The following home sales were recorded recently in Loudoun County and supplied to The Washington Post by the Loudoun County Assessment Office. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Loudoun and other Washington areas, visit

Aldie-Braddock Road Area

CHERISH CT., 42046-NVR Inc. to Ronald C. Rush, $385,462.

CHERISH CT., 42046-Ronald C. Rush to M. Heidarian and Mohammad Zolnouni, $460,000.

KINGS CANYON SQ., 24663-Jefferson Group Corp. to Deborah and Eric M. Wagner, $344,800.

LENAH RUN CIR., 40763-Eileen and Stephen W. Yarmolyk Jr. to Mary C. and George J. Phillips, $637,000.

LENAH WOODS PL., 24178-Winchester Homes Inc. to Donna C. and Frank O. Howard, $616,102.

LENAH WOODS PL., 24179-Winchester Homes Inc. to M. McInerney and A. Reilly McInerney, $607,635.

Algonkian Regional Park Area

ALDRIDGE CT., 36-Susan Rathgeber to Rosa Sanabria, $235,000.

DRYSDALE TER., 46590, No. 201-Kathleen A. Creel to Pamela A. Emons, $231,100.

DRYSDALE TER., 46612, No. 101-E.K. Kennedy and Ronald Gulick III to Charles Olmsted, $215,000.

DUDLEY CT., 25-Margaret M. and Edward J. Grogan to Jennifer C. and Errel P. Asuncion, $369,900.

GRAHAM COVE SQ., 46792-Linda A. Cook to Kori Randall, $279,900.

LAKEMONT SQ., 45549-Yu Mi Choi and Dong Myung Shin to Satish Ambore, $279,900.

LANGFORD CT., 20610-Joel A. Dalbo to Elizabeth A. and James R. Robinson, $390,000.

LIPSCOMB CT., 25-Christopher G. Fennig to Kerry and Stephen Sobieski, $418,500.

MAJOR BECKHAM WAY, 47566-Michelle F. and Aaron C. Muczko to Vickie L. and Richard A. Stamper, $695,000.

MILLWOOD SQ., 21175-Debra and Christopher D. Phillips to Martha Cuellar and Lysander Dudley, $320,000.

MILTHORN TER., 46234-Nighat P. and Ozair A. Abdullah to Ingrid and Fred Streich, $292,800.

SANDBANK SQ., 47661-Christine J. and Andrew T. Smith to P. Krishnan and Arun Ramachandran, $313,000.

SANDBANK SQ., 47695-Ann P. Featherstone to Taryn M. and Michael H. Johnson, $305,000.

SOLOMONS CT., 20900-Benita B. and David W. Fuchs to Monir Bahrami and Mahbobeh Esmaili, $482,000.

WEATHERBURN TER., 47615-Rachel M. and James J. Maguire to Parvaneh Khosravi, $320,000.

WHIRLPOOL SQ., 47694-Siamak Lajmiri to Cindy Silva and Jose A. Silva, $374,900.

Ashburn Area

BEECHWOOD TER., 20303, No. 301-Harold T. Buchanan Jr. to Henry A.W. Marlow, $139,900.

BLACKSMITH SQ., 43578-Hemal S. and Sunil R. Patil to Christine J. and Kelly M. Rodriguez, $274,000.

BRAE TER., 45050, No. 202-Francis A. and Charlynn L. Tschida to Soon Jin Lee, $207,500.

CHARTER OAK DR., 20332-Melissa H. and Eric J. Tyler to Fatemeh and Mohammad S. Mansoury, $325,100.

CHOKEBERRY SQ., 43351-Deborah M. and Richard D. Cox to D. Landsberg and William Britt, $250,000.

COMFORT CT., 20517-Cathy F. and Harold D. Willis to Ahmed Kandil, $439,000.

CRIPPLE CREEK SQ., 21070-Lisa Ferguson to Denise Ferguson, $232,000.

CROCUS TER., 21161-Shelley A. Langer and Michael Rifkin to Melanie J. Baker, $279,900.

DEERWATCH PL., 20525-Lisa B. and Patrick A. Tracy to Ruth H. and Mark D. Taylor, $439,900.

GATWICK SQ., 43151-Rebecca A. and Steven J. Anderson to M. Afshar and M. Zabiholahizedeh, $287,000.

GLENHAZEL DR., 43876-Hope E. and Terry L. Wade to Christine A. and Joseph M. Nunley, $438,500.

HARDWOOD TER., 20147-Alison W. and Paul J. Reinheimer to Mobolaji A. Lawal, $300,000.

HARTWELL ST., 20385-Anne Marie and Kevin Eugene Mason to Rene L. and Jacqueline A. Trudeau, $410,500.

KIRKLAND ST., 42861-Amy R. and Thomas X. Mahoney Jr. to Kathy Schofield, $409,999.

LABURNUM SQ., 43885-Uzma and Najeeb Ahmed Malik to Carmel Dardis and Gary T. Farrell, $259,900.

LORD FAIRFAX PL., 44284-Christine M. and Jason M. Paul to Jennifer and Paul Hartmann, $605,000.

