The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

BAY RIDGE AVE., 936, No. 102-Garry A. Domnisse to Michael and Deborah Owen, $160,000.

BLACKWELL RD., 1006-James Rutkovsky to Jerry N. Wilson, $315,000.

CHANNEL VILLAGE CT., 7022, No. 7022-201-Ted R. Musnicki to James P. Chalupsky and Julie C. Twitchell, $335,000.

CHERRY TREE LANE, 1203-James R. Kee to Timothy P. and Leslie V. Julian, $660,000.

COHASSET AVE., 3400-Diane L. Kronz to Wallace C. and G. Elaine Smith, $220,000.

DORSET CT., 14, No. 37-L.M. Kennelly to James K. and Charlotte A. Robinson, $310,000.

HIDDEN RIVER VIEW RD., 3439-Kevin Kennedy to Mark Westcott, $730,600.

MAINSAIL DR., 1166-Duane T. Anderson to Thomas E. and Nancy L. Mullan, $885,000.

QUAY VILLAGE CT., 2016, No. 2016-202-Thomas J. Iten to Leonard and Mary Lynne Rittenberg, $379,000.

QUIET WATERS PL., 149-Debra A. Menocal to Mark A. and Deborah Redmond, $236,500.

SANDSTONE CT., 10, No. L-Gilbert E. Humphreys to Patrick and Michelle Hynes, $137,000.

SEVERN AVE., 100, No. 408-Wayne F. Byrd to Allen P. and Barbara R. Keiser, $450,000.

SEVERN AVE., 100, No. 604-Virginia B. Rohrbaugh, trustee, to Rick Raimond, $515,000.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 11, No. 9-Grady W. Tucker to Deanna M. Harding, $138,500.

TIBURON CT., 6-E. Courtney Vaeth to Megan Gomes, $206,000.

FOURTH ST., 313, No. W3-Joel F. Herman to Barbara J. Schwarz, $470,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point

State Park Area

ADMIRAL DR., 615, No. 107-Gene D. Trettin to Andrea Stohler, $210,000.

ANCHORAGE DR., 234-Edward G. Ryznar to Michael D. and Patricia A. Gomez, $675,000.

AQUA CT., 943-Charles L. Mussi to David G. Bullock and Laura Mae Norton, $321,000.

AUTUMN CHASE DR., 207-Gregg A. Hughes to Bradley J. and Shannon B. Chatlos, $515,000.

BAYVIEW VISTA, 1173-Amar N. Sharma to Wendy E. Mahmoud, $150,000.

BELLWEATHER CT., 907-Barry S. Otrosina to Alfred A. and Alicia L. Delacuadra, $165,000.

CHESTER TOWN CIR., 1529, No. 46-V. John W. Lainhart to George and Julia Stegner, $255,000.

DEWEY DR., 349-Janet L. Bausili to Christopher D. Wroten, $625,000.

DREAMS LANDING WAY, 1301-George J. Rohloff to Frederic R. Amon, $324,000.

FOXPAW TRAIL, 566, No. 16-Jane B. Whitehead to Dean F. and Donna M. Scarborough, $290,000.

GREEN HOLLY DR., 1231-Warren E. Hall to William A. and Julie A. Piazza, $240,000.

HARBOUR HEIGHTS DR., 92, No. 924-John R. Porter to Eric Mellette, $228,823.

HARWOOD RD., 1922-William S. Busik to Andrew W. and Whitney J. Odenwald, $655,000.

LODGE POLE CT., 1599-Stephen A. Arnold to Gaye M. Causey, $182,000.

LOG INN RD., 1331-Charles J. Back to Albert M. Coombs and Rita B. Shapiro, $665,000.

MARTINS COVE RD., 331-Bruce K. Price to Thomas H. and Kimberly T. Boosinger, $530,000.

PEGGY STEWART WAY, 2004, No. 210-Melvin Zucker to Brian E. and Tricia Petal Schilling, $187,500.

PINCAY CT., 1607-Howard C. Halbig to Dennis E. and Janis L. Harmon, $217,000.

QUAKER WAY, 2056, No. 4-Joan G. Hatfield to Vincent and Diana Tekippe, $185,000.

