The following home sales were recently recorded in Anne Anne Arundel County and supplied to The Washington Post by Spatial Systems Associates Inc., the Maryland Office of Assessments and Taxation and the Maryland Office of Planning. To find sale and assessment records for homes in Anne Arundel County and elsewhere in the Washington area, visit

Annapolis Area

BEACH DR., 403-Joseph B. Cryer to Jrk Investment Corp., $208,500.

BOUCHER AVE., 1220, No. B1-Hal A. Kauffman, trustee, to James W. Behrens and Linda Lawrence, $435,000.

CANTERFIELD RD., 313-Terry L. Diamond to Kent Brokenshire, $436,000.

DAKOTA PL., 2010, No. 6A-Jean P. Clement to James M. Semeyn and Charles J. Oliver, $405,000.

GENTRY CT., 43-Lorie A. Wiebrecht to Todd R. Hollis, $169,500.

HOLLY DR., 416-Dale L. Magnusson to Georgios and Myrofora K. Sekeroglou, $262,500.

LANGDON CT., 903-David A. Miller to Jason M. and Susan L. Spangler, $300,000.

ROCKWAY AVE., 3545-Michael A. Dacosta to Susan E. Luongo, $300,000.

SILVERWOOD CIR., 9, No. 6-Patricia L. Penzias to Robert W. Jacobs, $138,000.

Annapolis-Sandy Point State Park Area

BARRACUDA COVE CT., 956-Lewis F. Lupisella to Mark J. Sistilli and Norma A. Vergil, $524,999.

BRIGHTWATER DR., 126-Donald C. Westover to Carlos Cordova and Jesus Pineda, $185,000.

BYWATER RD., 605, No. 3-Jose Guerra to Aminta Menjivar, $122,000.

CAPE ST JOHN RD., 282-Joe Dickey to Mark D. and Lynn Martin, $390,000.

CHARLES ST., 108-Jane Rose to David D. High and Rebecca Miller, $650,108.

CHARRED OAK CT., 300-Eric Vanderlinden to Emily B. and Marjorie L. Andrews, $180,000.

CROWNSVILLE RD., 1890-1890 Crownsville Road Corp. to Annapolis Lodge No. 296 Loyal Order of Moose of Annapolis, Maryland, $492,000.

CUTTER CT., 618-James C. Beckwith to Sydney R. Moreland Jr., $155,000.

FORELANDS RD., 384-Toyia Vines Slay to David K. and Catherine A. MacArthur, $450,000.

GENESSEE ST., 687-Caroline P. Cassidy to Stephen M. McCrea, $225,000.

HOLLY DR. N., 772-Ronald L. Faber to Nicholas and Margaret C. Cannistraro, $1.05 million.

KATHERYNE VILLAGE SQ., 1604, No. 62-Lona M. Elliott to Kelly H. Creech, $250,000.

LANNA WAY, 989-Ruth N. Merchant to Robert W. and Joanne E. Saltzman, $175,000.

LITTLE CURRENT DR., 523-Raymond D. Pairan to Wenyfair A. and Kimberly R. Del Rosario, $229,900.

LOUIS DR., 107-James E. Bias to Yvette Harris, $142,000.

MURRAY AVE., 52-Mark J. Sistilli to Janet C. Rotoli, $415,000.

QUAKER WAY, 2050, No. 7-Brian F. Corbett to Christine Evans, $210,000.

RIVA RD., 2574, No. 10A-Allan R. Taylor to Gary S. Sykes, $112,000.

SHIPSVIEW RD., 1541-Kathleen C.T. Blair to John T. Carruthers III, $765,500.

SKYWAY DR., 1132-Patrick S. Rockwell to Todd Sorensen, $264,900.

SOUTH ST., 114-Julia E. Booze to 114 South Street Corp., $165,000.

TUCKER ST., 106-Heyward B. Tucker to Todd D. and Sydney J. Lamb, $353,000.

VINEYARD TRAIL, 1701-Christine N. Johnson to Marek and Sophie Dumont Gryszko, $329,000.

WEST COURSE DR., 2552-David G. Haupt to Trust William and Trust Eleanor Wohlfeld, $417,000.

WOOD DUCK LANE, 504-Mark J. Smalley to Charles H. Crawford Jr., $335,000.

SECOND ST., 13-Steven H. Chase to Steven Willingham and Monique Latorre, $339,900.

