Shady Grove

Adventist Hospital


Julia Brooke Peppe, a daughter, to Koranee Molkner Peppe and James Mackensen Peppe of Gaithersburg.


Leonardo George Otto Borchert, a son, to Vian George Borchert and Oliver Borchert of Montgomery Village.


Lukas Lee Hu, a son, to Johanna L. and Royal Hu of Germantown.

Samuel Harnson Watts, a son, to Nadia Renee and Randolph Harnson Watts Jr. of Silver Spring.


Mass Essa Faal, a son, to Ngenarr Faal and Essa M. Faal of Gaithersburg.

Kiyah Danielle Thompson, a daughter, to Shanita Michelle Thompson and Kevin Mwaura of Gaithersburg.

MAY 11

Gabriel Noah Duback, a son, to Aisha Hajjaj and Christian Michael Duback of Hagerstown.

Martin Adam Gardner, a son, to Paulette Roberson Guillory and Jason Stewart Gardner of Gaithersburg.

Hannah Jacqueline Nguyen, a daughter, to Tram-anh Kim Nguyen and Hau Trung Nguyen of Germantown.

Shayla Marie Scott, a daughter, to Lisa Marie Stears and David Rodgers Scott Jr. of Germantown.

Natalie Michelle Weger, a daughter, to Amy Fu Weger and William John Weger of Frederick.

MAY 12

Sofia Margarita Appolonio, a daughter, to Raquel Fontanes and Daniel Appolonio of Burtonsville.

Harold Bynum III, a son, to Ingrid F. Revilla Bastidas and Harold Bynum Jr. of Gaithersburg.

Brian William Dwyer, a son, to Christine and Michael Dwyer of Darnestown.

Sydney Noelle Smith, a daughter, to Sonja L. Baillache and Irvin C. Smith Jr. of Montgomery Village.

Alexander Sebastian Villagran-Munoz, a son, to Karola Munoz and Alexis Villagran of Gaithersburg.

MAY 13

MacKenzie Lynn Houston, a daughter, to Michelle Elizabeth Houston and Christopher Aaron Keksz of Germantown.

MAY 14

Joseph Giovanni Holland, a son, to Christine Marie and Michael Edward Holland of Germantown.

MAY 15

Graden Miles Brandstatter, a son, to Melissa and Bryan Brandstatter of Frederick.

Claira June Dixon, a daughter, to Erin Johann and Aaron Richard Dixon of Bethesda.

Nicolas Anibal German, a son, to Aura Ruth and Anibal Ricardo German of Rockville.

MAY 16

Patrick David Gardiner, a son, to Jennifer Lynn and Brian David Gardiner of Damascus.

Sarah Nicole Liu Jacobs, a daughter, to Sylvia Fan Liu and David Adam Jacobs of Bethesda.

Allison Christine Page, Brigid Maureen Page and Gabrielle Elizabeth Page, daughters, to Maura and Brian Page of Olney.

MAY 17

Alexander Sarup Gomes, a son, to Rosemary Lipi Gomes and Dominic Gomes of Silver Spring.

MAY 18

Jasmin Mary Uddin, a daughter, to Violet Fernandes and Nadeem Uddin of Silver Spring.

Ashlynn Hope Heller, a daughter, to Jessica Adrianne and James David Heller of Montgomery Village.

Lydia Margaret Jones, a daughter, to Holliday Alison Ridge Jones and Brian Lyndon Jones of Rockville.

Sara Maureen Fritschi, a daughter, to Helene and Tom Fritschi of Olney.

MAY 19

Aidan Sebastian Buergin and Lance Horst Buergin, sons, to Sheila and Markus Buergin of Adamstown.

Brookelyn Margaret Morlan, a daughter, to Grace Harrison Morlan and Robert Wayne Morlan of Damascus.

Shane Bryson Zaw-Win, a son, to May Thu Maung Maung and Mark Zaw-win of Frederick.

Caden Murphy Troffkin, a son, to Christine Lee Troffkin and Stephen Craig Troffkin of Gaithersburg.

Jessica Austria Prickett, a daughter, to Olivia A. and Rob Prickett of Silver Spring.

MAY 20

Isabella Rose Searle, a daughter, to Tamra Lorraine and Blaine McKay Searle of Rockville.

Benjamin Miles Davis, a son, to Ashley and Greg Davis of Montgomery Village.

Diane Elizabeth Workinger, a daughter, to Penny Susan and Brian Theodore Workinger of Rockville.

Grace Caroline Evans, a daughter, to Judy-Ann Pike and John Davis Evans of Damascus.

Lindsey Danae McLaughlin, a daughter, to Janine and Thomas McLaughlin of Olney.

Dominic Richard Bohrer, a son, to Nicole Kathleen and Kevin Robert Bohrer of Gaithersburg.

MAY 21

Kendall Blair Allen, a son, to Trenna Schools Allen and Keith Wayne Allen of Gaithersburg.

Shamus Rhett McCuin Bissell, a son, to Sandy and Greg Bissell of Gaithersburg.

Brian Mai Vu, a son, to Tiffany Thu Mai and Thanh Hoang Vu of Silver Spring.

Siddhaant Vikram Shah, a son, to Mani Shah and Min Vikram Shah of Gaithersburg.

Ryan Zhe He, a son, to Wenling Bao and Qiming He of Gaithersburg.

Isabella Marie Linares Sauro, a daughter, to Ethel Linares Sauro and Marc Joseph Sauro of Silver Spring.

Percy Malik Simpson, a son, to Jennifer Catherine Diaz and Percy Matthew Simpson of Gaithersburg.

Cierra Monique Clay, a daughter, to Rachelle Gaston and Aduke Clay of Knoxville.

MAY 22

Elijah Matthew Savett, a son, to Alison Suzanne and Jeffrey Eric Savett of Gaithersburg.

Sibley Memorial Hospital


Kerry Jareel Hampton, a son, to Shanda M.S. Hampton and Kerry Jabreel Hampton of Damascus.

MAY 20

Lillian Corrine Castro, a daughter, to Brandy Corrine and Julio Miguel Castro of Cheltenham.

MAY 21

Zaharias Konstantinos Dakoulas, a son, to Emily Walton Dakoulas and Dionisios Zaharias Dakoulas of Silver Spring.

Marina Guadamillas-Jaquete, a daughter, to Marina Jaquete and Mario Guadamillas of Chevy Chase.

MAY 22

Isabelle Alison Soden, a daughter, to Jeannine Marie and Matthew G. Soden of Silver Spring.

MAY 23

David Tyler Engel, a son, to Beatriz Borghesan Engel and Christopher Joseph Engel of Kensington.

MAY 24

Salvatore Joseph Arrigo-Manrique IV, a son, to Liliana Manrique and Salvatore Joseph Arrigo III of Rockville.

MAY 25

Anna Rose Elizabeth Robinson, a daughter, to Lisa Clayton Robinson and Alonford James Robinson Jr. of Silver Spring.

MAY 27

Analiese Danielle Smith, a daughter, to Jennifer Lynn and Daniel Lawrence Smith of Potomac.

Daniel Gordon Molyneux, a son, to Lisa Zweig Molyneux and Guy David Molyneux of Bethesda.

MAY 28

Hannah Grace Fishberg, a daughter, to Lisa Freiman Fishberg and David Fishberg of Bethesda.

-- Compiled by RIA MANGLAPUS