REVELL DOWNS DR., 1620-Brian J. Arellano Sr. to Leslie S. Caffey, $197,000.

SEABRIGHT DR., 1267-Steffanie S. Roy to Donald A. and Betsy W. Jackson, $255,000.

SECRETARIAT DR., 1675-Melvin E. Meekins Jr. to Kenneth S. and Debra L. Meekins, $170,000.

ST. MARGARETS DR., 1024-James N. Shipley to Morris Construction Co., $135,000.

SUMMERVIEW WAY, 2702, No. 5302-Everett E. Gray to Dawn D. Walter and Patricia A. Herbert, $249,900.

THOMAS DR., 1918-Daniel J. Mathias to Michael P. and Jennifer D. Moran, $350,000.

Arnold Area

BAYBOURNE DR., 212-Harold M. Connolly to Michael S. Shevitz and Tammy L. Cheskis, $329,900.

CAMPUS GREEN DR., 196-Charles R. Mercier to Lindy J. Christian and John T. Connell, $230,000.

DORIS DR., 860-James W. Jeffcoat to Flagship Development Corp., $539,000.

DRIFTWOOD CT., 1222, No. 23-Daniel J. Spotts to Denise L. Nothey, $190,000.

MASTERS DR., 1290, No. 194-Kathleen M. Cianciosi to Nicholas C. Finamore Jr., $247,500.

NEWBRIDGE CT., 620-Bedelia Green to Kenne A. Miller, $115,360.

NOVA CIR., 1073-Michael J. Galvin to Arthur E. and Lyda E. Prack, $503,000.

OAKLAND HILLS CT., 609, No. H-Lois M. Bourquin to Daniel M. Ringenbach, $125,000.

OAKLAND HILLS CT., 613, No. G-Craig C. Biggs to Francis X. and Ann B. McGeady, $99,500.

SOUTHERN HILLS DR., 654-Donald W. Pyle to Samuel A. Weston, $149,900.

Brooklyn Area

HOLY CROSS RD., 424-Dennis M. Murphy to Kevin and Shannon Nicholas, $163,000.

ORCHARD AVE., 402-David W. Helmick to Robert W. and Dawn M. Messier, $141,000.

ST. CHARLES RD., 5-Jeszara Revell to Lester Nicholas, $195,000.

WASENA AVE., 5303-Emmanuel D. Spanomanolis to Stephanie Ginn, $72,250.

FIRST ST., 938-Paul Morris to Kimberly R. Smith, $55,000.

Churchton Area

CALVERT ST., 5506-George J. Munson to Katherine D. Munson, $225,000.

Crofton Area

BANDURY CT., 1566, No. 138-William E. Knight IV to Peter G. Madrinan and Gina M. Perez Madrinan, $238,000.

BLOOMSBERRY CT., 1703-Michael L. Wiley to David R. and Georganne E. Winner, $468,000.

CHELMSFORD DR., 2514-Donald V. Fletcher Sr. to James J. and Mary T. Seidleck, $449,000.

CROFTON PKWY., 1768-Peter J. Sistare to Timothy J. and Karin O. Madden, $380,000.

FREMONT CT., 1697, No. 123-Mary A. Downs to Brenda S. Benson, $208,000.

HOUNDHILL CT., 1409-John M. Seybold to Prudential Relocation Inc., $464,900.

JEFFREY DR., 1153, No. 32-Kathleen E. Minihan to Summer C. Dasch, $230,000.

LACONIA CT., 2331-Gerald F. Keehner to Stephen D. and Linda L. Harden, $263,000.

LOG LANE, 1822, No. 6-Penny M. Greenwald to William A. Stirmer, $199,900.

MARTHA GREENLEAF DR., 1225, No. 32-Gregory A. Thompson to Peter Purdum, $205,000.

MONTAUK DR., 2323-Nicola Skippen to Vincent J. and Cara A. Fratercangelo, $260,000.

MOUNT AIRY CT., 1618-Phillip E. Young to Heather R. Booze, $179,900.

READING ST., 1788-Constance C. Lachance to Thomas M. and Leeann McCullough, $395,250.

