What if . . . Osbourn's Caitlin Davis and Madison's Caitlin Davis had never met?

Osbourn junior Cristi Ecks and Madison junior Lauren Frankiewicz were locked in a classic pitchers' duel when the game ended on a two-out, two-strike slow roller in the bottom of the 10th inning that brought the two Davises together.

Ecks struck out 17, but the Warhawks squeezed in the game's only run Tuesday night when Megan Wolfrey's bases-loaded grounder brought home Jenny Matthews with a controversial winning run.

After the play, Eagles players, coaches and fans argued with the umpires to no avail that Madison's Davis, who was on first base, had interfered with Osbourn's Davis, the second baseman who was trying to field the ball.

"She bumped me with her elbow as she went past me, and I couldn't make a play," Osbourn's Davis said. "I had a right to get to where the ball was, too. It was a cheap way for them to win. I think the umpires were just trying to end the game so they could go home. The umpire stopped being an umpire on that play."

Osbourn Coach Renee Leake said the umpires told her Madison's base runner tried to avoid her second baseman.

"I don't mind losing, but I would prefer that the other team beat us," Leake said. "I don't feel very negative about many things, but I am pretty negative about that last inning. It's a sad way to end a game."

Ecks (eight hits and two walks allowed) seemed poised to match Frankiewicz (21 strikeouts, three hits allowed, two walks) as she worked the outside of the plate well.

"She was amazing," Frankiewicz said of her fellow All-Met Ecks.

Other than a leadoff double by Laura Hundemer (two hits) in the third, the Eagles had trouble solving Frankiewicz's high heat. Osbourn (19-6) went down in order five times and never got a runner to third base.