1. Joan and Jeffrey Gunther of Great Falls, north side of Piggot Bottom Road, east of Lone Oak Place. Subdivide 47.12 acres zoned AR-1 (agricultural rural) for 10 single-family detached lots.

2. Lakes at Ashbrook, Phase 2, south side of Ashbrook Commons Plaza and north side of Premier Plaza. Construct a 45,000-square-foot office building on 3.27 acres zoned PD-CC-SC (planned development, community shopping center).

3. Lansdowne Resort Clubhouse Pool, north side of Riverside Parkway, east of Lansdowne Boulevard. Construct an outdoor pool and deck area in the proposed clubhouse improvement area on 160.28 acres zoned PDH-3 (planned development housing-three units per acre) and PD-OP (planned development-office park).

4. University Commerce Center, southwest of Presidential Drive and George Washington Parkway. Construct four retail-office buildings, parking and utilities on 13.33 acres zoned PD-RDP (planned development-research and development park).

5. Rokeby Hamlets, east of James Monroe Highway, west of Gleedsville Road. Subdivide 417 acres zoned AR-1 for 81 hamlet lots and five conservancy lots within sections A, B, C and D of Rokeby Hamlets.

6. Avonlea, Pinebrook Road and Route 50. Street dedication and various easements on 3.91 acres zoned CLI (commercial light industrial).

7. South Riding, Riding Center Drive, Phase 3-B, north of Braddock Road, south of Route 50, west of Tall Cedars Parkway. Street dedications and various easements on 98.66 acres zoned PD-GI (planned development-general industrial).

8. Brambleton, Land Bay 2, Phase 1, Section 12 and Land Bay 2, Phase 2, Section 14, south of Legacy Park Drive and Belmont Ridge Road. Public elementary school, 350 single-family detached lots on 234.36 acres zoned PDH-4 (planned development housing-four units per acre).

9. South Riding-Edgewater Street, Phase III, Edgewater Street. Phase III, on 24.99 acres zoned PDH-4.

10. Moore Cadillac, north side of Route 50, bordered by Pleasant Valley Road on the west, adjacent to Loudoun-Fairfax line. Vehicle sales and service dealership buildings with associated parking, water, sewer and drainage facilities on 16.50 acres zoned CLI and GB (general business).

11. Dulles Trade Center II, Lot 12, Overland Drive and Pebble Run Drive. Construct a 28,750-square-foot office-warehouse with parking and utilities on 3.46 acres zoned PD-GI.

12. Stone Ridge North, Section 15A, south of Route 50 and Stone Springs Boulevard. Construct 84 condominium units with related infrastructure on 14.11 acres zoned R-16 (residential-16 units per acre).

13. Mercure Business Park, Lot 10A, Mercure Circle. Construct a 85,200-square-foot warehouse-office building and related infrastructure on 12.27 acres zoned PD-GI.

14. Kirkpatrick Farms Elementary School, 41796 Braddock Rd. Construct an elementary school, site utilities, bus loop, parking lot, outdoor play areas and related infrastructure on 326.42 acres zoned PDH-4.

15. Rouse Belmont Glen, Belmont Ridge Road south of Turner Farm Lane. Rezone 143 acres from R-1 (residential-one unit per acre) to PDH-3 for development of 196 single-family detached units.

16. Steeplechase Section 2, Lot 31A, south of the west side of Atlantic Boulevard and Severy Way. Zoning map amendment to convert Lot 31A, Section 2 of the Steeplechase industrial subdivision from the 1972 zoning ordinance to the revised 1993 zoning ordinance on 6.09 acres zoned PD-IP (planned development-industrial park).


17. Luck Stone Bull Run Quarry, both sides of Gum Spring Road near the Prince William County line. Rezone about 186 acres from TR-3LBR (transitional residential-3, lower Bull Run) to MR-HI (mineral resource-heavy industry) zoning district to expand and operate a stone quarry, and a special exception request to allow stone quarrying uses on a site adjacent to Luck Stone Bull Run Quarry.

18. Braddock Corner, northwest corner of Braddock and Gum Spring roads. Rezone about 53.13 acres from R-1 to PD-H4 zoning district to develop 69 single-family detached and 90 single-family attached dwelling units, including 10 affordable units for a total of 159 units at a proposed density of 2.99 dwelling units per acre.

19. Loudoun Valley Estates II, south side of Ryan Road and east side of the Brambleton development, about one mile west of the Dulles Greenway interchange with Loudoun County Parkway. Rezone about 864.6 acres from R-1 and PD-GI to PD-H4 zoning district to develop a residential community of as many as 2,761 dwellings at a density of 3.2 dwellings per acre and as many as 100,000 square feet of commercial retail.


20. Broadlands South, 10 single-family detached houses at Park Brooke Court.

21. Stowers Subdivision, 16 single-family detached houses at Alpine Drive.

22. South Riding, 15 townhouses at Lyon Terrace.

23. Loudoun Tech Center, new base commercial building and 12 suites at 21351 Gentry Dr.

24. Purcellville Ridge, 15 townhouses at Misty Pond Terrace.

25. Lansdowne on the Potomac, 11 townhouses at Crimson Clover Terrace.