The following home sales were recently recorded in Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's counties and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation, and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Southern Maryland and other Washington areas, visit

Calvert County

Chesapeake Beach Area

27TH ST., 3905-Jorgina Denyer to Elaine S. and Andrew W. Julian, $200,000.

Dunkirk Area

WHITE OAK CT., 12445-James W. and Olivia F. Pyles to Mary M. and Ralph P. Sita Sr., $330,000.

Lusby Area

BAY FRONT AVE., 11310-Doris and Chester P. Paczkowski to Kathyrn A. Day, $371,500.

COVE POINT RD., 2717-Gregory B. Jourdonais to Kim M. and Stacy A. Welling, $185,700.

DEEP FORD DR., 720-Heather L. Krouse to Jody B. Miller, $160,000.

GREGG DR., 1438-Phillip J. and Christel M. Walls to Carol Jean and James Seymour, $425,000.

HIGHVIEW CIR., 11857-John Gleason to Ana Wallace, $170,000.

LESSIN DR., 338-Deborah and William L. Rabbitt III to Brandon Health Wilson, $92,500.

PIONEER TRAIL, 721-Donna S. Rasmussen to Patrick J. Anderson, $157,500.

SANTA ROSA CT., 980-Eric V. Garner to Crista J. Truhlar Drahos and Daryl S. Drahos, $115,000.

TOMAHAWK TRAIL W., 11571-Avery F. Ashton to Angelo Villavicencio, $225,000.

TUMBLEWEED TRAIL, 440-Stacey L. Weems to Lincoln Lawrence, $180,000.

Owings Area

GROVERS TURN RD., 90-John E. Beckner to Betty J. Burley, $269,900.

Port Republic Area

EVERGREEN RD., 4018-Robert L. and Patricia L. Bartlett to Matthew Mantey and Michelle L. Combs, $300,000.

RED BERRY DR., 3700-Louis W. and Kelly M. Lange to John Bartlett and David Jacobs Jr., $299,900.

Prince Frederick Area

FLORA AVE., 4346-Rose Mary and Gerald Paul Alband to Kimberly S. Catterton, $206,000.

TERRACE DR., 300-Gilbert Zalc to Beckie S. and Dwight Bradford, $250,000.

St. Leonard Area

HARBOR DR. N., 1713-Charles A. Svenson to Sandra L. and Charles H. Anderson, $11,000.

Charles County

Bryans Road Area

ARBOR LANE, 6879-FGD Corp. to Patrick H. Jones, $205,500.

DAKOTA ST., 2608-Thomas R. and Beverly Marchica Brown to Kim M. and David B. Atchison, $164,000.


Prince Frederick Road Area

BRIGHT LEAF PL., 17340-Keith A. and Gwen A. Hazouri to Jamie and Tom K. Larson, $269,000.

DRIFTWOOD PL., 16900-Vinny Digirolamo to Wendy L. and Dennis J. Morgan, $340,000.

Indian Head Area

DONCASTER DR., 4660-Amanda Critchley and Sean Magargle to Gloria J. Roberson, $270,000.

JENKINS DR., 102-Carla J. and David A. Martin to Christopher D. Vougioukles, $135,000.

La Plata Area

GLEN ALBIN RD., 6709-Timmie Meador to Julia L. and Peter A. Murphy, $97,000.

HICKORY CIR., 905-Tamik Enterprises Inc. to Latrelle and Larry Wickline, $212,500.

HOLLY DR., 840-Joseph and Clara E. Fenwick to Heather A. and Kenneth L. Murphy Jr., $98,500.

JENNIE RUN DR., 307-Virgil C. Marshall to Alicia L. Alderson, $103,000.

TEAL CT., 33-Brendan Beatty to Debra and William Delapaz, $160,500.

WINKLER LANE, 9314-Barbara and Jerry Randall to Michael Sumersille, $285,000.

Nanjemoy Area

SMITH POINT RD., 2275-Tony W. Swann to Cecil R. Gilroy Jr., $145,000.

Newburg-Rock Point Road Area

SOUTH VIEW RD., 13450-Katherine A. and Robert L. Thompson to Ronald J. Beach, $160,000.

VICTORY PL., 12350-Patricia E. Kneib to A. Williams and Jonathan Kalin, $270,000.

St. Charles Area

BARKSDALE AVE., 316-Dorothy H. and Robert T. Best to Rita A. Shane, $140,000.

DORSET DR., 1082-William R. and Marilyn D. Swann to Olive and Dalton J. Kelsey, $138,000.

HARVARD RD., 1158-Christopher and Robin W. Hildebrand to Ronnie R. Saiz, $212,000.

IRIS PL., 3447-Joseph R. Welch Inc. to Theresa M. Richard, $157,000.

KING CT., 3162-Ann and Vernon D. Boulet to Kevin L. Morgan, $215,000.

LIGHT ARMS PL., 3917-Ann H. Bissell and John W. Thompson to Joseph E. Mann II, $128,000.