WALDORF CT., 1710, No. 71-Sheree A. Zerrlaut to Robert Anderson, $165,000.

Crownsville Area

BRISTOL RIDGE PL., 1308-Jesse D. Tuton to John D. Hall Jr. and Megan Gordan Hall, $795,000.

CHESTNUT TRAIL, 383-Dominique Smith to Susan Chellis and Ward Taylor, $265,000.

SEVERN CHAPEL RD., 1655-Paul McHugh to Frank A. and Kelly M. Gutierrez, $407,900.

VALENTINE CREEK DR., 1138-David L. Vogel to Jeffrey A. and Tammy L. Tober, $430,000.

Curtis Bay Area

ARBORWOOD PL., 1026, No. 200-Steven C. Albrecht to David H. Ready, $174,900.

EAST END DR., 7928-John Bolander Jr. to Charles E. Blake Contractors Inc., $70,000.

LAUREN WAY, 921-Zingray Shormaker to Shaun Shormaker and Lisa Derr, $160,000.

MAIN ST., 7914-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Timothy E. Gott, $155,000.

Davidsonville Area

ANGLESEY DR., 1302-Frank R. Beard to James A. and Janice M. Campbell, $645,000.

ASHLAND DR., 3539-Steven E. Gundling to George U. and Traci V. Carneal, $680,000.

SHADOWBROOK DR., 548-Lowell E. Becker to Eileen H. Circo, $679,000.

Deale Area

MAIN ST., 920-Patricia A. Gee to Arlena Pannell, $289,900.

SWAN DR., 675-Jacqueline C. Greitz to Louis Cornio, $185,000.

Edgewater Area

ARUNDEL RD., 1502-James J. Dipietro to Christopher Studnicky, $299,000.

CEDAR AVE., 307-Steven R. Merritt to Andrew M. and Anna Maria Gardiner, $267,500.

DAWSON RD., 906-Joanna L. Hawkins to David A. Nichols and Anne Y. Alberto, $249,900.

ELLIOTT PL., 105-Robert J. Hurley to Craig S. and Michele A. Price, $649,900.

GLEBE DR., 3363-Dale J. Driscoll to Gregory C. Speed, $270,000.

RUXTON RD., 1617-James E. Chittum to Jesse R. Falcomeni and Heather L. Courtney, $195,000.

TWIN OAKS DR., 3847-Jason A. Trimmer to Mary F. Hardt, $114,466.

WARFIELD RD., 1504-Marisa A. Decillis to Gary C. and Elizabeth M. Colgan, $329,999.

WENDLYN WAY, 3248-James M. Hall to Scott W. Lieurance, $229,900.

WESTFIELD CT., 3729, No. 14-Albert Zamberlan to Cheryl W. Gramalia, $345,000.

SEVENTH AVE., 3713-Randall K. Howes Sr. to Catherine O. and Todd M. Pekel, $249,900.

THIRD AVE., 3727-Susan S. Heffner to John T. Dempsey Jr. and Kathleen A. Combs, $235,000.

Gambrills Area

CALIFORNIA TER., 630-Anthony J. Ambrosini to David G. and Gloria J. Cantler, $270,000.

CHRISTMAS LANE, 1016-Craig A. MacFarlane to James E. and Ruth A. Chittum, $220,000.

SAPPINGTON DR., 1563-John D. Morgan to Larry E. and Laura E. Wheeler, $417,000.

TIME DR., 2260-Glenda Agorsor to David W. and Robin E. Kennedy, $265,000.

Glen Burnie Area

ALLWOOD DR., 209-Thomas E. Hare to Angela L. Walsh and Eric T. Hare, $156,000.

CENTRAL AVE., 602-Richard C. Kline Jr. to Karen and Galen C. Crawford, $162,500.

CHALMERS AVE., 303-Charlotte A. Royer to Deborah A. Flora, $146,000.

CROSS CREEK DR., 258-Danny K. Daniel Jr. to Jeffrey L. and Karen L. Miller, $245,000.

FAIRWAY AVE., 1006-Carrie A. Boyle to William J. and Kelley A. Howard, $164,500.

LACROSSE LANE NE, 6439-Jack M. McDonald to Crystal McCormick, $101,500.

