Age: 59

Residence: Arlington County.

Education: BA, economics, College of the Holy Cross; master's in public administration, University of Pittsburgh.

Occupation: Congressman.

Elected offices/civic activities: Member, U.S. House of Representatives, 1991-present; Alexandria mayor, 1985-90; vice mayor and City Council member, 1979-84; former chairman, United Way; former chairman, Northern Virginia Transportation Commission; former vice president, Northern Virginia Association for Retarded Citizens; former vice chairman, Mental Health, Retardation and Substance Abuse Board; former vice chairman, Economic Opportunity Commission; former vice president, Del Ray Civic Association; former chairman, Committee on Aging.

What do you think is the most urgent problem facing your jurisdiction? "Our most urgent priority is to replace the Bush administration with a Democratic president who will restore our national stature throughout the world by using our power to combat America's real enemies -- ignorance, poverty and disease. We must address our federal budget imbalance by suspending the tax cuts targeted to those who need them the least and put the necessary investments into education, health care, public transit and environmental protection. This administration has squandered our international goodwill, caused a $10 trillion fiscal reversal, trampled on civil rights and women's reproductive rights. Our children will pay the price for this mismanagement."

Why should voters elect you?

"I help direct billions in appropriations to the Northern Virginia economy. I fight for women's and minority rights, gun control, education funding and environmental protection."

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