The following were among animal cases received recently by the Prince George's County Department of Environmental Resources Animal Management Division. Call 301-499-8300 for directions to the Prince George's County Animal Shelter, hours of operation, and adoption and licensing procedures. The shelter's Web site is at; click on Government, then Agency Index.

Lizard Lounges on Golf Course

UPPER MARLBORO, John Rogers Blvd., 4700 block, May 26. A country club golf shop employee reported that a very large lizard, about four feet long, was lying on the golf course. An animal control officer took the Savannah monitor to a reptile-and-amphibian rescue group for care.

Kitten Rescued From Pipe

UPPER MARLBORO, Surratts Rd., 9000 block, May 21. The superintendent at an educational center found a dead kitten as well as a live kitten that was stuck in a pipe next to a transformer. An animal control officer created several devices in an attempt to reach the stuck animal. More than two hours later, the live kitten was removed from the pipe and taken to the animal shelter. It was later placed with a rescue group.

Baby Rabbits Orphaned

KETTERING, Bennington Dr., 11300 block, May 25. A resident mowing his lawn accidentally killed a mother rabbit. He buried the rabbit and then called Animal Management for assistance with three orphaned baby rabbits. An animal control officer took them to the animal shelter and later to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Snake Invades House

CLINTON, Lunan Rd., 12700 block, May 25. A resident called to report a snake inside the house. An animal control officer removed the black snake and returned it to the wild.

Plan for Caiman Thwarted

HYATTSVILLE, 16th Ave., 5400 block, May 21. A man being deployed by the military told a friend he was going to set his 41/2-foot caiman free in a nearby wooded area. The friend protested, saying that someone could get hurt, and removed the reptile from the owner's apartment. An animal control officer took the caiman to a reptile amphibian rescue group.

Dog Owner Fined in Cruelty Case

COLLEGE PARK, Rhode Island Ave., 9900 block, May 23. A dog was left inside a vehicle with all of the windows closed. An animal control officer and a police officer met with the owner of the dog, a female cocker spaniel. The owner was issued a fine for cruelty to animals.

Groundhog Trapped, Released

DISTRICT HEIGHTS, Wintergreen Ave., 2300 block, May 24. A resident reported that he had caught a groundhog in his trap and that the trap was in direct sunlight. A staff member told the man to move the animal into the shade until an animal control officer arrived. The groundhog was later released to the wild.

Injured Snapping Turtle Rescued

SPRINGDALE, Ladova Way, 3500 block, May 25. A resident found a large, injured turtle under a bush in her back yard. An animal control officer picked up the snapping turtle, which had a cracked shell. A reptile and amphibian rescue group is caring for the animal.

Unwelcome Ferret Picked Up

SEAT PLEASANT, 62nd Pl., 500 block, May 24. A resident reported a ferret outside her apartment door. An animal control officer picked up the animal and took it to the animal shelter.

Pit Bulls Impounded

FAIRMOUNT HEIGHTS, 60th Ave., 1000 block, May 25. A tan and white, 1-year-old female pit bull, a tan 14-year-old female mixed pit bull, and a tan and buff, 8-year-old male pit bull were removed from the above address and taken to the animal shelter.

FAIRMOUNT HEIGHTS, 59th Ave., 1000 block, May 25. Two female, brindle and white pit bulls were removed from the above location and taken to the animal shelter.

-- Compiled by GERRI MARMER