MAJESTY GLEN, 366-Wilma J. Blevins to Wiley and Robin Williams, $109,212.

MARTIN RD., 102-Charles E. Collins Jr. to Anthony E. Williams and Angela D. Wiliiams, $179,900.

MCNAMARA DR., 7604, No. 468-Keith N. King to Samir and Marie Mansour, $130,000.

MYSTIC VIEW TURN, 438, No. 11615-Anis M. Wassif to Pretinia R. Graham, $110,000.

NOLBERRY DR., 611-Chin Hwan Moon to Richard J. and Renee L. Banner, $230,000.

NORWICH RD., 1907-Clifford N. Bernstein to Eric K. Hunt and Joanna Lipinska, $145,000.

OAK AVE., 103-Thomas M. Voit to Charles A. and Christine M. Grubb, $186,900.

OAKLEY RD., 1911-Sergio P. Pires to Johnny C. Raynor and Denise R. Grant, $177,000.

OAKWOOD RD., 516-John H. Lewis to Hung T. Vo, $139,900.

ORCHARD RD., 403-Emily O. Sleeger to Dale G. Springston Jr. and Vicki A. Reed, $187,995.

ROXBURY DR., 7928-Michael N. Primett to Patrick K. and Sara Cummings, $234,900.

SHETLANDS LANE, 301-Kevin L. Dearman to Leverna Mallory and Hilda Spriggs, $220,000.

VALIANT CIR., 375, No. 37515-James O. Williams to Damon A. Baker, $143,900.

WILLIAMS CT., 6-Clinton E. Akers Sr. to F. Manna Sherman, $179,500.

SECOND AVE. SW, 400-Walter C. Plitt to Heidi Stebbing, $280,000.

SEVENTH AVE. SE, 204-Michael L. Bussard to Jose D. and Ana C. Rivas, $192,500.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BIDDLE RD., 713-Robert J. Blanchfield to Loc Phan, $229,900.

CARROLL RD., 145-William H. Tubman to Craig M. and Sharon L. Bennett, $180,000.

CLEAR DROP WAY, 6511, No. 204-Dorothy E. Frazier to David P. and Sandra N. Hislop, $128,950.

GEORGIA AVE., 207-C.T. Ward to Janet L. Walsh, $133,000.

GLEN RD., 111-Wayne H. Fraiser to Brady M. and Sherri L. Ingersoll, $141,000.

KENT CIR., 502-John T. Garvey to Shannon P. Garvey, $125,000.

WATER FOUNTAIN WAY, 105, No. 203-James Day to Kimberly M. Nelson, $119,900.

WHITE WATER WAY, 6803, No. 303-Victoria A. Hogan to Sheila R. Harris, $125,000.

WILLOW TREE DR., 706-Douglas L. Baer to Nelson J. and Paulette Hardy, $340,000.

Hanover Area

FAIRBANKS CT., 7682-Brian J. McGuire to Edward and Rose Arnold, $147,000.

LEASIDE CT., 7726-Timothy E. Querry to Herman E. and Theresa A. Adkins, $225,000.

Laurel Area

BRAMBLEBUSH LANE, 115-Lawrence L. Crenshaw to Ketan Patel, $270,000.

FROSTWOOD DR., 8339-Roger D. Martin to Glenford Dormer, $240,000.

LONDONLEAF LANE, 3410-Clifford H. Spannare to David J. Petrick and Gina M. Laukhuff, $205,000.

LYNDHURST ST., 8217-James B. Murphy Jr. to Micah Johnson, $210,000.

OLD LINE AVE., 225-Joseph H. Maxfield Jr. to Ronald P. and Jeanine A. Stevens, $205,000.

OLD LINE AVE., 357-Patricia A. Lisowicz to Mauricio A. Najera, $230,000.

OLD LINE AVE., 404-Harold Henry to Austin H. Lanham, $220,000.

RIVER BEND CT., 3105, No. F204-Tareyton D. Speight to Shauna N. Brown, $167,000.

SHADELAND RD., 8410-Jimmy A. Gregory to A. and Rita N. Wharton, $355,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

CENTERHILL AVE., 392-Brian K. Ferrell to Gary W. and Roberta L. Myer, $252,500.

