Sheriff Says Thanks

To the citizens of St. Mary's County:

Please accept my sincere thanks for your support and attendance at the first Sheriff's Office open house. There were many events throughout the day that were geared to be fun in a family environment, but educational to enlighten a broad age group of the hazards the men and women of all divisions of the St. Mary's County Sheriff's Office face on a daily basis. Special thanks to those organizations who participated to make this day exceptional, including the 3rd District Optimists, American Red Cross, Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad and the Leonardtown Volunteer Fire Department. We look forward to next year's open house and making your Sheriff's Office accessible to all.

David D. Zylak

Sheriff, St. Mary's County


Is Police Chief Needed?

In St. Mary's County for years and years, we always had a county sheriff elected every four years by the voters of our fine county. If you agree with the performance of the current sheriff and the safety of our county, then we vote him or her back in office. On the other hand, if we do not like the job the sheriff is doing, then we try to vote him or her out of office.

Our current sheriff is David Zylak. I am not going to say I like Mr. Zylak, nor will I say I don't like Mr. Zylak. But in two years, if Mr. Zylak does run for reelection, will the people of St. Mary's County be happy with the outcome? We'll have to wait and see.

Now comes my question: Does St. Mary's County really need a police chief, or should we keep the sheriff elected each four years? Can St. Mary's County afford a chief of police, is our county large enough for a police chief, and how and where will the money come from? It is not in the county commissioners' budget.

Will they once again raise taxes to afford a police chief? St. Mary's is a small county -- we are not Prince George's County, which has a police chief. Prince George's also has 700,000 people, not 100,000.

Now think of this: What happens to the captain and assistant to the sheriff [if there is a police chief]? What job will the captain and sheriff do? The sheriff may be transferred to the jail and run the jail. The captain could help run the corrections office. And think of the salary.

I do believe if the sheriff does a decent job, the idea of a police chief will no longer be discussed. . . .

In closing, it has been brought to my attention that on any given day or night, St. Mary's County has only six deputies patrolling our county on road patrol. Where are the other 101 deputies? This is a problem. We are the second-fastest growing county in Maryland.

God bless our county.

William R. Dexter Jr.


Dislike of WWII Memorial

I viewed the National World War II Memorial recently. How the various commissions could have approved this is beyond me.

I dislike the damage it does to the Lincoln Memorial-Washington Monument view. I am confounded by the bizarre notion that the states and territories all have an identical monument grouped randomly beside either the Atlantic or Pacific monument in the World War II Memorial. I abhor the antiseptic quality of the battle monuments.

However, what I find the most objectionable is the lack of any reference to why we fought, who and what we fought against, or what would have happened if we hadn't fought.

Martin Weiss