Arnold Area

BAY GREEN DR., 563-Tommey H. Meyers to Joyce E. Smithey and Thomas E. Weny, $375,000.

BROADWATER RD., 524-Charles L. Cobun to Perla S. Henry, $285,000.

COLONIAL RIDGE LANE, 402, No. 2-John T. Sly to Richard T. and Kristin S. Scott, $244,900.

DOUBLEDAY DR., 1298-Christopher P. Kunkel Sr. to Christopher M. Sell, $350,000.

DRIFTWOOD CT., 1210, No. 17-Edward P. Covert to Doug Deakyne, $156,600.

FALCON NEST CT., 1445, No. 44-Trisha J. Plovish to Michael L. and Karen A. Adams, $322,000.

HILLTOP RD., 741-Herbert C. Spurlin to Roger and Tammy Gallion, $180,000.

JUPITER HILLS CT., 690, No. 3-K-Richard A. Price to Andrew M. and Deborah E. Bohle, $165,000.

MARINER CT., 103-Michael C. Megan to Stuart and Mary Weisshaar, $269,900.

MOORING CIR., 554, No. 745-Marilyn R. Klompus to Shelly B. Bowman, $500,000.

SHORE RD., 130-Lala S. Hungerford to Mustafa M. Hasan, $220,000.

SOUTHERN HILLS DR., 672, No. 4A-Lloyd Butts to Rachel Penska, $140,000.

SOUTHERN HILLS DR., 740, No. 6L-Robin L. Gillman to Jian Jafari, $155,000.

Brooklyn Area

AUDREY AVE., 207-Edw S. Alexandrowicz to Bryan G. and Amber L. Gruzenski, $149,900.

BROOKWOOD RD., 4934-Michael L. Callahan Jr. to Carl and Jenneill Delp, $41,500.

CHURCH ST., 310-Charles A. Thompson to Kazmir L. and Betty L. Augustowski, $140,000.

CORTEZ RD., 4317-William C. Chisolm to Thomas S. Campbell, $80,000.

Churchton Area

BERKLEY MANOR LANE, 5508-Conseco Financial Servicing Corp. to James W. Allen III, $173,000.

DELAWARE AVE., 1144-James D. Bailey to Darrin S. Miller and Nancy A. Carter, $199,900.

Crofton Area

ABERDEEN CIR., 1706, No. 10D-Bernice MacK to Christina Calogero, $183,000.

AIRY HILL CIR., 2510, No. 4-D4-Keith D. Ludka to George R. Brooke III, $137,500.

BLOCKTON CT., 1444, No. 69YB-William W. Evans III to Megan McHale and Lisa Anuszewski, $138,000.

BRITE CT., 2806-Prudential Relocation Inc. to David A. and Carol L. Yandrofski, $383,000.

DRYDEN WAY, 1728, No. 6-Marjorie Sundquist to Denis D. Brennan, $184,900.

ENCINO DR., 1909, No. C-Kenneth A. Borkoski to Danielle L. Goddard, $132,900.

FALSTONE LANE, 1504, No. 50-Richard A. Becker to Shannon Dunn, $230,000.

FENDALL CT., 2207, No. 78-Joan A. Gillette to Johnny M. Reese, $145,000.

LAURANCE CT., 1754-Paul A. Trubits to Tonya M. Touissaint, $225,000.

OLD MYSTIC CT., 2401-Sandra E. Stone to Gale S. Ginski and Lonis H. Foster, $260,000.

PAWLET DR., 2084, No. 43B-Michael A. Sciandra to Lisa L. and Michael K. Werre, $168,000.

TARLETON WAY, 1702-Ty W. Rinoski to Paul Simmons and Francesca Mirarchi, $318,000.

TROYS CT., 1600-Derek M. Verdeyen to Prudential Relocation Inc., $450,000.

TROYS CT., 1608-Mohamad B. Barakat to William O'Brien, $444,900.

TRURO LANE, 937-Harry S. Warner to Edith L. Barton, $283,400.

WHITES FERRY PL., 1821, No. 4-David C. Gardner to Douglas W. Henegar, $250,000.

WINDY OAK CT., 2586-Marian L. Geist to Jennifer C. Zanata, $291,500.

Crownsville Area

PALISADES BLVD., 578-Joyce S. Souder to Ming H. and Mary Yee, $251,000.

VALENTINE VIEW, 844-Karen A. Marti to Michael and Michele Kozlowski, $640,000.