MANDALAY CT., 20686-Joanne G. and Arthur Lee Dyer to Malgorzata and Robert C. Townley, $389,900.

OAKVILLE TER., 21788-Candace R. and Jeffrey W. Burkett to Ludmilla and Robert F. Beckwith, $305,000.

PAGET TER., 44121-Linda M. Buhl to Jenny D. and Timothy A. Draughon, $310,000.

PLANTATION TER., 43525-Julie A. Wisniewski to Lauren and Benjamin Huyck, $250,000.

POINT BAY TER., 44905-K.A. Masarwa and Yehya Almasarwa to Kamran H. Syed, $308,000.

POTTER TER., 44460-Michael E. Brasseur to M. Ortiz and Fabricia Constantini, $270,000.

STANFORD HALL PL., 19693-Belmont Land Partnership to Norine E. and Thomas J. Quigley, $699,073.

TIMBER RIDGE TER., 20965, No. 103-M.J. Douglas and Thomas C. Thompson to Mary J. Douglas and John D. Bruce, $177,500.

TIPPECANOE TER., 44107-Erica S. Eagle to Roberta T. and Glenn F. Rose, $276,500.

TWAIN TER., 21367-Cathy D. and Kendall M. Whittington to Allison D. and Andrew C. Scranton, $352,500.

ZANDER TER., 43068-Marie W. and John R. Hardy to Linda J. and Jerome A. Boerner, $294,900.

Broadlands Area

ALLISON WAY, 22804-Winchester Homes Inc. to Seunghye B. and Michael A. Huggins, $577,730.

CANDICE DR., 43267-Naomi D. and John A. Tsaknis to Stephanie L. and Eric P. Meister, $695,000.

HUGHESVILLE MANOR CT., 22563-Tricia A. and Robin J. Tripas to Lori R. and Frank K. Polley, $620,000.

LEGACY PARK DR., 42576-Bram Neighborhoods Corp. to C. Mavram and Mahesh Kuruba, $502,346.

MAGELLAN SQ., 42453-Centex Homes to Selamawit Hailegiorgis, $289,515.

MAGELLAN SQ., 42455-Centex Homes to Grace Boakye, $128,813.

MAGELLAN SQ., 42460-Centex Homes to Khue Thanh Thai, $310,601.

OATYER CT., 42810-Holly S. and Michael J. Daniels to Linda P. and Richard T. Carter, $540,000.

REGAL WOOD DR., 42484-Miller and Smith at Brambleton Inc. to Stella B. and Gilbert F. Matta, $313,680.

SWEET ANDREA DR., 22779-Centex Homes to Carla and Scott Nichols, $643,955.

THORNCROFT TER., 43921-Pulte Home Corp. to Caitlin Cloonan and Jon Lindgren, $346,798.

Dulles Area

GRAMMERCY TER., 46012-Vonetta D. and Anthony J. Brown to J.M. Cummings and Kevin M. Rafalko, $270,000.

LOCOMOTIVE TER., 21850, No. 300-James Joseph to Kate E. Vickers, $220,000.

MARLANE TER., 45827-Wafaa El Majhob and Ahmed Nabbus to Afshan and Ejaz Ahmad Choudhary, $336,000.

WILLESDEN JUNCTION TER., 21772-Lisa and Neil Kaplan to Grace R. and Joselito Tan, $295,000.

Hamilton Area

HARMONY CHURCH RD., 17791-Howard C. Rogers III to J. Ketterman and John McClintic, $320,000.

SOMMERTIME LANE, 16726-Elizabeth and Walter C. Dicks to James D. Shockey III, $560,000.

Lovettsville Area

PURCELL RD., 11916-Alberta W. and Walter H. Barth to Elizabeth Sellers and David Mitchell, $310,000.

TRITICUM LANE, 38639-Dan Ryan Builders Inc. to Melissa and Clint Thomas, $720,178.

Purcellville Area

GATEPOST CT., 417-Washington Homes Inc. to Michelle A. and Richard L. Herwig, $428,767.

LOUDOUN HEIGHTS LANE, 37070-Patricia B. and Peter B. Pulman to Faith C. and Robert C. Gordon, $92,000.

NIXON RD., 38025-J.R. Ventures Inc. to Lisa White, $636,000.

SHORT HILL RD., 15938-Pauline A. Wilcox to Bonnie L. Hite, $487,000.

Round Hill Area

BLOOMFIELD RD., 34693-Cheryl Anne and Michael W. Hall to Lou W. and William Peake Kennedy, $2.2 million.

DWYER CT., 36368-NVR Inc. to Christinia M. and James N. Gutshall, $602,140.

South Riding Area

ASHBURY DR., 25338-Mary and Ronald A. Swiatek to Lacey Newman, $285,000.

BEACHALL ST., 42994-Erik L. Hodo to David and Mary T. Lewis, $249,000.

CREEK RUN TER., 25607-South Riding Partners Partnership to Arthur Gattsek, $473,227.