LUBBOCK PL., 2670-Lenhart Berry Valley Corp. to Michael M. Gaines, $232,835.

LUBBOCK PL., 2678-Lenhart Berry Valley Corp. to Ja'Net Rhoan, $208,570.

LUBBOCK PL., 2682-Lenhart Berry Valley Corp. to Curtis L. Miller, $222,834.

ROOKEWOOD PL., 4704, No. 25-KR-Roanna Kingman to Ken Smith, $113,000.

SHAWE PL., 5124, No. 2-K-Tamar E. and Everett A. Smallwood to Sonya L. Robinson, $112,500.

VAUGHAN CT., 5202-James O. and Dorothy J. Jefferson to Elvira and Larry Watkins, $215,000.

YARMOUTH CT., 2481-Ronald Bower to Janice M. Carmiencke, $145,500.

Waldorf Area

BEAR CT., 6407-Rehana and Saifullah Khan to Michael K. Buckingham, $234,900.

BLUEBIRD DR., 4198-Nicole and Jason Andrew Davis to Kimberly A. Sturgill, $138,900.

BRIDPORT PL., 11228-Joseph G. Flores to Wayne D. Hill Jr., $205,000.

BURNING OAK CT., 12300-Ronald D. and Thomas Brady Bower Jr. to Carl A. and Edna F. Dodson, $259,900.

CAPTAIN DEMENT DR., 3256-Anita B. Anastos, trustee, to John W. Wilson and Charlotte A. Sund, $310,000.

CASSIDY CT., 10403-John R. and Dina M. Barclay to Linda J. and Robert A. Hodges, $290,000.

COUNCIL OAK DR., 12625-Philip N. Marshall Sr. to Rita Watson, $199,000.

DANIEL CIR., 5600-Dale and Donald Shomette to Andrew and Jennifer Kottke, $190,000.

GREBE PL., 4589-Latysha N. Banks to Nellie Drake, $135,000.

INDIAN CT., 2449-David L. and Ann F. Beall to Linda S. and Louis D. Montgomery, $204,900.

LANCELOT DR., 11724-Robert J. and Sharon L. Tully to Darci G. and Matthew T. Leahy, $236,900.

LAWRENCE DR., 10960-Curt W. and Dana E. Johnson to Sandra Best and Michael P. McDowell, $255,000.

LEMAN LANE, 12804-Kelly L. and Benjamin F. Tucker Jr. to Julie D. Brownlee, $180,000.

LOG PERCH CT., 5402-Angela R. and Robert D. Wenzinger to Marquita A. Queen, $299,900.

MOCKINGBIRD CIR., 4231-Rebecca S. and Phillip D. Kibling to Bryan D. Sanders, $188,000.

MOCKINGBIRD CIR., 4234-Brian L. and Toni M. Adams to Kelley and Rex Jennings, $192,000.

PANTHER CT., 6209-Diane C. and H.R. Mitchell Heffington to Brenda and Loren J. Sperrey, $237,350.

PANTHER CT., 6212-Michael T. Jr. and Pamela L. Pichola to Dawn M. and Kevin P. McCarthy, $275,000.

PECCARY ST., 6037-Anita R. and Jamal T. Ross to Jacqueline S. Williams, $255,000.

POPLAR CT., 2616-Joseph S. and Antoinette D. Sidler to Cynthia L. and Paul E. Handwork III, $185,000.

SANDWICH DR., 2913-Jo Ann C. Hudson to Patricia D. Billeter, $199,000.

SNOW OWL PL., 11324-Krista L. and Charles B. Payne to Sonia D. Ballard, $185,000.

SNOW OWL PL., 11329-Jennifer L. and William G. Kaval IV to Susan Pierce, $195,000.

STILLWATER PL., 15115-Gregory S. and Pamala C. Chicchirichi to Brenda J. and Chad E. Koenig, $354,900.

THISTLE PL., 432-Fredrick D. Edwards Sr. to Charles L. Yancey Jr., $132,000.

TOPSMELT CT., 5407-Kendel M. and Patricia J. Savoy to Veece M. and Kenneth M. Ford, $238,000.

TOPSMELT CT., 5408-Vincent E. and Heather J. Miller to Raymond L. and Pearl and Joann Wooden, $258,000.

TRAM RD., 2101-Laurence A. Overton Jr. to Linda Knott and William B. Holmes, $169,000.

WATERTRUMPET CT., 2304-John R. Wallace to Kimberly M. and Stephen R. Meade, $338,750.

WILLIAMSBURG DR., 3402-Sandra K. and Ronald C. Ovens to James E. Lewis, $259,900.

White Plains Area

NAUTICA PL., 10848-La Fontaine E. Oliver to Louis L. and Roxana D. Brawner, $203,000.

St. Mary's County

Bushwood Area

LONGVIEW BLVD., 23215-Tri Star Construction Inc. to Michael C. Sonon, $161,900.