WHITNEYS LANDING DR., 750-Andrew T. Patton to Quentin T. and Melissa A. Rayhart, $345,000.

Curtis Bay Area

COX COVE CT., 1300, No. 413-David V. Diggs to Sandra Gossman, $219,900.

COX LANDING CT., 1410, No. 311-Charles A. Yocum to Nanci Soliman, $189,900.

MAIN ST., 7931-Shannon Canami to James Lattanzia, $140,000.

RIVERWOOD WAY, 1346, No. 387-John P. Hoskins to Steven M. Hoskins, $100,000.

SEASIDE CT., 7893, No. 296-Eric R. Wills to Russell Hewitt and Teresa Hewiytt, $187,000.

STONEY POINT WAY, 1442, No. 219-Timothy J. Garvey to Danielle V. Devita and Peter L. Vasco, $200,000.

WATERVIEW DR., 601-Ronald G. Phelps Jr. to Timothy W. Karopchinsky, $219,900.

Davidsonville Area

FOXHALL DR., 3543-Jonas Aras to William A. Knauss and Maria C. Bories, $685,000.

RUSSELL THOMAS LANE, 3528-Stanley Rodland to Thomas E. and Lori L. Lancaster, $705,000.

Deale Area

DRUM POINT RD., 6049-Matthew B. Girod to 3603 Partnership LLP, $300,000.

Edgewater Area

CEDAR GROVE RD., 303-Joel E. Ogden to 303 Cedar Grove Road, $225,000.

COLONY POINT PL., 377-Avid B. Reppard to Avid B. and Leslie H. Reppard, $360,000.

EDGEMONT ST., 3624-Raymond Gaines to Nicholas and Linda A. Zafiriou, $160,000.

KINGS RD., 4245-William A. Kogok to Donald G. Neuenberger, $560,000.

LANE DR., 1575-Nelson A. Rogers to Patrick L. Leonhardt and Susan M. Maher, $325,000.

LONGWOOD RD., 1815-Marc R. Michael to Peter B. and Pamela J. Polk, $195,000.

OLD TOWN RD., 1611-Michael D. Johnson to Deborah Goodman, $250,000.

WATKINS ROW, 12-John R. Foran to Robrt F. and Naomi A. Behler, $875,000.

Gambrills Area

CALLISTO CT., 1100-James D. MacDonald to Mickey C. and Kimberly R. Barns, $365,000.

HUNTCLIFF DR., 2012-Peter Hanan to Edward D. Hatch, $570,000.

JASON CT., 1001-Raymond Santa to Timothy and Betty Moreland, $254,900.

Gibson Island Area

SKIPPERS ROW, 1716-4th Charles Bagley to Stuart Smith, $1.75 million.

Glen Burnie Area

ARMISTEAD ST., 1112-Edward J. Lewandowski to Charles and Denise Carey, $225,000.

BAYLOR RD., 707-Wayne B. Marsingill to Cheryl Raymond, $225,000.

FOXCHASE DR., 150-Janet Lang to Daniel T. Danaher, $208,000.

FOXHORN WAY, 102-Newton E. Bosworth to Michael J. and Sherry L. Kroll, $305,000.

FOXTREE DR., 218-John W. Riggin III to John J. Carroll, $206,000.

FURNACE BRANCH RD. W., 106-June L. Parker to Patricia A. Quartucci, $145,000.

GLENDALE AVE., 450-Cheryl Tomshack to Thomas and Theresa L. Tomshack, $135,000.

GLENVIEW AVE., 508-Frank M. Metzler Jr. to Jon R. and Sharon Gilmore, $250,000.

GRAFTON GARTH CT., 6423-Pamela S. Smith to Malik Crawford, $122,000.

HOLLYBROOK RD., 7515-Stephen P. Regiec to Gershon Hoffer, $188,986.

JUNEBERRY WAY, 202, No. 202-1B-Jake D. Schultz to Jennifer L. Schmitt, $107,500.

LEPRECHAUN LANE, 616-Steven E. Goodman to Kevin Dorsey and Cynthia L. Hodgkiss, $163,900.

LINCOLN AVE., 125-Vicki L. Evans to Rachael L. Bitter, $144,900.

LINDERA CT., 311, No. 35-Sang Young Lee to Gwang S. and Sang H. Hong, $120,000.

MEADOWBROOK RD., 706-Pauline S. Brown to Kevin S. Harding, $190,000.

PLEASANTVILLE DR., 1631-Robert A. Kramp to Debora A. Gysegem and John J. Vaeth, $182,295.