DOUBLE EAGLE DR., 334-William R. Buhl to Salvatore Aloisio, $345,000.

EXETER CT., 200-Leland C. Bradley to Pamela J. Trapp, $219,900.

HOMEWOOD RD., 118-Christopher M. Feldenzer to Jennifer Mazzola and Scott N. MacRobbie, $239,500.

SYCAMORE RD., 302-James E. Matusky to Patricia A. Emory, $297,932.

Lothian Area

BAY FRONT RD. W., 189-Catholic University of America to S. Hamilton and E. Steuart Chaney, $875,000.

Millersville Area

RUSTLING OAKS DR., 1048-William E. Lewis to Michael J. and Stephanie M. Poltrack, $444,900.

RUSTLING OAKS DR., 973-Anita H. Delaporte to Michael and Tracy Atcheson, $419,900.

WOODRAIL DR., 1820-Kenneth A. Lebo to Jacob E. and Jill S. Derlink, $390,000.

Odenton Area

ARCADIA SHORES CIR., 200-Thomas Carroll to Javier Almodovar and Gloria V. Rodriguez, $230,000.

BLUE SPRING CT., 2444, No. 203-Charlotte G. Scott to Andrew Nalbach, $167,900.

CADBURY DR., 641-John R. Lomax to Gloria P. McClain, $102,000.

CANTEEN CIR., 2296, No. 139R-Raymond Durant to Frank R. and Barbara A. Ferguson, $214,000.

EDGE CREEK LANE, 212, No. 78-Amber M. Parnell to Michael T. Caternor and Eugenia O. Amlalo, $199,000.

EDGE CREEK LANE, 217, No. 93-Jolaiya J. Awe to Joseph A. Christie, $207,000.

EDGE CREEK LANE, 227, No. 56-Edward J. Harris to Angela M. Gotwalt, $198,000.

EDGE CREEK LANE, 233, No. 59-William R. Hodge to Douglas M. Clow Jr., $199,000.

GLADHILL RD., 509-Clayton C. Swears, trustee, to John C. and Karen E. Pompey, $262,000.

HAYMEADOW CT., 696-Thomas H. Boosinger III to Ghislain B. and O'Melia C. Poulin, $410,000.

IMPERIAL SQ., 492, No. 165-Violet Lee to Keith M. Phebus and Erin Gaffney, $170,000.

ROLLING HILL WALK, 602, No. 5-101-Steven S. Payne to Jonathan G. Buck and Michelle D. Hood, $128,500.

SUMMERS RIDGE DR., 2600-Dennis H. McGinley III to Dawn A. Spriggs, $259,900.

WARM SPRING WAY, 2455-George Murray to Dennis G. Rude, $232,500.

WILLOW LEAF LANE, 8641-Anthony Petti to Nicole Michele Antonellil, $190,500.

WINDING RIDGE RD., 2402-Melynne N. Hamann to Molly Minnigerode, $240,000.

WINDING RIDGE RD., 2437-Ernest C. Altvater IV to Carol V. Cope, $239,900.

WINDING STREAM WAY, 693, No. 104-Raissa Mallinger to Cheryl J. Meeks, $139,900.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ABBEY CT., 8046, No. H-Susan D. Zichos to Anne M. Rupp, $102,000.

ANNIS SQUAM HARBOUR, 1182-Darryl L. Johnson to Diane M. Velozo, $165,000.

APPALACHIAN DR., 8222-Heidi L. Wright to Aldo Scipioni and Michelle Galehouse, $184,500.

APPALACHIAN DR., 8236-Paul B. Mitchell to Christopher J. and Julie L. Shelton, $153,000.

ARBUTUS RD., 8431-W.M. Hart to Melissa L. McAvoy, $184,900.

COLONY RD., 1655-Charles F. Wingfield to Adam Leisner, $187,000.

COOL BREEZE CT., 340-Bobby L. Edmond to James R. Brunner Jr., $109,000.

HALIFAX HARBOUR, 1139-Sandra L. Fritz to Timothy M. Meads, $171,000.

HOLMESPUN DR., 1216-Anthony Cooper to Robert J. Redmond Jr., $153,000.