California Area

BEECHWOOD CT., 44706, No. 12C-Karen Alford Brooks, trustee, to Flat Iron Corp., $105,000.

COBBLESTONE LANE, 23140, No. 309-Mary R. and Ronald Leroy Vandevander to Karolyn N. and Theodore J. Rauen and Revocable Trust, $150,000.

CORNWALL DR., 22481-Matthew J. Allen to Ricky Yost, $106,000.

DEERHAVEN LANE, 22680-Rosalinda K. Long to Scott Ciatto, $112,000.

ELMBROOK DR., 45327-Kim Ann Coombs to Kristen M. Domingues and Scott M. Fandrick, $174,900.

LOCUST RIDGE CT., 44790, No. 9B-Michael K. Rock to Mark A. Cusic, $99,000.

NOLTE CT., 45859-Sean C. Roth to Mildred Penn, $110,000.

PLANTATION CT., 44314-Republic Holdings Corp. to Jodi A. and John S. Pamer, $296,000.

ROSEWOOD CT., 23243, No. C-4-Troy K. Ickes to Hicks Investments Corp., $99,000.

TWINBERRY LANE, 23051-Jeffrey Todd Littlejohn to Elizabeth Hawes Unangst and Kurt D. Unangst, $390,000.

Callaway Area

HUNTING QUARTER DR., 20979-Sirva Relocation to William T. Gilligan, $275,000.

SETH CT., 20795-Richard M. Gaydovchik to Cynthia A. and Theodore F. Skierkiewicz, $289,900.

WOOD DUCK LANE, 44818-James Glenn Burroughs to Preeda Dulyachinda, $108,500.

Great Mills Area

LOWER KELLS LANE, 22559-Bruce A. Kibbey to Kristy and David Collins, $130,000.

ST. ELIZABETHS CT., 22055-Robert J. Lejeune to Jeffrey Smith, $136,000.

STONEY RUN DR., 45780-John S. and Cheryl Blazer to Richard and Kim L. Corcoran, $201,000.

Hollywood Area

JOY LANE, 43183-Richard Pilkerton to John P. Davis, $100,000.

RICKY DR., 25635-Christopher M. Winkler to Sharon Marie Norsworthy, $165,000.

Leonardtown Area

BRETON VIEW DR., 40423-Harry S. Lancaster Jr. to Hicks Investments Corp., $209,900.

DUKE ST., 22770-Susan M. Hammett to Jeffrey A. Guy, $111,000.

MEDLEYS NECK RD., 44798-Jack W. II and Joan L. Ferber to Pamela Yvonne and Matthew John Brennan, $100,000.

SWAN'S CT., 42323-Kenneth G. Goad to Dale L. Asbill and Carol A. Fore, $299,900.

VIBBERT WAY, 44071-Kenneth R. Vibbert to Lori Lynn and Todd D. Humiston, $370,000.

ZACKS WAY, 22269-St. Clements Woods Partnership to Carol A. and Paul T. Coffren, $148,850.

Lexington Park Area

DEAN CT., 46325-Warren E. Tuthill Jr. to Patricia H. Chamberlin, $252,000.

DILLOW CT., 23215-Lorrie Garner to Kara D. Little and Matthew E. Doyle, $295,000.

KINGFISHER CT., 45846-James E. Hawkins Jr. to Judith and Bruce Vacey, $320,000.

PEACHTREE WAY, 48132-Christopher M. Guoan to Jo A. and David B. Connolly, $171,500.

ST. JAMES CHURCH RD., 48645-Wendell Ford to Connie D. Butler, $71,000.

SANDALWOOD ST., 46702-Party Walls Inc. to Malyna C. Swyter, $245,100.

SPRING VALLEY CT., 21993-Robert D. Fortier to Sandra K. and Michael J. Riggs, $163,900.

TEDDY WAY, 19741-Brian P. Gass to Eric Boyd Stanford, $158,500.

THREE NOTCH RD., 18997-Mary A. Owens to Kathleen A. and Daniel A. Fitzpatrick, $135,000.

Mechanicsville Area

BARTON ST., 27190-Patricia A. Raley to Manfred Goedecke, $151,300.

BLACKFOOT DR., 30020-Russell B. Milam to Tambre and Troy Travis Tanner, $230,500.

ELLEN CT., 39595-Mariah L. and Rocco P. Bersane to Bernice A. Carter, $174,950.

ERIN DR., 27041-Stephanie N. and Jason T. George to Kelly L. Fennell, $249,900.

MAR A LEE CT., 26327-Brian Thorward to Jessica Y. and Roger S. Shunnarah, $210,000.

PARLETT MORGAN RD., 40354-Harry L. Kline III to Phoenix Spirit Inc., $165,000.

SANDGATES RD. S., 26159-William Bartron III to Brandy and Jason Duley, $144,900.

St. Inigoes Area

TRAPP RD., 48837-Eleanor H. Uglow to Robert Gallipeau, $182,000.