterling Elementary, 30 years

William P. Wadbrook, teacher's assistant, Farmwell Station Middle, two years, five years

Carolyn B. Whitmore, teacher, Emerick Elementary, 26 years

Lurlene G. Willoughby, teacher, Harper Park Middle, 12 years

Dennis A. Young, principal, Meadowland Elementary, 36 years

Edward M. Zehnder, teacher, Park View High, five years