The written introduction to a sampling of Mcgowan's music, as posted on the Web site, is downright poetic:

"A thousand b-sides were stuck in the mud.

then came the internet.

one by one, they'll fly away like birds."

Mcgowan, a singer/songwriter/guitarist and film scorer, has posted a new, free, annotated MP3 track on the site for the last 10 months, and on Sunday, he'll be doing his live show at the Galaxy Hut, which has no cover charge. That's a lot of free entertainment.

The New Hampshire-born, Brooklyn-based musician is a veteran of small concert venues and college radio and has been heard on the "YNOT" Sunday night show on Philadelphia's WPLY-FM (100.3). He's even been on national television, playing as a member of indie pop cult favorite Ben Lee's band. According to Mcgowan's bio, a mutual friend introduced him to Lee; they had lunch and then decided to tour together before either had heard the other's music. Luckily, the two share a penchant for bright pop melodies and jangly guitar lines, so it worked out just fine.

On the Web site, Mcgowan proclaims his love for live shows. "Good sound, intimacy and/or crowd participation equals feedback." Since the cozy Galaxy Hut offers all three, Mcgowan should be getting plenty of what he likes Sunday night.

Also on the bill are the Naked Puritans. Contrary to the band's name, it's unconflicted about making happy, slightly punkish pop that's been compared to that of the Jam, XTC and early David Bowie. A Police comparison might work as well -- if Sting were a blonde woman.

This power trio features a female bass player and has done plenty of musical charity work for organizations such as the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity and Students for a Free Tibet.

The Puritans are celebrating the recent release of their debut single, a three-track CD titled "Don't Burn Your House Down," and aim to have a full-length CD available soon. In the meantime, a generous sampling of songs is available through their Web site


The Galaxy Hut is at 2711 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, between Danville and Edgewood streets. For more information call 703-525-8646.

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Mcgowan should find the cozy confines of Arlington's Galaxy Hut much to his liking when he performs there on Sunday with the Naked Puritans.