The following were among cases handled recently by the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, which operates the Alexandria Animal Shelter and provides animal control services to Alexandria. For more information or to report emergencies involving animals 24 hours a day, call 703-838-4774.

Snake Coaxed From Wheel

Duke St., 6200 block, May 13. Responding to a report, an animal control officer found a black snake in the wheel well of a parked vehicle. The officer prompted the snake to coil around a long baton and released it in a wooded area.

Lab Locked in Hot Vehicle

Pickett St. S., 400 block, May 22. Animal control received a report of a yellow Labrador retriever locked inside a parked vehicle. An officer reached through a slightly open window to check the interior temperature, which was 110 to 120. Shortly before the officer was going to request help from the fire department to open the vehicle, the dog's owner returned after being gone for about 30 minutes to shop. The owner was permitted to leave with the dog -- whose condition was satisfactory -- after being advised of the dangers of leaving a pet in a hot vehicle.


The following were among cases handled recently by the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, which operates the county animal shelter and provides animal control services to Arlington County. The shelter is open for adoptions from noon to 7 p.m. weekdays and 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays. For more information or to report emergencies involving animals 24 hours a day, call 703-931-9241. The league's Web site is

Pit Bulls Attack Each Other

Seventh Rd. S., 5600 block, May 24. A woman called animal control because she was unable to separate her two pit bulls, which were fighting in her yard. When an officer arrived, the dogs had stopped fighting, but before the officer left, they started again. The officer and the owner each grabbed a dog by its hind legs and worked for almost 25 minutes to separate them. The dogs, ages 5 and 7, had lived together for several years. One had severe cuts on its face, and the other had a broken front leg. The officer and the owner each took a dog to the animal hospital, where they were treated.

Rottweiler Towed Away

Ball St. S., 1000 block, May 26. A towing company called animal control after finding a Rottweiler in a car that had been towed from Alexandria to a private lot in Arlington. After an officer picked up the dog and started to drive it to the county shelter, the towing company called the county shelter saying that the Rottweiler's owner had arrived and was upset that the dog was not there. A staff member paged the officer, who returned to the lot. The owner claimed the dog.

Cat Owner Counseled

Arlington Mill Dr. S., 2600 block, May 25. A stray 5-month-old male cat was taken to the county shelter. The kitten, which was not wearing a collar, matched the description of a lost cat reported two weeks earlier. When the owner arrived, he bought a collar and was given a free, temporary identification tag. The kitten had never been to a veterinarian, so a staff member counseled the owner on the importance of veterinary care and neutering. Animal control offered to neuter the kitten for free, and the owner accepted.

Stray Cat Tested for Rabies

Columbia Pike S., 5500 block, May 25. A woman called animal control after finding a sick cat meowing outside her home. She had taken the cat inside and tried to give it food and water. The cat was staggering and lethargic, possible indications of rabies. An officer took the cat to a veterinarian. Because the woman had been in contact with the cat, the veterinarian recommended that the animal be euthanized so it could be tested for rabies. Results were pending. If the results are positive, the woman must receive a series of vaccinations. Rabies can be contracted through the blood and saliva of an infected animal. Some animals may carry the virus and have no symptoms. Animal control advises residents not to handle unknown animals.

Foster Pet Owners Sought

The Animal Welfare League of Arlington is seeking volunteer foster owners for kittens and puppies. For more information, call 703-931-9241, Ext. 245.

-- Compiled by SARAH LANE