Broad Run Shuts Out Warriors

One by one, the breakaways came for the Broad Run girls' soccer team in a 6-0 victory over Western Albemarle in a Region II quarterfinal Monday.

Through passes to the outside and soft chips over the top of the Warriors' defense prompted a constant stream of direct runs toward the goal, leaving the Western Albemarle goalkeeper with little choice but to aggressively charge off her line. The situation was appealing to freshman forward Brianna Smith -- on more than one occasion.

"It was pretty easy to score once I got past her," said Smith, who scored three times in Broad Run's first region tournament win since 2001. "It's easier to me [to see her charge] because once you beat her, it's done. It's just an easy goal."

Smith and Liz Frank (two goals) certainly mastered avoiding the oncoming keeper with soft touches behind or around her before scoring into open goals. Frank scored her first of the game in the third minute, and Smith scored into vacant nets twice in the second half to push the lead to six.

The scoring of Frank and Smith, however, is something Spartans Coach Claire Collins is counting on seeing more of in the playoffs. Broad Run was scheduled to host Fauquier last night.

"It's just one game, but they've dealt with the pressure well. Let's hope they continue, but I'm sure they will," Collins said. "Everybody trusts them, I trust them -- they trust each other. . . . They work so well with each other that we really don't have to worry at times."

One Goal Is Good Enough for Panthers

Potomac Falls girls' soccer coach Kris Kelican wasn't quite breathing easy as his team guarded a 1-0 lead in a Region II quarterfinal at Charlottesville. But Kelican knew the Panthers had a pretty good chance to hang on.

"Our defense is very tough," he said afterward.

Senior goalkeeper Elizabeth Sellers and the defensive quartet in front of her made that one goal -- scored by Claire Grubbs less than three minutes in -- stand up. The Panthers (17-1-2) have yielded only six goals this season.

"We all work really well together," said junior All-Met Lauren Malan. "We know if one of us misreads the ball, the other one's going to be there, and we don't have to worry about not having someone cover for us. That is a really big weight off your chest."

The Black Knights (13-2-2) threatened several times, hitting the crossbar twice after corner kicks, including once early in the game when the ball bounced straight down to the goal line. With less than 13 minutes remaining, Amy Hemeway, Charlottesville's quick freshman forward, juked past Malan and senior Kristina Guinter along the end line, but the Panthers recovered to force a crossing pass that went awry.

"It's nice to score more than one goal," Malan said, "but if you can keep a shutout and win the game, that's all you can ask for."

'We Were in a Heap of Trouble'

The Park View boys' soccer team had been nearly perfect at the end of the regular season and during the Dulles District tournament. But a talented Charlottesville team thwarted any momentum the Patriots had built the past few weeks, winning, 6-0, in a Region II quarterfinal.

Dominant from the start, the Black Knights (14-1-2) scored twice in the opening 20 minutes.

"I knew that they had a good team," said Patriots Coach Jeff Willingham. "I could tell in the first 10 minutes we were in a heap of trouble."

Park View (13-5-1) had been 5-0-1 in its past six games, winning the Dulles District tournament last week. But its first trip in three years to the region playoffs ended abruptly.

"Our team goal this year was to win the Dulles District, and, unfortunately, I think that's when we stopped playing," Willingham said. "I knew that Charlottesville was going to have better skill than us, but my guys usually come out with a lot of heart, a good work ethic. They usually play hard."

Chris Jones, Park View's standout senior goalkeeper, had some nice saves but couldn't do it himself. He faced a barrage of early shots before Martin Braun scored for the Black Knights in the 14th minute, and fellow senior Avery Lawrence followed with another goal about four minutes later.


Broad Run's Doupamo Eradiri is upended by the Warriors' Tim Wicks in front of the net. The Broad Run team defeated Western Albemarle in penalty kicks in a Region II quarterfinal Monday night. Broad Run forward Brianna Smith, left, scores her third goal against the Warriors' Caitlin Doyle.