RIDGEWICK RD., 1844-Geo F. Johnson to Christopher D. and Sandra L. Reverski, $189,900.

SHARON DR., 1007-Steven J. Cox to Christopher Hinkleman, $159,650.

SPRITE WAY, 612-Colonel A. Bingham to Terrance Chambers, $169,999.

SUNLIGHT CIR., 119-William E. Billings to Rowell N. and Florife T. Lomat, $240,000.

WARDOUR RD., 613-Frank R. Prochaska to Karen Abbott, $130,000.

WOODOAK CT., 261, No. 2-Irma V. Huttinger to Lorra E. Hobbs, $150,500.

Glen Burnie-Marley Creek Area

BALTIMORE-ANNAPOLIS BLVD., 7567-Marshall W. Smith to Dale R. and Robyn J. Kirkendall, $138,000.

CASTLE HARBOUR WAY, 1111, No. 2B-Thelma S. Mason to Philip G. and Phyllis A. Hilton, $105,000.

CLEAR DROP CT., 6524, No. 101-Sajid Sharif to Peggy L. Lambdin, $142,000.

GLEN RD., 208-Louis E. Johnson to Richard P. and Samanthan G. Elias, $164,000.

GOODWOOD RD., 2102-Department of Housing and Urban Development Development to Albert R. Graves, $119,380.

HARFORD RD., 207-Anthony Rose to Blaine E. and Paula A. Dunn, $155,000.

JEROME PKWY. S., 115-John B. King Jr. to Robert P. Danowski, $173,000.

MARIE AVE., 302-Ricky W. Giddings to Bryan M. and Donna J. Boushell, $171,000.

RAPID WATER WAY, 6801, No. 102-James Shull to Melissa N. Adams, $124,900.

RODGERS AVE., 406-John D. Zachman to Sherry L. Edwards, $120,500.

SHANA RD., 220-Ellen M. Tate to Aloysius E. and Dedeh Glover, $178,000.

SOUTH MEADOW DR., 116-David A. Brown Sr. to William D. Emgleton, $185,000.

TARRANT RD., 1318-Benjamin S. Roberts to Daniel and Katie Kraft, $164,900.

THOMAS RD., 1022-William L. Hudock to Michael H. Wingate and Trista D. Sands, $136,000.

TOWER RD., 1812-Lee B. Pratt to Sandra L. Haldeman, $159,900.

WHITE WATER WAY, 6800, No. 102-John O. Elliott to Wallace Sneeden, $118,500.

WYNBROOK RD., 1126-Kenneth E. Wallace to Shawn R. Young, $132,500.

Hanover Area

ACROCOMIA DR., 7728-Nathaniel Griffin Jr. to Michael S. and Dorothy J. Cole, $190,000.

FAIRBANKS CT., 7684-Bruce L. Rose to Carolyn Hendrie, $120,000.

Laurel Area

HAMMERSTONE RD., 3512-Percy H. White Jr. to Richard A. Olsen, $272,000.

SHARPTOWN SOUTH, 255-Edward J. Naimaster Jr. to Kathleen A. Jay, $230,000.

SPADDERDOCK CT., 3100-Jaime E. Vasquez to Angela Sigmund, $221,000.

STYLE AVE., 3391, No. 21-James C. Acton to David W. Norfolk Jr., $141,900.

VALLEY LEE SOUTH, 3342-Ervin M. Norgren to Eulalio A. Olvera and Maria D. Cardenas, $199,000.

WATER LILY WAY, 8313-Samuel Cordero to Kawanna N. Watkins, $175,000.

Linthicum Heights Area

BOULEVARD PL., 11-Bortle Custom Homes Inc. to Richard M. and Patricia A. Manski, $180,952.

HAMMONDS FERRY RD. N., 212-Claire L. Davison to Timothy T. Luecking, $200,000.

Lothian Area

DECESARIS DR., 925-James S. Johnson to Francis R. and Terri Mudd, $369,900.

Millersville Area

KEITH CT., 250, No. 250-Tori A. Scarborough to Victoria V. Smith, $152,500.

LIVE OAK CT., 743-Howard Holt Jr. to Wallace and Sofia Putkowski, $475,000.

VALLEYWOOD RD., 504-Laura T. Miller to Michelle R. Wilson, $160,000.

North Beach Area

BAY FRONT AVE., 768-Cornelius A. Link to Daniel D. and Susan A. Hanley, $375,250.

