Here is the schedule of meetings for the D.C. Council and its committees for the coming week. All meetings are held at the Wilson Building, 1350 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Council Chamber, unless otherwise noted.


Education, Libraries and Recreation meeting, 10 a.m.

Economic Development roundtable, 3:30 p.m. District of Columbia Local Business Opportunity Commission confirmation resolutions for Charles Gaither Jr. , PR 15-821; Darrin L. Glymph, PR 15-831; and L. Jeannette Mobely , PR 15-832; "Commission on the Arts and Humanities Monica Wroblewski Confirmation Resolution of 2004," PR 15-851.


Education, Libraries and Recreation roundtable, noon, Room 412. Redevelopment of the District of Columbia Public Library System.


Judiciary hearing, 10 a.m. "Metropolitan Police Department Pursuit Clarification Act of 2004," Bill 15-757; "Fleeing Law Enforcement Prohibition Act of 2004," Bill 15-759; "Vehicle Insurance Enforcement Act of 2004," Bill 15-761.

Finance and Revenue meeting, 10 a.m., Room 120.

Public Works and the Environment hearing, 2:30 p.m., Room 412. "Motor Vehicle Owners and Operations Responsibility Amendment Act of 2004," Bill 15-809; "Miscellaneous Vehicles Helmet Safety Amendment Act of 2004," Bill 15-88; "Safe Teenage Driving Amendment Act of 2004," Bill 15-570.

Human Services meeting, 2 p.m., Room 123.

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