FLINTONBRIDGE DR., 25937-Z. Fletcher and Cheryl F. Swans to Zachary Fletcher, $360,000.

LAKE SHORE SQ., 25240, No. 205-Linda K. Heisler to Kristi Sarosik, $215,000.

LIGHTHOUSE PL., 43209-Cecilia A. and Julio A. Raffo to Kelly P. and Edward M. Williams, $425,000.

MINK MEADOWS ST., 43526-John Abromavage to Cameron Dose and Brian Bissonnette, $329,900.

NIMBLETON SQ., 26102-Aundrea and Carl David T. Ericson to Debra M. and Vincent J. Pedraza, $355,000.

PILGRIM SQ., 42815-Emily J. and Matthew J. Dewitte to Christine A. and Stephen M. Cataldo, $263,000.

PLANTING FIELD DR., 25785-C.A. Dickson Tees and Nicholas Jahnke to Gina M. and Thomas V. Gaddney III, $640,000.

SHALER ST., 42793-Dwayne Layne to Karen R. and Geoffrey F. Weiss, $335,000.

SPRINGDALE DR., 26032-Kristen B. and Ian T. Yorkilous to Debra A. and Paul Daniel Allen, $435,000.

UPPER CLUBHOUSE DR., 25406-Julia Wilson to Debra L. and George W. Velasquez, $289,900.

Sterling Area

AARON CT., 301-Khadeja and Mohammad Aslamyar to Hugo Chamale, $310,000.

ALDER AVE. S., 807-Barbara A. and Gerald M. Stejbach to James W. Baliko, $226,000.

BAYLOR DR. N., 145-P.S. Carr and Christopher Markwood to Brenda H. Gibson, $137,000.

BEECH RD. W., 404-Melissa R. and David M. Jennings to Rita and Douglas M. Jennings, $195,000.

BRANDON AVE. N., 1202-S. Hernandez and Boris Hernandez to Maria L. and Virgilio Vasquez, $260,000.

BRETHOUR CT., 406-Lampaitun and Toune Souksenmany to Arcides Ramos and Roberto Alvarado, $152,000.

BRIARWOOD CT., 117-Dorothy L. O'Neill to Irma Portillo, $355,000.

CARDINAL GLEN CIR., 318-Mary K. and Michael C. McGehee to Cynthia J. and John C. Craig, $346,650.

CHESHIRE CT., 917-Melinda S. Merrick to Maryalice and Robert Girouard, $164,900.

COURTYARD SQ., 46934, No. 302-Courtenay S. Welton III to Sara Gonzalez, $208,500.

DUKE DR. N., 139-Reynaldo W. Gonzalez to Darlene S. and Allen D. King, $148,500.

EDINBURGH SQ., 163-Monika B. Uri to Attila Buri, $177,000.

FOX RD. S., 106-Eleanor F. and Joseph Fernando to Andre De La Houssaye, $285,000.

GABLE SQ., 45450-Brett W. Hanson to Robert Langevin, $255,000.

HARVEST LANE, 131-Gina C. and David L. Carver to Shefali and Sanjiv Shah, $340,000.

HAYLOFT CT., 103-UPMG Inc. to Oscar Aparicio, $192,000.

HOLBORN CT., 984-R.M. Franco and Antonio Rivera to Miguel Canales and Jose E. Canales, $201,500.

HOLLY AVE. E., 1100-Eloise G. Kelley, trustee, to I. Gutierrez and Jessica Minan, $345,000.

LINCOLN AVE. N., 314-Susan and Moe Gharai to M. Melendez and Daniel Funes, $335,000.

MIRROR RIDGE PL., 21289-Ursula and James G. Cosby to Jehad and Zeina Zein, $470,000.

MONARCH DR., 18-Linda K. and Dennis L. Baughan to Sharon G. Heiden, $191,000.

PARK HILL LANE, 109-Michelle L. and Howard Williams Jr. to Nellie M. Green, $284,900.

POPLAR RD. W., 615-Jeanette C. and Bruce E. Jones to Ernesto S. Lopez, $292,000.

SIMEON LANE, 34-M.A. Rowland and Charles W. Clendenny to Karen R. and Wilburn L. Hoosier, $150,000.

STONINGTON SQ., 21815-Mary Ann Decicco to S. Ahmadi and Fakhria Ahmadi, $269,900.

SUGARLAND RUN DR., 793-Sarai R. and Luis G. Arana to Patricia S. and James A. Bryant, $175,500.

SUGARLAND SQUARE CT., 4-Charife A. Gosselin to Khaled Mostafa, $188,000.

VALERY CT. W., 321-Marzell M. Kolessides to Christen McLemore, $278,800.

WARWICK CT., 1044-William C. Dratch Sr. to Dawn M. and Peter J. Eisert, $146,000.

Waterford Area

GRASSLEY FARM LANE, 39855-Karen M. and Marty Kelly to Christina G. and Aaron A. Correira, $760,000.

MAIN ST., 40193-Shelley Drumheller and Kirk Cizerle to Joan S. and Henry J. McGurren, $440,000.