CHARLESTON AVE., 7055-Herrington Harbour Inc. to Robert R. Manley, $215,000.

Odenton Area

CHAPELGATE DR., 637-Allen T. Jones to Veronica B. Mahaffey, $161,000.

CHAPELVIEW DR., 1343-Carlton Parker to Paolo M. and Alvin M. Tayag, $176,000.

EASTRIDGE CIR., 136-Timothy J. Jacob to Matthew R. Ponton Sr., $218,000.

FOREST EDGE CT., 2401, No. 303C-John M. Nostin to Timothy and Martin E. Milauskas, $200,000.

HERRING CREEK CT., 823-Kenneth W. Keer to Jennifer St. Clair and Michelle M. Dean, $232,500.

KING MALCOM AVE., 508-William L. Newell to Christopher W. and Yvonne S. Watkins, $109,000.

LILAC CT., 804-Janet Figliozzi to Joseph M. and Valerie E. Sciacca, $218,000.

MOONGLOW RD., 606, No. 304-Steven H. Willingham to Robert Dolghiu, $128,000.

PEACH TREE CT., 495-Thomas M. Himler to Robert A. and Felicia T. Pryor, $354,900.

PINE DRIFT DR., 702-Michael R. Cooper to David A. and Kelly R. Mangano, $235,200.

REALM CT. W., 661, No. 23-Glenda W. Gibbs to Cynthia Shipman, $170,000.

ROCK ELM CT., 708-Gilbert R. Loomis to Michael and Jill Cooper, $359,000.

ROLLING HILL WALK, 600, No. 302-Keith B. Green to Thomas E. Stevens, $132,200.

Owensville (West River) Area

CEDARLEA DR., 5150-Michael V. Stasulli Jr. to James H. and Christine A. Pauley, $345,000.

PENNBROOKE CT., 4318-Kenneth K. Parsons to John W. Simmons III, $360,000.

Pasadena-Rock Creek Area

ABBEY CT., 8042, No. E-Vandria D. Davis to Ellen L. Thursby, $102,000.

ABBEY CT., 8046, No. C-Nicole M. Virts Smith to Adam L. and Mandy A. Conklin, $105,000.

ABBEY CT., 8048, No. L-Timothy A. Nester to Lorraine G. Bente, $100,000.

APPALACHIAN DR., 8208-William A. Dailey to Robin E. Rossi, $197,500.

ARUNDEL RD., 104-Glenn D. Hedgecoth Jr. to Thomas P. and Christina D. Hanson, $155,000.

BEAVER BROOK CT., 2938-Gerald A. Rasheed to Gerald A. and Cathy L. Rasheed, $248,000.

BRIGHTON CT., 7886-Kevin G. Menzel to Ronald C. and Teresa R. Sands, $195,000.

COBSCOOK HARBOUR, 8667-Anthony E. Crum to Amy G. Shea, $159,900.

EAST SHORE RD., 7947-John L. Fino to John F. and Catherine M. Miller, $237,000.

FORT SMALLWOOD RD., 8998-Faith J. Cole to James A. and Michele L. Wellman, $320,000.

GAMBIER HARBOUR, 8648-Joseph T. Profilio Jr. to Richard A. Koebrugge Jr. and Melissa R. Powell, $167,900.

HADFIELD CT., 8007, No. 46-Allan J. Dye to Joseph and Rhonda Garrison, $135,000.

HALIFAX CT., 3420-Brigette D. Barel to David and Julie Lusk, $249,900.

HICKORY NUT CT., 329-Mary E. Kaplan to Jared M. and Kim L. Jacobson, $189,900.

KINGS BENCH PL., 7840-Glenwood T. Brice Jr. to Duane R. and Sylvia Hawkins, $215,000.

LOCUST DR., 1092-Doyle A. Heaton to Thomas J. Neidert, $100,000.

MAGOTHY COVE CT., 252-Roger A. Juba to Robert T. Cannaday and Johna R. Popiolek, $410,000.

MOUNT DESERT HARBOUR, 923-Linda Lanham to Edward Evans, $175,500.

NEPTUNE DR., 8535-Richard K. Schmidt to Shawn McCarthy, $110,000.

PASADENA RD., 702-Arlene C. Warner to Douglas P. Bailey, $217,500.

PINE KNOB RD., 7679-James J. Kunkel to Lawrence A. and Diane M. Earney, $114,000.