JENKINS RD., 8495-John J. Lowry Jr. to Kimberly Cymek, $239,900.

KINGSLEY CT., 3502, No. C-F. James Scott Jr. to Charles V. Acosta Jr., $102,000.

LAKE DR., 2204-John E. Winchester to Anthony J. and Susan M. Marchetti, $410,000.

LOBLOLLY LANE, 8302-Frances A. Sliwinski to Keith J. and Leisha K. Zickar, $305,000.

LONG POINT RD., 1519-Brian Loher to Donald and Nancy V. Zyriek, $270,000.

MAYER AVE., 8073-Bello Machre Inc. to Jose and Faye G. Duque, $193,500.

NEPTUNE DR., 8578-Robert C. Jarrell to Susan M. Steinike, $160,000.

PALM CT., 1541-Gene L. Woolwine to Jeffrey L. Martinelli, $329,900.

PARK LANE, 1528-David T. Dawson to Charles Glen and Lucy L. Peacock, $765,000.

PEBBLESTONE RD., 987-Cathleen M. Brown to James F. Sprinkel and Katharine M. Scarborough, $195,000.

PEKIN RD., 1251-Todd S. Ruark to Francis C. and Nancy J. Linton, $198,000.

PINE RIDGE RD., 8026-John Brooke to Benjamin A. and Colleen K. Workman, $225,000.

RITCHIE HWY. S., 5-Charles Fagan to Eugene R. Sepe, $265,000.

210TH ST., 805-Utz Enterprises Inc. to Matthew C. and Minnie M. Bradley, $229,337.

Riva Area

WALNUT RD., 504-John F. Cook to Frank T. Trimboli, $435,000.

Severn Area

BENT BOUGH RD., 7931, No. 42-William R. Harkenrider to Jiyoon Baek, $227,990.

CARTIER CT. S., 7909-Andrew F. Cook to William C. and Joanna B. Blome, $232,500.

CHAD AVE., 507-Brian E. Hansel to Kim L. Hunter, $272,000.

GRANDE VIEW AVE., 1767-Joseph M. Calogero to Brendan O'Brien and Michelle Bysheim, $245,400.

TRIPLE FEATHER RD., 1809, No. 72-Peter A. Gaskins to Toland D. Anderson, $182,000.

WAMPANOAG DR., 1507-Shawn P. Boudreau to Robert D. and Daryl K. Giles, $167,000.

Severna Park Area

ARUNDEL DR., 569-David R. Neubauer to James E. and Lois F. Duffy, $110,000.

AVONDALE CIR., 208-Samuel Boles to Ruth A. Kamen, $489,000.

BALTIMORE ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 866-Emma Williamson to James B. Voss, $185,000.

BLACKSHIRE RD., 463-Lawrence R. Payne to Sotiri A. and Constance P. Karides, $440,000.

BOLDEN CT., 204-Garret D. Holden to Michael and Tonya Wroten, $395,000.

HEAVITREE LANE, 530-Ronald J. Fudge to Ingrid Lindberg, $455,000.

KENSINGTON AVE., 678-Deidra L. Scott Palmer to James W. Jeffcoat, $306,827.

LONDON LANE, 493-David W. Rewald to Steven J. and Mary M. Lombardo, $565,000.

OAK LANE, 624-John J. Little to Earl and Patricia Gronkiewicz, $225,000.

SIMMONS LANE, 44-Howard F. Lehnert Jr. to James H. and Mary Jane Pennington, $680,000.

ST. ANDREWS CROSSOVER, 3-Stephen W. Darley to Gary D. and Brigid W. Bruno, $380,000.

WHITE OAK DR., 517-William P. Hill Jr. to James W. Jeffcoat, $304,687.

WINDWARD DR., 26-Pierre Wagner to H. Thomas McGrath, $1.1 million.

Shady Side Area

ASPEN ST., 4906-John L. Kane to Michael E. and Kristine M. Thomas, $305,000.

FILBERT ST., 4962-Maureen L. Farren to Matthew B. and Sheri A. Stueckler, $252,000.

GARST RD., 1502-A.J. Smothers to Tommie Broadwater, $85,000.