PINEHURST RD., 8350-Harry L. Myers III to Kenneth W. and Amanda England, $330,000.

ROCK SPRINGS CT., 311-Mark W. Shadle to Michael S. Malle, $195,000.

SEAFORD CT., 3624, No. 177-Federal Housing Administration to William and Deneen Houghton, $107,000.

SILLERY BAY RD., 166-Dennis K. Meyers to Katherine A. and Daniel J. Levin, $280,000.

STROHM DR., 190-Charles D. Storm Jr. to Mark A. and Susan E. Montgomery, $349,000.

SUTHERLAND CT., 7925-Jayne L. Swift to Armando R. and Marina Espinosa, $155,000.

WANDA RD., 227-Larry M. Kraft to Joseph H. and Melissa S. Steinhice, $146,000.

WEDGEWOOD CT., 3500, No. B-William J. Folks III to Eric S. Crowley and Jennifer L. Kasarsky, $102,500.

WHARF DR., 1124-Richard P. White to Charles D. Thomas, $195,000.

WOLSEY CT., 8084, No. 140-Patrick S. Ronaghan to Melissa M. Brengle, $155,000.

228TH ST., 2305-Frank E. Mollick Jr. to James F. and Lisa D. Jacobs, $249,500.

230TH ST., 2412-Coby D. Blom to Ann Nizzi and Michael Combs, $219,900.

Riva Area

DERBYSHIRE LANE, 348-Martin J. Miller Jr. to Helen S. Horn, $517,500.

Severn Area

AVA RD., 1340-Philip P. Monetti to Daniel and Tracy Olson, $243,500.

BASTILLE RD., 7805-Betty J. Schildt to Kevin and Imelda Gabel, $225,000.

BENT BOUGH RD., 7900, No. 27-Darren R. Bange to Kenneth R. Lewis, $233,000.

CARRIAGE LAMP CT., 1706-Robert J. Obie to Michelle A. Gorelick, $207,900.

CARRIAGE LAMP CT., 1720-Janis T. Binder to Michael and Naoko Dreisbaugh, $207,000.

CARRIAGE LAMP CT., 1722-Peter G. Byrnes Jr. to Shawn K. Wettog and Diane M. Fetzko, $204,500.

CARRIAGE LAMP CT., 1746-David E. Eaton Sr. to Leslie Atkinson, $220,000.

GRAHAM FARM CIR., 1457-Clayton B. Bowman to Robert F. Vollaro, $259,000.

HARRIET LANE, 8305-Ronald H. Carlson to Eric D. Carlson, $65,000.

LORGNETTE CT., 1807-Eul Kwon Kim to Peter and Rita Feher, $240,000.

MONHEGAN CT., 8218, No. 8218-Roman F. Samlot to Howard L. Singleton, $51,500.

SEVERN HILLS LANE, 1813-Robert S. Anderson to Steven C. and Cathleen Delong, $249,000.

Severna Park Area

BELLEVIEW DR., 29-David S. Graves to Robert M. Phillips, $875,000.

BERRYWOOD DR., 157-Vincent E. Marier to Daniel D. Nataf and Elizabeth P. Sammis, $745,000.

CHARINGTON DR., 526-William D. Purdy to Scott and Amanda Brooks, $302,500.

CYPRESS RIDGE DR., 229-Kenneth W. Friesner to David K. Tomar and Ana I. Oliver, $465,000.

DENINGTON LANE, 505-Henry W. Buse Jr. to John Calvin and Ethel Jane Marsteller, $474,900.

DIVIDING RD., 795-H. Thomas McGrath Jr. to August C. and Lori A. Pasquale, $700,000.

KENSINGTON AVE., 670-Margaret M. Horak to Vivian C. and Marjorie C. Marsh, $175,000.

MALIBU CT., 257-Kenneth D. Stephenson to Susanne M. Rosewell, $230,400.

SNELLINGS CT., 46-Patrick W. McMurray to Derek M. and Mary B. Siegle, $435,000.

WHITE PLAINS CT., 305-David W. Martin to Daniel J. and Kristen L. Kyser, $329,777.

WHITE PLAINS CT., 477-Stephen D. Harden to Michael J. and Gretchen M. Galvin, $422,000.

Shady Side Area

LINCOLN RD., 1512-Matthew B. Stueckler to Catherine A. Grimes, $199,900.

STEAMBOAT RD., 1269-Edward L. Boarman to Mark C. Liebscher, $134,000.